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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cgyfiremancgyfireman Posts: 12
    for an EXL-V6 loaded without the navi.
    I have been searching for months for an Atima and Accord and when I got this deal yesterday I was all over it.
    I got it at a new dealership just south of Calgary.

    Won't pick up my car for a few weeks but after test driving this car twice I'm confident it will give me years of satisfaction.

    If one is patient and willing do to some work the right deal can be had.
  • sangdsangd Posts: 4

    Which dealer did you get quote from in the bay area. I got one for EX-L including destination is = 24388+TLL
  • cgyfireman... what did you finally pay for the car including dealer fees, destination etc? Was this a sedan or coupe? Did you consider buying from the US? I know Honda is offering $3000 off a EXL V6 and $2000 off a EXL I4.

    Even though these incentives sound great, Honda Canada are still way off the US pricing.
  • scz3838scz3838 Posts: 8
    Just an FYI for all you guys still in the market, and I don't know how much truth there is to this...

    I got an email today from Ed Napleton Honda in IL from one of the sales managers. They are claiming that until June 30, all models of Accord (probably Sedans) without Nav are being offered $1000 under invoice.

    Considering how much Accords have been way overstocked (at least in the dealerships I have seen), there just might be a tinge of truth to this statement.
  • cgyfiremancgyfireman Posts: 12
    Hi twotone,
    I paid 33k out the door.It's a sedan.

    I certainly considedred going to the US(lots of my buddies have bought Toyotas down there)but Honda Canada doesn't honour the warranty.

    Also a bit tougher to sell a US version in Canada.

    I paid more but I'll get it back when I sell it.

    $4500 off MSRP a Honda was unheard of a few years ago in Canada.

    Our stronger dollar has certainly helped things.

    Certainly not as cheap as in the US but at least we're getting closer.

  • halecphalecp Posts: 14
    Could you provide the dealership you went through in OH? I'm looking for an 08 Accord EX coupe 4-cylinder and am from OH. I'm having a hard time finding 4-cyl coupes. Thanks!
  • nautica35nautica35 Posts: 11
    Fremont Honda. Where did you get your quote?
  • nautica35nautica35 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the advice. I just want to make sure I get a "fair" deal and not get ripped off.


  • yahu76yahu76 Posts: 3
    scz3838, Am looking for a car in Chicago for the last month or so and couldnt ge the delaers to go any less than invoice. Can you forward the mail to
  • Two questions:
    1. I have an offer around $20,500 (before TT&L but after destination) for the Coupe LX-S in manual. Good or not?

    2. Regarding financing, has anyone been able to successfully negotiate the 0.9% (or 2.9%) financing available to the Accord Sedan for the Accord Coupe? My dealer has said that the promotion includes the coupe, but I see nothing about this on the Honda website.

  • bluewonderbluewonder Posts: 19
    Hi I see you said this wilson, nc?....if so you might want to consider leith honda in raleigh.......i bought a 2008 honda accord ex last thursday....$21,892 + $424 for a deck lid spolier I added + 3% tax + tag/ registration ($74) + $398 doc fee for a total OTD price of $23,457.48....I think I might could have gotten them down just a wee bit more ...but...I wanted a specific color with a specific color interior and each lot I went to that color combo was missing.......I was worried I would have to get a 2nd choice color or wait for the 2009s ...your deal might be better ......but i was happy with their process it was quick and painless and they searched to find my color combo and drove it up from fayetteville ,nc......i was in the dealership for about an hour
  • nss167nss167 Posts: 8
    FYI-- I helped my father buy a new 2008 Accord LX-Auto in the DC area in mid-June. The price came to be $19015 for the car ( includes destination ) PLUS--Processing 89, VA Tax 3% and Vehicle registration/plates 128. Grand total $19806 along with 2.9% AHFC for 60 months.


    I first emailed the individual dealer web sales people or got automated quotes from their websites on the first two days. Then I emailed OR called some of the sales folks who responded. In my email I said I am looking for the lowest price as it is the end of the model year and threw out a lowball number 18500 Plus Tax and Tags only. Then I called and got a few to price match since I had quotes in my email in-box. (AUTOMATED QUOTES FROM DEALERS ARE THE BEST FOR THIS)

    Final step was to go to the dealer in person on the 3rd day and see if the cars offered had an "Appearance Package" which most of the low offers did. But I was clear that I did not want that then either they said they could drop it or could not. So I learned that :shades: this is the key question to ask when talking about low price offers.

    Finally, on day 4, I received a simple email from Sport Honda In Silver Spring MD and I called the rep immediately. Since I already knew what the lowest prices were that week due to my emails, I told her I was at the tail end of the process and I was looking for the best deal and looking to conclude that day. She gave me the best price and confirmed that there was no appearance package on the car along with my desired color, all on the phone. I said I already had financing from Navy Federal and NO trade in (SIMPLIFY THINGS FOR YOURSELF SINCE ALL THESE DEALS HAVE VARIOUS MOVING PARTS)

    In the end I spoke to her respectfully and made clear I was PRICE SHOPPING and she treated me with respect as well knowing it was a quick purchase. Now obviously the manager has the final say but I did not need to go that far b/c the numbers were to my liking.

    We were in there for about 2 hours picking up the car. Finance guy was very nice, no hard sell at all and we ended up applying for and received 2.9% AHFC Financing and were done with it.
  • sangdsangd Posts: 4
    Hi Alex,

    That is Anderson Honda.

    I also got a quote from Dublin Honda today for 23495+TLL
  • junk4usjunk4us Posts: 14
    The lowdown:

    Received internet pricing but got them to lower it by about $500.

    29,400 OTD
    Includes 3% NC tax, $74 tags, and $398 doc fee.

    Did not purchase the same day (Friday)since I did not have a NC DL or ID (required to purchase a vehicle). Already made arrangements to come in next week after I get a chance to go to the DMV.

    A manager calls me on Monday and ask what he can do to get me in there to buy the car. He wouldn't go down on the price. He was willing to help pay $200 towards the camera or the spoiler. Not both. So we took the camera, something we wanted anyways.

    So new total is: 29,866.14 OTD.
    Tax 856.14
    Reg 74
    Doc 398.14

    We did purchase the warranty there, but I will cancel that and order online via Saccuci Honda.

    Buying Experience:
    I requested online quotes. The dealership I went to gave me the lowest quote. I originally got a quote for a V6 EX-L w/o Nav for 27,300 OTD. When they couldn't go down on the price w/nav, the salesman mentioned that it was possible to get the EX-L w/o nav for 27k.

    When we went to crunch the numbers, my name was already in the system because of the online quote request. I've read that people were able to get lower prices negotiated by going in and not doing the internet quotes. If you want to start a fresh deal, then I recommend that you use a friend's name instead.

    Everything was done on the computer screen. We watch him type messages to the manager and saw the responses. The numbers were all there for us to see.

    We went in with the intent of buying an EX-L w/o nav so I was unprepared for the nav. From what I've been reading, unless you are in southern california where there's a honda dealership every 4 blocks, this is a pretty good price. It may not be the best price, but we didn't get the worst price. There are only 4 dealerships within a 30 mile radius. I even went as far as Virginia for a quote.

    I could not wait any longer to buy a car. I just moved to the area and borrowed a relative's car. Otherwise, I would wait another month or two.
  • personatechpersonatech Posts: 105
    If you don't mind, what dealer did you go to in NC?
  • junk4usjunk4us Posts: 14
    Autopark Honda in Cary. They had the lowest internet pricing. I found that they are willing to go down a few hundred from the special pricing but not much more. If you want the salesman name, send me a message.
  • nautica35nautica35 Posts: 11
    When do you plan to purchase it?
  • tangqvtangqv Posts: 1
    Automatic, Brand New, I was offered 19,000 OTD(including tax, title, and license). Decent deal? Thank you.
  • ljgbjgljgbjg Posts: 374
    What model? Decent deal or not? Check Edmunds for invoice, add destination charge. Anything near or less than that is a good deal - forget taxes, and dealer should charge no more than $150-200 for paperwork.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Sounds good to me since this is soon to be a two year old car.
  • personatechpersonatech Posts: 105
    "Hi I see you said this wilson, nc?....i"

    Yep, Wilson NC - I live in Roanoke Rapids. Our local dealer only has 3 cars I'd be interested in, an EX-L and two EX-L V6es. Rocky Mount, Wilson, Raleigh, and Durham dealers all have some pretty decent inventory so I'm shopping around quite a bit. It's decision time - looks like I sold my Beetle today so I'll need to get serious about the process now.
  • yaupon2yaupon2 Posts: 18
    Just wanted to share the details on my '08 Accord EXL Sedan MT purchase today. Purchase was from Faulkner Honda in Harrisburg, PA. Could probably have waited a little longer to get a better price, but they were the only Central PA dealer that had the MT in the trim and color combination that I preferred so I couldn't run the risk of pushing the envelope on price. Obviously the MT is not in big demand, but also has a limited inventory to negotiate against. Faulkner was also the best on price in the area by about $300-$400. Except for a small downpayment the entire car was financed at .9% APR. They also tried to sell me the Honda extended warranty, and dropped their price on it to $1,250, but would not sell it for the internet price of $915, so I passed. Here is the breakdown of the deal. Hope it helps someone with their purchase.

    Base price w/destination: $23,250 [Approximately $160 under invoice]
    Dealer Doc Fees: $55
    Accessories installed: splash guards: $134; Body side moulding: $246
    6% Sales Tax: $1,417
    Official Fees/Tags/Title: $120
    Total loan finance charge: $348
    Total OTD: $25,570
  • nitlsunitlsu Posts: 7
    For those interested - this is in DFW.

    Price: $23,400 (incl. destination)
    TTL: $1280 (lower than normal since I got 7000 on my trade-in).

    Dealer threw in the EPP (Environmental Protection Package), splash guards, tinting, trunk tray and all-season mats for another $300.
    Got the 0.9% financing for 3 yrs.
    Thanks for everyone who helped on the forum
  • '08 Accord Sedan EX-L w/Nav, 4-Cyl, AT
    Pro-Pack: wheel locks, floor mats, splash guards (no tinting or trunk tray, though)

    Los Angeles, 90049
    Price: $25,405
    w/Fees, Taxes: $27,977.81 (There was a security fee of $165 I could have prolly negotiated)
    $0 down, 0.9%APR for 36 mos
    Total Paid-Off Amount after 36 mos: $28,367.64
  • Hi Nitlsu -

    I'm trying to wrap up a deal this weekend - $23,400 seems to be good price for TX - do you mind telling me the name of the dealer?
    I'm still stuck in the $24K range in Austin/San Antonio area.

  • personatechpersonatech Posts: 105
    Here are the quoted prices for the EX-L and EX-L V6 from Hubert Vester Honda in Wilson, NC:

    2008 Honda Accord EXL
    Automatic Transmission
    Your Price $23,527 ($24,157 w/destination)

    2008 Honda Accord EXL V6
    Automatic Transmission
    Your Price $25,515 ($26,145 w/destination)

    Prices with destination in parentheses are my own calculations, not quotes from dealer.
  • junk4usjunk4us Posts: 14
    Is this the out the door price? I'm assuming it doesn't since you are including destination. Does it include NC tax (3%), doc fees, and tag? When you e-mail or call for pricing, ask for OTD price. Usually they will give you a base fee (including destination) and plus tax, doc, and tags
  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    Traded my CRV with the 08 Civic about a week ago. Love the mileage on the new Civic. Plan to trade in my PILOT or Ody for a Accord.

    Anyone got below invoice + TTL price on the 08 Accord LX-P recently in Houston Texas area? Plan to get one in the next 7 days.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I'm in the same situation. Would love to trade the Pilot but the market has collasped on 'em.
  • Here's another datapoint for everyone, i took the car home on 6/14/08:

    $28,312.60 (OTD)

    26,305.00 (car + destination + mudguards)
    1841.35 (7% indiana tax, yep its insane high!)
    16.25 (tire fee)
    150.00 (doc fee)

    Car was purchased in my hometown of indianapolis, but i called several dealers in central indiana and columbus ohio area. The lowest guys seemed to be hanging around invoice or a little less. After i got that price from a local dealer i told him exactly what car i wanted. He didn't have in stock but he found one in kentucky. Someone drove the car to indy...i didn't have to pay extra for that.

    The purchase was very smooth. Definately follow the advice offered by many others of calling several dealerships and getting quotes. It will keep you from getting ripped off. Hope this info helps!
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