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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I agree with sethnaga's assessment on gwinnett place honda, if you live in Atlanta and are looking to buy a honda, don't even waste your time there just use them for a test drive if you live nearby and go some where else to close the deal. unless you enjoy torturing the sales guys at gp honda, i wouldn't give them time of the day.
  • Hey guys, i am looking to get a Honda Accord LX or LX-P IN NJ. I would like to get some help as to how to get the best deal, and some recent prices paid. I am in central Jersey, but i will travel, no proble, NY, PA ok as long as the price are much better. No quotes yet, as i am waiting this week to have someone buying my car.

    In any event, i called HONDA Corp yesterday, they said that some dealers already have on their lots the 09 Accord with an extra $400 added to the value, and no additions. Also the APR rates will be between 5-6.5%. So in my case it makes sense to go for the 08, since after all i will save about $1500 on it. And just a tip to those undecided, let's say u buy the 08 vs the 09, the KBB value difference will only between 300-500 the most, considering they have the same millagem, wear and tear.

    Last but not least, i am fully convinced that the LX-P its worth for the extra $1000 in options, but at the same time i can live without them. Now, one of the things i am not so clear is, what is the "security system" in the LX-P. I can't get a bottom line from the dealer. Since the LX has a key less entry, am i right? the other option that makes it valuable for me are the alloy rims, but again, please give me some help, as i will finally pull the trigger within the next week or two. thanks
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    You got responses in the 2008 Honda Accord Maintenance and Repair forum (in case ya missed 'em ;)); this forum is for pricing info.
  • rbell2rbell2 Posts: 180
    I went through the same evaluation you are and I really think the extra money for the LX-P is worth it. The wheels look much better, the alarm helps piece of mind, but the kicker for me was the power seat which has more adjustments than the manual one on the LX. You better hurry up and buy. You are almost guarenteed a price at or below invoice AND the rediculously low APR which is Honda's form of a rebate. When the '09's come out, the invoice deals and APR will dry up for some time period - it always does. Not sure for how long - depends on the election and gas prices (which are dropping and will begin to improve the Accord market). Plus, with Obama's ingenious energy plan for everyone to inflate their tires higher, it is getting cheaper by the day to drive a car in the good old USA!!!

    I paid $20,700 (including dealer fees) + tax for mine. I love it!

    Good luck with your decision.
  • Sorry, where did you get yours from, was it NJ, i wouldn't mind paying the amount u paid, that works for me.
  • I just got a quote for a 2008 EX 4cyl for $21,400 with Dest. charge... What do you guys think.. good deal?
  • rayjlrayjl Posts: 5
    Try DCH Paramus Honda, you should be able to get a similar deal, if not better.
  • mfbonomfbono Posts: 48
    Boch Honda in Norwood Mass is advertising all EX-L sedans with an MSRP of $26,495 for $22,388.
    Seems like a great price, should I beware of these guys ?? :sick:
  • hondasdhondasd Posts: 13
    I am willing to buy a 08 LX-P Accord Sedan in LA area in 1 weeks. I send quotes for 15 different dealers, however it seems they are not willing to send me the lowest price as they can. So far, the lowest price I got was $20,400, the OTD should be 22440 rathouly add 10% to sale price. I check from yahoo auto the invoice price of LX-P is $20,100. $20,400 is only $300 beyond invoice price, not bad. However, I also notice some guys got the deal for $800 below invoice. I was wondering how did you guys make such a good deal? I tried to lower their price by compairing quotes between different dealers. I asked several dealers, they all said they will beat others quote but none of them would send me a writen document with their lowest price. Will I change my way to ask the quote? Should I tell them how much I can offer to the vehicle rather than ask the price from them?
    I would like to pay $21,000 to $21,500 CASH for LX-P. I think this price is decent enough because the new model will launch soon. What do you guys think about this price? Too high or too low?
    I will appreciate if you guys can forward me any of quotes you got from LA area or give me some advices about how to negociate the price with dealers.
    My email address is :
    Thank you.
  • hondasdhondasd Posts: 13
    It seems too good to be ture. However, I just checked their inventory, there are 8 pages EX-L model left in total 10 pages. They may so eager to get rid of old models before 09 Accord comes.
  • rbell2rbell2 Posts: 180
    I bought mine where I live in Tallahassee, FL from Proctor Honda.

    Good luck!
  • ashton_nashton_n Posts: 16
    Rents in LA/SD are more so most dealers would give you higher quotes. Try getting quotes from inland empire area dealerships and you might get better prices.
  • hondasdhondasd Posts: 13
    Do you mean States in the middle of US? Could you tell me some zip code? I don't know what shall I do if I buy a car from other state. Should I transfer title to CA DMV?b
  • Thanks Seth. Your list is very helpful. Though I live in SC, I am often in Marietta for work. (I agree about GP honda -- I test drove a used truck there about 5 ys ago and was not pleased. The Nissan dealer in Conyers at the time was no better.)

    BTW, check out Acura of Athens next time. I haven't purchased/serviced there, but I visited in May and had a nice no pressure talk with a salesman. Plus they will come get your car and leave a loaner with you within a 125 mile radius if you purchase there. (also Volvo of Athens)
  • The prices you got are pretty much decent prices but not the lowest. Try Spreen Honda at Loma Linda, CA (about an hour and a half away from LA). I believe that's where ashton got his car too. I'm about to get a car in less than a week as well, and most probably will go through them (for an EX model). I've talked to Richard over there and got a quote of 3 different kinds of 08 accords. All of them he quoted were below invoice prices. Nice guy and i feel like talking to him unlike any other dealers out there. No pressure. And i even asked him for a breakdown of the price since i didnt want any surprises, in which he gladly gave me. Unfortunately i didnt ask for the lx-p model since i wasnt interested in it. But like i said, get a quote... And maybe we set something up as if we're going to buy two, and maybe get a better price..
  • hondasdhondasd Posts: 13
    Thank you for your advice. I will try this dealer tomorrow. Let's see what will happen.
  • Thanks to all for the replies, i will start my adventure today, i will send e-mails to all the dealers, i will keep u guys posted. i am in nj, and for what i have seen for the last year or two, is that paramus honda, denville, joyce honda, open road honda, vip honda, and route 22 may be my best bet.
  • well...the car was $23535 including des. charge. all in all OTD was 25800....??
  • ashton_nashton_n Posts: 16
    riverside, corona, loma linda, moreno valley etc.
  • Try Honda of Hollywood or Hardin Honda in Anaheim. I got a 08 EX-L 4 cyl Sedan w/ auto no navi, including destination for $23,000.00 plus tax and title (early June 08). No extras or extended warranties. I am sure you can get an LX-P for lower then your quotes from these guys. Check their web sites for their inventories. They still have alot of Accords. Deal w/ the internet guys, they are low key at both dealerships. (check my posts from June 11+ -)
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