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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • r0yaltyr0yalty Posts: 13
    They should still give you 0.9 or 2.9% financing. It's American Honda Finace's deal, not the dealership's. Just tell them you saw it on and it doesn't say that it can't be combined with a low price. I got about $1400 below invoice on my car with 2.9% financing.
  • $23,700 OTD price on an EX 4 cylinder - is this a good deal?
  • Hi mseenviro

    FYI post #19939 talks about some pricing below $23,000 in March (not including dest) for an exl 4cyl with auto.

    $22.528 + $635 Freight + $195 Appearance Package + TTL

    Pretty sweet deal.
    Another claims a price of $22,175
  • priceritepricerite Posts: 10
    considering that MI tax is 6% vs. 7% in NJ you in theory should be able to get lower OTD price than I did. But again MI market could be different


    What I don't understand is how they came up with this OTD price of 27663 with this sale price. The difference between OTD and sale price won't even cover sales tax of 6%. What about title,registration and all the dealer fees. Are they included in the sale price? The sale price is out of line here.

    your goal should be lesss than $490 monthly payment with 0 DOWN with 2.9%@60m if you are planning to finance or ~27350 OTD.
  • mlf1mlf1 Posts: 1
    Just picked up a 2008 4-door EX-L, V6 w/Navi from Harrisonburg Auto Mall in Harrisonburg, VA. Without exception it was the best experience I've had buying a new car. Straightforward transaction - no pressure. Everyone I came in contact with was knowledgeable, pleasant and efficient. It was almost too good to be true -- AND they beat all the Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland dealers by a considerable amount. I can walk to the Honda dealer in Alexandria (most unpleasant experience) and would again happily drive the 1.5 hours to Harrisonburg to have this wonderful, stress-free experience. And best of all, the dreaded processing fee was only $199!

    2008 Accord Sedan, EX-L, V6 w/Navi

    $27,500 (incls destination, mud guards and wheel locks)
    199 Processing fee
    935 Taxes, tags, title
    10 Online filing fee (I didn't argue about this)

    $28,644 OTD
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    "Only" 199.00?

    We charge 50.00.
  • priceritepricerite Posts: 10
    935 Taxes, tags, title

    Do you guys have a tax holiday in VA?
  • cuoinoncuoinon Posts: 18
    Hi there,
    I tried to get to your price (19.6k for LX-P) but the dealer said that price is impossible; they even said who ever told me that price was lying. They will match it if I show them some kind of papers. Can you please send me more info?
    Here is my email cuoinon777 at yahoo dot com
    Thanks a lot in advance
  • levtomlevtom Posts: 12
    I think the way Boch supports their $20,488 price is to force customers to accept THEIR financing arrangements. Must make $ thru financing. They do pay cash for all their inventory and do deals that may be hard to beat.

    Went back to Kelly Honda in Lynn,Ma., my local dealer. First and final offer was $21,600 +tax and doc fee w/o trade.

    Offered $4100 for my "96 EX 5M. $ 17,500 w/trade. Tried to get them to throw in a moon roof sheild...anything. No go. GM said no. Would not move at all. Think $4100 was good for my 77K "96. Low but hard city miles and 5 speed manual tranny not desirable. Malibu dealer offered only $3100 + $20450 for half the car that the EX Honda is !. No way!

    Decided to accept. Still $656 under invoice. Got wheel locks (but all new autos here get them), some free oil changes and free lifetime car washes. Also got the 0.9% financing.

    Black on Black. Think I'll need those free car washes. Looks like a limo, drives like a Honda!

    Final cost= $17,500 (w/trade) +$875 mass tax and $249 doc fee. How did I do?

    Thanks all for your valuable info.
  • Parviz: I don't know much about "internet shopping" for vehicles. How do I e-mail internet managers ? Any advice would be appreciated ! Thanks. I forgot to mention that the wheel and tire upgrade includes the original wheels and tires as well, so I'm getting 2 sets. I'd run the 18's in the summer and put the others on for the winter.
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    Lev did the best you could, I think you got a fair shake and a great car.
  • tracemillertracemiller Posts: 36
    Hey cuoinon,

    Let me see if I can try to scan the paperwork of the deal that I got. I'll scan it at work tomorrow. Then, I'll send it to you.
  • ">I have been reading a lot of posts on this thread for the past two months.
    Thanks for all the great advice on the Honda Accord. I live in Orange County, CA where there are many Honda dealers.

    I bought a new 2008 Accord, Sedan, Auto., LX-P from Hardin Honda on Memorial Day. It has 11 miles on the car.
    OTD price is $21,400. No finance and no trade in.
    Following is the breakdown of the price:

    Price $19,618.55
    Doc fee $55.00
    7.75% CA Sales Tax $1,524.70 ( = 0.0775 * ($19,618.55 + $55) )
    License fee $128.00
    Regis./Transfer fee $65.00
    CA Tire fee $8.75
    OTD price $21,400.00

    It seems that dealers nearby coastal cities quote a higher $ than Inland Empire cities thru internet quick quote. Following are best internet OTD offers I have received in socal:

    Hardin Honda $21,400
    Honda World Downey $21,400
    Metro Honda - Montclair $21,400
    Riverside Honda $21,733
    Moss Bros $21,780
    Spreen Honda $21,890

    Salespersons at Hardin Honda gave me and my wife five stars service. The process took about 4 hours because it was a very busy day for them. We got free delicious In&Out burgers when we was waiting for a salesperson available.

    We have been driving Honda Accord or Toyota Camry cars for the last twenty five years. All cars lasted more than 10 years and over 200K mileages except for the current Toyota Camry 1998 with over 180K mileage. I like both Accord and Camry. I bought the Honda Accord LX-P this time because it’s rated #1 by Consumer Report and other Cars magazines. The value and the look both inside and outside are better in my opinion. The Accord is bigger, a little bit more horse power and consumes the same MPG as the Camry. I wish the Accord LX-P has a softer chair with lumbar support for the driver as in the Toyota Camry LE. I also noticed the Accord’s noise level is a little bit higher. It does not bother us. The price is about $1,400 more for Accord LX-P than Camry LE in socal.

    Again, thank you very much for your help.
  • tracemillertracemiller Posts: 36
    Awesome deal you got there.

    That's the exact same price I got my LX-P for at Hardin Honda. Here's the post I posted a while back with the exact same detail:!keywords=#20455

    Hardin Honda was awesome and their service was awesome also. They too give me 5 star service. For me, it just took me 1 hour and 30 min because it was last month. Also, because I came in within 30 minute of them opening that day.
  • furrycutefurrycute Posts: 33
    $21,400 OTD is a GREAT price for an LX-P.

    I paid about $23,100 OTD for my LX-P here in NYC, and that was the best price I could find anywhere around where I live.

    I am just curious, how come dealers in CA can sell the LX-P for so low? Because the invoice price for the LX-P is about $20,700.

    And are you sure the LX-P does not have lumbar support? Haven't played with mine all that much. Have to check that out first thing tomorrow. :P
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    Best of luck you will enjoy the car I have the same one. The sound goes away after awhile once you start enjoying the ride. What no Carl Jr's
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    $23,700 OTD price on an EX 4 cylinder - is this a good deal?

    We don't know what your taxes or accessories are, so its hard to say.
  • markhermarkher Posts: 6
    I am getting ready to go negociate with the local Kansas City dealers. What is everyone paying and what kinds of deals are you getting? Thanks......
  • No add-ons.

    Honda e-price = $21900.00
    +$1423.50 MN sales tax (6.5%)
    +$351.00 MN plates and transfer fee's
    +$50.00 dealer documentation fee
    =$23724.50 TOTAL DUE
  • I had a similar experience last weekend, but it was a dealer mistake....

    EXL V-6 quote - 25198
    Doc fee - 249
    Filing fee - 10

    OTD from dealer was 25457 financed at 2.9%
    Tax and tag will be another 950 in my state which I’ll pay in cash

    Total 26404

    Basically, I was doing the email thing with all the local dealers (which I have had a ton of success on with the last 2 cars we have purchased) and they quoted me for the I4 instead of the V6. I confirmed through email twice that they were quoting me for EXL V6 with the price and OTD fees and they confirmed in writing... this was Saturday. Monday morning I called the internet person at the dealer and confirmed the price over the phone and told them I would be there in the afternoon. I picked out my color and test drove it. I told the salesman I was ready to talk numbers and he proceeded to take down my info, then he asked me what I was quoted by their Internet team. You should have seen the look on his face! I pulled out the printed emails and stepped him through as I confirmed the price with their Internet sales person. He verified with the manager and they went ahead and did the deal (this is when he told me what had happened on the price). I don't know how much they lost on it, but I know they didn't make anything. Do I feel bad; kind of. But, when they told me they sold 29 cars on Saturday and mine was the 21st on Monday, not so much. I'm sure they had a number of suckers in there that paid MSRP or close to it.
  • priceritepricerite Posts: 10
    Great deal and no need to feel bad!!!!
    The guy was just trying to "handle" you , that's a common practice. The price you were quoted is clearly for EXL V6. Internet price for EXL V4 would be between 23500-24300. Internet price for EX V6 would be 23300 - 24100.
  • tommystonestommystones Posts: 19
    $26,404 OTD? Great Price!

    I Agree with 'pricerite' ... thats all dealer tactic. Don't feel bad.


    Here are some recent quotes I've received on the same vehicle. EX-L V6.

    $27,663 OTD

    $27,933 OTD


    $27,798 OTD

    Still Lookin' ........
  • cuoinoncuoinon Posts: 18
    If you can do that, it would be great.
    Thanks alot in advance
  • gujjugujju Posts: 2
    I bought for

    $23500 OTD in Santa Clara ,CA
  • newgsnewgs Posts: 29

    Great deal... Can you breakdown? I assume it is for EX4 auto in which Invoice with dest shows $22,256. You got it for way below. I believe you have a higher tax rate there. Comparing costs with SOCAL's. Thanks.
  • rv99rv99 Posts: 6
    Hi iboughtaccord
    Congratulations on your purchase. Where is Hardin Honda located, because they seem to be in several towns?
  • trouble11trouble11 Posts: 4
    Hi guys,
    how do you negotiate for price,
    go online and negotiate through email or walk in the dealership
    help is appreciated as i am getting online quotes that are not even close to the prices posted here
  • Hardin Honda
    1381 S Auto Center Dr
    Anaheim, CA 92806

    Less than two miles north of Honda Center/Anaheim NHL Mighty Duck Dome
    Less than four miles east of Disneyland

    Goodluck2U! "> :)
  • d_frinkd_frink Posts: 6
    I am in Ohio and a dealer has given me a price of $24,396 for the Accord EX-L 4 cyl sedan automatic w/o navi. This price includes the $635 destination but does not include TTL. Do you think I should hold out for a better deal? He is telling me that his invoice is $24,296 and that he is selling it for $100 over invoice.
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