Used 2013 Subaru Outback...chances of getting price I want?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I originally posted it under the 2013 thread, but now realized that hasn't been active in a while...

Looking at purchasing a used 2013 Outback (premium/automatic). Listing price at dealership is approximately $22,900 with under 10,000 miles in Chicago area. It is listed as a formal rental car from out of state, bought in auction. What are the chances I can get the price down to $20,000? thanks for your input/'s been a while since I bought a car.


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    When I did a quick appraisal I got close to $21,000. You can appaise it yourself and dial the number in better for your zip code.

    Offhand, $20,000 may be a bit too low for the dealer - if so, maybe you can split the difference. To avoid sounding too enthusiastic about the Outback, you can mention that you are concerned about the treatment it may have received as a former rental.

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    Thank you Stever, I appreciate the assistance!

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    Another question...similar cars in Wisconsin are listed about $1000 more. Is this due to popularity of a model or is there another reason that a neighbouring state would list their cars for higher. Just an interesting observation.

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    Some areas are definitely more popular for Subarus, Vermont being the most notable one I think. The NW is big on Subies as are the Rocky Mtn. States. The Midwest not quite so much - I had an old Outback in the UP and I didn't see all that many others. But I've been to the Subaru dealer in Madison and they didn't seem to want to deal all that much. It should help if you let them know you are cross-shopping CX-5s or CR-Vs (even if you really aren't).

    If you want a deal, go to TN or Florida. But your selection is going to be less.

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