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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Quoted on the phone $25,639 OTD on a 2014 Accord Sport Columbus Ohio
    Looking to pull the trigger in the next 7 days or less
    Looks like 1800 dollars off msrp ...Good deal?

  • I bought a 2014 EX-L V6 on January 3, and thanks to reading these forums, I think I got a pretty good deal. I paid $27,746 plus tax, title & license, less $500 flex cash and **no **games. I am from the Dallas-Ft Worth area and did have some difficulty because I was not familiar with the dealers in this market.

    I actually could have gotten the car for $500 less ($27,246) had I bought right before Christmas. As of 12/21, AutoNation Honda in Lewisville had the low price through their internet department, plus they had flex cash. After Christmas the price went up $500 to $27,746 and they were out of flex cash. Luckily, the flex cash came back after the first of the year, but the price did not go back down. I was not charged for any accessories, even though several had been added. When I went to the dealer I was handed over to Andre who treated me well. I also got a very good offer from David S at Rusty Wallis, but he did not have my color.

    Several dealers did not respond to my emails. A few quoted a firm price that was high and gave no inclination of wanting to deal, and a few pretended to deal, but would not commit. It became obvious that those dealers had no intention of making a deal via email as they kept trying to get me to come in without a firm price. I actually wasted a lot of time trying to deal with these people because I did not catch on to their little game right a way.

    In hindsight, I would check with the internet department at AutoNation and see what price they give you, and then use that price to go to the other dealers.

    It is hard for those of us who buy cars infrequently to recognize all of the games being played., but these forums are a great help. Thanks.

  • I think you got a v good deal.
    Thanks for laying out your price in a logical way.
    I often wished there was a spreadsheet type format for pricing.
    Happy motoring.

  • carlukok3carlukok3 Posts: 3
    edited February 2014

    I just picked up a 2014 Accord Sport at Marysville Honda in Ohio
    $21,908 plus Tax and fees = $23,474 OTD
    I took the financing and they applied $500 flex cash
    I was in and out in less than a hour including the financing,no games.
    I gave two other dealers a chance to match,one was a Tru Car dealer,they were about a thousand more.
    I gave my local Dealer a chance to match but were only 200 more and seemed miffed for me to it was easy choice.

  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539

    I envy your experience! I ended up with a good deal, but the process was a beating.

  • It looks like the 2013 Accord is a pretty nice upgrade from the 2012. However, it seems that to save any money on buying a used 2013 Accord, I would need to wait until the 2015 Accord is out (and there are 2013s and 2014s floating into used card inventories). It seems that buying a 3 year old car is kind of a sweet-spot in terms of saving money buying used vs. a new car though. Any thoughts??

  • radar007radar007 OhioPosts: 24
    edited February 2014

    Just received this email for those of you who are near VA. I may consider taking a trip there to get my new Accord!!

    Are you tired of dealers in the DC metro sending out confusing price quotes? Would you like to buy a new Honda with NO surprises? This weekend only at Hendrick Honda Woodbridge, we are taking the guesswork out of buying a new Honda. The pricing below INCLUDES ALL TAXES, TAGS, FEES, EVERYTHING. THEY ARE TRULY OUT THE DOOR, BOTTOM LINE PRICES. You do NOT have to be active military OR a recent college graduate to receive this pricing. If you happen to be, YOUR PRICE WILL BE EVEN LOWER! They are so low, we can't advertise them. You'll only see them in THIS EMAIL!

    Our Honda pricing also INCLUDES:

    FREE LIFETIME POWERTRAIN WARRANTY(valid anywhere in the country, as long as you own your vehicle. PLUS, you are NOT required to perform your maintenance with us).
    PROTECTION PACKAGE INCLUDING: splash guards, door edge guards, wheel locks, tire nitrogen, and trunk tray(EX-L and above).

    2013 Honda Civic LX Automatic(2 or 4 door): $16,998 OUT THE DOOR!
    2013 Honda Civic EX Automatic(2 or 4 door): $18,898 OUT THE DOOR!
    2013 Honda Fit Sport Automatic: $17,488 OUT THE DOOR!

    2014 Honda Accord LX Automatic: $21,590 OUT THE DOOR!
    2014 Honda CRV LX AWD: $23,520 OUT THE DOOR!

    If you didn't see your vehicle of choice in this list, reply to this email for an out the door price and we will be happy to send it to you, time permitting.

    This pricing is STRICTLY valid ONLY through Sunday January 26th. Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy a fast, smooth car buying experience with NO surprises.

    See you soon!

    Luke | Internet Director

    Hendrick Honda Woodbridge | The #1 Certified Honda Dealer in DC Metro!
    14201 Jefferson Davis Highway, Woodbridge, VA 22191 |

  • radar007radar007 OhioPosts: 24


    I just purchased a certified pre-owned 2013 Accord LX which had factory remote start, all weather mats, splash guards and paint, fabric protector included. It also pushed the warranty out to 100,000 powertrain and 60,000 bumper to bumper at no additional cost. Sale price was $18,330 which I thought was fair for both sides. The '13 is a big improvement from the '12 IMO and is identical to the '14. It all comes down to how much you want to pay for the right car. In my case it was great timing because I had my car sold(today) and picked up my new one yesterday. Good luck in your search. The Accords are very nice!!

  • nogard13nogard13 Posts: 1

    Hey guys,

    Finally pulled the trigger and purchased from Colonial Honda in Richmond, VA (about a 2 hour drive from my house). Their price was $900 less than anyone in my area was willing to go (before Flex Cash was applied), so the drive was worth it.

    Purchase Date: 2/22
    Car: 2014 EX-L Sedan Silver/Gray
    Transmission: Auto/CVT
    Price before (TTL): $25,160 - 500 Flex = $24,660
    Price Out The Door (OTD): $26,699 (including 3% sales tax, $399 doc fee, county/city Property Taxes of around 1.4% of sales price, Title, Tags, etc)
    Miscellaneous add-ons/extras: None, though car does include a 7yr/100K mile powertrain warranty from the dealership.

    I'm absolutely loving the car.

  • I have an offer for a 2013 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan from a dealership in South Florida. Car price is $23,286.36 plus TTL and doc fee of $699, for a total out the door price of around $25,800 or so. This includes $500 flex cash. Is this good for a 2013 at this point, which the dealership has 18 of them on their lot. I think they can do better, but not sure at this point.

  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539

    Looks pretty good per Emunds TMV. Go to the homepage and use that tool to evaluate.

  • chaccordchaccord Posts: 4

    Can anyone recommend good dealers to buy Honda accord ex-l around Indianapolis. I am ok to go Chicago or Columbus if i get good deal. If possible send me the quotes if anyone buy Accord recently.

  • chaccordchaccord Posts: 4

    I was offered a deal for Honda Accord 2014 EX-L V6 26500 OTD + Taxes(Indiana). Which includes(500$ flex cash + 500$ Graduate discount + Interior I'll,Mats,Tray, Locks,splash Guards ). Can i go ahead with this deal?. Can you tell me + Taxes includes how much for Indiana State.

  • trusaleen1trusaleen1 Posts: 98

    Can someone please give me a Wholesale/Retail on KBB Karpower

    2012 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L 6 speed manual tranny
    70,000 miles
    No Navi

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