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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I wish I had know this as I just went there in August. Thank you for your reply, it seems that Honda prices in Houston is among the highest. Anyone dis-agree would like to help me with my purchase in Houston? thanks for all your help
    For others whom looking for a Honda in Tampa would you specify what dealer offer you the car for stated price?
  • did u happen to read my message to you in my friend request?
  • What's the lowest price I should expect to pay for an EX-L EXCLUDING freight and TTL ? I am trying to get in on the last few left out there....
  • $24,600 + 600 (shipping) + TTL
  • i've been quoted as low as $25.000 out the door for a 2009 EX-L

    that includes taxes (6% + $50), destination ($670) and dealer / document / misc fees (roughly $900).

    you're obviously talking about a 2008 since you said you're trying to get one of "the last few left out there", so i would automatically take off of my price by at least $500.

    good luck though, because from what i've read here and other places, i've got a very aggressive price.

    oh, by the way, this is for an EX-L coupe. the sedans you can get for even cheaper because dealerships have more of those in stock than the 2drs.
  • Did you get me message, by the way?
  • keitha3keitha3 Posts: 124
    Lowest price I was quoted via the internet for an '08 was $25,300 which included destination, but that was for the 6 banger. If you're talking about the four, I'd imagine it would be much less. I'd send out one of the Edmunds emails and see how your local dealers respond.
  • Right now I'm at $25,150 for 2008 EX-L V6 Coupe and that includes the destination charge.

    Car $24,480
    Destination 670
    Tag,Title,fees 355
    Tax 1,685 (6.5% + $50)

    TOTAL 27,190

    I think that is pretty close to rock bottom... I might be able to squeeze 1 or 2 hundreed off it seems.
  • Hi, I am interested in purchasing either a 2008 or 2009 Accord LX (possibly LX-P) or Camry LE (possibly CE w/ keyless entry). My husband's 2000 Toyota Camry LE was recently totaled due to a huge goof on an oil change. The mechanic accidentally used the wrong oil filter. As my husband drove away, the oil filter popped off, the oil completely drained, and the engine was fried! Needless to say, we are pretty perturbed, and we are now looking at a replacement vehicle (once we settle with the insurance company, which has been a long ordeal). We just bought a 2008 Honda Odyssey in June, so we were completely unprepared for another new car purchase this year! It doesn't seem like there are as many dealer incentives right now. I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has recently had a positive buying experience in the Memphis area. Thanks, Dawn
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    the mechanic who changed the oil is liable. they have insurance go after them to get you a car.
  • I can't speak of the Memphis market personally. Get some internet quotes from your area dealerships. You are on the right track just by educating yourself through edmunds.

    Do an inventory search for Honda here and compare to what you find on your own. They are in the Memphis market.


    Do an inventory search here for Toyota to compare their prices with what you find.
    They are not in Memphis but might be close enough to use as a vague reference point.

  • I'm currently shopping for an 2009 Accord sedan EXL (without navigation).

    I need advice on how much I should pay.


    in St. Louis, MO.

    Can anyone advise or share their purchase details.

    PS - Please be advised, I'm not sure what the abreviations stand for.
  • greetings,

    is 20219 a good price for a 08 accord lx-p auto (price includes destination charge, but nothing options)?

  • just keep in mind there is a $500 incentive right now on the 08 ...OR the special financing (if you qualify)
  • 08 only. not sure if it is an incentive or dealer cash ...but you can only use the $500 or the 1.9% = 36m or 3.9% = 37-60m.
  • keitha3keitha3 Posts: 124
    And given the fact that the 09 and 08 models are pretty much one and the same, it seems prudent to go with the 08 and save thousands (when also factoring in that they're trying to get the 08's off the lot to make room for the new year's model.

    And, at least a week ago, there were plenty of 08's to choose from in some of the dealers near me.

    Just make sure to take a good test drive and do things like check for the shimmy problem, test for the flickering lights (depending on whether you want a 4 or 6 cylinder), and adjust the lumbar support to make sure it'll work for you.

    When I test drove my Accord, I couldn't stand the lumbar support. But, after setting the lumbar adjuster as low as it would go, it was just fine for me. That might not be the case for everyone.

    Still, I'm loving my new Accord.
  • Just made my purchase. The final car invoice sheet is pretty complicated. I'm going to simplify it to a few lines:

    2008 EX-L V6 Coupe w/o Navi.

    Car $24,455
    Destination Fee $670
    Misc Fees $355
    Taxes $1685
    Total $27,165

    South Motors Honda in Miami.

    I ended up not being able to work out a deal with my trade in. I have a 2004 Nissan 350z. I had gone to CarMax before and gotten a quote for $14,000. which wasn't terrible but I was hoping to get a little more from the dealer and then get the tax savings on top. The dealer offered me $11,000. Then they upped it to $12,000 when they didn't input the right trim in their system.

    I showed them the Carmax quote and they asked if they could match it and they said no. I think i got a very good price on my car at $27,165 out the door in Florida. I financed at 3.9% for 60 months putting down $7,165 leaving me a payment of $369 for 60 months.

    I think i'm going to go private party sale on my 350z. I think i can get over $16k for it.

    good luck to everyone here.
  • Congrats on your deal!
    Did you purchase or lease/finance?
  • hey guys, i just signed a pre-contract with garden state honda in route 3 west NJ. they game the
    2008 lx automatic for 19765 OTD with 7% taxes. the car price was 17175 + 670 dest. i got it on beige. only certain colors apply, but you can get a fully loaded or v6 for 2000 below invoice. their doc fee is 299, very high but it was worth it. i got an e-mail with a bunch of cars, including civics, crvs etc, u must mention the e-mail, and i am sure they will let go those cars. all other cars u may get them below invoice but not 2000. i am going to pick it up on monday, as i need to get the insurance on the car, they don't let you take it without having proof from the insurance company OK's the car, as they got a law suit recently (i recalled it was on the newspaper), but again, the precontract is on, so i will have to wait. they all models, but certain colors, i could have gotten the ex for 22200 OTD but the color silver was horrible in my opinion, but again, i hope this helps.
  • 23600+TTL w/ special financing in Maryland.
  • ljctxljctx Posts: 14
    What is anyone actually buying the 2008 or 2009 Honda EX-L 3.5 w/o Nav paying in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? I will be buying within the next two weeks. What are the best dealerships to work with? :)
  • The best quote I got right now is

    $21,326 for LX-P including destination fees, but nothing else
    $22,762 for EX including destination fees, but nothing else.

    Do you think I could have better deal?

    I can't make a decision on LX-P or EX. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  • I have gone to Planet Honda, they were pretty straight forward. I have bought a honda civic from there not the greatest salesman in terms of being NICE but they were straight forward as to how much they can negotiate up to.

    avoid them like anything, forget salesman the manager working this saturday was a jerk. He stormed out of negotiation and said you waste me and my salesman time. And it was only 10 minutes that he sat down with us and told us a story how you derive the right figure for a photocopy which is 10 cent by including electricity, toner etc. Then storms out after we didn't like what he offered, a complete idiot.

    Toyota salesman were the best at autoland, i would highly recommend them if someone interested in toyota in New jersey.
  • The best quote i received from Planet Honda and i am paying CASH! not financing.

    21,600 ...this is the out the door everything included even taxes.
    21,800...OutTheDoor...from Route22Honda

    NJ sales tax is 7%

    You guys think i should settle for this or look at somewhere else ?
    Please if u know any dealer within NJ that could offer better prices..thanks for help.
  • I just purchased the 09 EXL Sedan for $24,500 at a Seattle Area Dealer which included destination fees.
  • If you REALLY want a 09 i guess it sounds about right, but if you want to get a 08 i think you can get a better deal.
  • Dealer has demo 2008 Accord EX-L with about 2,000 miles. Listed at $22,900. Is this a good price? How much less should I offer? I'm torn, because I either get the accord or a new Chrysler Town & Country minivan for about the same $. Never had a minivan....any thoughts?
  • You can get a 2009 EXL for $24,569 OTD
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