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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lance_mcblance_mcb Posts: 5
    Hi guys,
    I just started shopping for my new Honda and wanted to hear your opinion on price quote which I just got from a dealer in Rockville, MD:
    "Accord EX-L 4cyl Sedan Automatic the price is $22,750.00 plus fees which comes out to be $25,116.10 "out the door". No hidden fees or surprises when you come in."

    Thanks for your comments.
  • Lance mcb

    Can you breakdown the addtional fees. The price of $22,750 seems to be excellent
  • lance_mcblance_mcb Posts: 5
    i was actually asking for 2 trims LX-P and EX-L
    that is what he wrote me about LX-P yesterday

    Accord LX-P
    Vehicle - $19,450.00
    Freight - $635.00
    Processing fee - $100.00
    Tax 6% (MD) - $1,211.10
    Tags (MD) - $222.00
    Total - $21,618.10

    I didnt got break-down for EX-L yet, but i guess it should be close
  • lance_mcblance_mcb Posts: 5
    i just did the math and it look like this

    Vehicle $22,750
    Freight $635
    Processing fee $100
    Tax 6% (MD) $1,409
    Tags (MD) $222
    Total $25,116
  • hhunhhun Posts: 16
    Hi there, FYI...Processing fee in MD is not a mandatory says so on the invoice and MSRP window sticker. You can by law refuse to pay it and you are within your rights. They might tell you it's mandatory, it's not. (There is a state law about it if you wanted to go through the trouble of checking it out.) Save yourself the extra $100! Otherwise, your vehicle price itself appears to be below invoice which is good (for the LX-P). Good luck. :)
  • hhunhhun Posts: 16
    "but I don't think many dealers would give much discount on those accessories, installed"

    Oh yes they have to ask for it! My dad has a dealer friend who says "you can refuse to pay any dealer installed option if you don't want it and didn't ask for it". Those options are marked up at least 100%, so if you decide you want the options, negotiate some. Good luck. :)
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You might can get a discount on their inflated asking prices, but you often can't wipe out the cost. Why? They had to pay someone to put on the 3m clear bra, moonroof wind deflector, splash guards, etc. In some cases removal on the stuff would cause a problem - and they have to pay someone to do the work to take it off.

    I have always found it to be a lot easier to just avoid dealers who add crap-o-la to every car on the lot. It just makes it easier to deal with and no hassles. There are plenty of dealers who only add stuff to the cars at the customer's request. Deal with those and no problems.

  • hhunhhun Posts: 16
    Profit is not an ugly's what makes businesses thrive obviously....getting ripped off and being lied those are ugly words. As long as you are not one of those salesman, then there's no problem. Nothing wrong with a profit as long as it's a fair profit and the customer is not taken to the cleaners. That's all I am trying to say like to put words in people's mouths for some reason....I never said "no profit".

    Now....what's wrong with buying a car for as low as you can? Doesn't everyone want to do that...isn't that the basis of this forum? To share good deals with other buyers? Do you go house hunting and pay the asking price if it seems "overinflated" or are you going to try to make what you feel is a fair offer to the seller? People do it every day and there's nothing wrong with someone said...the seller or dealer can refuse to sell if they feel their profit is not what it should be. That's what it's all about. The market also determines how much you can get too...gas prices up, new car sales down. A couple years ago...housing prices were up and it was a sellers market and homes were hard to come by and bidders where going wild and fighting over houses, now they are down and houses are sitting on the market. Everyone looks for a good deal and a right time to don't criticize those of us who just want a good deal. Have a nice day and try not to take things so seriously. :)
  • hhunhhun Posts: 16
    That's good advice.
  • lance_mcblance_mcb Posts: 5
    Hello! I didnit know about that, but I will definitely keep that in mind when I'll go final. What do you think about price for EX-L? does it look good? I fill some trick there, bs according to Edmunds the invoce is $24,063, and i've got $22,750 offer, which is $1313 below. If it is right about holdback and balance transfer = 3.5 % they would make $880 out of $25,116 OTD which wont cover $1313 :confuse:
  • Got it for $24,516.00. Got splash guards, wheel locks. That's it. The price wasn't an "OTD" price. It included TTL, DES, and my negative equity on a trade which was $7,151.00 Oh well, I'm happy!!!! Love the Accord! BTW, I qualified for the 2.9 financing, but I went with 72 months to bring my monthly payment to where I "comfortable", being "upside down and all". So I came away with 5.4% financing instead.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You either can't read, can't type or both.

    I just said it is just far easier to avoid dealers who add "dealer installed accessories" to every vehicle prior to offering them for sale. No matter how you try to negotiate the price of these add ons, it is not likely to ever be as good as $0 - the cost if you just purchase from a dealer with no add ons.

    If I don't want a wind deflector or mud flaps why should I pay anything for them?

    I agree with your suggestion to negotiate the price on these items if they are already on the car, but if you don't want them you are still going to pay something for them for them in the end. It is a lot better to pay nothing for them by taking your business to a better dealer.

    You offer up dumb "advice" and then take offense if someone does not agree with you.

  • hhunhhun Posts: 16
    Well according to some on here...balance transfer doesn't I don't know what to tell you there. Honda's 800 # customer service told me that about the addtional 1.5%. Maybe some dealers get it and others don't? I don't know. Maybe the balance transfer is really a reimbursement to the dealer for advertising cost and dealer prep fees (another charge you can refuse to pay since it's reimbursed)? I just don't know...all I know is what Honda said. So to be fair to those sellers who said the don't know what balance transfer is...I would just disregard the 1.5% and just keep in mind the 2% holdback.

    The EXL model you are talking about...exactly which one is it? I think you said it was an AT? Does it have nav? It was a 4 door, 4 cyl? Or a V6? Those make a difference in price.
  • hhunhhun Posts: 16
    Hello..I was agreeing with you!!!! What's your problem?? "It's good advice to stay away from those dealers who add dealer installed accessories on the car". I was agreeing on that point.

    Chill out. I don't take offense if someone disagrees with me. I could care less. My "dumb" advice isn't dumb at all...I found it all over the internet when I did my research. Anyone else on here can find the same information if they google it. I also got some info from a guy who owns a high end used car dealership who has been in the business for decades and is a friend of the family. So don't criticize me for just saying what I have read elsewhere. It's not my advice, but advice of experts in the field...or so called experts. I suggest you redirect your attitude toward them for writing the articles.
  • hhun

    In post 20695, lance_mcb states:
    "Accord EX-L 4cyl Sedan Automatic the price is $22,750.00 plus fees which comes out to be $25,116.10 "out the door". No hidden fees or surprises when you come in."

    So it answers all of your questions except navi. I would assume that this price is without navi. No way would it be with navi.
  • lance_mcblance_mcb Posts: 5
    Yes, ur right, w/o Navi, Accord EXL 4 cylinder 4 door automatic
  • hhunhhun Posts: 16
    Hi, thanks for the info again.
    Looking up the Invoice with destination=$23,428...subtract out the destination chrg of $635 = $22,793 is invoice without were offered $22,750....about $40 below invoice. Not bad at all. Could you go lower? Who knows...depends on the dealer. But it seems like a good deal.

    Holdback is 2% off MSRP...about $470 which you would subtract from invoice without destination. Although this isn't representative of what the dealer paid. It's hard to really know what the dealer paid for the car because that varies from dealer to dealer and takes into account different factors like the volume of cars that dealer sells, etc..but you can at least have a very rough ballpark idea. Actual dealer cost is always an unknown figure. Let them have their holdback. I am sure they are still making a little more on the car than $40. But that's ok they are entitled to some profit (although I have been accused of not allowing dealers any profit for some reason on this forum). I'd say it's a good price. Anything around invoice is a good deal, and anything below is even better. Are you happy with the price?

    Maybe someone else on here has purchased or was offered something different on the same model and trim and can let you know what they paid. I am looking at the same car, but in the 5 speed manual, so the prices are a little different.

    Try emailing a few dealers in your area too. You might get a quote that's lower, you never know. I was emailing a honda dealer in Fairfax to inquire on his stock availability and he sent me an email with the info I requested and a quote that I didn't ask for...$900 below invoice without destination....I was shocked. Unfortunately they don't have the color or colors I am looking for. If you aren't in a hurry and have the time, take some time and email a few places. Best time to buy is end of the month if you can...sometimes you can get a little better price...not always. Good luck to you!!
  • nascar9900nascar9900 Posts: 48
    hhun - Check your math - I read Edmunds to say the Invoice on a Accord EX-L Auto Sedan is $23,428 before destination.

    Buyer - The price quotes seems very low. Let us know if you actually get that price.
  • Hi guys, I got a quote for $24,000 before tax for a 2 door Auto EX-L w/o navigation. According to Edmunds invoice, it's $24,156. Does anyone know is this an OK deal since I'm looking to sign the paperworks this Sat?

    Much appreciated for any inputs.
  • hhunhhun Posts: 16
    Yes, you are right...I wrote it down correctly on my paper and then typed it wrong...sorry...I guess that's what I get for trying to answer the phone and type in a hurry :) Thanks for correcting....
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    Honda's 800 # customer service told me that about the addtional 1.5%

    Would you please provide the number you called. The only reason I ask is because I just called, 1-800-999-1009 and spoke to Monica who is Customer Relations Manager and she flat out told me she has no idea about holdback or any other incentives (I even gave her my DLR # and my postion at the dealership) - other the national advertised or regional incentives to consumers.

    As I stated in an earlier post, you are half correct. It's not called "balance transfer" it really has no name (atleast on the invoice) and it's a 1% credit of the MSRP before the destination charge (which just went up BTW).

    The dealership get's the 1% on the dealer statement 30 days after the close of the previous months business.

    Now, if you can get a dealer to go all the way back (the full 3%) then more power to you.

    Good luck being a professional shopper :)
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    This is interesting - this 1% is in addition to the 2% holdback? So, whether it's called holdback or not, there's 3% (let's call it) "true holdback," correct?
  • Hi,

    Just to let you know of a deal I just completed today. Hope this helps someone.

    Accord V6 EX-L Nav -- 27,569 OTD

    Vehicle Price: 27,280 ($26,645 + $635 destination)
    Doc Fee: $ 198
    Title Fee: $ 5
    New Plates: $ 86
    5% Mass Sales Tax $1,364
    Total: $28,933

    Price Pre Tax $27,569

    I am in Massachusetts. This was a painless transaction. 20 dealers contacted last night, several replies today, and negotiated with the ones most interested in dealing.

    Please let me know if you want to know more.
  • mpatel739mpatel739 Posts: 3
    I am in san francisco bay area. could you plese tell me where did yo buy honda accord EXL for this price. Is it out the door?

    thank you

    m patel
  • synergy3synergy3 Posts: 16
    Okay so after such a horrible experience at Riverside Metro yesterday (see post #20688 -

    I went to the other dealership (Honda Santa Ana) and am a VERY happy customer. Did not even have to talk pricing at all (even without a written quote), the price agreed upon was honored and I was treated very nicely, given my experience from the day before it is a breath of fresh air to be treated so well and honestly. The internet/fleet guy was experienced very easy going, true relationship selling and personable.

    I got a Nighthawk Black EX-L V6 Coupe AT - $26,100 (vehicle price no TTL), no problems at all, I was still somewhat bitter from the day before was very defensive and on guard to the sales manager when he came out to see if I'd be interested in adding a cosigner on the loan to see if they can beat the bank rate but understood when I firmly said no and I will leave immediately.

    In the end they did beat the bank, barely but they did beat rate so got the loan under same terms, no problem giving the loan to the dealership

    Day and Night from one dealership to another - the number quoted is the number received. No hassle. Also received - Wheel Locks, Splash Guards and 25% no extra charge.

  • digital_bdigital_b Posts: 129
    and which dealer would this have been? you can pm me if this violates forum rules
  • qt18qt18 Posts: 1
    Hi guys, I'm new to buying a new car, but can you guys tell me how much you pay for (including OTD price) an 08 accord coupe v4 auto ex-L with navigation? If you're not for cali, can you also tell me your tax rate? Thank you so much in advance.
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    Correct. Although it could be up to 60 days before the 1% shows on the dealer statement.
  • tatseatatsea Posts: 17
    I am in the market for an Accord with the same features. I am fairly new to this forum. Would you mind describing how you contacted the 20 dealers? Phone or email? Did you ask the dealers to give you the best quote or did you offer a set price and ask them to contact you if they would do the deal at that price?
  • sreeysreey Posts: 4
    I would appreciate if some one suggests me best OTD price for 2008 Honda Accord Sedan LX-P. I am planning to add Blue Tooth Hands free set as an accessory
    I am staying in VA looking to buy at dealers around VA MD
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