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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • obolonobolon Posts: 1
    Just received quote on 08 Accord 4 door auto no navi EX-L:
    22128 price
    670 freight
    399 processing fee (i know-too high)
    ~700 VA tax (~3%)
    ~60 tags & title
    total OTD @ 23975

    Also for EX:
    total OTD @ 22112
    Quoted prices was first response for my email. Do you guys think i have more room to haggle, or should I proceed ? On top of that they offer free wheel locks, mudflaps and pinstripe...... I have four different quotes so far, closest one about one thousand higher. I didn't haggle with anyone yet. Everything in Central Virginia.
  • car price 25000
    tax .8375$+dmv
    total 27000 OTD
    how is the price ... need help. buy within next two wekks
  • spt3spt3 Posts: 6
    Can you please tell me where you saw this ad? I got a price quote for 23,646 from them for EX-L w/o nav. auto..4 cyl. :)
  • spt3spt3 Posts: 6
    What dealership did you use?.....I would not mind traveling to get that price.
  • Sounds great. Where did you get it?
  • I just got a quote for $21.5 from a large dealership in SoCal for an EX I4 AT with cloth seats but they will probably add mud flaps, wheel locks and trunk trays for $250.

    I also go a quote for the same for $22K from a local dealer. I generally would like to go local, if I can.

    Any comments on these prices?
  • mfbonomfbono Posts: 48
    Full page ad in Boston Herald 8/6/08.. Dealer is open till midnight until Labor Day.
  • sounds good. On July 6th I bought a LX Auto for $19,024 + tax. It is really a great car. I am getting 28 to 32 miles per gallon now. First tank was only 23 MPG but better now.
  • Please post how you make out. I have just started searching in Eastern PA and best I got so far the 2008 LX-P auto is $20,419 + TTL. Based on post I have seen doesn't look good enough.
  • jonnixojonnixo Posts: 4
    i got a similar quote from some dealer in va but i still think there is room to nego. since the 09's r out on the dealers lot.
  • rpg55rpg55 Posts: 3
    just took delivery in rockville md for following price
    vehicle 25,700
    dealer processing 100
    tax 1,593
    tags 222
    out the door 27,615
    only extra was wheel locks for $79 included above
    does this look like a good deal--
  • so far my best quote is 19928 with dest, with 199 doc fees, 254 dmv and 7.50 tires, the otd is 21,774. so we will see, i still have to re-send the e-mails to all of them and see if they will do better. you should not pay more than 22000 OTD. sincei have other quotes with that amount, do you have a trade in?
    i am purchasing this saturday or maybe today
  • rpg55, Your price is better than any offered around here in East Tn, Western NC,
    and Upstate SC. The best around here is just above invoice. However, thanks
    to all the posts on this site, I'm not done yet!

    I do want to add that your post is excellent. Sale Price is the key to comparison knowledge. Taxes, Tags, Fees, and dealer pack vary wildly, so is really nice to
    see the break down of charges upfront.
  • About a month or so ago I was at the Rockville Herson's dealership too. I test drove the same car you did. For me the salesman & manager gave me an OTD of $29500. Then again this was only the "first round" of negotiations.

    Herson's didn't have the color I wanted (gold) and I didn't like the attitude of the manager so I left without trying to get a lower price out of them.
  • Hi ashton, i just wanna know since you got your car at spreen Honda, how much did they charge you for the dmv/reg. fees? I just got a price breakdown from them and there's something funny on the numbers. If you can share the fees breakdown you paid i will appreciate mayn. I'm buying a car this weekend so it'll be good to know. Thanks.
  • thanks for the information. No trade in for me so it should make it a bit easier to shop price. I want an LX-P but haven't ruled out the LX. Wonder what the best in the NJ/PA is for those before TTL?

    When you strike your deal would you mind emailing me who gave you the best deal? Thanks for the help.
  • i will post it for all of you guys, and not to brag about it, but the prices i got so far are the best in thye entire tri-state area on the 2008 LXP automatic. so far the best is $21700 OTD, so we will see by tomorrow
  • dlflyboydlflyboy Posts: 24
    I received a quote for a loaded accord sedan EX-L V6 w/navi. Had installed acc...rear wing spoiler, mud guards, moonroof wind deflector, pin strip and the paint sealeant. The quote out the door was 30,400.00. I told the salesman I would take it. Cash right then. After signing the papers he comes back and says there's a problem. They gave me a quote on a 2008. The one they have on the lot is a 2009. I knew this before even coming in to the dealer cause I checked their inventory. I even told the salesman it's a 2009. Well he says it's gonna cost more year. He went back to the manager and later came back with a price of almost 1k more. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I said forget it!! Don't deal with Jerry Damson Honda. What idots!
  • I bought an Accord EX auto (2008) for $21,550 including transportation on July 16. The only optional equipment it had was wheel locks. If you want that other stuff, then you might be able to get them to throw them in, or, at the least, get them for a little less ($21,600 maybe?). Still not a bad deal. It's a great car! Good luck!
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,043
    FYI an 09 is $500 more expensive then an 08
    2005 G35 Sedan
    2007 G35 Sedan
    2008 G37 Sedan
    2010 G37 Coupe
    2012 G37 Sedan
    2014 Q50 RWD

    2015 QX60 RWD - Black Obsidian/Graphite - Premium Plus
    2017 Q60 3.0t RWD - Majestic White/Graphite - Premium Plus, Driver's Assist, Leather, Illuminated Kick Plates
  • adrix7adrix7 Posts: 1
    hi we are planning to get a accord sedan ex 2008.. we want to finance it for 60 month

    what do you think is the best price( all inclusive.. tax, license etc...) for the car? :confuse:

  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    EX V6 with Navi .... 29k Even OTD.
  • cheesercheeser Posts: 9
    I wanted to thank everyone on this forum for posting their deals and pitfalls of buying a new Honda Accord. I got a great deal today and it's this forum that helped with my pricing research.
    Hardin Honda - Anaheim, Ca
    2008 Accord EXL V6 No Nav Mystic Green
    Price $25000 included Destination - Internet Price (Haggling)
    They added at no charge (including install) Rear Spoiler, Side Body molding, splash guards and wheel locks. Only thing I added was an alarm enhancement for $350 that gave me motion and shock detection.
    Doc fee = $55
    Cal Tax = $1706.57
    Lic = $246
    OTD = $27520.43
    2.9% for 60 mo.
    I'm very happy with this deal and no other dealer for 100 miles around would even touch it.

    The best was driving into the our local Honda dealership, who days before, flat out told me there was no way I'd ever get a car at that price. So I pulled into their lot this afternoon with Hardin paper plates on it. To add salt to the wound, I showed him the bill of sale and just grinned!!!! Idoit!
    Thank you all again and this car rocks, but I still love my Del Sol too :)
  • ashd1ashd1 Posts: 14
    Just purchased 08 LX automatic, in polished metallic. Folln is the breakup -
    -18700 (base price + dest)
    - 1542 (taxes)
    - 200 (registration)
    - 55 (doc fees)
    -20500 (total)

    I think these are amongst the best prices one would get in the sfbay area.
    Comments ? Anybody do better ? :D
  • What city did you buy honda in and what was the name of the dealer?
  • It's hard to tell because of the differential in tax rates and license fees from state to state. I live in Mass. so the breakdown looks like this:
    Car: $21,271.00
    Tax: 1,063.55
    Doc: 279.00
    Plate: 115.00

    Total: $22,728.55

    Our tax rate is 5%.
  • DCH Honda of Paramus stinks and so does there prices.

    Garden State Honda in Clifton NJ on route 3 west is best place in tri state area for getting great deals. Just goto other dealers, get your best price then go. If not they will rip you off there
  • toybenztoybenz Posts: 10
    I am trying to help a colleague find a brand-new 2007 Accord V6. He and his wife buy cars infrequently and decided they like the looks and slightly-smaller size of the '07. Short of checking dealers' on-line inventories and calling around, are there any shortcuts on the Web? THANKS!
  • dlflyboydlflyboy Posts: 24
    Yes. I know this. But they're the ones who made the error. Even worse that I told them OVER and OVER that the car they have is a '09.
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