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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • frankcariofrankcario Posts: 28

    If you have already sent the email I did not receive it. I am glad to share the contact info with you.
  • frankcariofrankcario Posts: 28

    I have to agree with you on the I4 vs V6. We just took delivery of an Accord LX with the 177 HP is very responsive.
  • priceritepricerite Posts: 10
    Invoice is 26300 ( including destination).
    My selling price was 25050 ( including destination, messenger fees , windows etching, wheel locks and splash guards). That's more then 1400 under invoice.
    Add 299 doc fees for the total cash price of ~25350.

    Other fees and taxes:

    ~1753 NJ Tax (7%)
    7.50 NJ Tire Fee (mandatory)
    354 Registration fees

    OTD price is ~27466 ( big difference with 27500 OTD :-) ).
    BTW I financed the whole amount @ 2.9% @ 60month.
  • missymmissym Posts: 7
    tommystones - is that with a leather interior?? If it is, nice job!!

    Thanks guys for your advice,
    Im hoping to get a 28k OTD price. I just got another quote from a local dealership:

    Honda Accord V6 EX-L (Arizona)
    $26,200 price includes the mud guards, trunk tray and wheel locks.
    $2082.90 tax
    $389.90 documentation fee
    $490 plates
    $29,162.80 out the door price
  • priceritepricerite Posts: 10
    Correct , Accord 08 EX-L V6 (leather). The car had 4 miles on it.

    Make sales person call you. Name your price of 28k OTD. Let them know your intention to buy immedeately and you have offer from another dealer that you are not completely satisfied with. Make sure sales person talks to manager. Make sure that manager talks to general manager. Only then you know that you've hit the bottom line with that dealership. When dealership agrees on your price make them send you email with breakdown of numbers.
  • jacknibbsjacknibbs Posts: 17
    Which dealership was that? I am in NJ and trying to finalize a deal today. My best price is 25015 before destination.
  • priceritepricerite Posts: 10
    I can name the dealer only in private communication
  • newgsnewgs Posts: 29

    As far as I know in this forum, you can name the dealer but not the salesman's name.
  • newgsnewgs Posts: 29
    Below is what Edmunds' Forum says when you post a message (copied and pasted):

    "You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information."
  • newgsnewgs Posts: 29
    Wow. Such strong words there...
  • priceritepricerite Posts: 10
    Thanks newgs. I wasn't sure if I can post dealer name.

    Dealer in NJ is Route 22 Honda. Excellent service, no pressure ( at least from sales manager I worked with) and they've honored the price I wanted.

    Also I'd like to mention Ray Price Honda in East Stroudsburg, PA. They were great!
  • levtomlevtom Posts: 12
    Been reading here often and now ready to buy soon North of Boston.
    Quotes so far

    Boch Honda 50miles away $20,488 based on Boston Globe add 5-25 +$298 doc fee = tax(5%) + $56 plate trans. Confirmed by phone.

    Kelly Honda 3 miles away will work a few hundred below $22256 invoice +$249 doc fee, Same $ for tax and plate trans. Want very much to beat Boch offer and keep a local customer. Not a firm offer yet without appraising my 96 accord 5MT.(77K). Expect to pay about $17K + all above taxes and fees. However do not have blue car. Do have Black on Black, choice 2.

    Honda North 10 miles away have the blue color but internet quote $22256 at invoice.

    Know that some members have bought well from Boch Honda (who claims to be "biggest Honda volume dealer on the planet".
    Love to hear about Boch sales experiences and thoughts on my current quotes.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I am betting your Boch price does not include the $635 destination charge, which they will "remember" to add to the price when you show up to buy the car.

    Even if that is the case, invoice is $22,355 so if they charge you $20,488 + $635 + $249 you are still at $21,372 or nearly a full $1k under invoice. I think I would have already driven to Boch and picked up the car, if I were you..... What are you waiting for?

  • cuoinoncuoinon Posts: 18
    Can you please email the name of the dealer deal?
  • levtomlevtom Posts: 12
    Just confirmed by phone that the Boch price of $20,488 DOES include $635 destination charge.
    However, they do not offer the 0.9% or 2.9% on their advertised specials. Not a big issue for me.

    Got another quote from Herb Chambers, Burlington.Ma. at $21,678 + $259 Doc +taxes and plate trans.

    Looks like I'll be heading to Boch to morrow when this special ends.

    PS Blue Pearl and Red color are almost impossible to find. Any issues with Black exterior being difficult to keep new looking?
  • Need some opinions as this is my first "new" new car purchase (have always bought 1-2 year old pre-owned vehicles).

    Minneapolis/St. Paul dealership - test drove both EX and EX-V6 - felt the 4 cylinder was peppy enough given the extra 2-4 mpg's extra you get with a 4 cylinder in mixed driving.

    Honda e-price = $21956.00
    +$1427.14 MN sales tax (6.5%)
    +$351.00 MN plates and tranfer fee's
    +$50.00 dealer documentation fee
    =$23784.14 TOTAL DUE

    ...and of course the 2.9% A.P.R. for 60 months.

    Any suggestions on where to push back?
  • Our local Honda dealership in Rutland, Vermont (Shearer Honda) has a "no haggle" policy. They claim they offer the lowest price period so there's no need to haggle.

    My wife and I are looking at a Honda Accord EX-L, 4 cylinder, with navigation, 18" chrome wheels and they're telling us $30,647. This includes delivery but not tax, plates etc.

    We haven't looked elsewhere yet, but do people think we could do better, say in Mass, NJ or CT ? I'm not afraid to travel to save a couple thousand. Thanks !
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    You should be able to do a lot better than that! The I4 EXL with Navi is going about $26,000 +/-, add to that about $3000 (over-priced) for the 18" chrome wheels and you are at $29,000, including destination. Have you tried emailing the area internet managers yet?
  • furrycutefurrycute Posts: 33
    After much back and forth between the LX and LX-P, I finally made the plunge and purchased an LX-P.

    Paid just a little over $21,000, including destination, for an LX-P. Plus the tax and DMV fees, and no other funny fees. :P

    Thanks guys for all the help you gave me on this board! I couldn't have done it without you guys! :)
  • bfryerbfryer Posts: 3
    I took delivery of my new Accord LX 4cyl automatic for 20324.00 drive out. Middle Ga. dealer. included 499.00 dealer fee and 7% sales tax and $18. title fee and $3 lemon law charge , also financed it with $3000. down for 60 months at 2.9%.
    Deal or no Deal????
  • gleen6191gleen6191 Posts: 80
    this price is a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • tommystonestommystones Posts: 19
    pricerite - "My selling price was 25050 ( including destination, messenger fees , windows etching, wheel locks and splash guards). That's more then 1400 under invoice. "

    Unreal. Thats almost $1100 cheaper than any sale price I've been quoted! Kudos once again ... Good Job.

    Did you have to do alot of shopping around/bargaining? Did Honda take a lose here? Hmmm?
  • priceritepricerite Posts: 10
    I spent about 2 weeks. Some dealers called me insane, some didn't reply at all, some used their famous : " I don't know what business you are in, but in your business is it Ok to lose the money?" question...

    At the signing, finance guy showed me the numbers on his monitor. According to that they've lost over $800. We had some good laughs over that.
    Overall, I think it worth to spend some time , so the next 5 years you know that you've done well.
  • mseenviromseenviro Posts: 64
    I've been watching this board for quite some time and as I began to see pricing for the 4 Cyl EX-L's drop below $24,000 I thought it was time to act.

    I sent emails to about 20 dealers in a 200 mile radius. That in itself was an interesting process, as the majority of the dealers did not reply to my request. What I told them in the email was that I was seeking a 2008 Accord Sedan, EX-L, 4 Cyl, AT, no Nav and that I would be purchasing in the next three days.

    Of the 20 requests, I received 6 replies with the information I was seeking (quote). I did have two phone calls, including one that said she had already emailed the quote, which never arrived. I left her a message asking her to send it again or call me back and she did neither.

    I ended up back at the dealer 15 miles from home where I had purchased my 2006 Pilot, Phil Bachman Honda in Kingsport, TN. The Internet Manager there made the process extremely easy. We were able to purchase the 2008 EX-L for $23,988, which I thought was a pretty good price based on what I am seeing and especially getting it from a dealer who has provided me with outstanding service on my Pilot.

    If anyone is within several hours drive of Kingsport, TN I would urge you to contact the internet manager at Phil Bachman Honda, as he is the most professional, low key Internet sales rep I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

    The Accord is AWESOME. Silver with Black interior, it is a beauty and drives like a dream. When I drove it home my 21 year old son said "dang, I thought you got a BMW 5 series!"

    I told him, no, for the price of the BMW, you could get two and a half Accords."

    I am very pleased with my purchase and I would like to thank all the folks on this board who posted their pricing that allowed me to get a very good deal on the Accord. :shades:
  • christinam1christinam1 Posts: 18
    It was interesting to see that you didn't get very good response to your E-Mails to the internet managers. I'm having the same problem. So far, I've gotten the automated response that they received my request but nothing else. I'm hoping it is because of the holiday week-end. If I don't hear from them today, I'll really be concerned. I'm happy things worked out for you; enjoy your new car!
  • tommystonestommystones Posts: 19
    Thanks much for the info pricerite.

    Update -

    The sale price for a EX-L - V6 is 26,187.99 and the OTD price is 27,663.54. This is the FIRST quote I recieved from this specific dealer. How low you think I can go with this? Hmmm?
  • mseenviro
    The price - is that the OTD price including taxes. Like you, I have been watching this board closely for the same model and in April, some people were getting it for under $23,000 plus taxes.
  • mseenviromseenviro Posts: 64
    The lowest I've seen is $23,500 from some Atlanta dealerships. For the extra $500 it was worth it to me to get it local. I probably could have squeezed a little more blood out of the turnip, but they made it so easy for me that I went with it. I have bought other cars from this dealer and I like how they treat me. First three oil changes for free sweetened the deal.

    The price included the car and the $595 delivery, but did not include tax and a $299 doc fee.
  • mseenviromseenviro Posts: 64
    It is interesting that there was a general lack of responsiveness from dealers. I tried to demonstrate that I was more than a tire kicker, knowing the exact model I was looking for, telling them that I was already approved through Honda finance, and that I would be purchasing within the next seven days.

    Amazing the lack of responsiveness from most dealers. Several called but all they wanted was to get me in the door. The internet manager was on vacation at one local dealer, so we just walked up. They gave us the old war horse sales guy who really knew his stuff about the car. During the test ride he said "I've been selling cars for 25 years."

    To make lite of it I said "well I've been buying them for 20". His response "well, I've sold a bunch more than you've bought"

    Later during the negotations, he told me "I have to make money on this sale" and when I told him I had done my homework and knew what the pricing was he said "well, that information online may help you, but all it does is hurt me". He then pulled out the four square sales form. I laughed out loud and said "you can't be serious?" Needless to say we didn't buy from him.

    I'm a global sales manager of a consulting firm. We receive several inquiries every day from companies seeking information or costs of our services. I have a full time employee who's primary job is to jump all over these requests and respond promptly and to provide the customer EXACTLY what they ask for, if it's information, then give them information, if it's a quote, then give them a quote. While our method isn't perfect, we close about 40% of these types of inquiries since we went to this system, up from 10% prior to doing it this way. I think car dealers would be well advised to do this. The ones that are doing this or move to the ability to also handle sales this way will do better than the ones stuck in the old back and forth, four square negotating tactics from 1978.
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