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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nardisnardis Posts: 4
    good deal! can I ask you how much you paid OTD?
  • parcrparcr Posts: 4
    Yes, 23,300 + 7% sales tax + $45 car registration. Bought my car in Boch Honda, MA. I still felt there was room for negotiation after I made the deal. Try buying a car with a high volume dealer. You have a huge bargaining wndow with them. Ask them for their invoice first and start at $1000 less than invoice.
  • parcrparcr Posts: 4
    I bought my car in Boch Honda, MA. 23,300 for a 4-CYL EX-L Coupe is an OK price I feel. There sure is more room for negotiation I feel. For an EX I suggest not paying more than 21,000. Be sure to think about the APR also, they may give you a good deal on the car, but will get you at the APR (If you are going with Honda or their financing). Always have an idea of what your bank is offering and try to work on an APR less than that.
  • diytryingdiytrying Posts: 2
    I'm a widow and getting ready to buy my first car in many years by myself. I liked my local dealership but I want to go in the negotiation with other buyer's prices in New Jersey if possible. The salesman originally asked me if I would be interested in the car at invoice plus $200. (Invoice includes dest fee.) It looks like people in some other parts of the country are doing better than this. This dealership doesn't seem to have many choices but seems to get some in everyday so I don't know if they are using that as a pricing thing. Does anyone have any fairly recent experience in New Jersey? Thank you.
  • halecphalecp Posts: 14
    Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it. I intend to meet with the dealer this week. Hopefully they will be true to their offer. :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    No problem. Keep us posted with what happens! ;)
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 421
    Hey all, looking to help out my sister in law with a new Accord she's looking at.

    2008 Honda Accord
    EX-L 4dr Sedan w/Navigation (2.4L 4cyl 5A)

    Here was the offer:

    25,624.00 which included remote start installed. EX-L, Auto with NAV
    1793.68 Tax
    284.00 Title
    7.50 Tire Fee
    9.00 some misc DMV fee
    349.00 4 years of registration.

    28,067.18 out the door.

    I wanted to run it by some folks here. This is in the Central NJ area. Edmunds has the invoice at 26,086 for this model including 660 destination charge. Remote start usually MSRP's for 500 bucks. So the offer of 25,624.00 seems like a very good one? I feel like I'm missing something.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    What's the deal with registration for 4 years? I live in Alabama, and pardon my ignorance, but I have no idea what you are talking about. We buy tags anually, and my "registration" is my tag purchase receipt. Other than that I know of no "registration" unless I'm forgetting something myself. What we do have is only renewed anually.

    Thanks in advance...

    Regarding the price on the EX-L Navi 2.4 5AT, the price seems pretty darn good, especially considering that remote start is included. Tax is quite high it seems, but nothing to do about that I guess! :P
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 421
    Hey Graduate,

    Dont get me started on our taxes. It's brutal. :)

    Oh yeah in NJ at least, you can register a new car for 4 years instead of the typical 1 year. So it's basically the DMV registration fee x 4. I think(?) this is pretty standard here... if not someone let me know heh.

    The price seems too good. I'm gonna have to have her double check it.

    EDIT: You know what I'm thinking now... that price sounds like it's for manual transmission. It would make more sense. I'm gonna have to ask her to check that.

    Manual invoice for an EX-L with Nav is $25,363. Plus a few hundred for remote start. Hmm.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,043
    In Arizona the registration for the car you are buying is about $500 for one year!
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  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • missmelmissmel Posts: 13
    What about tag and dealership fees?
  • cuvangcuvang Posts: 31
    I will try $23,000 even on EXL 4cyn sedan at my local dealership tomorrow and see what happens. Wish me luck.
  • stephen71stephen71 Posts: 1
    i just purchased a 2088 accord ex with mud guards, pin striping and body side moldins for $22,300 including destination. purchased in greenwich ct. no other dealer in ct. would match.
  • semantic2semantic2 Posts: 28
    Any body have quotes or prices for a 08 or 09 Honda Accord LX in the New Orleans area? I'm helping my brother-in-law look for one but I am not in his area and his access to internet is somewhat limited.

    Also if you have dealer info and experience please let me know.

    thanks in advance.
  • bulldog12bulldog12 Posts: 7
    I am intereted in the exact car you purchased. The 2008 EX-L 4cyl Auto with NAVI. Can you give more information regarding your deal? Did you finance? If so how much did you pay up front, put down, and what is your monthly payment?
  • socalhondasocalhonda Posts: 24
    Yes I paid $23,000 (plus Tax and title and registration) for a 08 4cyl auto EX-L sedan w/out navi (included dest) here in Los Angeles last June and I got 2.9% financing. Los Angeles has great prices for Accords but it seems the rest of the country is paying more. I suppose the inventory is now dwindling but you never know, I even saw a brand new 2007 Accord EX V-6 on a dealer lot last Friday! Now that was marked way down.
  • cuvangcuvang Posts: 31
    I called Hardin they wanted $23.397 and told them your price , they say maybe. I have to be in store for manager approval. They have over 120 in stock. Will go tomorrow.
  • cuvangcuvang Posts: 31
    Is it a EXL sedan 4cyn? Wow that is unheard of , thats $2,000 off invoice! great job!
    How did you negotiate to this price? I offered $23,000 in SoCAL today, will wait til tomorrow to pull trigger.
  • socalhondasocalhonda Posts: 24
    You need to try Hardin Honda in Anaheim or Honda of Hollywood. Do everything over the internet and walk in, write the check and drive off. Both dealers are fair and will not try to rip you off. Just ask for a quote from the internet dept. and go from there. I got my Accord from Honda of Hollywood and they were very fair and didn't try to trick me in any way.
  • john91cjohn91c Posts: 10
    Wow you guys are getting great deals. I just bought a '08 Accord EX-L for $24,000 (includes dest & handling of $635 and clear bra for $399) + tax, which final #'s came in at $24,318. We're allowed to take off the trade value of our car and just pay the difference in the new car- trade in value for tax. So I only paid taxes on around $3300. We got the Polished Metal Metallic with gray interior. We got the car in Denver, CO, at Go Honda on 104th.
  • jks6jks6 Posts: 1

    I am looking to purchase an EX 4 cyl sedan in nj. What is the price I should aim for while negotiating. Also, if anyone has purchased one in nj, can they recommend a dealer? Thanks in advance for all your advise
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    what did you trade in???
  • john91cjohn91c Posts: 10
    I made a bad choice in a earlier purchase in Jan. I bought a Jeep liberty lmtd 2008. I lost some $ because of the down payment but didn't end up "belly up" when they gave me trade in value for it.

    the reason it was a bad choice is because we already have a mini-van, odyssey, and we really didn't need 2 big cars/suv's. So we downsized to a mid/full sedan. The Liberty actually got decent gas mileage for a suv, 16 city, 23 highway.
  • when will the 2009 honda come out?
    will it be much more expensive than the 2008's that they are selling on the lots now?
    seems like a lot of accords in inventories on dealer lots
    what will the 2009 have that the 2008 accord does not?
    am I better off buying a 2008 for the price advantage?
    will there be any upcoming deals to get rid of hte 2008's before the 2009's come out?
    what is better? an accord or a camry?
    I like them both but the accord is about 1500 more for a 2008 versus a 2009 camry
    what gives with that?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,604
    I suppose I could let the resident "experts" answer your question and I'm sure they will correct me but...

    Look for 2009's in Spetember. I expect few if any differences.

    Yes, they will cost more. Everything is going up.

    You can get an excellent deal on a 2008 but don't wait too long.

    Both are good cars but the Accords drive so much better. My opinion only.

    Don't get confused over pricing because Toyota offers a bunch of confusing option packages. Hondas don't cost any more.

    Good Luck!
  • viet1viet1 Posts: 10

    Real men drive top Accord or Acura. Choosy Moms drive Camry. That's the rule of thumb. No question asked.
  • when will the 2009 honda come out?

    will it be much more expensive than the 2008's that they are selling on the lots now?
    No, it'll probably be the same price because the 08 has been redesign so the next 4/5 years will look like the 08 accord right now. Look at all the other generation of Accord before that. They keep the same design for 4/5 years. So, the 2008-2012 will be consider the 8th generation Accord. Nothing will be new and the 09 will be the same as the 08. Plus, the economy is not good right now so prices will not go up as Accords are not moving as fast as the Civics.

    seems like a lot of accords in inventories on dealer lots
    Yes, there are many. Accords do not move as much as Civics because of gas prices and the economy.

    what will the 2009 have that the 2008 accord does not?
    It'll both be the same. Same answer as above.

    am I better off buying a 2008 for the price advantage?
    It's up to you. Wait til the 09 comes out before getting the 08. You can negotiate more because dealers will want to move the 08 to make room for the 09. Don't worry about selection being low because you can select from the 09, if what you want from the 08 is not available anymore. Why pay the same price for the 09 when you can get the 08, which is the same car, for cheaper by haggling(must be at least
    $1000 below invoice to be consider cheaper, IMO).?

    will there be any upcoming deals to get rid of hte 2008's before the 2009's come out?
    I don't know about this.

    what is better? an accord or a camry?
    Camry are for older people while the accord is more for the younger generation. My parent just got a new camry and i don't like it as much as the accord. Accord is for male while camry is for female.

    I like them both but the accord is about 1500 more for a 2008 versus a 2009 camry
    what gives with that?
    Because the Accord is a cooler car. I like the Accord more because of how it handles. The camry isn't good at handling. This is what I got from driving both the accord and camry. Camry are cheaper than Accord in term of pricing but both are reliable car. Not that much difference between the features that comes with it. Accord have vehicle stability, camry doesn't. Camry has lumber support, Accord doesn't. etc....
  • ashton_nashton_n Posts: 16

    I have been trying to find some posts here with dealers in southern california region for EX-L V6 AT but have'nt found much info. Could anyone guide me to the right dealers that will give a good price without haggling like crazy.
  • socalhondasocalhonda Posts: 24
    ashton n:

    For southern California honda dealers try Hardin Honda in Anaheim and Honda of Hollywood. They both have good reputations and are low haggle dealers...use the internet dept's. I got my EX-L 4cyl Sedan at Hollywood Honda.
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