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  • nstronstro Posts: 1
    I had the same problem and narrowed it down to the little cross bar that goes across the battery. It was making a very irritating squeaking noise. I fixed it by tightening up the two 10 millimeter bolts.
    Hope this helps!
  • Hello, I just got my TB last October. I want to hook it up.
    But I'm a girl and I have no idea how to hook it up. I wanna put a TV for my daughter and rims... Any websites or ideas on what kind or TV or rims or speaker should I put into...

  • biglinkbiglink Posts: 13
    I have the same model and year and just found out that the same thing is wrong with my tank. I have just about 50K miles and I waiting for a response from GM it has been a week now and they keep saying that they can't get a hold of the service manager for the local dealership. Just before this happened the catalytic converter went out when I got it back the check engine light came on and it was the cracked tank. I have had no major problems before and this is the third Trailblazer that I have purchased.
  • I just purchased a 2007 Trailblaser, with 700 miles on it !! I have a annoing wind noise coming from the design of the outside rear view mirrors, The dealer said Chevy engineers have known about this for years This is a BS answer I got fron Chevy !! , I have to make the radio louder when Im driving !! I even tried tilting the mirrors inward, Dealer says the mirrors need a contoured airflow bubble on the front of them to deflect the airflow, Anybody have this problem ?
  • I just bought my 04 Chevy TB in November and last week buttons 3-6 weren't lit up anymore. Took it in today and they said there aren't/there isn't an option to replace bulbs so they ordered me a brand new radio. It will be installed in couple of days. Kinda has me a little concerned now with hearing your story. I am just curious, when you turn your heat off does it keep blowing warm/hot air out of the vents? And for anyone, FYI Here is a list of things which I have had issues with since November 06 when I bought the TB:
    1) Brown out of the headlights which would appear to other drivers as though you are flashing your high beams and this causes a power surge and causes the voltage the voltage to go up for a very brief period of time. This is caused by a thing for emissions that draws 8 amps of power. The brown out happened ONCE all the way home from work, other than that just once when I first pull away. I had it in 2 times for this problem. The first time I wasn't satisfied with "this is a known issue with the TB's and there is NO fix. So, took it in again about this.......yep, NO fix
    2) A "crack" or "pop" from the drivers side window when its cold out. They fixed this.
    3) Service engine soon light came on. Turned out to be because I didn't have the gas cap on right.
    4) Service engine soon light came on. They replaced the O2 sensor.
    5) There was a scratch on the truck that I didn't see when we bought it, took it back within the 1st week and they repainted it beautifully.
    6) The passenger side tail/brake light was being goofy plus, it had condensation inside the plastic and was causing some of the interior stuff to peel. They replaced the entire light fixture.
    7) There is a "squeaking" noise in the suspension. Took it in, long story, can't be fixed right now. Will be looked at again in a couple days.
    8) Lights 3-6 on pre programmed buttons for radio stopped lighting up last week. There are no bulbs that can be replaced So they are ordering a new radio and will replace the old one in a few days.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    2) A "crack" or "pop" from the drivers side window when its cold out. They fixed this.

    I'm curious. Do you know what caused the problem and what they did to fix it? My first thought was that the sound was caused by thermal expansion but I'm not sure how they would fix that problem.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Yep, they replaced the door panel "clips". Have you had yours looked at for it?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I don't have a Blazer but had a similar problem in a used car I had for a short time many years ago - though I never bothered to get it fixed.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • tentototentoto Posts: 1
    I had the same problem. Here's the fix. Raise the hood, and take a look at the bumper stops,Turn them about 1 ich to a inch and a half upward. That will fix the squeek.It fixed mine .And NOBODY in the world hates squeeks than me.
  • Russ, I posted the same question. I just got an 07 Trailblaser, The answer I got is ...Ready for this one ??? Chevrolet has know about this wind noise problem since 2005. The noise is coming from the design of the outside rear view mirrors!! They are causing wind turbulance cause of the design, they need a smoother rounded shape to make the wind flow over them !!! It's annoying, I have to make the radio louder at 50 mph , Its a [non-permissible content removed] answer too. I'm gonna bug the hell out of Chevy till its corrected !!!! Supposingly they are working on a new design ??? Tony
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Actually, it's been since the first ones came out in 2002. Well, 2001 but it was an 02 model. It really hasn't been a problem for me.
  • Just got 2007 with the straight 6 cylinder,First thing I did was put the K&N filter inside the housing. I drilled more air holes on top of the housing to let it Breath !! Actually you can take off the housing alltogether ! but there isnt anywhere to put the return crankcase breather hose, I just wire tied it to the side of the filter I tried both ways and put the top of the housing back on , Only have 2500 miles on it now was getting 15-17 mpg !!!( Good job Chevy engineers ) Now Im 17-21 mpg... (Something wrong here !!) Next mod will be the throttle body spacer...for more low end torque...and a little more UUMpf !!!
  • Read my post ...go to advance auto parts and buy a K&N air filter ,and take out the old air filter And Ta-roe it in Da Gaaabage !!! Stick the K&n filter and you'll notice the difference !!
  • I remember using a Purple Royal Trident motor oil when I was stationed the Air Force out in kansas City , Mo in 1964, Is Royal Purple the same company ?
  • stratofirestratofire Posts: 9
    Another litle mod is the throttle body spacer, Its a 1" spacer that screws on between the fresh air inlet and the throttle body ,It will give you more low end torque and better mileage !!! Why is it that we all have to modify our vehicles ,,Why the hell didnt gm do this when they built the freaken vehicle !! This pisses me off GM !! And the Trailblazer is on the top of the list as a GAS GUZZLER !!! Gm is in cahoots wit da oil companies !!!!
  • I never go to sites like this but will never buy a Chevy again. My front drivers seat just broke, not sure when but when my husband got in the car it was leaning to the right. We are not that heavy. Instead of replacing the flimsy cast alimininum part. The entire seat frame must be replaced for $607. I have already replace the transfer case (broke due to last of use?)have the ticking noise in the engine when it starts up and also have a high pitched rattled for even dimple in the road. Not to mention the wiper motors that both had to be replaced during warranty. NEVERAGAIN!!!! I AM GOING BACK TO HONDA!
  • lynn98lynn98 Posts: 9
    Hi everyone. I purchased a 2004 at the beginning of 2007. Used, had about 60,000 miles on it, purchased for around $14 grand. Is white with gray interior. Last couple owned it was from Lima, Ohio and i live in the same state so they must have just travled a lot (wanted to make sure it was not a Katrina vehicle). However I did already have the alternator replaced. The other thing I am now noticing is that when I put it in reverse the engine seems to want to stall, or there is a miss or something.

    Also I noticed shortly after purchasing it that there is some wind noise when I have the windows down. My a/c also does not work. I have to get that fixed. That may be the reason it is doing the other thing? I don't know. I've only had this vehicle for about 9 months and it already needs a bunch of repairs!
  • lynn98lynn98 Posts: 9
    I just bought my 04 around a month or so after you bought yours! How odd.. anyhow thought I would let you know I do have the same issue with my air vents, hot air keeps blowing out after I turn off the air completely. Right now my A/C is out so watch for yours to go out too, if it already hasn't!
  • I own two TB's, one I bought one week ago. The noise I hear,which I believe is suspension related, I describe as like a cracking sound. If I step n the brake suddenly is when I mostly hear it. Both vehicles have the same noise the newer one (2003 ext) is even worse than the other (2002 LS). I plan on taking it to the deler I bought it at. If they fix it I will defenitely post it. To me, it sounds like maybe a stabelizer bar. All the stabelizer links were changed on the 2002. The noise is much less but still there.
  • kathy29kathy29 Posts: 7
    Dear Karen, I don't know if you are still the host for the Trailblazer owner club? I see that there are other postings in this area other than what is supposed to be there "Introducing Yourself". I am interested to introduce myself and tell about my 02 Trailblazer but it appears not to be a just introducing yourself page. Can you tell me if there may be a problem with people posting in the wrong areas? I would not want to make the same mistake. Thanks, Kathy
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Hi, Kathy!

    Karen now presides over all the boards and still does some hosting. There's been some rearrangement of topics since the original posting here with Steve and I serving as hosts for SUVs where this topic now resides. This is the place to introduce yourself.

    Generally, we try to keep discussions on topic but a little "off topic drift" is to be expected now and then. If you have something that doesn't quite fit any of the existing topics you can always start up your own! In any case, just drop a note to Stever or me anytime if you need any help.

    And welcome aboard! Be sure to check out all of the other topics in the Chevrolet TrailBlazer section.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • 03 TB 56K miles goodyear tracker tires, I am hearing a rubbing/squeaking (not metal) noise on the front drivers side of the tb, squeaks whether I hit the brakes or not. I took it to a trustworthy mechanic who thinks it is the tire. Has anyone else had this problem or have any insights as to what could be the problem?
  • I had an 06 TB with a noise in the right front wheel. It was a small pebble between the brake shoe and the pad in the rotor. They found it when they pulled the brake assembly apart.
  • thanks for the post, i'll have to check that out!!
  • 03 TB - my drivers side door controls seem to be going out every so often (and becoming more and more often as time passes) doors don't unlock and windows don't go up or down, have to turn off engine and restart to get them up, (the other doors controls still work) anyone else with this problem? also don't know if this is connected but when you put the car into gear about half the time the doors will lock and half the time they won't. i'd be much obliged for any insights...
  • I purchased an 05 trailblazer. First month I had it the wheel bearing went bad. Next the rotors then had to replace a tie rod as it was loose. Now there is a clicking noise in the front suspension and it doesn't handle bumps as well anymore. Sway bar link?? The air conditioning broke, a headlight went out, front emblem just fell off and One day i rested my elbow on the middle compartment and it cracked. All this within the 6 months i've owned it. Does anyone have any idea about the front suspension noise? Its not a chirping sound, feels like something is loose up there. When i got the ac fixed the mechanic said it could be the sway bar link. Anyone have any similiar experiences?
  • I have gas tank issues too. Mine is an 03 trailblazer LT. It has over 50,000 miles on it. I can't fill up my tank all the way or it overflows all over the ground. I had a crack somewhere in the tank which they repaired supposedly but I smell gas inside and outside the car. I recently had the fuel pump replaced but my mechanic said it went bad because of bad gas. in corpus valero is known as bad gas and thats what i used. i called valero and they sent me a check for the whole cost of my fuel pump with no problems. but the check doesn't really help it still has problems. i have also had trouble with the head lights the wire covering were split and the bulbs have gone out like 3 times. i seem to be at my mechanics place every couple of weeks.
    My sway bar links and my all struts and shocks had to be replaced.
  • ticadooticadoo Posts: 40
    I'm not sure where to post this question...but I've got a 2003 Trailblazer, EXT, fully loaded with equipment and fully loaded with constant problems. I was reading about the new federal rebate about trading in a vehicle that got less than 18 mpg on one that gets 22mpg, etc. The only problem I have, is that one of the reasons I purchased the Trailblazer, EXT, was for the room. Anybody have any suggestions on a SUV to look at?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    If your talking about the "cash for clunkers" program, the "clunker" you trade in can't be resold, it has to be scrapped, so in essence the dealer probably won't be willing to give you much if anything at all on a trade in. Go see for more info.
    There's also a credit you can take off next years tax return for the sales tax you pay when buying a "qualified" new car, even in states with no sales taxes. Unlike the "cash for clunkers" program though there's income exclusions on this.
    Both of these programs are full of conditions, you need to do your homework before relying on them. They are both part of the "economic stimulus" package, which hopefully won't stimulate all of us into bankruptcy in the future..........
    There's lots of info out on the web about both programs.
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