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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    I bought my accord from Autowest Honda. I didn't buy the LX-P, I bought the LX automatic for $20K OTD. Livemore Honda is a good Honda Dealer too. When I bought my accord lx automatic, livermore had them on sale for $18,500 plus ttl and fees. Bottomline is if I paid $20K OTD for LX, then a LX-P can be bought for around $21.5K, since the MSRP has a $1K from LX to LX-P. I was looking for the best car for around $20K and the accord stands out with most standard features compared to altima and camry. Its a great car.
  • k203206k203206 Posts: 20
    Hi Mazda6dude,

    Thanks for the information... You got yourself a great deal and I know you will have many happy years with your new car! Hopefully, I can get a deal as good as yours in my area...

    take care... :shades:
  • 07pilot4me07pilot4me Posts: 52

    can anyone give feedback as to how the stock was on the lx-p's 4cyl sedan. i live in sacramento, we bought our pilot from Auburn Honda last year and looking to trade in my Tahoe. wondering if the dealers you or anyone else visited had a good amount of stock on hand. was looking to purchase around September so i need to gauge supply vs getting a car at a good price since they are clearing out inventory for the 09's

    if an LX can be had for 20K OTD then my target is somewhere in the low $21,xxxK or even better come September

    thanks :)
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    Thanks! Good luck on your deal. Make a strong stance and keep to your price range.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    I think there is a good amount of LX-P's. I haven't been on lot since March, but there was a good amount. I stopped by autowest honda a few weeks ago and I saw many LX-P's. You are exactly right, target price for a LX-P should be in the low $21K. Come September you might be able to get one for around $21K. I used the LX as a benchmark to figure the approximate price for the LX-P.
  • Hey k203206

    I got my LX-P auto for 21.4K OTD at Hardin Honda in Anaheim. Since you live in Corona, it should not be that far away for you. What you should do to get the best deal is to get a quote from Moss Bros in Moreno Valley and use that to get you the best deal at Hardin Honda. I know lots of people who brought a Honda from Hardin Honda and their experience there were great.

    You could try and ask Hardin Honda if you can get an Accord LX-P auto for 21.4K OTD because you know someone that got it for that price there. I believe that there are other people on Edmund here that got the same price at Hardin Honda. If you go to Hardin, they have so many 08 Accord there and they'll want to move them all. My experience with Hardin is that they seem trustworthy and they don't BS you.
  • Hi:
    Thanks for you guys for posting so many very useful information. They are trully helpful. I live in Houston, looking for a deal for accord LX. I wonder if somebody can share with me his(her) shopping experience and OTD in houson area. Many thanks.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    A lot of people think that the longer the wait the more prices go down and the opposite is true.

    By September, most of the 2008's will be gone and prices actually will rise as people scramble to buy these clearance cars. As inventories shrink, prices will go up. I see this every year.

    Also, the cars get picked over and you might have to settle for a color or model you didn't really want.

    Your Tahoe will only go down in value, especially if gas prices stay where they are or go higher. SUV's are VERY difficult to get anyone to bid on right now and I don't think it's going to get any better.

    The smart shoppers that want a clearance buy are starting their shopping now.
  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    A Honda dealer in Benton Harbor, Michigan told me yesterday that the 2009s won't be in stock into early or mid-October. Does that jive with what you've heard?

    Bud H
  • "A lot of people think that the longer the wait the more prices go down and the opposite is true.

    By September, most of the 2008's will be gone and prices actually will rise as people scramble to buy these clearance cars. As inventories shrink, prices will go up. I see this every year.

    Also, the cars get picked over and you might have to settle for a color or model you didn't really want. "

    By then, the 2009 will come out and dealers would want to move as many of the 2008 out as possible to make room for the 2009 models. If prices raise, then people should just buy the 2009 model. If people are looking for the Accord, there should be many in stock because they are not moving right now. If they are not moving fast enough and the 2009 Accords are coming in, they will discount it so people would buy it as fast as possible to make room for the 09.

    If the 08 inventories shrink, that means there will be an increase in the 09 inventories. I think people would rather buy an 09 instead of the 08 if it was the same price. The Accord is newly design so we'll get about 4-5 years of the same design so nothing changes at all. Because people would rather get the 09 for the same price as the 08, it'll leave the 08 inventories there on the lot. Since the dealers want to get rid of the 08, the price will go down anyway.

    Are you just telling people this so people would go buy the 08 right now so that you can make a huge profit instead of a smaller profit in September?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    I would be really surprised if this is the case. In 13 years, I've never seen a new model arrive that late.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    "Are you just telling people this so people would go buy the 08 right now so that you can make a huge profit instead of a smaller profit in September? "

    Yeah, that's it. You've found me out.

    People are funny. They try to over-analyze things and sometimes they outsmart themselves in the process.

    I don't really care that you question my motives but I can assure you of two things. Try to stay with me here...

    1. The selection of 2008 Accords will be much smaller in September than right now. Wouldn't you agree?

    2, Do you think that Tahoe will be worth MORE two months from now than it is today?

    Personally, I would much rather pay 500.00 more for a new 2009 than a clearance 2008 because I don't usually keep my cars that long.

    Five years down the road, that 2009 will be worth more than an extra 500.00 over a 2008.

    On the other hand, though, the 2008 would have a year of no miles as opposed to the 2009 that would have "normal" miles on it which would give it an "add" for miles.

    If a person keeps their cars for ten years, it wouldn't matter much.

    It's all perception and people can be so funny sometimes!

    Life is short...
  • Who cares about the Tahoe. I'm talking about the Accord here because this is an Accord thread. I agree with you that the selection of 08 Accords will be much smaller in September than right now but then the 09 Accords would be coming in too. Since the 08 and 09 Accords are going to be the same because it's a newly design car, the price will be the same. People will buy the 09 Accord instead of the 08 for the same price. By that time, it'll be hard to move the 08 Accord for the same price as the 09 Accord. Therefore, the 08 will be discounted a lot more so that dealers can get rid of it as soon as possible. They don't want to keep it on the lot for over a year.

    As for your comment about the five years down the road, I would agree with that. The car will depreciate more over more years. So, if that's the case there, then saving about $500 more for the 08 over the 09 will be worth it if you are selling the car in 5 years. But if you are going to keep your car for longer than that, then it would be better to get the cheaper discount on the 08.

    For me though, since I just graduated a year ago and working at my new job for a year now, I am tight on money. So, if I was able to save over $1000 below invoice for an 08, I would take that over the 09 at the invoice price.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    " Who cares about the Tahoe"

    Um..the person who will be trading it in would certainly care about it's value, woudn't you think?

    1000.00 below invoice? Don't think so.

    You seem to have all of the answers, so I do wish you well!
  • Well, I got my LX-P auto for $1,100 below invoice. I also helped at least 3 other people get it for $1,100 below invoice also.
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Posts: 315
    I just got back from Performance Honda in Fairfield Ohio and got a brand new Honda Accord LX auto for $20,700 Out the door. my tax rate is 6.5% so you can do the math. I did the deal though their internet site and was at the dealer less than a hour. I got the 2.9% finance and am very impressed with the car.
  • 07pilot4me07pilot4me Posts: 52
    thanks for the responses. i actually think there will be more of a demand for the 4x4 tahoe when winter comes near. and tracemiller is correct, i just mentioned the tahoe in passing, might not even sell it when i try and purchase an accord in September (certainly not going to give it away)

    so my logic is wrong, i could have sworn that the 08 Accord was carrying a premium since it is a new model year. and i question that the dealers will raise the 08 prices will rise towards the end of the year as you claim isellhondas...

    well anyways thanks for the responses. still sticking with my strategy....if i happen to miss out then..... i guess i will be buying a similarly priced 09 :)
  • Can anyone tell me if honda uses Auto Enhanced Scores or regular ficos and what Credit Bureaus do they use...such as Equifax, Transunion, Experian?

    Looking to buy HOnda ACcord LX-P!

    Based on your buying experience!
  • Well, I got it (LXP-AT) for 21.6k out the door at Autowest Roseville, CA. By the way, tax is based on where you live; it is not based on where you make the purchase your car. Sales tax is 7.75% for Sacramento County.
  • 2008honda2008honda Posts: 17

    Just show in our FL dealer website as follow:

    5 Year / 60,000 Mile Bumper To Bumper Honda Factory Warranty!!

    AND Right Now Get a $1,000 Gas Card with Every New Car Purchase Starting July 3rd '08!!

    *Gas Card not available with Fits & Civics. See Dealer for Details.

    What do you think?

    I am trying to get LX for 19k (OTD) we have 6% tax... + $500 dealer fees + $120 tag and junk fee,,,, Any one out there?

  • personatechpersonatech Posts: 105
    As noted before, earlier this week I purchased an Accord EX-L sedan at what I consider to be a good price. However, an incident of sorts has been bugging me ever since the process concluded, so I'll try to start at the beginning and see what everyone thinks. Let me say that I try to be honest and upfront in my dealings. Read on, and you'll see why I am bothered.

    Over the last few weeks, I've been considering the usual family sedan fare: the Accord, the Camry (preferably Hybrid), the Altima, and the Malibu. Some weeks ago I emailed the Internet Manager at Honda Dealer A about a NOS Accord Hybrid I was interested in. Turns out the car had just sold, but I was on their mailing list and began to receive notices of pricing specials, all of which were very competitive. The Internet Manager also put me in touch with one of the salesmen, who invited me to stop by sometime when I was in town.

    A few weeks later, one such special from the dealership was on an Accord Coupe and, being in the area on other business, I opted to drop by and have a look. It was a no-pressure environment; we took the car for a test drive and, though I decided the car wouldn't meet my needs, I liked the dealership enough that I ensured them that when it came time to buy I would keep them in mind.

    I put the car shopping process on hold for a few weeks while I attended other matters, but when my old car attracted a lot of interest on Craigslist I knew I had to get serious about the process. I was still undecided about which car to buy, although by now the hybrid craze knocked the Camry Hybrid off the list due to poor availability and price gouging.

    Now we have a local Honda dealership, small with limited inventory. One reason I had test-driven the Coupe at the distant dealership was that the locals didn't have one in stock at the time. I still needed to test drive Accord s (4 and 6 cyl) plus the dealership had a "sister" Nissan dealership where I could test drive the Altima. I emailed their Internet Manager but the response was poor, so I called them up and arranged to test drive a couple of Accords.

    The local salesperson I met (we'll call him Mr. X) was personable enough. When he handed me his card, I noted that he was listed as an Internet salesperson but not the same person as was listed on their website. He explained that they both shared Internet duties. OK, we take the cars out, each for a 15 minute spin. I thank him and note that I still needed to test the Altima and Malibu (I had actually test-driven a Malibu months before but needed to refresh my memory), plus I'd like to have my wife along before we made a decision. He said sure, no problem.

    Friday of last week, my old car sold at its asking price. Even though I was not 100% sure, I was definitely leaning towards purchasing an Accord so that Saturday I emailed requests for quotes to numerous Honda dealerships in the area, including Honda Dealership A an hour's drive away and my local dealer. Most responded quickly; my local dealer, however, did not.

    I arrange with my buyer to deliver the car to him on Tuesday. He's about an hour and a half away in the same general direction as Honda Dealership A (this will come into play later). The dealer with the best quote by about $300 was in the same town as my car's buyer so this could be very convenient, indeed.

    Monday June 30 comes and I need to test drive four cars with my wife. We start with the Malibu at the local Chevy dealer. Then we contact Mr. X, who says he'll be available at 3PM and can show us both the Altima and the Accords. Good, that gives me time to check my email to see if I've received any more quotes. I've gotten a couple more but nothing from the local dealer yet.

    We show up at 3 and he's almost ready to go. I ask whether or not he's read my email from Saturday, he says he hasn't had time today to check his emails yet! Hmmmm... you'd think an Internet sales guy would be glued to his email when not with someone but maybe he's been real busy so I give him a pass. 10 minutes later we start with the Altima, then test drive an Accord EX-L and EX-L V6. It's about 4:30 when we are done with our test drives. My wife and I quickly decide we like the Accord best of the bunch (Malibu was #2) , but are unsure whether to go with the 4 or the 6. We begin to leave and think about it overnight - that's when Mr. X steps in...

    He asks that if he could come up with numbers that "sing" (his words), could we do business? I note that their selection is limited and none of the color combos on the lot appeal to me. He explains that he could do a dealer trade - yep, I've done that before so that's no problem. He also states that it's the last day of the month and that he's very anxious to make a sale and was willing to cut a good deal. I note that I've already received some excellent quotes from other dealers but, as I did not have my notes with me, I didn't state what those offers were (I remembered them being generally 23700 to 24200 for the EX-L, 26,000 to 27,200 for the V6). We were hesitant but agree to look at what he has to offer. We go to his office where he quickly excuses himself to "see what he could do for us".

    Twenty minutes later he comes back with a single sheet of paper with two OTD numbers: $27,500 for the four-cylinder and $30,500 for the V6!! Holy crap!! No breakdown, no description of fees, nothing!!! I'm pissed, my wife is tired, it's getting close to dinnertime, and after all his build-up this is the best he could do? I say no way so he asks for a counter-offer. I don't give him one, I excuse myself saying it's time for dinner and we want to think about it. In my mind, though, this guy's already blown the deal trying to take me for a sucker at close to full MSRP. He suggests that I come by with a counter-offer after dinner; I say I'll think about it and we leave. We go home, have dinner, and as I think about how we were treated I get angrier so we decide not to return.

    The next day I deliver my car to its purchaser. The sun is shining, the humidity is low, it's a great drive of about an hour and a half and that transaction goes as smoothly as one could hope. My wife had followed me down so we go together to the dealer with the lowest quote to see what they have in stock. Again, we are disappointed that they don't have the car we're looking for (by now we have decided on a black/ivory I4 sedan). We decide to drop by Honda Dealership A on the way home. They have the car we want, they almost come down to the cheapest quote I have, they throw in some accessories, we're happy, we buy the car.

    * cont'd next msg *
  • personatechpersonatech Posts: 105
    * cont'd from prev msg *

    During that day I received several calls from dealers with quotes, including the previous night's local guy trying to "touch base". I realize that I'll be bombarded with phone msgs until I resolve the issue so the next day I contact everyone who'd sent quotes or who I'd contacted personally to let them know of our purchase and to thank them for their time. The local Honda salesrep, however, was not yet in so I left a message telling him thanks, but we'd purchased elsewhere.

    Later that morning while shopping for stuff at a Lowe's I get a return call from the local Honda salesrep who proceeds to admonish me for not doing business with him. He's actually getting irate on the phone, saying that after spending the afternoon with me he thought he deserved my business! I finally had to tell him that he had his chance and blew it. I told him that his opening outrageous offer suggested to me that he would not have minded taking advantage of me and I didn't appreciate that. I note that it also suggested to me that he was NOT serious about earning my business. Here I find myself in the Lowe's garden center practically yelling at this bozo on the phone, defending my actions that I shouldn't have to defend....

    ...or should I? Did I really do wrong to this guy; should I have given him the opportunity to continue negotiations? Prior to his phone call, I was at least planning on taking the car to their dealership for servicing but as of now that relationship is largely poisoned. I'm thinking of writing the sales manager about this (especially the last phone call which I considered to be extremely unprofessional) but, frankly, I suspect the negotiation that set things off was as much his doing as Mr. X's. Perhaps the best alternative is to just let it go, not worry about it and enjoy the car but if I don't say anything then someone less informed than I might really be taken by these guys... :confuse:
  • In long threads you basically said you talked to a bunch of dealers, bought from a dealer far away, and local dealer rude about you not buying from him. Every sales guy has a different approach. Their approach may work with one buyer and not another. Thus another buyer might like the high starting price because he is able to "negoatite" a lot of money off that opening offer. Makes him feel good. Others, like me, just like bottom line simplicity. In the end you did nothing wrong except to get into a discussion with the guy. When he called you could have just said, "I bought the car elsewhere thank you for your time." If he start babbling on about this and that you would just say, "thank you" and hang up. I think you made a really long post about very little. It sounds like you worry about a lot of trivial stuff.
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    Let is go--- it is not important--- these things have a way of taking care of themselves .
  • tbt1tbt1 Posts: 1
    I suspect Larryallen is the salesman you dissed. But really, the salesman had his shot and decided to insult your intelligence with a predatory offer. Screw him. I wouldn't give it a second thought. He got what he deserved
  • I suspect Larryallen is the salesman you dissed.

    Sadly no. I am the only occupation lower than a car salesman... a lawyer.
  • Yes... You have too much time in your hand if you like something buy it!!! if someone invest his time test driving you and your wife which im sure it took longer then what was stated.... you cant have good service and good price.... Price is listed on window pay it just like everything else you buy...... I can't belive most of the people in this forum to save few hundrend they will spend upto a month of there time.... get a life buy a car and move on.... if you cant offord it buy a cheaper car

  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    You are going to too many dealers test drving many cars and emailing numerous internet departments.
    Do not be concerend about the breakdown of the price ... What really matters is OTD because we ALL pay an OTD price.
    $30,500 OTD for a V6 Accord is a crazy high price.. a V6 Coupe with Navi is 29,375 OTD and a Sedan would be 29 even OTD.
  • You'll be stupid to pay sticker for a car. That salesman was trying to rip him off by playing him like that. If I salesman try to do that to me, I'll just stand up and leave. They don't want to just earn your business, they want to suck you for all the money they can get. If I paid sticker on my car, then I would have lost $3700. That's 2 weeks of my pay there.

    Also, you can have good service and good price. When I went to buy my car, I had great service and and great price. Because of that, I referred some people to the dealership and they had the same experience like I. I'm sure they referred other people too.

    Also, why are you in these forum for? People are here to look for what price they should look for when buying a car. Since you are here, it tells me that you are trying to look for a deal. You are probably doing research to get a good deal on a car. I don't think you would pay sticker price on a car.
  • personatechpersonatech Posts: 105
    I test-drove cars at two dealers: the local dealer who eventually went off the deep end and one who had a Coupe in stock when my local dealer didn't (and from whom I eventually purchased the Sedan). I emailed lots of dealers as do many other members of this forum. As far as having too much time on my hands, you may be correct there - I'm a college prof on summer break. Hard life, I know... :shades:

    I've never liked OTD because it is determined in part by where someone lives. I pay 3% tax in NC, I've seen others (maybe New Jersey?) paying something like 7%. Comparing a NC OTD price to a NJ OTD price is NOT comparing apples to apples, so to speak. I much prefer comparing a pre-tax OTD price.

    At any rate, I've decided it's not worth my time to worry about this any longer - I'd rather be driving my Accord! ;)
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