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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Let me guess, Route 22 Honda? I bought from there, and my doc fee was $199.00 On the other hand, got 08 EX-L/Nav for $25,055.00+$670 DC, $365.00 DMV (they overcharge, and DMV sent me a check for $100.00. You can get a better deal in NJ, watch RT22 Honda, they like to fluff their fees, bait & switch tatics, and they're very sneaky!
  • honda09honda09 Posts: 15
    Actually one is Greenwich honda in CT. and the other was Paramus honda. Did you get a v6 or 4 cyl. i would love to get the v6 but being that gas is crazy nowadays i guess 4 cyl will do. lol. when did you buy.
  • rox2008rox2008 Posts: 12
    I need your opinion guys!

    I was recently quoted 28,790 +TTL = 30,790

    This is for a

    V6 EX-L Sedan

    Is this a good deal?
  • Just my personal opinion. I wouldn't ever pay more than $30K for a Honda Accord. I know its a 2009 and its early in the 2009 Model Year. If you can wait it out, you can get a better deal. Auto Sales where the worst in 15 years and Honda was hit hard. You should be able to get a better deal. Regardless, the Accord is a very nice car.
  • I just purchased an 08 4-dr EXL w/nav at DCH Academy in Old Bridge, NJ. Details:

    24,954 selling price (w/special Honda financing that expired 9/30/08)
    635 destination
    1,791 tax
    199 doc fee
    254 DMV
    7.50 tire tax
    27,840.73 out-the-door price

    The price w/o the special Honda financing was $24,800. I think I could have gotten a better deal on a silver model, which was in abundance all over the NY/NJ area. However, I wanted the black/black combination. There were only a couple available and I would have had to travel a distance to save a few bucks. Also, the people at DCH were pretty decent. I did the purchase over the internet and simply showed up to sign the papers.
  • I forgot to mention that the 08 EXL in the previous post is a 4 cylinder.
  • I paid 24,954 plus 635 delivery for 08 4dr, 4cyl EXL w/nav(w/special Honda financing). Additional details in post 22081.
  • Yea, gas prices are insane. Which is why I traded a 2007 Dodge Nitro 6cyl, for my 4cyl Accord. I hear good things about Parumus.
  • epibooepiboo Posts: 4
    Which dealer did you purchase you car? Is the drive out price $1250 under invoice or $1250 under invoice plus tax? Thanks.
  • honda09honda09 Posts: 15
    I'm wondering if anyone know the formula that they use when giving a quote for a car. I would assume it would be :
    Price of the car + destination charge + tax and the they add all the other fees after taxes. so the other fees are not taxed also..
    The breakdown that Greenwich Ct gave me for the 2009 accord ex-l with navi 4 cyl. is :
    $26,800 Car
    $179 CT Conveyance (What dealer's office receives in order to process your paperwork)
    $249 CT Vin Etch (as per CT Public Act 97-236 sec 13)
    $ NJ Sales Tax @ ?%
    $400 New Plates/NJ Registration (Estimate for 4Yr NJ registration)

    but i feel as though its too high what do u all think.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    The break down is accurate, but I'm in Florida, home of the $699 "dealer fee". I can't answer for the CT fees, whether they are legit or not in your state. But here in Florida VIN etch is almost 100% dealer padded profit and I'd never buy a vehicle with that. In my state the fees are added before tax. The only things after tax are the state fees for registration.
  • might want to give Theresa at lia honda in enfield ct a call. She is there internet manager and when I bought my 08 she was the best price in the state.
  • I would think you can go lower. I would shoot for $27,500.
  • (2009 Accord EXL V6 Navi)..."I would shoot for $27,500"

    LOL! Wow, so you think two months into the 2009 model year it should be bought at $1000.00 under invoice. Ohh man, thanks for the laugh!

    On the other hand, $28700.00 +/- is right around invoice. Invoice is a good value for a two month old 2009. Dont forget Honda is offering 1.9% (24-36 months) or 3.9% (37-60 months). Remember, Accord sales are up 3.8% YTD from last year, hardly a reason to discount them to net zero profit. And, even though Pilots, Ridgelines and Odyssey sales are way down, Honda motors overall is up almost a full 1% over last year (0.8%). How many other brands can say that?
  • Isn't there a holdback for the dealer of $500 right now. And, the V6 EX-L w/ Navi are not selling as well as the EX 4 and LX 4.

    Also, a cash deal would eliminate the financing.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Understand that this is a business, and it is perfectly normal for a dealer to make a decent profit on a worthy vehicle. You really shouldn't have the idea that you deserve holdback also.
  • I want a 2008 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 in the Wash DC area, what's the lowest I can expect to pay for it?
  • rox2008rox2008 Posts: 12
    As of 10/1/08, they are offering 1.9% 24-36 months & 3.9% 37-60 months. This expires 11/3/08 but im pretty sure they will do this every month to boost their sales up.
  • kbakba Posts: 1
    Hi- if possible , could you post the name of the tampa dealer you got your 2009 EX from-- thank you,kba
  • No. There is $500.00 dealer cash on the remaining 2008's. Which at my dealership is only on sedan and three coupes.
  • According to our research, 09 Accord V6 EXL sedan could be had for around 25k~25.5k before TTL.

    So yes, 1k below invoice for a new 09 Accord is doable.
  • ljctxljctx Posts: 14
    When you say 'research", could you be more specific? Is this a regional price? How are prices in North Texas running? Where can we get reliable model specific sales numbers by area? I will be buying within the next two weeks.
  • honda00honda00 Posts: 29
    I have a quick question on what are reasonable(required) fees to pay on top of the quoted price of the car.

    Let say you agree with dealer to pay invoice plus destination fee.

    One example(NJ resident) I read on this board was as follows:

    Invoice Price +
    Taxes +

    The $199 and $268 were quoted by almost every dealer so I assume those may have been DMV fees and dealer prep fee? What fees should you pay after you agree on price?

    I don't want to agree to invoice and then get screwed with last seconds add ons. Thanks in advance.
  • rox2008rox2008 Posts: 12
    You are on the right track.

    Most of the time, the dealer will quote you with destination unless they are dishonest and try hassling you.

    Also, do your part and request a quote with the destination included.

    Invoice is the supposed price that the dealer purchases the unit from the manufacturer, so you always strive to get it close or lower than invoice.

    Regarding that example:

    Quote (their offer + destination)
    TTL (Tax+199+268)
    OutTheDoor Price a.k.a Driveout Price

    Hope this helps
  • honda09honda09 Posts: 15
    I got an OTD price of 28555.49 for the accord ex-l 4 cyl with navi 2009..this includes the destination charge, tax, mv fees, doc fees and tire fee... is that a good price. this place is in nj and actually i have a question is the etch vin required for nj? like does it lower your insurance?
  • There is a 1.9% financing rate for Accords up to 36 months, and 3.9% up to 60 months.

    Just purchased my Accord XL-V6 with Nav, and $1,785 in additonal options for $30,600, where the MSRP was $33,100, or $2,500 under MSRP. Considering the 1.9% financing, I went for 36 months.

  • See my post response on price I paid for XL V6. I got $2,500 of MSRP. NOt sure its the best deal out there, but you can determine by the discount off MSRP you got.

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    For those who are new to Accord trim levels, I believe the vehicle steebie is referring to is an "EX-L" V6.

    Accord Trim Levels
  • honda09honda09 Posts: 15
    I got an OTD price of 28555.49 for the accord ex-l 4 cyl with navi 2009..this includes the destination charge, tax, mv fees, doc fees and tire fee... is that a good price. this place is in nj and actually i have a question is the etch vin required for nj? like does it lower your insurance?
    this is the breakdown:
    + 7% tax
    199 doc
    254 mv fees
    7.50 tire
    total is 28555.49
  • Your selling price with destination charge is about $200.00 under invoice. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    As for window etching, I wouldn't do it.
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