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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stevenq99stevenq99 Posts: 36
    Thats a good price around here. Who was the dealer? It is about $100 lower then any quote I have gotten.
  • asitmehtaasitmehta Posts: 19
    The best possible price for LX-P (auto trans) would be around $19,000 plus tax and fees. You would have to negotiate, and the EX 4cyl would be about $1,600 more. The LX-P gives you the 177hp engine, whereas the EX gives the 190. The EX just adds on the sunroof, and some small other gadets. $1,600 is a lot of money between both of the 4cyl engines there is not much of a difference. I personally think it is worth it to get the V6, because all of the V6 accords I have purchased, lasted longer than the V4. I currently own the new EXL V6, and I'm looking for a coupe. Good Luck!
  • vietviet Posts: 847

    I4 not V4.

    I4 = 4 cylinders are positioned straight up like 4 letters I.
    V6 = every 2 cylinders touch together at its end making an angle like letter V. Therefore, there are 3 letters V in a V6 Accord.

    I have agreed with you the V6 Accord is silky smooth. I own a '08 V6 EX-L too. Love the power. You can drive straight non-stop 500+ miles and the V6 runs like nothing while the I4 shows some signs of fatigue and/ or overwork. Therefore, for long trips with hills you should drive V6. All my 4 Accord now are V6 EX or EX-L. Love them dearly.
  • pcjamespcjames Posts: 13
    Yes, our price (Houston, TX) for the LX-P auto sedan was $20,334(including destination).....the wife thought about getting the EX I4, but we could not find one that was made where we wanted it made (no offense anyone) and she was eager to buy. OTD price was $21,825 (6.25% tax, etc.).

    We were quoted $21,801 (includes Destination) for EX-I4 but really didn't care about the sunroof and sport-tuned riding suspension with 17" wheels. Hated the EX fabric. No problem with getting a 177HP @ 6500 RPM vs. 190HP@ 7000 RPM, basically the same engine with a larger muffler and tweaked control module.....if you extrapolate 177HP out to 7000 RPM what do you get.......190HP!! Same engine.

    It's all about what you like, but we thought the $20,344 was a good price, loving the car!!!!!
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    So you bought a LX or LX-P for $21,825?
  • jamminx1jamminx1 Posts: 4
    Wilde Honda just outside Milwaukee on Hwy 64? They come up on the Honda dealer search.
  • pcjamespcjames Posts: 13
    We got a LX-P auto sedan for $21,825 OTD........$20,334 (including destination) before TTL. Sorry, I forget to dot my "i's"........
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Seems the Houston dealers are offering good prices, which dealership did you purchase from?
  • pcjamespcjames Posts: 13
    Russell and Smith..........I have a great connection (NO, I'm not a salesman).......send me a message if you want more detail. Hopefully, I am not violating any rules, I really enjoy the site.
  • bran9192bran9192 Posts: 23
    I have been requesting quotes from numerous dealerships in the SC & NC area so far the best price I have is on EX L (2.4) 22,563.88 plus 399 doc fee. After reading on here I'm considering the V6 since there isn't that much of a difference in fuel consumption. Any recommended dealers or better quotes in these area's?
  • bran9192bran9192 Posts: 23
    Also, has anyone on here purchased a consumer report to get the break down on the Accord? I bought and used a consumer report with the purchase of my current car which is now for sale since the dealer wants me to give it to them....
  • honda124honda124 Posts: 4
    I got the following quotes from a Twin Cities Dealer.

    Honda EX-L

    $23462 (incl dest fee)

    Honda EX-L V6
    $25550 (incl dest fee)

    Is this a good deal for this area.

    I test drove both EX-L and V6 but did not find much difference on backroads. Is there a huge difference on the highways. Which one would you recommend.

  • bran9192bran9192 Posts: 23
    the price of 22563.88 included the destination charge, looks to me you could do better.... what dealership gave you that quote?
  • dadogdadog Posts: 3
    I just purchased an Accord EX-L I4 Nighthawk Black with pin strips and splash guards for $23,600 out the door (tax not included). I really liked and considered the V6 but could not justify the extra $$$.
  • honda124honda124 Posts: 4
    It is the Richfield Bloomington Honda.
    I asked other Honda Dealers in Twin Cities and all are quoting higher than 23500 for EX-L.

    I am not sure why the prices in Minneapolis/Twin Cities are $500-600 higher than compared to SC, NC, NJ and NYC.
  • honda124honda124 Posts: 4
    Hello Dadog,

    Where did you buy your Honda from?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Also, has anyone on here purchased a consumer report to get the break down on the Accord?

    I am a CR fan and long time subscriber, but all the info they want to charge you for is available free of charge on the web. You need to know invoice cost and hold back and dealer incentives (if any) - all this is available online for free.

    Love CR, but their "car buying report" is a rip off.

  • I'm interested in purchasing the 08 EXL-with Navi (I4). I was wondering if I would come out better waiting for the summer Honda clearnce sale in July or use the costco program. I haven't started requesting quotes, wondering what are some good dearlership in the NC area to start with?
  • Which model did you purchase from Russell and Smth, when, and what did you pay (price, and out-the-door price?) I am looking for a 2008 4-cylinder Accord EX-L coupe. I have emailed several dearler internet managers and their quotes are nowhere close to what some people on this board have been getting, especially the price paid by a poster in Atlanta. I have previously purchased an Accord from Goodson, which bested Russell and Smith by $800 but not this time. Am I just looking at the wrong time of year?
  • FOR THE RECORD I DO NOT WORK AT RB HONDA AND, THIS IS NOT AN OFFER TO SELL YOU A VEHICLE: I am a Honda dealer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Here in the Twin Cities all six dealer co-op advertising (commercials, Strib, Pioneer Press, ETC...). As a result, each invoice has an added $200.00 to reflect our co-op fee's. This is a legit charge that is added at the factory - not at dealership level. Here is how the pricing breaks down:
    26495.00 Honda MSRP
    24263.00 Co-op advertising adjusted invoice
    -727.00HOLD BLACK (only 485.00 is the HTB - the other 242.00 covers fixed costs)
    -400.00 Honda special advertising adjustment (4cyl Accords only - payable ONLY if you hit 110% of your volume Honda sets for your store)

    -400 Special "super secret" Ad money
    -485.00 HTB
    =23378.00 adjusted invoice cost. DO NOT COUNT the other 242.00 of the holdback as it ment to cover interest occured while in-stock.

    Now think of this: RB Honda pays a salesperson a $150.00 "mini" to sell a vehicle and $75.00 to clean it for delivery. Their adjusted cost is then $23603.00 - actually, not just their cost but all of our cost.

    Hopefully, this sheds some light on the pricing. For the record - my store is one that is ABOVE $23500.00

    Good luck in your price shopping. RB is a good store and the internet gal is super sweet. I used to work there up to 03/01 (read about me in rate your dealer :P )
  • honda124honda124 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your input on pricing of Honda Accord. So far RB Honda has been offering the best prices in Twin Cities. I wonder why other Twin Cities dealer are not able to match or better the prices.
  • holewholew Posts: 71
    I do not know of any dealers in NC or SC since I live in MD and FL. But I can tell you that I bought my 2008 EX-L V6 in Dec 07 and paid dealer invoice plus $100 processing fee.

    I had used the INTERNET for locate the best price.

    Then in Feb I received an E-Mail from that dealer (I guess all their E-Mail inquiries were on their data base) that they were taking $500 off of all previous INTERNET prices if you bought a car from what they had in stock. So it is my thinking that car sales are worse now then they were a few months ago because of the price of gasoline. So you should be looking for a price at about $1500 below dealer invoice.

    For sure don't pay over dealer invoice.
  • dadogdadog Posts: 3
    Joplin Missouri
  • pcjamespcjames Posts: 13
    We got a LX-P auto sedan for $21,825 OTD........$20,334 (including destination) before TTL. Purchased on 04/18. We got a sedan....the coupes might be a different story.
  • mplshondadlr,

    Do you know if AHFC will be running any incentives or providing better lease rates during the month of May? I'm not sure if you have this sort of information (or are able to divulge it), but I've been shopping Accord Coupes and have been waiting for their lease rates to improve. Currently, they don't seem to be that aggressive in comparison with some of their competitors' rates.


  • As usual mplshondadlr, you are very helpful. As someone asked earlier and based on a previous comment you made, July seems to be the month to buy. Based on your prior experience, what normally happens? Does Honda mark the cars down significantly to make way for the 2009's? If so, how much more should we expect.

    Thank you
  • I've been looking to rid myself of my 2007 Dodge Nitro, I want something with power, but saves on GAS! The prices here are hovering around $3.99 a gal in some parts for 87! I asked them about the EX-L V6, (which they quoted an MSRP of $28,060.00, and their price (I'm guessing before taxes and fee's) $26,415.97 ( and MSRP of $25,860.00 and their price of $24,177.98 for the EX-L 4-CYL AUTO. So I sent off a request to a dealership and it went like this:

    Me: I'm looking to get at 2% below invoice and i want dealer hold back which I know for a fact is at $2500.00!

    Reply: Hi Will -
    Anything below invoice is an extremely tall order on Accords, especially high-end ones like the one you are requesting. I know it's not possible on the V6 models, but we may be able to come to a deal on the 4-cyls.

    As far as the hold backs are concerned, they are about 2%-3% of the MSRP of the vehicles. So I'm not sure where you are getting your facts, because $2500 is nowhere close to what the hold back actually is. On top of that, hold backs are designed to keep dealerships afloat specifically because of customer who want to buy cars at or below invoice. Customers are not entitled to holdback money.

    So, I come here and want to know what some of you shrewd negotiators think of this. BTW, the dealership is Potamkin Honda in NYC.
    Thanks in advance!
  • Honda will not tip their hat as to upcomming incentives until 7am on 05/01. My guess (and thats all it is) is that Honda will have a record April by at least 10%. When fuel prices get high, Honda eases up on the incentives for fuel efficient vehicles.

    I'll bet ten to one there will be no incentives on the Accords for rates until July.
  • I'm looking to get at 2% below invoice and i want dealer hold back which I know for a fact is at $2500.00!

    Wow - I almost fell for the gag and thought you were serious!
  • To be realistic, I doubt Honda will offer anything more then $500.00 in dealer cash. Honda is a conservative company and right now they have an advantage that even in rough economic times and high fuel prices they are INCREASING sales every month!
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