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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • my husband is hooked on getting this car, and he wants to get it this Saturday, how can he get the best deal? he is looking for the 2006 EX-L with navi Accord Coupe.
  • $27,250 OTD. Tax at $2060 and license and other fees at $300.
  • I just bought a 2009 V6 Coupe, EX-L with navigation, black/black.
    I live in Long Island, NY and bought my Honda at Hillside Honda in Queens, NY.
    Tried getting pricing via internet contact with dealers which does not fly in NY, you have to visit the dealers, Hillside was my third dealer visit and the most pleasent.
    Sticker was 31,675.00, I paid 29,000 plus tax (8.625) and a destination charge of
    670.00. Financed through AHFC at 7.99 for 5 years. (I could have done better through my credit union but oh well))
    Declined any extras as everything extra was very overpriced.
    I bought the Honda Extended Care 5 year 100,000 mile warranty online from Saccucci Honda for 650.00.
    The dealer wanted close to 3,000.00 for the same warranty and I showed the finance person the cost from Saccucci and she told me they could not match the price and showed me their dealers cost for the warranty which was 650.00.
    I think I did the best I could on the price of this car in this area.
    I hope this helps guide somone else to get the best deal possible.
  • mpp2mpp2 Posts: 96
    I think you did well. I'm 60 miles north of you in Dutchess County NY and last week my wife and I bought a 2009 V6 Sedan EX-L with Navigation, Silver with grey leather. Sticker was $31,425, car cost was $29,836 including destination.

    We traded a 2003 Acura TL-S sedan, Silver with Black Leather and Navigation, with 90,200 miles for $8,836, leaving a difference of $21,000. Tax is 8.25% here and is only on the difference. My TL was appraised as between $8,000 and 9,000 in July over in Real World trade in values, so the $8,836 may have been an overallowance since it's 2 months later. But with a trade, the only difference that matters is the difference, and I'm very happy with the deal.

    I bought from Friendly Honda in Poughkeepsie, NY. It's my third car from them and the buying experience and service department experience has always been excellent for me there. Hope this helps others.
  • I think it's a good deal. The best internet price I've been able to get in Central/Northern NJ is 22,900 +Dest+TTL from DCH Academy in Old Bridge, NJ, which appears to be run by decent folks who advised that they didn't have my color choice(black) but pointed me in the direction of a dealer in NY that did. The other dealer matched the deal via email and said the price was negotiable. Other dealers have indicated even more flexibility with silver 08 EXLs, which are in abundance even at this late date prior to 9/30/08 expiration of special financing. I'm going to do battle tomorrow.
  • - $$$$ discount does not matter.
    - with free this and that does not matter.
    - with free warranty does not matter.

    What matters is the OTD price because this is what we ALL pay.
  • Was this for a sedan or coupe?

    What exactly were the quotes?

    With navigation?
  • Hi "mvperez4jesus" [post# 21971 - Sep 13, 2008 (6:58 pm)] ,

    could you please let me know if you did buy the "2008 lx automatic for 19765 OTD with 7% taxes" fron Garden State Honda? cause i called them and ref your price, they said that must be a mistake. they said they need a name or car serial# to confirm. I understand you may not want to disclose this info to a starnger, but if you could give me your first name and the name of the sales person yu dealt with "if you did buy the car". I realy appreciate it.
  • Looked up the invoice : 22,830

    subtracted factory hold back: -500.50
    Dealer total cost: 22,329.50

    Offered 5% over invoice: 23,445.98
    added destination cost: 670

    HERE'S WHAT'S TROUBLING ME, the dealer said because they have to ship it from another location they would charge me a $500 dealer trade fee. I cannot verify nor debunk this cost anywhere on the net. They it's something that's standard when bringing in a car from another location.

    So selling price with both fees is : 24,615.98

    Texas sales tax (6.25%): 1,538.50

    Then they pull these on me (which I can't verify until the DMV opens tomorrow):

    VIT TAX: 51.68
    Document Fee: 50.00
    License Fee: 69.80
    Title Fee: 38.00
    Inspection: 26.75

    Total is 26,390.71

    Am I being taken with this dealer trade fee - what about the seemingly legit title fees? Is this a deal or not? This is the first car I've ever bought, and other than NOT attempting to offer only 3% at first I'm pleased with how I did - except that dealer trade fee is driving me nuts.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    It looks like you did your homework and you recognize the dealer should make a modest profit. As far as the misc. fees listed, I wouldn't be too concerned as they seem minimal. However, the dealer trade fee seems out of line and if they won't budge, ask where the car is coming from, then suggest maybe you should go to where the car is and buy it there.
  • yes i bought the car for 19661 OTD with the 4 yrs registartion and etch, and new plates and 1.9-% financing for 3 yrs. i got the LX automatic, but they had the other trims in colors i did not like at all, (silver, green, gray). i got the beige, but you may be able to get like a blue or red now. they had CRV's EXL under 22000, elements 17000. I have to call my guy tomorrow (he is off today), and see if they still have them. try this, tell them you got the e-mail that TJ sent out with the prices on the Accord (mention the price on my accord, it should be ok). I don't think we are suppose to disclose the salesman or so, am i right host? it does not matter the salesman, they will only honor it if you have the e-mail. but again, i will call them and see if they can work a deal with you if you call them, will post you later. I had been checking this forum and other websites for the last 2 years, day by day, I did my research, and now i think i am pro. Not to say, but my price up to my knowlege and the prices i had seen here nation wide, is the best on a 2008 accord. the price was 17175 + destination 670. I am even planning to establish a part time business to help people out and charge a convinience fee to avoid them to pay thousands more (not 100% sure). But i am happy with my car.
  • I just got quoted $22,250 plus tax, reg, doc. for 2009 Accord EX. Is that good deal? Should I try asking for more $ off or any accessories/incentives?

    I am not a car owner (live in NYC) yet am shopping around for my mother. Any tips from those with experience would be greatly appreciated!!
  • I agree that the $300 processing fee is waaayyy too much.

    I wanted to get some input about an email deal that I am working out with a dealer in the DC Area (landmark Honda).

    Trade In: 2006 Accord V6 w/o NAV 16,500 (I have about 50K miles on it)

    New Car: 2008 Accord V6 w/NAV. Dealer agreed to price of 25,400 including:
    sunroof visor
    wheel locks
    splash guards
    door strips

    Anyone else got a deal like this in the DC area? I don't want to waste my time going there. I have about a 680 FICO score, does anyone know where that would put me in terms of financing with Honda?

    thanks much
  • Hi all, I am looking for this particular trim now. What would roughly be a fair price for it in southern California? I got a few quotes from dealers that are a little above 23000 + ttl, and some dealer claim that it's only $500 over their invoice. But I thought Edmunds only listed an 09 ex sedan for 22093 as invoice, can the invoice price vary by so much for different dealers? Please help, thanks a lot :)
  • 22,200 a good price? excluding freight, TTL?

    Need an answer quick...!
  • Does anyone know if there will be any customer incentives on 09 Accord in October??
  • The best quote I received for the same car including freight was $22,880.
  • Where is the best place to car tint in houston? Im looking for 3m tape, I dont like medico because I tried that one in my honda pilot and it interfere with my portable nav. before the tint I dont have any problem. I have 3m 20% all over on my honda civic before and I really like it, it cost me 250 in new jersey at that time.... thats why I choose 3m tape. Any suggestion will help. Thank you!!!!
  • rbell2rbell2 Posts: 180
    The key to not having problems with your nav from the tint is to get a ceramic based film tint. Any high quality tint shop should have it. It is a little more expensive (10-20%).
  • Thank you for that information; could someone please help me. i am trying to buy a new accord lx for my wife; went to dealer today here in md; he had a 08 model that had been driven by one of the managers for about 3,500 mi; he was willing to sell OTD for 20800, Is this a good deal?

    thank you
  • it appears to be a good deal, and i closed in on it yesterday. good luck to you as well.
  • Thanks much for your help with info. Please let me know if you get a chance to speak to your salesman... I am looking to buy within days. Thanks Agian, and God bless.
  • Here are some quotes:
    Garden State Honda: to all of them, tell them you have the e-mail, they will know what you are talking about, worst case scenario, let me know and give me your e-mail address, and i will send you the e-mails, they will be happy to honor the prices listed below

    2008 Honda Civic EX 8L017323 $20,180.00 $17,593.00
    2008 Honda Accord EX 8A071896 $24,530.00 $20,953.00
    2008 Honda Accord EX 8A020766** $24,530.00 $20,783.00
    2008 Honda CRV 4WD LX 8C052040 $22,570.00 $19,953.00
    2008 Honda CRV 4WD EX-L NAV 8C042170 $29,070.00 $25,863.00
    2008 Honda Odyssey LX 8B077859 $26,530.00 $19,853.00
    2008 Honda Element 4WD EX 8L013216 $23,860.00 $20,373.00
    2008 Honda Pilot 2WD VP 8B002181 $28,265.00 $24,583.00

    Metro Honda The price at the bottom of each vehicle (which is also the lowest, is the price they will give you):
    Sample Vehicles

    2008 Accord LX

    2008 Accord EXL w/ Nav

    2008 Civic LX

    2008 Civic EX

    2008 CRV LX

    2008 CRV EXL

    2008 Odyssey LX

    2008 Odyssey EXL w/RES

    2009 Pilot EX

    2009 Pilot Touring w/RES&Navi
  • Sorry, forgot to tell u, then ask for the internet manager, or for TJ, also, i just relaized, the price at the bottom on the metro honda is what you save off the sticker price, but is the third price, they list as follow: MRSP, invoice, their price, and what u save.

    Wish everybody good luck, and God bless you all, thanks for everything, i will continue to check, and help those who need me
  • Thanks for the email!

    Regarding the price for the 2008 Accord ex-l with navigation, is that $26,588 including destination already?

    If so, do you think a dealership in another state will price honor match that price?
  • them i don't know, i didn't ask, but i assume for the price, i know the one at garden state honda don't include dest fee. Now, when i bought my car they had the same accord exl with nav syst. for 24400 plus dest. it was green or gray options. i guess it was goo, it might had been a v6, don't recall. but i will keep you posted if i get something else, as they keep sending me e-mails
  • Just bought a new 2009 Accord Coupe EX-L, black on black for 24780 with splash guards. Price is before TTL
  • acehawkacehawk Posts: 22
    I think you can get a better deal. Which dealership in MD?
  • honda09honda09 Posts: 15
    I'm in for a 2009 auto Honda accord ex-l with navi 4 cyl. the price i have been quoted so far are:
    $26,800 including $670 destination charge +tax/fees.(dont know what does fees are)
    $26088 + $670 Destination, tax, MV fees & $199 documentation fee

    I'm still trying to figure out the fees and stuff. Can anyone tell me if i can get a better offer. I live in nj. Thanks
  • Is this a 2008 or 2009? I am assuming it is an automatic as well, correct? For the 2008 auto, the invoice price is $25416 (+670 dest). So you are about $700 over invoice. I would think you should be down at invoice for a leftover 2008. Plus that $199 documentation fee seems excessive.

    Better deals can certainly be had, but it comes down to how much you want to work for them and what you are comfortable with. Good luck!
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