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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    2008 or 2009?

    What's MSRP on the sticker?

    What is invoice?

    Not enough data to help. ;)
  • Just a suggestion.

    To better understand your deal may I suggest listing the price as follows:
    (Prices listed are an example only)
    $25600.00 selling price
    +$300 color matched body side moldings
    +$150.00 splash guards
    +$250.00 Sunroof deflector
    +$800.00 remote engine starter
    +$2000.00 sales tax
    +250.00 dealer doc fee
    +300.00 plates
    =$29650.00 TOTAL DUE

    Does that make sense? The only reason I suggest this format is because alot of people here are not looking for the accessories but they would like to know the selling price of the vehicle (with destination charge) so they can compair your selling price with a price quote they have received. :)
  • $26,228.00 2009 Accord Ex-L V6 Selling Price
    $152.00 Mudguards
    $189.00 Sunroof Deflector
    $399.00 Remote Starter (Non-Honda)
    $459.00 Body Side Mouldings
    $150.00 Doc. Fee
    $143.00 License/Title
    $1,930.00 Sales Tax

    $29,650.00 Total OTD
  • csr67csr67 Posts: 58
    Yes, Galpin and Hardin both conveniently provided low quotes w/o the destination charge. I'm sure it works to sucker some buyers in. Penske was very up front with their internet pricing, and everything but TTL was included. In August, my 2008 Accord EXL V6 Sedan w/o Nav. was $24,855 +TTL. They may even go a bit lower now...
  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    I hadn't thought of Penske. Emailed them and referenced your deal... had a quote back within the hour for 24805 + tax and tags. Easy...

    They are in the hunt. ;)

    Thanks for the tip. :shades:
  • Hi ginsong99,

    Could you tell me the dealer name. I live in the harrisburg area and I have not got even a single quote as good as yours. The best quote I have gotten is 20,323+sales tax+title

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Oops..Here is the complete info.

    I believe they are offering invoice price - 24500

    its 2009 EX-L V4.

  • csr67csr67 Posts: 58
    I'm glad Penske gave you a good quote. I've bought 3 Accords there and referred numerous others. I've never had an issue with them, and they don't play games.
  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    Don't really have a feel for the '09's or the I4's on price but you REALLY need to do at least one round of email quotes.

    Just as an example... Two weeks ago when I started looking I walked in to the dealer where we bough our '97 Accord and went for a test drive. They offer a Costco price and that was $300 over invoice.... I paid invoice for the '97 at this time of year. I figured I'd offer invoice but I KNEW I NEEDED TO DO at least a check with a couple of other dealers.... So their (good guy, best price....bla bla) 300 over invoice was 26600 on a car that stickered for 28695. FIRST ROUND of email quotes came back at in the 25500 range and I'm at 24788 at the current "best".

    Do you have time to send some emails to save close to 2,000 dollars? :shades:

    There may not be that kind of savings on an '09 but you need to check. ;)
  • I have a couple of quotes for the accord 09. Could anyone give me an opinion on these?

    LX- A/T- 20,325 + sales+tag

    LX-P - A/T- 21,225+ sales+tag

    I live in the harrisburg area in PA.

    Any comments/ suggestions wil be very much appreciated.
  • Hi There.
    Could you please tell me from which dealer did you get this quote.
    I am looking for a 09 Accord-EX V4 and the lowest prices I have got so far is $22,662, including destination fee. I live in and around Philadelphia and can buy the car from anywhere in PA, Delaware or NJ, whoever quotes me the best.
    EX 5 speed Automatic has an invoice price of $21,993
  • I'm looking to see what's the lowest current "below invoice" going rate on a 2009 Accord? The lowest quote I received was $650 below invoice for an 09 EX-V6LN. TIA
  • what is penske, could you tell me their web address? stay in Pennsylvania
  • Hi,

    Can you tell me which dealer it is/ Let me know asap, I am going to buy one very soon. I stay in pennsylvania, Can you tell me the web address of the dealer.
  • Hi All,
    First time post here. Thanks for reading. After a round of emails, I got the following for 09 Accord EX 4dr. Central Ohio.
    Selling Price $22,045.74
    Doc Fee $249.50
    Tax @ 6.75% $1,504.92
    Tag & Title $25.50

    Total $23,825.66

    Seems like other dealers can't beat or won't play with emails any more. Not sure if this is a good price to walk in with at the dealerships. Any idea?
    I'm wondering if this is a good time to get an Accord or maybe better deals may come out in November?
  • ctozyctozy Posts: 5
    Hey gang,

    Decided to go with '09 EX-L w/ Nav at OTD price of $29,150. Dealer was nice enough to include splash guards, wheel locks and body side molding.

    Appreciate your inputs. Safe driving! :shades:
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    See post 22201, posting a final OTD price is meaningless, local taxes and fees differ significantly across the USofA
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    They can quote all day long.. however what really matters is the OTD price if you are shopping for yourself. A dealer with a lower invoice can have a higher OTD price than a dealer with a higher invoice.
  • Hi,
    I got a quote of 09 Accord LX AT from a FL dealership for out-of-door price of $20800 (Including everything ). Do you think it is a good price or there is still a room for negotiation?
  • chutistchutist Posts: 33
    Not if you're paying attention! :P "invoice" is "invoice" and the tax's and tags should be the same at any dealer...

    I ask the right questions to make sure the quote is plus Tax and tags...nothing else. ;)

    OTD is fine, if you want to do it that way...but for posting here it doesn't tell anybody anything!.... Everybody has different taxes and DMV fees. :shades:
  • I say buy it. Good deal. Here is in CA I have seen the same model on ad for $20,499 plus fee,ttl.
  • The invoice is $20,223 (MSRP $22,225) in Edmund. I do not know whether $20,500 will have a good chance. The current quote includes $18,900 + $730 (document fee) + 6% tax. IMO, the document fee is kind of high, isn't it? :confuse:
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    There are additional "fees" between invoice and taxes. These "fees" can make the difference between a higher or lower OTD price if you are shopping for yourself.
    The problem is you will not know the OTD price until you sit down to sign the papers... this is the point where a quote can become meaningless. Remember we ALL pay an OTD price.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    out-of-door price of $20800 (Including everything

    Break down please:
    purchase price
    sales tax
    other state fees

    Final OTD price, though that is what ultimately matters, is meaningless unless broken down as state and local fees vary widely across the country.
  • ebettyebetty Posts: 12
    I'm looking at leasing a 09 EX-L auto w/ NAV AT, 15k mi/yr, 36 mo
    Is this a good deal? comes to $411/mo

    the MSRP is 29125
    Invoice is 26557.91
    Residual % 59%
    Sell rate .00249
    Due at sigining 1000
  • Some Boston area dealerships are advertising 0% APR on 08 and 08/09 Accords. Has any one got one at this rate? does not have any such incentives. Any idea how these dealerships are doing it?
  • Hi all,

    This is my first time shopping for a Honda Accord. I went to 2 dealers so far. It seems that they always add these ridiculous add-on. I'm in the Dallas area in Texas.

    Is 21,600 + TTL a good price for this?
    2009 Accord LX-P (Splash guard, clear coat, cargo liner, wheel lock, tint)

    I wanted an EX, the two dealers I went to added these things on and it inflates the price...I don't think I'll be able to afford the EX after TTL.
  • mlk5mlk5 Posts: 2
    Hello. I'm looking at buying an EXL 2008. We have one dealership in my city (in Canada). Quote is 38,900 with .9% financing and 35,600 for cash. I will probably opt for cash price as it is lower. Quoted price includes pdi, freight and taxes (10%). I hope to bargain in an auto starter and also need a set of snow tires probably with rims. Also hope to trade in my car but will leave that until the bargaining is done. Any suggestions on where I go from here with the bargaining? I appreciate any help. Would it help to know the dealer invoice price?
  • You make a good point. Document fee is high. The way I see it, you can try for a lower price and if things don't workout, $20,800 is a good price.
  • seth5seth5 Posts: 1
    I was quoted the following price and was wondering if it is a good deal.

    2009 Honda Accord Sedan automatic transmission
    Model EX-L

    $1,468.14 - 6% sales tax in PA
    $195.15 - tags
    OTD price of $26,132.29

    Can I go lower? I heard someone was quoted $23,895 including destination charge.

    What is a good price in the Philly region in today's credit market?

    I will be purchasing the car by this week so any feedback is appreciated.

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