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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Assume the accord price with destination is $23,100 includes the destination. I live a NYC and I assume either I buy from NY/NJ/CT I still have to pay 8.875% sales tax on the $23,100. What about the other doc fees, dmv, ... etc. Anyone knows thebreak down?

    I know doc fees in NY is cap at $75 and NJ is no limit from $300 to $500.

    I see many posts indicate the OTC price is what we care about and I agree. Does anyone know what are the typical DMV & other fees charge by NY or NJ dealer.
  • Etienne39 and Bluemkn57 cars,

    I am in Florida and I cannot seem to get a 2013 for less than $27,800 OTD plus I can likely get the flex cash. This includes dealer options. I have talked online to many dealers in town and out of town. Our tax is 7% and the only way to get around doc fees (they are high here about $599-$899) is to negotiate a better price. Can you both break down your deals with sale price, taxes, fees, tag/title etc. Also, were there any dealer options in your EXL 4 cylinder? This would be so helpful to me. The best deal I have been offered on a 2014 is $28,600 out the door with mud guards, side panel protectors, mats, nitrogen tires, trunk protector. I would appreciate your help! Thanks!
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 361
    edited September 2013
    Read my post #30818 ( It has detailed info about my pricing. Here in MA, sales tax is 6.25%. My car did not have any installed dealer options, just wheel locks.

    To better help you, can you break down your price by providing the following information as follows:

    Sales price:
    Doc fees (dealership with the best sale price):
    Any incentives?
    Cost of dealer add-ons:
    Title and registration fees:
    Do you want the car with specific dealer add-ons?

    Have you specifically asked dealerships whether they have flex cash for the 2013 models? You might be better off negotiating a deal at the end of the month on a 2014 model.

    If you have not already done so, read up previous posts on this forum on how to get the best deal. You can apply some of the advice I posted in this thread #31033 (

    Good luck.
  • Is this $26,581 OTD? Did it have any dealer options. I saw you bought the trunk mat but was there anything else? I am in Florida too. What dealership did you purchase from? Thanks.
  • Hi Bluemkn57cars,

    This is a 2013 Accord EXL 4 cylinder. I really want the 2014 so I am trying to negotiate this deal first and then push for the 2014 for just a few hundred more. I am unsettled about this purchase so I keep waiting.....maybe for the end of the month. I have already had one dealer offer $28,619 OTD for a 2014 and it included (wheel locks, nitro, door guards, mats, trunk tray, mud guards and OEM tire change to the ones we prefer).


    Base Price: $24,266
    Protection Package: $1695 (Splash guards, wheel locks, cargo tray, nitro, pin-striping, door guards)
    Tax 7%
    Tag (not sure exactly)
    Dealer Fee $599
    Color we want and tires changed to the OEM tires we want

    I told this dealer that I could get this price all day long for a 2013 and he came back with $28,000 OTD instead and that he could shave off probably a few hundred dollars more. I can also get the flex cash off the $28,000 so I am at $27,500 with flex cash for now but still negotiating.
  • Bluemkn57cars,

    Correction, the dealer just left me a voice mail and he said the $28,000 OTD (see break down) includes the $500 flex cash. He did say that he thinks they won't walk away from a few hundred dollars more but that is it.

    So, I am OTD I guess at $27,700 ish and that is about all I can seem to get out of these dealers.

    ps. I realize that the option price he quoted is crazy and I think I need to ask him to delete them and then just pick the ones I want at the price I feel comfortable with.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 361
    edited September 2013
    Let me review your deal.

    You stated your base price for a 2013 Accord EX-L was $24,266. Does that price include the $790 destination fee? If you are not sure, ask the dealer. If it includes the destination fee then that is $2133 below an invoice price of $26,399. If it does not include the destination fee, then that is only $1343 below invoice. That is just an okay deal at this time of the year.

    For the protection package, you did not say whether you wanted those options or if they came with the car already. If you want them added, you should negotiate the sale price with the dealership.

    As for the other fees, again you need to ask the dealer to list them for you instead of just an OTD price.

    "...I can also get the flex cash off the $28,000 so I am at $27,500 with flex cash for now but still negotiating..."

    Did the dealer confirm that they have flex cash available?

    Are dealer doc fees that high across all Honda dealerships in Florida? How many dealers have you reached out to? Are you dealing with sales managers or internet sales managers?

    "...I really want the 2014 so I am trying to negotiate this deal first and then push for the 2014 for just a few hundred more...."

    The above statement is a little confusing. If you really want a 2014 Accord, why not just negotiate the price of that model year instead of focusing on a 2013 model and hoping to get a steal on the 2014?
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 361
    edited September 2013
    I did some further research on pricing for the protection package.

    If you go to and build a 2013 Honda Accord, you can see the price of some of these accessories.

    Splash guards - $104 (MSRP)
    Wheel Locks - $56 (MSRP)
    Trunk tray - $139 (MSRP)
    Door Guard - $95 (MSRP)

    I was not able to find any pricing on nitro and pin-stripping but they should not cost much.

    So if I tabulate the total price of those 4 accessories, it comes to $394.
    The nitro in the tires and the pin-stripping should not come to $1301 ($1695 - $394). Am I missing something?

    Even if you add all season floor mats, they only cost $143 (MSRP). You should be buying those accessories at dealer's cost, if you want them added to the car.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,017
    You can usually get accessories added after you negotiate a price. My dealer threw in the trunk net (I prefer them to trays), splash guards, and wheel locks without adding anything to the price I had already negotiated. i have had aftermarket leather and heated seats added in the past as well. This probably will not work if you have already wrung every possible dime out of them, but it's a way you can be at 27,700 or so and feel pretty good about your purchase, especially at this time when supplies are short.
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  • I agree with blue, this does seem like a lot of angst negotiating a 2013 if you really want a 2014. I say switch gears and start talking about the 2014. Some folks on the board have already purchased 2014's for $500 or so under invoice (w/o flex cash - so there may be even more room if you can get flex cash).

    The protection package probably includes body side moldings too. The MSRP is for the parts and not the installation so you can't just look at MSRP for a price comparison, but we all know the mark-up on these things. I agree the package price is crazy, you could offer 1/2 if they are things you really want or pick and choose.

    As much as I tried I couldn't squeeze a $1 off any options I wanted so I gave up with the dealer and the things I can buy over the internet I will and otherwise wait for a "sale" at the dealer if there is something I really want and try to negotiate then. Once I got the car, I realized the accessories I wanted I could live without and will probably get the weathertech floor liners instead of the honda mats for better protection against these new england winters.

    Let us know the breakdown of the 2014 offer. Get them to give you the breakdown, saying OTD doesn't help much.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 361

    Just to add a few more points. You are correct about the accessories not including the installation prices, but no one should be charged installation for wheel locks, cargo tray and floor mats. Installing splash guards and door guards should not cost that much.

    With regards to Flex cash, I think one contributor had stated that Honda was not offering any on the 2014 models.

    I bought my OEM all season floor mats on Ebay for more than $20 less than the invoice price my dealer was offering. I also got free shipping, so check out Ebay or other online sites for deals on genuine Honda accessories.

    Btw, how is your car? The only thing I do not like about my car is the ride. I think Honda needs better tires for the EX-L model. I will most probably replace them with a different brand when the time comes.
  • I totally agree they should not charge for installation...but they do! Prime prices the Mats at $176. Outrageous. Cheap Honda parts has them for $104 with $15 for shipping. After looking at the WeatherTech mats, I think I'll go with those. They are pricier but I track in a lot of snow into the car and they seem hardier than the Honda mats. I'll check out Ebay and Amazon on the other items. I want the trunk tray too.

    I like the car alot. I saw a warranty in my owners manual for Michelin tires and thought I had Michelin tires....until I saw I had Goodyear Assurance tires. Agree for the price the tires could be better. How long should those tires last? Probably something we could have negotiated, but I don't notice much. The ride is 10 times better than my old car.

    I noticed 2 things. The fingerprints on the touchscreen drive me crazy (especially in the morning sun). They said to just use anything you would use on a computer screen to clean it. And there is no good place for loose change (there are places, but not anything officially for loose change).

    If you don't like the ride, are you disappointed in your purchase? isn't that the most important thing? It took me a few days to acclimate to the change but now I love it.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 361
    edited September 2013
    $176 for floor mats is outrageous. I paid $94 for my floor mats.

    I love the car with all its features, such as Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), and all the cameras. I also enjoy driving in Sports mode. I have no regrets about my purchase. The Goodyear tires can be replaced so it is not a big deal, but I do notice a stiff ride once in a while when driving on bumpy roads.

    Depending on your driving and braking habits, tires should last anywhere between 25,000 to 50,000 miles (I saw some info online about it). I am sure we could have negotiated that too but I am happy with the price I paid for the car.
  • I was wondering if it possible to transmit video on screen from phone or something on accord Sport. Audio from phone no problem at all . It might not possible but I was just curious.
  • Sports mode! What is that and how do you get in it? Geeze I need to read my owners manual...but that thing is 3 inches thick!

    Yes, a passenger in my car mentioned the stiff ride too. I didn't really notice enough to care.

    I don't regret my purchase either. I love it.
  • Thanks. Have you closed your deal?
  • Yeah, they were 25,200 for the 2013 model.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 361
    Put the car in S (Sports) instead of D next time you drive. You should notice the difference in acceleration and revs of the engine.

    You can browse the smaller technology manual for basic info about some of the features.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 361
    edited September 2013
    Wow. I am glad you were able to get a deal on the 2014 model.
  • Blumkn57cars,

    I agree, I should just focus on the 2014 so I have been at it all day. I was just hoping for a big difference for the price of the 2013 and I am just not getting it. The inventory on 2013s is pretty low.

    I have negotiated with 8 dealerships. Some in my town, some outside. I have worked with both store managers and internet managers. Our dealer fees range from $599-$898.

    Thank you for looking up the options. I found that earlier today too. I have two offers on the 2014 and I am finishing up the third. I had to go back to one of them. Once I have them all I will break them down and get the stamp of approval or not from you guys! Thanks for all of your help. I love this forum!
  • Hi everyone.
    I've been reading the forums with interest and soaking up the information. Many thanks for all of the good stuff.

    I will buy an Accord at the end of this month using multiple bids with internet sales. I'm still waffling between the EX or the EX-L (I'm a bit cheap, although I do like the leather seats). I'll figure that out by the weekend, I hope.

    I am curious about getting a 2013 versus 2014. Conventional wisdom would suggest that the 2013 should be cheaper, but it sounds like inventory is low enough that the 2014 is only marginally pricier. Has anyone in the Los Angeles area received bids on both model years in the past couple of weeks (for either the EX or EX-L, ideally both)? If so, I would appreciate hearing about your experiences.

    More generally, what advice would people have regarding bids? Should I ask dealerships for 2 bids, one for a 2013 and another for the 2014, with an explicit statement that I'll buy purely on price unless the 2 cars are within $500 of one another? Or, assuming the 2013 is still cheaper, should I just ask for bids on the 2013 to keep everything simple? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  • Is this 25200 deal include all prices. I mean, is this on road price. Including all taxs....... Please let me know, I am interested buying 2013 or 2014 exl.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,703
    edited September 2013

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  • Your best bet is to get a 2013 model, way cheaper and nothing's unchanged expect for LX trim level. Also ahould look sooner than the end of the month. The dealers I went to had small amount of 2013 models left her around the LA area. What part of LA you at?
  • There's something out but you need to check out a forum called, just type in on the 9th generation Accord search engine and should find some info.
  • Haha I'm only on pg 300 out of 594... Just reading some cool things I never knew about the car (mines also a Sport)

    Ride is perfect to me.. Had friends say "its really smooth and is it a V6??because it fast!" =)

    After my break-in period ill use (S) and paddle shifters to enjoy its full potential.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,703
    edited September 2013
    2014 Accord 500 below to invoice price would be a good deal right know. We have seen some pricing at below invoice price in certain area's but that does not mean you will get the same pricing on a 2014 model. L.A. doc fee's are capped at 80 dollars thats not a deal breraker.

    Your target price to buy a 2014 should start at 500 below.. See where your dealerships stand. Worst case they counter with invoice price.

    2013 Accord 1400 to 2k below should be your target price on a 2013.
    Contact dealers now hoping you could get a good price on a 2013. Negotiate with all dealerships thru this month til months end unless you get your targeted price to buy sooner.

    If you get 1000 below invoice on a 2013 Accord opposed to Invoice price on a 2014 model you should go with the 2014 model.
    1500 or more below on a 2013 model you should consider buying otherwise the 2014 will be the wiser choice.

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  • cmartin411cmartin411 Atlanta, GAPosts: 42
    I purchased the 2014 EXL 4cy with Nav today from Milton Martin Honda in Gainesville, GA. Here are the details:

    $28,269: Invoice (includes destination)

    $27,250: Purchase Price (includes destination)
    $599: Doc Fees
    $27,849: Total

    Here is the Out the Door breakdown:
    $27,250.00 - Vehicle Price
    1908.86 - State Tax
    599.00 - Doc Fee
    122.00 - Title Fee
    0.00 - Splash Guards
    $29,879.86 - Total Price/Drive Out

    The second closest dealer came in at:
    $27,700: Vehicle Price (includes destination)
    $349: Doc Fee
    $28,049: Total before tax and title

    I price shopped 11 dealers over two weeks in metro ATL and even Greenville, SC as they seem to have lower doc fees for some reason. The dealership I bought this from started out at $29,267 so it took some work to get down to this number. They are manufacturing the car next week with arrival to the dealer around 10/2. White with beige leather. I'm hoping the crew in Marysville has an awesome week next week. Thanks for everyone's help on this board.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,703
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    Nice job

    2014 Accord for $420 below. Plus $ 67 dollar mud guards for free.

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