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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,117
    edited December 2013


    and forum members

    You're not going to get that kind of pricing in a lot of states.. 1800 below.. You could ask and re-adjust that number...... but if I ask for that price here in NY, NJ, CT, DE, PA. MA. RI, IL, OH, most dealers will let me hang up on them If you live or are willing to travel to VA you may recieve a similar price or get close to that number in MD or CA. Know your area's market; that's how you play the game and work your lowest deal. I guarantee you guys throwing out a 1800 below invoice number in the states I mentioned. will get you nowhere.

    If you're not a good negotiator and have no clue how to work your emails and calls to the managers, you will not get this kind of pricing.

    Ive been slaying dealers for over forty years across this country in pricing, piting one dealer against the next playing mind games, etc. My advice is Use common sense. Use this board to see your area's pricing and surrounding states to figure out your target price.

    A good target price of 800 to 1500 below invoice PLUS INCENTIVES is the norm here in most states after adding the dealerships doc fee charge onto your asking price. Edmunds and educated buyers are the ones getting this price. Not the general public or uneducated buyer . Don't get fooled into thinking that if you ask for 1800 below you will get it.

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  • Vabeach got a great price. Congrats and enjoy your new car! But isn't his price within the guidelines Brian suggests as more typical? Vabeach said the price was $26,750 including $500 flex, etc., so isn't the price $1300 under invoice plus the incentive after adding the doc fee, so if a dealership didn't have flex cash the target would have been $27,250? Just trying to see if I'm missing something.

  • naazimnaazim Posts: 17

    Houston market for Hondas is a tough one. I feel like my deal is okay as I couldnt wait till 30/31st. This back and forth with dealers and getting no where was annoying the hell out of me. So I pulled the trigger and came home with a 2014 EX-L CVT for $27,500 OTD. The dealers in my area that I contacted, run out of flex cash, so that was out of the picture. I also got them to throw in window tint, trunk mat, wheel locks, and splash guards, I got these accessories for free, since I refused to pay for them and they were already on the car. I don't know if it was factored in on the dealers end but I didn't pay for them according to the price breakdown sheet. I'll post a complete break down of all the fees and everything later as I'm exhausted and my head is killing me.

  • Brian, Wonderful advice for us that are uneducated. I buy a car once every 10 years or so. I read the entire forum for 2013-2014 and gleaned what I could from your and other posts. It was my mistake getting caught up in the hype during the "Super Bowl" of car buying. Thanks for your help :/

  • veersveers Posts: 80

    carbuyer, $1800 below with flex, or $1300 below before the flex is a great price. It's very tough to get that on the east coast. The best I could get in NY/NJ was $27,500 after flex, which is about $550 below invoice before flex, or $1050 below invoice after flex. To beat that you need the right market (MD, VA, or the right deal in CT), a lot of legwork, and a bit of luck.

  • Veers, thanks for that info. I am in precisely that market, so that information is very helpful for me. I would be thrilled with the deal vabeach got, but I'm not really inclined to go to MD to pick up a car, so I guess I will have to set my expectations a bit lower. So far I haven't even been able to get dealers to tell me if they have flex available. They just ignore the question.

  • veersveers Posts: 80

    carbuyer, I would try Huntington Honda. They won't quote you a price, but if you e-mail them a reasonable offer on the 30th, there is a good chance they will take it.

  • ATNN: @vabeach3

    @vabeach3 said:
    I just bought a 2014 Accord EXL V6 sedan, no nav from Pohanka Honda in Salisbury MD this morning. 26,750 including 500 flex cash, 200 processing, 790 destination. Total drive out including Virginia TTL was 27,942. They threw in wheel locks. I figure the car price is about 1,800 below invoice+destination.
    By following the techniques listed on this forum over the past 3 months, the process was relatively painless. It was difficult to identify internet sales managers, so I just requested quotes thru dealership websites. Contacted about 30 dealers in southeast Virginia, Richmond, northern Virginia/Maryland, Raleigh/Durham NC, and Atlanta GA areas. Ended up with 4 Maryland dealers matching the same 26,740 price, and I picked the one that was closest and seemed the most interested in making the deal. I had several dealers tell me the price was too good to be true and they could not come close.
    Special thanks to all the posters and readers on this forum.

    Hey, neighbor! NC, here!! Can you please share how far off the quotes were from each of the dealers in Raleigh, Cary and/or Durham, NC from the price you paid in MD? Please let me know either on the forum or via inbox. Thank you! (PS: There is no such place as Raleigh/Durham, NC)

  • @brian125 said:

    Your looking at 3400 below invoice. probably not be obtainable. dealers may go up to to 3k below invoice with a incentive plus taxes, tags , and doc fee charge. You want tax included in that 15k deal never never gonna happen..... Your 15k cash means nothing to them. dealers get paid whether you buy or finance the vehicle. If a dealer has many 2013 civic's on his lot you stand a better chance of getting a lower price..... with just a couple of civic's on dealers lots means pricing wont be as good.. Supply and demand.. Your best bet is to buy that 2013 model next year jan,2014. Now your buying a 1 year old model vehicle ................... your 3400 offer might be entertained.

    Thanks for the input @brian125! I was hoping since Honda Corp was offering $3K incentives to their dealers this month, a $3400 below invoice price held a small window of chance to be accepted. Most dealers have plenty 13's Civics on their website with the exception of 1 smaller stealership that has 4. I considered Accords until learning they had CVT's. I wish Honda hadn't veered into the CVT tranny land. I put 1240 miles on a rented '13 Altima with CVT and that thing drove me crazy....especially going down steep hills. I really appreciate your help, Brian!

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,117
    edited December 2013


    you are correct with pricing when you said 1300 plus flex cash added is do-able. 1300 is in the range in some states right now. The beauty about vabeach's purchase was that flex cash.

    I dont think anyone has posted a straight up 1500 below invoice price on a 2014??

    My point was a straight 1800 below invoice might be near impossible.

    veers could tell you about the markets up here in NY, NJ, etc..... not good.

    Just to sum up pricing this month posters ...Veers and Va beach made accord purchases at

    1100 and 1300 below invoice price. both found dealers with flex cash adding 500 to there already good deals. Use there pricing as a guide. if a dealer has no flex cash your deal might be in that 1000 to 1500 below bracket..

    lets see what the next couple of days bears.

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  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,117
    edited December 2013


    you are no longer uneducated. Being in these forums and reading posts will put you in the position to make the best possible deal in your area. Just cause your area is not bearing some of the better pricing like in other states does not mean you cant get the best price in your state. Use the info and tips on buying to help you get the lowest possible price. Once you identify your area's pricing you make your best deal at month end . Every state will be better or worst than others with pricing. The more dealerships you get involved and further you extend your search the better you will do.

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  • Glen

    I bought LX for 20100 including doc fee and destination charge. Total came up to ~= 22,250 - 500 for recent graduate bonus. I could get only 3.9% APR which costs 860 in financing. Because of $500 discount, honda financing turned out cheaper than other external options. I got the red color I wanted. Happy with the purchase. Thanks to forum members for sharing info.

  • @flatfeet
    NC prices were a good bit higher. I used to live down there - I could call it "the triangle" if you prefer.

    Leith in Raleigh was at 28,500 for the car (28,000 including flex cash). Auto Park in Cary quoted 28,000 for the car but that did not include "fees." Crown in Durham was at 28,700 for the car. I reached out to Sanford Honda, which I think was mentioned in this forum a few months ago, but no reply.

  • Thanks agin Veers and Brian. You guys are great. I have sent a few emails out, but plan my larger blast for later today. Do you suggest trying to get a quote or two in other markets from where I am planning to buy to use as leverage, or would local dealers just ignore that data? Also, when speaking to dealerships to get the lowest price, do you simply tell them about your current lowest quote or do you send them something you have received in writing? I received a quote from one dealership and they said they would beat any other deal but only if I could show them something in writing (I love how they all want someone else to do the work so they can reap the benefits).

    Finally, how do I go about setting my target price if the dealership hasn't answered my flex question? If they have it, will they just give it to me or am I going to have to fight with them about it because they will want to keep it for an incentive for another buyer?

    Thanks a million.

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,117
    edited December 2013


    Call each dealerships Internet dept. Try to deal only with the Internet manager if possible.. If he or she is to busy work with the Internet dept team to start your negotiations. BUT....
    Before you start negotiations with model and price ask each dealership do you have flex cash to offer yes or no. On a financed 2014 model... If any dealership cant answer that first question there is no need to proceed in any way........... or give them your business. move on to the next dealership. I'm not sure if i know what state your buying in. if you told me i apologize i have been flooded with help me im's this past 3 days.

    If your in NY stay away from plaza, paragon, hillside honda

    Try....... Friendly , Yonkers , New Rochelle, Bay Ridge

    There are 12 honda dealers on LI google them and call.. Atlantic and Huntington may pay dividends on the 30th or 31st.

    NJ try Auto-sport, paul miller, joyce, dch paramus, hamilton, dch oldbridge, Madison

    stay away from in NJ.. play to many games

    Open road

    rt22 honda



    what target price are you figuring on starting with????

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • carbuyer209carbuyer209 Posts: 26
    edited December 2013


    thanks again. Yes, I am in NY about an hour or so north of the city. LI wouldn't be my first preference to buy, but I would definitely consider it if better prices are there. NJ and CT are more convenient for me.

    FYI, I already contacted a couple of the dealers you said to avoid and noticed immediately that they were going to try to play games, so I cut it off. Rte 22 has now gone to a "no haggle," "our one best price" policy." Needless to say their one best price isn't great.

    I had been thinking, assuming no flex cash, of a target of around $27,250 including destination fee and doc. fee, but it sounds like that may be a little ambitious for this area as it would put me at around the same price as vabeach ($26,750) if flex were available. I am also assuming that I will be able to get the 0.9% 3 year financing, otherwise I will likely not finance through Honda -- certainly not without flex.

    I do want to get the best price I can, but I don't want to be unreasonable and there are some intangibles, like buying a little closer to home, that is worth a little something to me (but not a lot). Do you think my target is reasonable or have another suggestion?

    In a prior post you had mentioned contacting dealers even if they didn't have the specific car color I preferred, in order to get at a best price. That makes sense, but what happens if they say they will meet my target??

    I also assume that I am most likely to get the best price now at year end and that there would be no benefit to waiting until end of January or February, so that if I can't reach my target I should simply adjust my expectations.

  • PAcarbuyer3 - Thanks for the reply

    • Brian 125, Veers, VAbeach -and all posters of the forum
    • Thanks so much for clearly stating what a good price should be
    • I was misreading the different posts and thought I needed to be lower than the quotes I was receiving.. I'm close to my target..... I'll let you know what happens.
  • veersveers Posts: 80

    carbuyer.... $27,250 may be doable this month. I wouldn't ask dealerships if they have the $500 flex cash available, they usually do, and will let you know if they don't. Just say something like I'm willing to finance through Honda at 0.9% to get the $500 flex cash.

    Your best bets are Autosport(NJ), Huntington(NY), Atlantic(NY) Schaller (CT) and Hoffman (CT). Reach out to all of them ASAP, ask for a quote, all but Huntington should give you one. Then immediately counteroffer by e-mail with your $27,250 number, and make sure it includes vehicle, destination, doc fee, $500 flex cash, and any accessories. Make sure to say you will BUY TODAY at that price. If you want you can even add tax and TTL and give an OTD price. Tell them your offer is good until the end of the month. On the morning of the 31st call up all 5 places and try to get the internet manager on the phone. Pitch your $27,250 number, tell them it will help them with their $3k incentive, etc.... You can also reach out to New Rochelle Honda and Honda City. Most of the other dealers are useless, especially in NJ. Many had internet salesmen who could not speak english properly, and spent all day telling me how $27,500 was an impossible number they would lose money at - lol!

  • Veers, thanks. I greatly appreciate the advice. Would you suggest initially reaching out by phone or email. Let the games begin! Lol

  • glenglen Posts: 17


    You got a sweet deal.

    A younger guy back in the day couldn't get a deal like that. With proper maintenance that car will last a very long time and it's one of the cheapest to insure. I dropped the wife's Mustang from full coverage to liability when I got her the Accord and that change alone paid for the full coverage on the Accord. You spent your money wisely. Enjoy!

  • veersveers Posts: 80

    I would do e-mail first to get their initial quote in writing (I generally just find the car I like in new inventory and fill out the request a quote form, leaving my e-mail and phone number). They will usually send you an e-mail quote and then call you within a few minutes. I would then let them know my target price, and when they balk at it ask them to run it by the internet manager. If they can't do business tell them you will reach out to them by phone on the morning of the 31st to get their best end of the month price. Your goal is to get the internet manager on the phone, he is the one who can go below their standard minimum price and approve the deal.

  • hotshot187hotshot187 Posts: 4
    edited December 2013

    Hey Brian I live in the upstate NY area and I am looking to purchase a 2014 honda accord EX cvt and the price quotes I am getting back don't seem that great. How can I get them down a little bit. Here is a copy of a price quote that i was given.

    The 2014 Honda Accord EX Sedan with CVT has an MSRP of $26,470.00, which includes the destination charge of $790. According to Kelley Blue Book, the Fair Purchase Price for this vehicle is $24,331.00. Our internet sale price for the 2014 Honda Accord EX is $24,188.00 plus sales tax and DMV related charges (approximately $250). Honda is also continuing to offer special financing on the '14 Accord , with 0.9% available for terms up to 36 months and 1.9% for terms of 37 to 60 months, with approved credit. This is a special Year-End Clearance Price - you must take delivery by close of business Tuesday, December 31, 2013, to take advantage of this great price. And, we have the color you're looking for in stock.

  • Hi again.

    I read back (would love a step by step guide to negotiating or maybe private time with Brian lol) and really appreciate all the tips from the folks here. I got a great deal on my Lexus two years ago with the forum's help. It seems Honda is even harder to get decent prices. I am not financing so it should be a quick thing but it's not. I'm trying to reach internet managers but most of the dealers in Westchester, NY and lower Fairfield County, CT either don't have internet sales anymore or do not respond.

    We also need to decide on which engine to get. I want the 6 and hubby wants the 4 but his old (1998) 4 was not a CVT. After reading more posts I discovered that some of you have problems with the cars jerking. Not sure which engine that is. I find this problem with my Mom's 2011 6 cyl EXL Accord. I see some of you do not like the CVT transmission in the 4 cyl. We live in the back country so there are lots of hills especially our driveway lol. Any thoughts as to which I should zero in. It's hard to negotiate on two cars and then not be sure which to pull the trigger on. It needs to be an EX-L with Nav. Which engine??

    Again thanks in advance for all your kind help. The forum is the best and the mods are so knowledgeable I am sure the dealers hate y'all.


  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47
    edited December 2013

    @brian125 @veers and all of our other wise experts

    Do any of you have any advice on what to do when you have an agreement in writing (via email) and you go to the dealership and it is not honored? When that occurred we just left. Is there any other recourse other than leaving? Is there any way to prevent that from happening again? We wasted 5 hours of time going to a dealership where we thought we had a deal with both a price for the car and our out the door price and apparently it was valueless. :(

  • veersveers Posts: 80

    I would suggest always getting a sales manager to approve the deal before coming in. Generally a phone call is enough for this. Usually the salesman e-mail will have some disclaimer that it is not binding, etc... Only real recourse is to make threats - I will come back with my lawyer, I will post negative reviews on dealer rater, yelp, etc.... Dealerships today are not really consumer friendly, and may not care. Your best bet may be to get in touch with the general sales manager and complain about the treatment, he may be willing to make you whole.

    Good luck!

  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47
    Thank you. I thought I was dealing with the Internet sales manager, but I obviously was not. (I did mention I was going to post negative reviews -they didn't care- perhaps they will care when the read the 6 exceptionally poor yet very detailed reviews I left on sites such as Yelp, Google, Edmunds etc).
  • The Accord CVT is much superior to Nissan's in my opinion. In fact if you get an accord model with the paddle shifters (sport, coupe ex-l) you could fool yourself into believing its a regular tranny. Honda is still master of the 4 cylinder, I would have no qualms about their cvt even if there was some hesitation at lower speeds its a software adjustment...

    Meanwhile, in NorCal places like Andeson are emailing offers of 21988 for an Accord Sport including flex, so you know you can get that down another 2-300 or so...
  • rms13rms13 Posts: 4

    Got Honda Accord 2014 LX model (Silver ext., Gray int.) from AutoSport NJ yesterday. Here is the breakdown,

    Vehicle 20052.15 (including destination fees)
    Documentation 299
    Sales tax(7%) 1403.65
    Registration 303.7

    NJ Tire Fee 7.5

    Out The Door 22,066.0

    This is after I financed with Honda for 60 months at 1.9 APR.

    This was the final quote I got from AutoSport Honda couple of days back, when I tried negotiating with this number with other dealers, DCH Academy, Honda of Princeton and few others, they said this price cannot be true and the dealer is tricking you and further said they'll try to add another $500-900 for accessories after you go there (none of them were ready to give for anything less than 23,000). So couldn't negotiate any further.

    When I went to Autosport yesterday their sales person (Justin) tried telling me the price is 22,275$ but I showed them the mail correspondence, he went in spoke to the Internet Sales person (George) with whom I was negotiating via email and finally agreed on this price. Sales manger tried to sell Gap insurance and other extended warranty, I politely declined. In the end agreed for $22,066 with no down payment and got home the car.

    Thanks veers and Brain for the advice.

  • veersveers Posts: 80

    $1270 under invoice, that is a good deal for NJ. Congrats!

  • finisfinis Posts: 6

    To get the flex cash from financing, how much does the loan have to be for & for how long is it required you make payments? I keep thinking there is a hidden clause that stipulates if you don't pay it for a certain period, you forfeit the $500.

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