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Honda Accord Owners: Meet the Members



  • reed45reed45 Posts: 1
    Congrats on your new car. I bought the EX-L V-6 back on June 17th. I love it. Have taken several long road trips, at times you do notice the VCM change but not to worry no big thing. This is my first Honda and can't beleive I waited so long, but glad I did. Looked at several cars including the Nissan Altima and Pontiac G-6 both with comprobale equipment. I read an artilcle today that the Altima has pulled into first place due to MPG. Interesting story on that. I traded in a 2004 Chevy Avalanche but not at my purchasing dealer, but to Carmax. This is the third car I have sold to Carmax and find you get 2 to 3 thousand more than a dealer. Anyhow while we were waiting decided to look up a few prices. Thats right on the 08 Accord, 08 Altima, and 08 G6. All vehicles had over 15000 miles the Accord the most at 31000. The accord was selling for 26K, the altima 19K and the G6 17K. Now I looked hard at the Altima (owned 2 in the past) and Pontiac G6. The resale pricing nailed down my decision. The Altima new 34K, the G6 26K and I paid 26500 for my Accord. The numbers don't lie.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Welcome to the boards! You picked a great color, BTW. :)
  • Hi all. I picked up my black 2008 V-6 Coupe on July 30th. Love the car. Had owned nothing but Honda Civics (vanilla 79 hatchback, 83 1600S hatchback, 87 Si hatchback, and a 99 dx coupe). It's evident that I have upped the power output exponentially with this purchase. All my prior Hondas were manuals but this time I opted for the automatic. I've read postings on this website and have had no complaints re. the car. I notice the VCM kicking in but don't feel it. Have had no weird noise issues or quality issues. I must admit when I first started reading the postings and problems here I was thinking "What the f*ck, this isn't the Honda I'm used to!" But as I said, I have had no problems with my car. Love the acceleration. Gas mileage is as advertised. Can't wait til my trip from Massachusetts to South Carolina so I can get a true read on the highway mileage. A little concerned about the stock Michelins and snow as I have a long (0.4 mile), unpaved driveway that is only flat for a 100 yards. May opt for winter tires in the future but taking a wait and see approach for now. Traction control should be big difference. (There were times in the past when I left the car at the top of the driveway!) Check with me in the spring ;-)
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  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Congratulations on the new ride!
  • qsoqso Posts: 32
    I just recently noticed that my brake light came on, then after a short time it went out. I pulled up on the emer brake handle lightly and the light came on, I released the handle and the light went out. I noticed then that on a fast accleration the light came on and then went back out after a few momenets. I also noticed that the light came on sometimes with sharp turns. I have checked the resivoir and it is at the full line. I'm sure this light controls more than just the emer. brake. Can anyone help me out on this? Thank you

  • qsoqso Posts: 32

    Have you changed many Brake Master Res. Cap and Float? I have a light that comes on when I pull out and stays on for some time then goes out. If the light is on and I stop hard the light goes out then comes back on when I pull out. I think its the cap and float? I had a previous post and I was told that it is the cap and float as long as the level is where it should be. Is this cap and float an easy item to change? Anything I need to look out for?

    Thank you

  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    This may, or may not be causing the brake light. Take the cap off the master cylinder. If the rubber boot on the inside the cap is sagging, just push it back up into the cap. It might be as simple as that.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Thank goodness you answered, Elroy. Earl was only here for one day and three posts back in 2005. I doubt if he would have answered. ;)
  • I signed up for email notifications on this forum & got an email today! Woot!

    I'm Becky, have owned 3 Accords in my life, 1) Silver 1982 sedan, my first car when I was 16 (used, was my mom's) 2) 1986 white 2-door hatch back Accord when I was in college. 3) 1991 green EX sedan after college and up until 2 years ago - about 165,000 miles, a fantastic car. Replaced it with a gold 08 EX CRV with nav and feel like I'm riding in a luxury liner... :shades:
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Welcome to the boards, Becky!
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I hit 80k on my Accord today. Still have the original brakes and the OEM Bridgestones. The warmer weather has given me a couple of tanks that were in the 33-35 mpg range in combined driving. Still have never had a tank below 28 mpg. No major issues at all. I love this car.

    06 EX-L w/navi I4 manual
  • Hey, everyone! My name's Chris, and I've been lurking around these forums since 2007 or so and had considered buying a car several times since then (something always stopped me from going through with it), with the Accord always on my list. Now I can finally say that I'm an Accord owner. :D

    I just bought a 2007 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder model with the Carbon Bronze Pearl Exterior and Ivory interior, and I just love how it looks inside and out. It was a lease return and only had 35,000 miles. It was in pretty good shape but had a couple of scratches that were buffed out. Prior to this, I drove a 1998 Dodge Neon for 6 years that has served me very well (I know, shock!), but I felt I needed an upgrade.

    Prior to driving the Accord, I test drove a 2006 Toyota Camry, 2008 Ford Fusion, and 2009 Hyundai Sonata, and I felt the Honda was by far the best overall package. I found its engine to be the smoothest and most refined, the ride very solid- it was firm, well-planted, yet more comfortable than I was expecting, the interior to be the best-looking and highest quality, and the steering offered just enough feel without being heavy. I also drove a 2008 Honda Accord, and while I think it looks better on the outside than the 2007, it was a little too big, and I wanted to buy the last year of a design.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Welcome, Chris. IMHO, the 06-07 Accords are great cars. Carbon Bronze is a nice color too!
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