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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jwendlerjwendler Posts: 4 states that a doc fee of over $100 is basically an attempt by the dealer to get the money they are giving you on the deal back.

    I would try to get them to lower the doc fee
  • jwendlerjwendler Posts: 4
    I just counter offered at 24,500 with doc fee of $180. CR stated that the invoice price was $25,541 + destination of $635 for a total invoice of 26,176

    They then deducted $842 for the dealer holdback to get a CR Bottomline price of $25,334

    I have asked for $25,315

    So should I go lower you think or is it too late
  • billtetzbilltetz Posts: 7
    According to Edmunds the invoice on an EX-L V6 w/ no Nav is $26,051, including the $635 destination fee. Are you perhaps talking about the 4 cylinder? I might be willing to drive from FL to NY for the kind of deal you describe for an EX-L V6!
  • billtetzbilltetz Posts: 7
    jwendler: I don't know if its too late, but I do think you'd be getting the EX-L V6 no Nav at a darn good price at $25,315. I believe even your earlier quote totaling $25,766 is better than most on this site. Somebody posted a while back from Washington, D.C. saying he or she got the car for somewhere under $25,500, & I have made a small down payment to hold a car to be manufactured & delivered later this month for $25,113 ($25,412 with the dealer fee).
    I'd pull the trigger on this deal.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Unless it is an old lot (sitting there for about 3 mos.) there is no sane reason for the dealer to give up his holdback just to sell you a car. You can check that from the manufacture date stamped on the door . Otherwise, at or below the invoice would be the most likely best quote you'll get and indeed a decent price.
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    If that price is for a 4Dr EXLV6 no Nav then that is a steal and I would go buy it right now. Just make sure that don't try to add on the accessories like mud flaps, etc.. to get some of the money back.
  • wgorillawgorilla Posts: 20
    gmitch, thanks for the info. I'm in the Dallas area. Is that without Nav? I'm assuming so. My wife wants the Diamond Pearl White, also. One person I've been exchanging e-mails with at John Eagle is trying to tell me that color has a premium of an extra $1500 associated with it. Yeah, sure whatever. heh heh
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 113
    So today was the lucky day..I was going to Bellingham to pickup my car (90 miles north) then Renton honda called me when I was on the freeway just to take exit for Bellingham. He told me color I was looking for is actually here (was waiting for 2 weeks). I took exit for Renton Honda immediately.

    Inspected the car date on the door 02/08. Miles 5. Color silver with gray with Nav. have already splash guard & wheel locks.

    I said I have quotes of $500 less of invoice & one email of $300 less than invoice. Got approval from his manager & agreed for $300 LT invoice immediately..No BS..No Games.

    Price of car $25750 (Including dest) + Title/lic. $214 + Tax 9.2% in King county WA.

    I purchased all season mats & trunk tray for $301..I know it's little higher than online price but if I add this to car price it brings to $26051 (invoice price of car that includes 4 accessories). I was happy because all dealers I talked to giving me invoice price NO accessories. I think its good deal & I'm happy with car.

    Just for WA state potential are the review of WA dealers I dealt with in the past 2-3 weeks.

    1. Hinshaw honda in Auburn..they are rude, arrogrant & AH people. wasted my entire day. after make me wait for 2 hrs..Rob Preston - new car sales manager said his best price is on the sticker & can't match any price..BS..I asked him why don't he take sticker __ & start licking it and I walked away.

    2. Bellevue honda in Bellevue. They did show the attitude while price matching but was agreed to match price with Trunk tray for add. $100 dollar. I took the delivery of car but having two dents+scratches inside the driver door. Call my bank to stop the payment & return the car after two hours...I said Honda can't ship the car with these dents without passing the QA checks.

    Renton Honda..No games, very nice people. In the end, they were asking for my SSN number, I was paying with check. Talked to their GM (very nice guy, he wan't rude like other dealership in WA) & he did talked to his finance team & boom deal done.

    I have seen good review of Renton Honda inside my company forum ( I worked for large company in northwest) but today I witness that good service.
  • personatechpersonatech Posts: 105
    Are there colors that dealers seem to be more willing to offer at great deals? For instance, I've noticed our little local dealership (Alan Vester Honda, Roanoke Rapids, NC pop. 16,000) has two White Diamond Pearl V6es (one having been on the lot for at least 2 months) and another small dealership about an hour away has 3 of the same! Is the WDP proving to be an unpopular color (personally, I like it) :confuse: ?
  • I made a deal but I have question.

    I tried to get loan but I have financial problem so I decided not to buy any car.

    but the problem is I signed for purchased document and deposit 250bucks

    I dont mind to waste 250bucks since it's not refundable

    but im seriously wondering if I dont purchase the accord, I would get any serious problem or be in really big troble..

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    If you haven't taken delivery, you have nothing to worry about...

    If you can't get a loan, call them back and tell them.. and ask for your deposit.. Chances are they will cut you a check for it..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • gmitch7gmitch7 Posts: 7
    That's without NAV ! I will tell you that I went to John Eagle before buying, We weren't able to make a deal. I was there last week when we were having the icing weather. Not many people shopping that day, still when I made them almost the same offer offer that Wallis took they started playing games. They were even logged on to to show me that my offer was below the Edmunds TMV (funny if Edmunds works to their advantage they want to use, if not, they want to discredit it). They didn't know their product, they didn't even know their "Dealer Adds". Did not have good feeling when I left. In my opinion, Wallis was more knowledgeable, and more honest. Wherever you buy, make sure you drive the specific car that you want to buy at highway speeds for some distance to evaluate the VCM as it is on that car. Anyone can get a good deal, if they do their homework, and stick to their guns. It is ok to low ball it because the dealers are conditioned to ask for more $ no matter how fair your offer is. If you offered them full retail they would still try to squeeze a few more dollars out of you ( a dealer selling 200 cars a month, if he can get a extra $200 per deal will make an extra $40,000)
    When you are ready to buy, my advice go in the afternoon (gives you plenty of time to drive the car, and the salesman don't have a lot of customers because people are at work), ideally go near the end of the month or at least at the end of the week (I know that salesman say that time of month does not matter, but they absolutely will take a deal at the end of the month that they might pass on at the first of the month, after all they do have sales goals and incentives allotment issues. Remember that the TMV is more of an average and that some people buy for less than that. "Dealer adds are highly negotiable, on some deals they just eat all of those cost. In true cost they are marked up 400%, it would not be unfair to divide what they say is the total cost of all the adds by 4 and only give them that amount for the "adds". To your point about Diamond Pearl being a premium, thats not true! You can see the inventory online for most of the DFW Honda dealers, and they all have lots of Accords and they all have several Diamond Pearl cars. John Eagle was making up an excuse to charge you more. After saying all that about shopping for a car, I gotta tell you, I luv the car. Nice looking outside, luxurious inside, great handling. I could not be happier with it!
  • googoolygoogooly Posts: 5
    Hey Everyone,
    I'm in Irvine, OC, California. I wanna finance the 08 Accord sedan V6 with Nav system. I need your help, I'm pretty good in negotiating but i want to know what's a good price I should try to get it for. all comments and recommendations are welcomed as far as extras i should go for. I know the car really well and I used to own an accord but I wanna see how flexible these guyz are and how much I can get for minimum money spent. we all Know it's tough times so I wanna be able to save as much as Possible. so help me out...
    thanks Guyz

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    I'm curious...that's all.

    If times are, indeed, so tough and you want to save as much as possible, do you REALLY have to have a V-6, with NAVI no less?
  • $27,338

    the price i got via internet quote when using five dealerships against each other via email. this is still including the destination fee, so assuming i can get them to waive that, i would be looking at around 26,700. we'll see what happens, the price is already pretty low.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Why would they waive the destination fee?

    Honda certainly doesn't waive it for us! :confuse:
  • that may be a very good question. i assumed based on previous posts wherein people had said they were able to negotiate the destination fee being waived, i assumed that was a possibility at the very least. feel free to correct me if i'm wrong in thinking that. it would be better to know going in that the destination fee is not negotiable. whats the consensus? (not that i don't trust you isellhondas, but your nick is isellhondas. perhaps just my typical distrust of car salespeople. sorry).
  • stevenq99stevenq99 Posts: 36
    Edmunds shows the invoice on that car as 27,404 without destination so your price looks good already. I doubt there is much more wiggle room left.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    There are some fees that are passed on to the buyer and the destination fee is such a fee. The manufacturer (any brand) charges the dealer to get the car to them and the dealer in turn charges the buyer. I have not seen any one not pay it. You may see one or two posts here that say that but my guess is that either they are making a mistake or they were led to believe so and paid for it somehow (trade value, doc fee, etc.).
  • A week or so after I bought my Accord, Honda called to survey me about my buying experience. When I bought the car, both the salesman and the dealership owner practically begged me to give them high marks on this upcoming survey.
    The choices in the survey were from one to five. I'm thinking that only if everything was perfect would I give them a five. When I answered the woman's questions, she asked me why I wasn't giving them fives. I said I'm a tough grader and that a five means perfect. Do they really expect you to give them a five on the entire buying experience? Buying a new a car (at least to me) was a stressful experience. It certainly wasn't perfect. I gave the salesman fairly high marks and gave the fact that the interior of the car was in perfect condition a five (the exterior wasn't wiped down properly however). But those were the only fives I gave.
    About two weeks later I received an internet survey from Honda that had a lot of the same questions, so I answered them the same way. When it came to the 'additional comments' at the end, I wrote that I really wished they would survey me about the car itself instead of the buying experience. I want them to know what I think about the car, not the dealership.
    I went back into the dealership this week to get a free tank of gas (because I had to go back to them the day after I bought the car to pick up my registration, which they failed to give to me) and the salesman said that I 'hammered them' on the survey.
    So my question to all of you who recently bought a new Accord, did you give your dealership all or nearly all fives?
  • jrkflajrkfla Posts: 21
    crazy. had same thing at BMW, they begged me to give them all a 5, that their job depended on it. I told him a 5 would be given if they charged reasonable prices, they dont, if they gave me a loaner car, they didnt. the guy insinuated that i did not want to be known as someone who gave them bad marks as all of service dept gets a bonus on that at end of year. so i asked him did he think i would give him a 5 for threatening me?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Destination charges apply to every car sold. Why would they be negotiable?

    You can trust me or not but you WILL pay a destination charge on every new car you buy just like I do.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Surveys are very important to us.

    I have always maintained some of the highest scores in our store and I don't "beg" anyone. I try to provide the sort of service that earns top scores.

    But once in awhile I'll get a bad one. ALWAYS from the people who made the transaction a miserable one. The people who grind for tha last possible dollar are the same people who will burn us on a survey.

    This doesn't happen often but when it does, I am done with that customer. I don't care if I ever see them again.
  • lucky620lucky620 Posts: 26
    I posted last week that I bought a 08 V6 w/Navi-auto coupe for $27,300 and the dealer waived the destination charges. I don't believe that this was done, they cut the money from some other "holdback" area. Truth of the matter is who cares what the dealership BS's you with as long as the money gets cut. The guy could tell me he put the money out of his out of his own pocket for all I care as long as the final cost is what it is. No I don't think Honda waives the destination charge nor do I believe everything a sales person or dealer says, cost is the bottom line, they are there to make money and we are there to save money. It is best when both walk away happy!
  • lucky620lucky620 Posts: 26
    For anyone looking out there for financing; AAA Motor Club has 4.39 to members.
  • jkgreer2jkgreer2 Posts: 42
    Yes, I give Honda dealers all 5s, or 99% all 5s, when I purchase. I typically do not do business with a Honda dealer that has not won the national 5 star award (or whatever the award is named). I shop other Honda dealers for a test drive, but when an internet sales person or sales manager starts the BS, I quit, leave, and go back to either West Side Honda, Knoxville, or Airport Honda, Maryville, TN. If you are in that region, go visit either or both. They are 5 star dealerships from my experiences of purchasing 7 Honda cars in the last eight years. I start at Invoice, and go down in price, or I walk. When they and I are $100 or $200 apart, one of us gives in, and I drive away as a satisfied customer, and that Dealer deserves 5s.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    One way or another, the destination fee was charged and paid.

    That was my only point.
  • jack47jack47 Posts: 312
    When I answered the woman's questions, she asked me why I wasn't giving them fives.

    Sounds like this woman was an employee of the dealer.

    Doesn't seem to make sense that the Honda people would first call you up for verbal scores and then later send a written questionaire.
  • jrkflajrkfla Posts: 21

    interesting, how do you handle the documentation fee issue? most are trying to charge $600 in florida. what do you do with that?

    thanks very much
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    But once in awhile I'll get a bad one. ALWAYS from the people who made the transaction a miserable one. The people who grind for that last possible dollar are the same people who will burn us on a survey. This doesn't happen often but when it does, I am done with that customer. I don't care if I ever see them again.

    Wow ------- Why shouldn't a customer negotiate for that last dollar????? If they are courteous, respectful and fair, I think a customer has every right to fully negotiate the price. It amazes me ---- salesman get special training and are experienced negotiators. Why, then, does it piss them off when they have to deal with someone willing to play the same game?

    You seem to be dissatisfied with a system that your own industry created. The industry depends on uninformed customers for its profits and breeds contempt toward customers who can exercise the skill and knowledge necessary to get to the bottom line. No dealership sells cars at a true loss. Whether its a break-even deal or a deal that provides some benefit on the back-side, dealerships don't exercise charity. Now, to the extent you, as a salesman, get hurt by a deal, or spend time on a sale that nets you nothing, that's a problem with the terms of your employment -- its a problem with an industry that doesn't treat its employees fairly --- it is NOT a problem with the customer.

    I think I'd better stop there . . . . :mad:
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