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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • This is a great forum. I am interested in buying/leasing the Accord Coupe EX-L. I am just starting to shop around for one. Does anyone know if I would I likely get a better deal towards the end of the month or wait until the beginning of next month (June) to negotiate? The lease on my current car does not run out until the end of June so I have some time. Also, do interest rates typically to go up in June versus May or are they comparably even. It seems that Honda's current interest rates/money factor is kind of high compared to Acura. Any reason for this?
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • privaxprivax Posts: 8
    08 Accord LX $18,900 over 60 months at 2.9% and 7% sales tax here in NJ with a trade-in valued at $6,000 it seems I could get it for around $250.00 a month, $0 down.

    Has anyone seen a similar transaction like this take place? And What would it take to be eligible for the 2.9% APR. I have a credit score of around 735-740 but only 3-4 years of credit history.

    Also if I had my mother co-sign with me... who doesn't have a high score as mine but has "history" would I benefit or not... I would mainly be doing this so that I can put the car under her name for insurance purposes.
  • privaxprivax Posts: 8
    I think the nation wide lease special is untill early June.
  • bndiebndie Posts: 12
    I found one leftover advertised at $21135 in South Florida. Dealers in Florida can add around $500 as a "dealer fee" . What is a reasonable OTD price for this car. Thanks for your help.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Which South Florida dealer? I got my Civic from Hollywood Honda and if I were you, I'd stay away from Coral Springs Honda, where I live. Their prices are always higher than any other Honda dealer and they usually have admin fees.

    The Sandman :)
  • bndiebndie Posts: 12
    It is Maroone in Miami.
  • catalyst6catalyst6 Posts: 12
    What kind of prices are people getting on coupes?

    I've gotten my dealer to about $50 over invoice, but I didn't know if people were getting better deals under invoice or cutting into the dealer hold back.

    Essentially I'm looking at $21200 for the LX-S and am wondering if I could do better or get a higher trim level for that price.
  • Hi All,

    I'm a new college graduate ready to purchase a new accord with no money down at 0.9%. Any suggestions? The best quote I've gotten in the MN area is 19500 for an LX but I believe there is much better deals to be made. Any suggestions on pricing for an LX, LXP, or EXL (all 4 cylinder automatics)? I've read that the car has been selling around 18 under different financing terms. How did you negotiate because the dealers seem to be getting frustrated but won't lower their price? Thanks for the advice.
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    Right now, $19500.00 is $516.00 under invoice here in the twin cities (yep I know the national advertised invoice is $19816.00, but here the six metro dealers co-op advertising and $200.00 is added to each invoice at the factory).

    What you've been reading is pricing that is either from last month when Honda was offering dealers an additional $400.00 in "advertising" money on 4cly Accords or, different regions where there is no advertising fee added to the invoice.

    "How did you negotiate because the dealers seem to be getting frustrated but won't lower their price?"

    Just because someone posts a price on here does not make it proof that you can purchase on at that price.
  • iwanthondaiwanthonda Posts: 13
    Just an update for those of you in the market for a 2008 Accord Sedan EX-L V6 with Navi. I picked up the car last week, and here's the breakdown of the price:

    $27,400 (including destination fee, wheel locks, splash guards, and pinstripe)
    $99 dealer processing fee
    $1,649.94 tax (6% in MD)
    $104 tags, title, license (I transferred my tags, which brought this down from $222)
    $29,252.94 OTD

    The sales guy told me that they were only making $34 on the deal, which I think is totally bogus, since I had varying profit statements from other dealers back when I had quotes from $27,300 that included dest. and proc. fees. Still, I was willing to let the dealership make some money in order for me to get the color that I really wanted.

    When discussed as separate items, I had two accessories added on to the car: the rear-view camera kit and a deck lid spoiler. Word of advice, do your research and find out from multiple dealerships what the official textbook Honda hours of labor quote is on each installed item. When that's put to bed, work on the best price for the accessory, using online Honda accessory sites as a guide for a solid parts price. With that said, here are the prices that I got:

    $210.45 rear-view camera (15% above dealer cost)
    $116.15 attachment kit (15% above dealer cost)
    $276 labor* (4 hours at $69/hr, discounted from the normal $89/hr rate)
    - *the official Honda textbook states 3 hours for this job, which explains my earlier comment about researching the labor
    $36.16 tax (6% in MD)
    $638.76 installed rear-view camera kit

    $251.85 deck lid spoiler (15% above dealer cost)
    $69 labor (1 hour at $69/hr, discounted from the normal $89/hr rate)
    $19.25 tax (6% in MD)
    $340.10 installed deck lid spoiler

    I also plan on purchasing an extended warranty via the Sacucci Honda dealership website in RI (link). After playing around with the website a little, it consistently provides the same price of $995 for 8yr/120k non-deductible anytime from driving it off the lot until you hit 6,000 miles. I heard some rumors about Honda trying to prevent this dealership from selling warranties online, but it sounds like it'll still be around for a little while due to litigation procedures.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions in case I didn't clarify something in particular.

    Btw, for the car on its own (including wheel locks and splash guards, but no additional accessories), the price I got represents about $750 below invoice and $3,650 below MSRP. The parts price of 15% over dealer cost represents the Honda employee discount on parts, but YMMV with labor costs, although the number of labor hours should be fixed.
  • gismapgismap Posts: 12
    We are looking to purchase an 08 Accord EX (haven't decided on the leather yet), also in the St. Louis area. Did you use the internet and did you send a request to all the dealers in the St. Louis area? Which dealer did you end up with.

    Anyone else have St. Louis area experience recently? I used this forum about 4 years ago to buy a Honda Odyssey. We were very happy with the deal and are very happy with the Odyssey.

  • mtairyordgemtairyordge Posts: 144

    I ma looking for the same vehicle and just starting my search. which dealer did you purchase from?

  • Where did you purchase this at?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Just because someone posts a price on here does not make it proof that you can purchase on at that price

    Now, you're not suggesting that some of these "Prices Paid" never happened, are you?

    Say it isn't so! ;)
  • iwanthondaiwanthonda Posts: 13
    Even though I think this deal is well within reach, the sales guy I bought from asked me not to tell anyone that I got it for this price. Therefore, I won't divulge the specific dealership. But I can tell you that I am in Baltimore County, and that previously I had the better quote of $27,300 (including dest+proc fees, wheel locks, splash guards) from Northwest Honda in Owings Mills, MD at the end of April 2008. I didn't buy from them, however, because they were ridiculous in saying that I would have to pay $1000 more for a color that I didn't want. On top of that, the sales manager (initials DP) had the gall to call me and hassle me about the kind of consumer I was, leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth about the whole experience. Originally when it was the last day of the month, he offered to factory order the color I wanted at the originally agreed upon price. However, when the discussions extended over into May (for reasons beyond my control), the deal suddenly disappeared. Based on the terrible experience that I had, I would recommend only using this dealership as a negotiating tool, and NOT buy from them.

    Also, if it isn't inherent enough in the discussions, a word of advice is to wait until the end of the month and feel out for the dealerships that are struggling with their sales for the month. They are the ones that will be most motivated to give you this kind of deal on a car.
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    Also check out Laurel Honda - make sure you go through the internet to get your quote. That's the same place I bought mine in Jan.
  • jwsmojwsmo Posts: 1
    I am in the process of purchasing a V6 EX-L with Navi from St. Louis Honda. I emailed 3 other local dealers (Vincel, Bommarito, and Leta). The prices were all pretty close to each other depending on the dealer add-ons. St. Louis Honda gave me the best price and they had the color combination I wanted. I would recommend getting your prices via the internet.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Even if all of these deals were done at the prices claimed, there is no guarantee that others can get the same deal. No dealer near me, for example, will touch deals I can get by driving 3 or 4 hours to other dealers. So if someone from one locale gets a better price than can be had by a local dealer it may be time to do some travelling to find a better dealer.

    Timing is also everything, go in on the right day and be shopping for the right car (color and trim level) can net you a better price than someone else could do the next day or the next week.

    A lot of folks have trade ins, which they may or may not mention. A neighbor of mine was once bragging about how low the price was on his new car. I asked how much he got for his trade and his smile turned to a frown and told me about his rip-off trade in price. If I show up with a paid for cream puff trade in then I may find that my new car price is lot lower than if I am trying to unload a guzzling SUV on the dealer. If a trade is part of the deal it should be stated and if the customer got less than they should have based on expectations, other dealer offers or "book value" then that has to be factored into their super price on the new car.

    So if we assume all the prices quoted are legit you still may not be able to get those deals at any dealer you work with or even with the dealer the one posting the price used. Of course there could be a few folks who mis-typed the price they paid or something :D .

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    I agree with your entire post.

    I had a customer a few weeks ago make a VERY low offer on a new Accord.

    It was dreary and raining and we were very slow that day.

    To my great surprise, my GSM actually accepted the offer.

    " This makes no sense, but let's just "buy a log".

    Then the crafty customer reneged on his offer and told me he would just return the next day...maybe.

    I know what he was going to my number and he did!

    I warned him that we wouldn't do that number if he left and he didn't believe me.

    Guess what happened the next day :)
  • catalyst6catalyst6 Posts: 12
    I just bought a new 2008 Accord LX-s in Polished Metal Metallic.

    MSRP = $23295
    Invoice = $21,171
    Paid = $20,695

    I feel like I did a pretty good job, this was my first new car purchase.
  • frankcariofrankcario Posts: 28
    isell, I read these posts regularly and alway appreciate your comments. My wife and I have bought four Hondas for ourselves, son and daughter in the past six years and are in the market for a new Accord LX sedan. We live in Houston where there are a lot of Honda dealers, all of whom are willing to sell at invoice, but none will go below. So I wonder whether claims of $500 or more below invoice are true. What would motivate a dealer to sell at this price? By the way, I am perfectly satisfied to pay invoice.

  • iwanthondaiwanthonda Posts: 13
    In response to dwynne's post, I would like to state that I paid for the car in full, and I had no trade-ins involved. Perhaps this may give a little more validation to the price that I paid, at least in the specific area that I live in. Good luck!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Sadly, a lot of markets have been "ruined" and Houston may be one of those markets. Good for the buyers I suppose.

    A brand new, fantastic car being sold for invoice during it's first year?

    Going into holdback makes no sense especially when holdback isn't profit.

    No wonder they can't keep good people. Sad...
  • holewholew Posts: 71
    Buying a car at a great price is a game. The dealer will win all the time since he knows how much profit there is in the sale. It is only a matter of how little profit the dealer is willing to take. The dealer will not sell a car at a loss.

    Check if it is possible to get the car you want at the so called DEALER INVOICE. For the most part a dealer can sell at that price and still make a significant profit in the monthly kick back from the factory.

    I never jump at a dealer off which has to be done on the spot unless that offer is at or below my price and I have already shopped other dealers. If the price is good for that day it will be good some place tomorrow. And if it isn't then I'll wait until it is. I never shop for a car when I need one right away.

    Also dealers are usually willing to give a better price on a car in stock then on one ordered from the factory.

    I actually had one dealer tell me (Dealer in Bel Air, MD) I could not order a car from the factory. I guess I had my stupid face on that day. The dealer used this as en excuse for charging me an extra $100 finder fee for locating the car I wanted and then sending a driver there to get it. Then the dealer told me that the car would have several dealer added options on it such as mud flaps, wheel locks, and door edge guards which would cost about $400 more. When I asked if I could order the car from the factory and get it without dealer options, that is when he said no that the whole dealer - factory relationship had changed and that the dealer did not know exactly what cars, color and equipment the factory would be sending. That is why according to the dealer the best way to get my car in the color and equipped the way I wanted was to have the dealer locate the car at another dealer. Needless to say I discovered from another, more honest dealer (In Baltimore), that dealers knew several weeks to a month in advance exactly what cars they were going to receive from the factory and that dealer was able to place my name on exactly the car I wanted. And I did not have to get any dealer add on extras.

    The Honda dealer near Bel Air, Maryland is about a two miles from my house. So I drove to the Baltimore Honda dealer and got the car I wanted without any dealer add ons.

    I took delivery on a 2008 Accord EX-L V6 on 27 Dec07 at dealer invoice.

    I had done all this over the INTERNET through a car buying service. Each dealer had an INTERNET salesperson who had special prices which the other sales people could not offer. Don't know how correct this is but that is what I was told. The dealer apparently kept all INTERNET inquiries so that about two months after my purchase the dealer send out an E-Mail indicating that the prices previously given over the INTERNET were now $500 less for any in stock car bought. So there must be something to the idea that a car in stock can be bought of a better price then one ordered. After all each dealer has what is called a FLOOR PLAN which is the cost of the loan the dealer is paying for on each car in stock. It usually amounts to about .75% per month. So moving cars in stock is most important.

    Also the purchase of an extended warranty was another game. Since I keep a car well over 100K miles I wanted an extended warranty. Honda offers extended warranty called HONDA CARE in various lengths of time and miles. The max is ZERO DEDUCTIBLE 8 years - 120,000 miles which is the one I got. Before I closed the deal I did a search on the INTERNET for extended warranties. I discovered a Honda dealer in RI who was selling this warranty for $1095. When I asked my local dealer in Baltimore about this I was told the price was $1999,95. When I showed him the printout of the $1095 price he immediately lower the price to $1095.

    The dealer in RI web site is

    This all happened in Dec 07 so things might have changed since then. Also there is a $100 deductible plan which was $100 less The plans offered were for 5, 6, 7, and 8 years with various mileage lengths.

    The dealer also had a warranty plan which would refund a significant portion of its cost if the warranty was not used. I believe the price was about $1500 and $1000 would be refunded when the warranty expired without ever have a claim filed against it.

    About 2 months after I purchased my new 08 Honda
  • gismapgismap Posts: 12
    Were you satisfied with the prices? Were they near the invoice price. Since I am looking for the I4 without leather, it may not be as popular as the one you are purchasing. The Odessey was purchased using the internet and Sam's club from Vincel in 2004. They had the best deal at that time. I will submit a request for quotes using the internet. Thanks for your input.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Please explain what you mean by "monthly kickbacks".

    No such thing...sorry.
  • hondahenryhondahenry Posts: 35
    Good job, holew. This is the kind of post that benefits all. Thanks for your time.
  • iwanthondaiwanthonda Posts: 13
    Thanks for the contribution to the post. As far as the warranty plan with the "refund clause" goes, are you talking about the RI dealer offering a different plan than the standard warranty? If so, could you provide more details and/or a link to find it?

    Btw, the Sacucci Honda dealer (also in RI) offers $995 for the non-deductible 8yr/120k plan (

    Also, I hate to make things more painful for "isellhondas", but if you think a ruined market means selling at invoice, I guess the MD/VA/DC area must be way beyond ruined. As laid out in a previous post, I paid about $750 below invoice for my Accord EX-L V6 with Navi (supposedly a rare car), and it wasn't even the best offer that I had (albeit for a different color in stock) by about $200.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    At the risk of incuring the wrath of our HOST, I just have to wonder exactly WHY a dealer would lose money on that car.

    Makes no sense for a merchant, any merchant to buy a product, pay the overhead associated with selling it and then selling it for less than they paid for it.

    Yes, it is a rare car.

    Was there a trade involved?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    MSRP is $30,895 so 100% of hold back would be $617.90 . So they are saying they got the car for invoice AND 100% of hold back and the dealer lost a further $132.10 on the deal. As Al "flannel power" Borland used to say: I don't think so, Tim. To lose so much on one car there has to either be a trade or a large deal doc or prep fee or perhaps some side sticker "mop and glow" or $700 wheel locks and moonroof wind deflector on it.

    Maybe they are confusing invoice and MSRP :D ? I have seen folks do that before and it is pretty easy to get $750 under MSRP.....

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