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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • williwawwilliwaw Posts: 3
    Hi guys,

    Has anyone here gotten an attractive deal on a 4-dr LX-P in the chicago area? I've talked to dealers in MN and CA (where I currently live) and have been able to find a couple dealers willing to sell at 21.5 OTD.

    I decided recently it makes better sense to purchase the car in IL where I'm moving soon and have had little luck in getting any dealers to approach the 21.5 price. They are (reasonably) unwilling to price match non-IL dealers.

    From posts on this forum, 21.5 seems fairly ordinary, but is the chicago market that different?

    I was hoping to get some last day of the month windfall... but i guess not...
  • Thanks

    Goodson Honda North is telling me invoice on an EX-L i4 Auto is 24,262, which includes the destination and delivery, plus the $200 advertising fee.

    Do we have to pay their $200 advertising fee, and destination? Seems wrong to me that they are passing those costs off to the consumer.

    Also, GHN is saying that holdback is $575 on the Accord Sedan. These numbers are wrong. I wish someone would give me the real numbers.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    The destination fee is part of the price of the vehicle - just look at any window sticker. The dealer pays it and so must the customer. It's a different story with "advertising fees."

    The invoice of a 4 cylinder EX-L sedan will be either $24,063 or $24,098, depending on whether it has the "old" destination fee of $635 or the "new" one of $670.

    What possible difference does the holdback make? The only question that matters is what you can buy it for.
  • Im greedy and I dont want the dealership to make any money on me. I want to strip out the hold back. In other words, Invoice minus holdback. The dealer can make money on me in the financing, and by getting "cash back" from Honda on their volume sales.

    Thats why the hold back matters. And it also determines what I can get it for.
  • Invoice is a completely BS thing that dealers use to show what a great deal they are giving customers. It's BS. I have bought a ton of cars over the years and MOST cars can (and should) be bought below invoice. In my opinion invoice today is what MSRP was 30 years ago. Plus don't worry about what invoice is. Look at the dozens of buyers on these forums that have paid below invoice. It's not like we are posting this stuff to waste your time chasing a deal that doesn't exist. Also, remember that most likely whatever the salesguy is telling you is not 100% true. Just assume that and you are better off when buying a car. Sorry for sounding negative but that's reality.
  • I agree with this guy that you got screwed and hopefully you learned a lesson. However, maybe if you call the extended warranty company you can cancel. Some can be cancelled for 30 or 60 days and get full money back. Look into that TODAY not tomorrow. Plus, you can contact Honda Inc. Plus you can contact BBB. Bottom line is raise a little stink! Start by seeking to cancel the extended warranty. I bet you get most of the money back. Also, remember the on-line extended warranties are not for sale to California residents last time I checked. However, you are buying a Honda for gosh sakes. Live on the wild side with NO extended warranty!
  • davidddddavidddd Posts: 5
    Just got what I consider a SCREAMING offer.

    I was at $26,794.66 now.....

    Car $24,375.70
    Tax $1,706.30
    Title $100
    OTD $26,182.71

    I am getting the EX V6 with the wing spoiler and splash guards all for $24,375.70 :surprise:
  • badtrannybadtranny Posts: 33
    I am at the dealer of choice. an 08 lxp is being offered for $ 20074

    the conveyance fee is 299

    No other charges other than plates.

    Nothing being thrown in for me, and I am opting for the .9% financing,, or cash..''\\

    what do you all think?

    what kind of deal is this for an i4 automatic trans Accord??
  • astro13astro13 Posts: 26
    I test drove two different V6's after reading the VCM forum and was really looking for a noticeable shift between 6-4-3 cylinders, but to be honest I didn't notice at all. I almost went for the 4 cyl, but finally decided on the V6. I have not test driven the car I will be purchasing because they had to get it from another dealer, but before I take possession of it I will be sure to test drive it.
  • badtrannybadtranny Posts: 33
    Too late. I got the car. The next lowest price I saw on the same model is $620 more. But, seems like the dealer still made cash with the conveyance fee that he wouldn't budge on, and perhaps some incentive from the factory.
  • Hey Houston.

    I went by Goodson Honda North tonight to wrap up the purchase of a 2008 Accord EX-L Auto I4 sedan. The manager agreed to sell the car to me for $23,445 plus $299 for paint and fabric sealant plus ttl plus the doc fee. We test drove the car and its been on the lot since Feb. Production date Jan 08.

    I looked at two cars. The first car had almost 100 miles and built Jan 08. The other car (same color exterior/interior) but production date of April 08. They added tint to the windows. I offered $23,500 plus ttl, no charge on paint and fabric sealant, and no charge on tint. The manager came back with $23,744 plus $299 for the tinted windows plus ttl plus doc fee.

    The sales manager also said he was selling me the car at Invoice - holdback ($24,261 - $517 = $23744). The invoice he showed me from Honda Motor Co. is $23,427. They claim that destination and delivery is added back in ($670) to the invoice, and then an additional $200 for advertising fee for a total invoice of $24,262 ( I think they are liars).

    This sounds like a bunch of hocus pocus to me. I walked out mad. Goodson Honda North claims they add the paint and sealant package to all their cars. This is another profit area. They probably pay some vendor $50 to put that on their cars. Goodson Honda North also wanted to charge me $299 for tint. Once again, another bogus charge for something that they probably paid a vendor $125 to put on the car.

    Goodson Honda North wanted me to make a decision tonight and sign all the paper work. They also put mud flaps on all their cars, the door edge guards (which look like crap), wheel locks, and a trunk mat. Once again, anothe way of trying to make money, and forcing you to pay for upgrades.

    I walked out after thirty minutes of negotiations - MAD. Left the dealership at 9:12pm. The sales manager should have agreed to lower the price by $250, and charge me $125 for tint. If he had agreed to that deal, I would have signed up tonight. My original offer for the Accord with the $299 tint job ( $23,455 plus ttl , no doc fee, no charge for tint, no charge for mud flaps, no charge for paint and fabric sealant.)

    $299 for a sealant package and $299 for tint equals $600 in goods that I do not want to pay for. I can get tinted windows with a five year guarantee for $125 to $150 all over Houston (probably from the same people that do Goodson Honda Norths cars). It made me really mad, that they resort to playing games with the buyers order. That $299 fee for paint and sealant package is placed on the invoice as a standard item. They use that standard charge on the buyers order to mark all their cars up $299. I dont think this is fair. Plus, those mud guards make the cars look ugly.

    I hope everyone learns from my experience tonight at Goodson Honda North. I didnt feel like I was getting a good deal. And I felt pressured to sign. I wanted the Accord that had the production date of April 08 (Japan) and only 19 miles on the odometer. The Jan 08 production Accord is an old stocker - didnt sell in six months. Something must be wrong with that Accord. Plus, it had 100 miles on the odometer.

    I dont believe the invoice is $24,261 on an EX-L Auto Sedan I4. I think the true center invoice is $23,427. And all dealerships use the destination and delivery plus the advertising fee to raise their invoice price. The games dealers play.

    So please beware of Goodson Honda North. I plan on cutting a deal with Katy Honda tomorrow.

    I'm sure everyone has experienced unethical dealers who play games with the buyers order. The $299 mandatory fee is unfair. And charging me $299 for tint is outrageous.

    Good luck shopping everyone
  • Which city, state are you in? And what dealership did you buy from?
  • ljgbjgljgbjg Posts: 374
    It is important to test the actual car you will take deliver of - the complexities of the many moving parts of VCM must work well together for successful and smooth operation. It seems that in those instances where there have been complaints there is something amiss - the Active Engine Mounts, the Anti Noise Cancellation, the Grade Logic Transmission, etc. Also check my most recent post to the VCM forum from an ASE Certified Honda Technician about VCM.
  • nautica35nautica35 Posts: 11
    I talked to Honda Care and the dealer yesterday. I will be able to cancel the Extended Warranty within 60 days for a full refund. Thank goodness!

    The dealer already submitted my loan paperwork, so I will have to wait for my first bill to cancel it, and I'm okay with that.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    what was you total price including tax, license, fees etc.?
  • davidddddavidddd Posts: 5
    I am in PA and will be buying from Bianchi Honda in Erie
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    "The dealer can make money on me in the financing, and by getting "cash back" from Honda on their volume sales."

    There is no such thing. Feel free to ask around, it has been addressed time and time again. Spreading deceptive information does nothing to help this prices paid board.
  • I've worked for a Honda store before - Goodson Honda West. I am not spreading deceptive information.

    I also worked at Don MgGill Toyota, where they include a Dealer Services fee on their buyers order, that the salesmen are trained to tell their customers included a lifetime warranty on all the parts that they buy when their vehicle is fixed. And they say its mandatory. If a customer brings in their Toyota, and they pay for the water pump to be fixed, then the next time the water pump breaks, Don McGill Toyotal replaces the water pump, and the customer only pays for the labor. That was six years ago. I dont know if they still do that today. Many buyers complained about this unnecessary charge on the buyers fee. We often had to lower the price by that amount, but told the customer we had to keep it on the buyers order, because our attorneys said everyone had to pay it.

    Another scam by the dealer to boost their bottom line. Why cant they just sell cars, and be honest. Thats why I had to get out of the car business.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I dont believe the invoice is $24,261 on an EX-L Auto Sedan I4. I think the true center invoice is $23,427. And all dealerships use the destination and delivery plus the advertising fee to raise their invoice price. The games dealers play.

    According to, Invoice does NOT include destination, which will then need to be added to the price.
  • davidddddavidddd Posts: 5
    I just had another dealer tell me that the deal I got isn't possible b/c they will lose money on the car?

    I guess I will find out in 2 days
  • ljgbjgljgbjg Posts: 374
    Standard response - got the same thing from Jersey City Honda when I told them I was getting my 2008 EXL V6 w/o navi for $25,950. They told me it was a low ball figure, and if I could get it I should. Well, I did! :D

    Laugh about it every time I get in the car. I had a Manhattan dealer offer me the same deal - but when I told them I wanted the Polisehd Metal they balked - said the deal was on a metallic brown car they had not polished metal. I asked why the color should matter - if they didn't have it I would wait for it to come in. Apparently a popular color, so it would have to be a premium price!!! Right!

    The games they play are astonishing.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,604
    Customers can come up with some pretty astonishing games themselves sometimes.

    As far as color, a popular color that is in short supply can command more money.

    Conversly a dog of a color like Accord's current Bold Beige will sometimes be cheap sold because a store has five of them that have been rotting on the lot.
  • ljgbjgljgbjg Posts: 374
    That was the color on which they offered the deal. When I said I wanted polished metal, they changed their tune.
  • norskman1norskman1 Posts: 3
    Well after shopping around all of South Florida, I finally purchased a new 2008 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 in black. The best price I could find including all dealer fees and destination was $26455. Everyone else wanted to add additional fee's or they were higher. Nice buying experience as everything was done over the phone. I had prearranged finance so it was just pickup and buy. Checking these boards out really helped me. I did find some dealers gave me lower prices but when it came down to the purchase they had hidden fees. I had alot of fun shopping and now I will have a great time with my new wheels. I traded in my 1997 Ford Explorer which I purchased new so you can bet I will enjoy driving my new coupe. Thanks for everyone who asked and answered on here, it really does help.
  • badtrannybadtranny Posts: 33
    it came to ab out 21.6k
  • "The dealer can make money on me in the financing, and by getting "cash back" from Honda on their volume sales."

    There is no such thing. Feel free to ask around, it has been addressed time and time again. Spreading deceptive information does nothing to help this prices paid board.

    There totally are both of these things. I know MANY people at high level positions with most major car manufacturers. They get volume bonuses for cars sold, warranties sold, etc.... Additionally, they defintely make money on financing quite often. There is no question of this. Lastly, "invoice" is a total fictitious thing. Sadly car dealerships just breed lying and un-truths which contribute to the feelings we all feel toward the industry... while the owners sit in their mansions atop the hill counting money!
  • lmao. I was told the same thing when I asked a dealer about the LX-P for 21.4k OTD. They told me it's too low and I must of heard it wrong. They even told me to get it before it's too late. I told them I heard it right and they then told me to come to the dealership and they'll work together with me to get the best deal. YEAH RIGHT!!! When a dealer tells you this, it's total BS.

    I went and brought my LX-P from Hardin Honda for 21.4K OTD. The other dealer called me back to see if I was still interested in the car still. I told them I just brought the car for 21.4K OTD.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,604
    Sorry, no volume bonuses, at least with Honda.

    Yes, they can make money on financing and why shouldn't they? A customer can always seek out their own financing if they desire.

    Do you have a problem with a business making a (gasp) prrofit or do you just have a problem with a car dealership making a profit?

    It takes, literally MILLIONS of dollars to open a dealership today and the overhead is staggering to say the least.

    A dealer willing to invest that kind of money in a business that is tough and competitive DESERVES a nice lifestyle!
  • Closed the deal last night for 4 cyl EX-L Sedan Auto no navi in Austin -

    Price was higher than I could have done in Houston/Dallas but was the best I could get in Austin/San Antonio area by about $300 or so.

    This included destination and also the pin stripe/sealants/door/wheel guard package (supposed list of $895). Final drive out after tax, etc. was about $25,700

    Did no-money-down financing at 0.9%, so first time I walked out of dealership without writing any check -

    Dealer experience was fine - very professional - minimal pressure for add-ons or extended warranty. Out in 2 hours, big part of time waiting for car to be cleaned because they were selling a fair number of vehicles last night.
  • In regards to the Volume bonuses, please read below from a post that I found on here. Get your facts straight before you correct people.

    I am a Honda dealer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Here in the Twin Cities all six dealer co-op advertising (commercials, Strib, Pioneer Press, ETC...). As a result, each invoice has an added $200.00 to reflect our co-op fee's. This is a legit charge that is added at the factory - not at dealership level. Here is how the pricing breaks down:
    26495.00 Honda MSRP
    24263.00 Co-op advertising adjusted invoice
    -727.00HOLD BLACK (only 485.00 is the HTB - the other 242.00 covers fixed costs)
    -400.00 Honda special advertising adjustment (4cyl Accords only - payable ONLY if you hit 110% of your volume Honda sets for your store)
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