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Toyota Highlander Maintenance and Repair



  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I'm 12,000 miles "overdue" on my Quest belt with no plans to change it, but the engine is non-interference. Is that the case with the Highlander?
  • edvkedvk Posts: 8
    My service manager says that the bushings on the front end of my 2001 Highlander are cracked and need replacing. To do this, the entire lower control arm needs to be replaced.

    Has anybody been thru this experience. From past experiences, bushings are cheap, but when you include the entire arm, things get pricier.

    Is there a way to replace just the bushings?

    Help is appreciated.
  • edhedh Posts: 246
    All rubber shows cracks after a few years- that does not mean the bushing is defective.
    If the rubbers is still solid around the middle tube that the bolt is in, surface cracking is not a problem.
  • byumgrbyumgr Posts: 14
    Alright, I have a 2005 Toyota Highlander Ltd. with automatic transmission with 35,000 miles. No where in the 'Passport' can I find where it is regular scheduled maintenance recommended for the transmission. Can someone please tell me when it is recommended and how often? Thank you. Mike.
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168

    I've got a 2007 HH Limited and was wondering how to remove the roof rack cross bars. I know they can be adjusted fore and aft but I can't figure out how to take them off. I will never use the roof rack and the cross bars make it more difficult to clean the roof.

    If any of the Highlander owners out there have done this, I would certainly appreciate your guidance.

    Regards - M. J. McCloskey
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    Check message number 578 in this forum or search "cross bars". Follow the excellent directions. I used a paint can opener with the little curved tip to get up underneath and pull it out.
    Regards, BGood
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168
    Thanks to both Webgood and Steve for providing the msg link. I will give this a try today.

    Best regards - M. J. McCloskey
  • 35K to 40K is ideal if you live in a hot climate. There is no filter so tehy do not have to drop the pan. They can flush out the old and put in all new fluid with about 16 to 18 quarts.
  • I was told by a Toyota mechanic that the best solution to stop the braking vibration is to have the rotors "turned on the hubs" and also replace the brake pads. He said you can replace the rotors but the hub rotation will cause them wear uneven and the vibration will return.
    Anyone else heard of a "turning the rotors on the HUB?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Some of us don't believe in flushing out the transmission fluid. But people define flush differently too.

    I wouldn't do a power flush. If you are draining and filling so that you wind up replacing ("flushing") all the fluid, ok.

    Read too many posts like this one I guess....

    amigo_john, "Isuzu Trooper" #8070, 30 Jun 2003 7:46 am
  • rwong2rwong2 Posts: 2
    I had a problem with my 2002 Toyota Highlander driver's side visor not holding up, like some of you on the forum. Instead of spending $700+ at the dealer to fix this problem, I am very happy to tell everyone, that I have found a more economical way. I found OEM visors with the Home Link system at a place called Auto Intelligence for $50 + cost of shipping (Both driver's and passenger's side). You have to be a little handy, simple instructions comes with the visors. It took me an hour to put it in, tested the home link system, programmed the home link to my garage doors. I have new visors and saved $650. Check them out at or call them. Phone number on the website.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    On the hub is undoubtedly the best way but in 50 years I have never experienced problems otherwise.
  • rwong2rwong2 Posts: 2
    read message #4082
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    My wife aren't sure, and we can't seem to put our finger on it. Our other car is a 2003 Odyssey, and we just purchased a 2007 HL V6 AWD. We both are having a hard time getting use to the HL's side view mirrors. We've changed it to our correct views, but when driving it feels like we are missing something. A certain view? Angle? We just don't know. Does anyone know if the side view mirrors are that much different that they show a different angle or what not?
  • chrisj2chrisj2 Posts: 1
    Tix - my sunroof also broke in open position at 42K miles and same story about the repair costs - $150 part; $800 labor to fix or $300 to close roof and never use it again. what happened to your roof? Toyota Customer Assistance (notice it's not called Service) is worthless!
  • tixtix Posts: 27
    I am so excited to hear someone else has this problem with the sunroof, but that doesn't make it any better news. I wrote to Toyota, I sent it to arbitration, filed complaints and the answer was - too bad, it is out of warranty. I am still so angry. I didn't want to give Toyota another dime of my money, so I do not take it to a Toyota dealer for service. I have told everyone I know what bad customer service I have received and promise never to buy another Toyota. However, that still leaves me with a non-working sunroof. The only solution I came up with is to seal it with duct tape and accept that I have a sunroof that I paid extra for, whistles and can never use again. I have been hoping that others will have this problem and that maybe Toyota will change their tune about fixing the faulty sunroof motor or what ever the problem really is. The only way I have been able to rationalize my decision is, I tend to keep my cars until the miles are pretty high, so I figured that by the time I need to trade it in or sell it, it won't be worth much anyway.
    If you come up with a better solution, please share it with me! And anyone else who has had this problem.....I believe there is strength in numbers!!! Good Luck!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I always try to obtain a convex mirror for the driver's side and that helps. Often, actually almost always, I must resort to a UK dealer's online parts department.

    In general the UK passenger side, OUR driver's side, have even better convex aspects they ours.
  • ocg35manocg35man Posts: 52
    I fully understand your frustration. From your post it sounds like you have partial opening on your sunroof right now? If you can have someone close it properly for $ 300 or
    so, I think it's worth it. Especially if you are planning to
    use your vehicle for next few years, with an opening like that it can damage your interior from moisture, rain, etc..

    I know all about not so great experience with Toyota USA.
    My problem was fuel injection related and missed warranty
    by just few hundred miles. Of course, they didn't want to
    pay for it. I was very diligent and was able to recover half
    of repair cost from Toyota.

    Many new vehicle nowdays, not just Toyota are so complicated with electronics,NAV, Rearview camera etc..As long as it's reasonable it might not be a bad idea to buy
    extended warranty.

    good luck
  • tixtix Posts: 27
    Thanks for the advice and concern. The sunroof is closed as much as possible without doing the full $1500 repair. There is only a small gap, so the duct tape does the trick. I am having fun changing the duct tape color as it wears out. I have a white car, so anything goes. I view it as "accessorizing " my car, and it also helps advertise the issue and provokes questions about "how do you like your Highlander?.' I am doing my part of representing Toyota as they wish to be viewed. -ha ha.
    But I am still open to any suggestions for a more efficient solution.
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    Have you tried getting a quote from a non-dealer?
  • tixtix Posts: 27
    Yes. No one wants to touch the thing. Its difficult to get to the motor. But thank you for the suggestion.
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168

    I have a 2007 HH Limited w/Nav. The compass is usually located in the rear view mirror except for those models w/nav. I have looked through the nav manual but see no reference to the compass. There must be one somewhere as it is required to guide you to your destination. The only visual reference to direction is the little 'N' icon which I assume is North. My car is parked in the driveway and pointing West so this 'N' (North?) may not be correct.

    Any assistance from those with Nav would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Wouldn't it be easier just to pick up the phone and ask the dealer? Most of us don't have NAV.
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168
    I was under the impression that these forums were for those seeking (and sharing) info about their vehicles from other owners. Contacting the dealer is an option but not always the most effective.

    My question was directed to those that have navigation and might be able to help, not those who don't and can't.

    Regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
  • nomorebenznomorebenz Posts: 109
    You have a couple of ways to do it. The N symbol is a North Up map orientation. Press it and it turns into a compass needle which is a Heading Up orientation.
    The second way is done by using the icon above the (+) (Zoom in). One of the modes is a pure compass/GPS mode.
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168

    Thanks so much for your very helpful information. I will give this a try on my next outing. I don't use the Nav to map directions that often but consider the compass feature (now that I know how to access it) essential.

    Best regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
  • wdr1wdr1 Posts: 2
    Have a 2004 Highlander and need to reset the "oil replacement reminder" ie engine maintenance light. Directions would be appreciated. Tx

  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    I would think it would be easier (& more reliable) to ask here. If nomorebenz hadn't answered, I would have.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    The dealer could have told him in 2 minutes. You can wait days for an answer here. Forums are NOT noted for their reliable information.
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