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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Ok, so yea, the price i mentioned from dealer 1 is good. Minus:
    1789.69 tax
    199.00 doc fee
    635.00 dest. fee
    tire tax?

    OTD $27139.69
  • Thank you Dennis for your reply. I have never enjoyed the purchase process as much as the end result of driving away in my new car knowing that I have received a fair deal.

    As far as Shreveport, we are about a 4 hour drive from there. My father-in-law lives there and we do make that trip every few months. I would never have thought that a small town like Shreveport would have better deals than a large inventory, many dealer city like Houston would have. I will follow-up on that.

    Again, thank you.
  • pcjamespcjames Posts: 13

    I sent you some Houston info to your inbox......check it out. I had great success in the area with Honda as well as some other manufactures......
  • rpjones68rpjones68 Posts: 5
    Just closed for one with 2 miles off the truck:
    plus TTL and 635 Destination...mudguards included

    Financed with Honda for 60 mos at 5.99. Upset about the rate because my FICO is over 800...but oh well.
  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56

    I noticed that Honda pulled all their lease support for all models except the Odyssey and Pilot. Do you happen to know what the May lease rates (MF and residual) are for the Accord coupes and sedans?

  • mplshondadlr,

    Just to add to idunnisher comments, can you let us know what the deals are this month for accords (both lease and cash)

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    They did not "pull all their lease support" - the deals simply expired at the end of the month as they normally do. Once they look at April's sales numbers and inventory on dealer lots and in the pipeline they will decide if they are offering discount lease or loan deals or if they will revert to the standard rate.

    I would expect the new deals to be posted by Friday, but mplshondadlr may have them in hand already.

  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56
    Thanks for the clarification, Dennis. I just looked at Honda's website and noticed that the only specials remaining were for the Pilot and Odyssey.

    Given the reports that April was a record month for Accord sales, it will be interesting to see if Honda has any reason to run incentives during the month of May.
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    No hidden cash to dealers this month. Turns out Accord sales were pretty stong in April.

    Here's the break down for May:
    .00200 moneyfactor across the board on all Accords or, 0.9% 24-36 months and 2.9% 37-60 months. Both offered to super prefered credit tier.

    4cyl Accords have a 61% RV for 36mo/12kper year and 6cyl Accords have a 60% RV for 36mo/12k per year.
  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56
    Thanks for the info. Do you know if the numbers vary at all on the coupes?
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    Are there any financing deals on the Civics for the month of May?

    We are torn between the Civic and the Accord. I personally love the size of the Accord and the styling. My wife loves the mpg of the Civic. So we go back and forth. She is all about mileage. The price of the Accord with discounts is not that far from a midrange Civic. Maybe I should rephrase that: a few thousand dollars difference.

    Probably getting a Civic this weekend as my son inherited our 2000 Honda Civic, beautiful car in great shape.

    Please convince me otherwise so I can convince my wife to opt for the spacious Accord. She already dissed the Hyundai Elantra because is fell 2 mpg gallons short of the Civic in estimated highway mileage.

    Brad :shades:
  • vietviet Posts: 847

    MPG difference is about 10-15%. Price differences is a few thousand. Price difference is little and performance difference is significant. Trust me. Go ahead buy an '08 Accord V6 EX-L with 268 HP as I did and drive less with your easy right foot on gas pedal. That's the trick. Same Accord '02 V6 my kid got 19MPG while I got 24 - 25MPG. '08 Accord with VCM gets very good MPG.

    Accord lasts longer and is much better than Civic in every term. Accord '08 V6 EX-L is equivalent to Acura XL a couple of years ago.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I you are going to spend the extra money to get more power then drive it around barely putting your foot on the go pedal - then what is the point :D ?

    Seriously, none of us NEED or HAS TO HAVE the extra power of a V-6. We may think we do, but we don't. I have a heavy right foot and drive pretty aggressively so *I* would probably opt for the V6. I see folks in traffic all the time poking along taking forever to reach even 30 mph in their cars with a "V6" badge on the back of a model where a 4 banger is available.

    If you don't tap the performance you don't need it. Get the 4 and drive it gently and you are rewarded with even better economy. If you drive like me, then get the V6, but don't throw your money away by poking along in it ;) .

  • rpbalarpbala Posts: 4
    Hi guys!
    Hows APR determined?! I have a creditscore of 717 and I jus came to know honda (accord) is offering some low interest rates this month (24 month- 0.9%, 36 months-0.9% and 60 months- 2.9%). How can I know if I qualify for this? Please let me know
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    AHFC's "Super Preferred" tier is 710 and up using THEIR score method and credit agency. I can't remember which it is, but it is NOT Equifax for that leaves Experian and TransUnion and few used the latter so I would guess Experian is who AHFC uses.

    They usually use an "auto enhanced" score that puts more weight on paid off and on time car loans and leases than other items. So if you have a 710 on Experian and some paid off and never late car loans, you should be fine. If you have no car credit history then you may not qualify for the top tier.

  • rpbalarpbala Posts: 4
    Thx Dennis! That credit score is from experian and actually I dont have any car credit history! If i dont qualify for the superpreferred tier...does honda offers anything for second tier?

    If the dealer is financing me...assigning APR is a standard procedure or they can make profit in that?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You will just have to apply and see. You can get pre-approved via the AHFC web page but they will just give you an amount. Obviously, if that amount is not enough to get what you want then things do not look good. The do not tell you the tier or rate, because the dealer can mark it up for extra profit. Few Honda dealers do, but when there is a published discount rate then they would not. A dealer that likes to mark up rates could tell you that you didn't get the cheap rate when you did but they marked it up on you. In that case you could check with a couple of dealers to be sure they give you the same story.

    Honda has lots of rates, under 710 but over 6xx is "preferred" and will be a little higher. Lower scores = higher rates.

    I would say get the online pre-approval with the captive bank, AHFC in this case. With Honda it does not help much since you will have to do a real app at the dealership, but if Honda says you can borrow enough to cover the car you want then have step 1 done. The next step is to bargain the price to near invoice including the dealer doc/prep fees. Then tell them you want to do the cheap financing and have the AHFC approval and let the F&I folks check it to see if you get the cheap rate or what they will do. If they say you don't qualify for the cheap rate, then you can repeat the proceedure at another dealership and see what they say "just in case".

    At some point all the other banks will catch up to BMW, You do an online pre-approval with them once - then when you are ready to lease or buy and have made your deal, you login and direct them to send your app to the dealer of choice. When you show up to get the car they have it printed and ready, you just sign it with the other paperwork. And this was available 8 years ago....

  • bran9192bran9192 Posts: 23
    Yes my price was $22,563 SC Tax is capped at $300 + $399 Doc fee
    Picked it up Saturday with 3.9 Apr
  • bran9192bran9192 Posts: 23
    I was told by one dealer that gave me a quote said they use Equifax and fico had to be 740 to qualify. The dealer I bought from used Trans Union score. I picked my car up on April 26th and got a rate of 3.9 since there were no special apr's on the accords.
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    looking for new car for me
    we test drove a CRV today and an Accord V6 EXL loaded with the navi unit at a dealership in the MidCities area of Dallas/FT Worth--

    my husband fell in love with it and he was riding in the back seat....we are deciding between a Camry hybrid 09 loaded up (no 08's in our part of the world) and probably the Accord--
    my husband does not want the TSX--backseat too small and premium gas--
    or a conventional 4 cyl--we drove the Malibu LTZ V6 also and the power is there but the mpg is less than the Honda V6 per sticker and probably per real world...
    We were not able to take it up on the freeway to run at 70 mph because we were looking during rush hour--but the street driving was good--maybe not as quiet as the Malibu but it was ok and liked the way the car drove and especially the electronic/navi configuration--
    trunk is way bigger than the Hybrid and my husband liked the finish out better than the Camry's leather--they are different == I like both of them...

    The Accord sales guy did not have the exterior color I wanted in stock in the tan leather--only had the diamond pearl white and I don't like white that much
    --he is looking for a red or green one in our area---

    I said that ordering a car would not allow the best deal ...he basically told us sticker price was firm--that any "deal" would come on the trade-in price...because Honda does not have the same kind of "incentives" in its cars that Chevy or Nissan or Toyota do--so there is not that much "profit" to the Honda dealers and they won't negotiate---so I think that is kind of a lot of bull--but did not say so
    Many years ago when we bought a Honda accord--they did not deal but it was because the market was strong and the cars were desired so there was only a little play in the that still the case--I know the V6 got good write up and Honda has lots of positives but aren't more people buying 4's because of the gas crunch?
    are there any dealer hold back/incentives on an 08 V6 EXL w/navigation---
    are we really going to save any money/be in better negotiation situation if we wait until the end of the month? If we sent out an Internet request and just tell them what we want in the car and ask for the lowest drive out--not mentioning our trade...

    we could always sell it ourselves and we have friend who knows someone who is has wholesale car business that we could probably sell it to for as cheap as the dealers will give us for trade in...

    we are paying cash although we have excellent credit--but seen no point in getting a lower sales price to spend the profit on lease deal or something with interest rate...

    our trade will be an 02 PT Cruiser--good body and interior--Touring model--non-smoker and fewer than 36K miles--but my husband wants me to have a nicer car...

    frankly I liked the V6 and it will probably be a good car--but for my driving--mainly in town under 50 mph--the Hybrid makes more sense...but my husband likes the accord is better
  • loi177loi177 Posts: 10
    Civic is 3 years old and is likely to be refreshed for midlife soon. Get the 4 cylinder Accord. Its highway mileage will be closer at 70mph to 80mph to Civic as power/torque of bigger engine compensate but if there is alot of start/stop City driving than Civic is better. i have TSX it regularly gets over 30mpg with in 70 to 80 mph range. with city driving drops to 26mpg. combine total around 28mpg.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I said the same thing.about doc and dealer fees. The same info and more was in my post. You get what you want out of it.
    Did the dealer sell the car for the price they originally quoted or not?
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    The guy is giving you a load of BS. I read somewhere that Honda set a sales record this past month. Why? Because they are basically giving the cars away compared to what I paid in January. There are low % rates out there (60 @ 2.9% I think) and there are deals to be made. I would send out internet requests telling them what you want and to give you the OTD price. I would not tell them about the trade in. You could always sell it at Car Max if you had to.
  • shackmshackm Posts: 9
    I know what you're saying. I owned a '97 Acura TL, but sold it about three years ago. Great car for sure, and I'm sure the new ones are even better.
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    we drove the Accord a second time at different dealer on the freeway and noticed much more/rougher shifting on the variable transmission--maybe because of the traffic or maybe because of the system--could not tell but my husband decided he did not like it that much after all
    bought a camry hrbrid today instead---but really like the interior of the accord better--including the Nav package...
  • niarteniarte Posts: 2
    ">I just had a good experience buying a EX-L V6 w/ Navi and I think I got a good price. Was ready to buy and knew what I wanted. Went through the internet department for three local dealers (Philly burbs). Told them I was ready to buy immediately.

    Price quoted at Sloan Honda was 28040 and they had the vehicle I wanted incl. color, another dealership was close but they didn't have the car. A third one, closer to me, had the car but the quoted me at $1000 higher and wouldn't move, at least over the phone.

    Ended up at Sloane a price of 28040 incl. destination, doc fees incl. title (actually got the plates too) were 177. At the last minute the finance guy was able to convince me to buy the gap insurance (put nothing down)for 390, so I may have been burned there. Also 6% tax in PA.

    Got the 2.9% as well. Altogether I thought I had an excellent buying experience. Was in and out of the dealership in about 90 minutes.
  • scz3838scz3838 Posts: 8
    Are first-time car buyers eligible to get the 60mo/2.9% on the Accords? My FICO score (according to is over 780, but I am a recent college graduate with not much of a credit history. If I cannot qualify for this rate, from other peoples' experiences, what would be a fair rate for someone in my situation to receive?
  • tracemillertracemiller Posts: 36
    Hey scz,

    My credit score is very similar to yours also. I believe that honda requires at least 5 years of credit history and a high credit score similar to yours. I was in the same situation as you. I have a very high credit score but less than 5 years of credit history. They say that I am not a prefer customer. My advise is to get pre-qualified on the honda website first. Then you'll know ahead of time when you shop for your car.
  • tracemillertracemiller Posts: 36
    I got a 2008 Honda Accord LX-P Automatic 4dr sedan for 21.4k otd in orange county, ca. The price with destination was $19,600. So it came out to $21.4 after taxes, license and fee.

    Pretty much, I got the LX-P for about the same price as an LX.
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