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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stevecarstevecar Posts: 148
    I have a question and I didn't want to put it on the VCM subject area.
    I am looking in the next few months to buy a new 09 Accord w/nav. However, there has been so much written on the VCM board. Are you buying the V-6 with the hopes that it's ok or are you discounting the VCM board?
  • I am considering an 09 accord V6 EX-L also but am concerned about the VCM issues also. I am a honda fan but I am thinking about another car.
  • szerszer Posts: 80

    s far during the test drive and the driving so far, i've felt no jerkiness as described by the VCM issues. So far, the power has been adequate and I've been enjoying my car. To solve the issue, you should just go for a test drive and see if you can feel anything. i really think the issue is based on one's sensitiveness, or maybe the problem exists only on certain cars.
  • Info for my fellow shoppers: :D

    Just purchased an '09 EX-L no Nav. for $23,994..Paid dealers fee of $599 and 6% tax, battery fee of $6.50, electronic registration fee of $25 and $115.00 registration. I also received splash guard and rear trunk spoiler in the deal.

    I think thats a great deal...Its below invoice. BTW, I am in Central Florida..
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    forgot to add that I found wheel locks, trunk tray and splash guards already installed on my car lol :P now i just need to add all weather mats
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    Hi all,

    I priced a Honda accord EXL v4 w/ NAV. I was quoted:

    25788 + fees and taxes. The fees are (ridiculously high) @ 1550 (processing,prep, & freight). After all fees and taxes, the OTD is 28,262.

    I'm surprised it was that high - but what do you all think?

    This is in N. Va , if that matters.

  • What do you think about this price quote for 2009 Accord EX, Sedan, Automatic?

    Sale price = 21,400
    Freight = 670
    Processing fee = 399
    Sub-total = 22469
    Tax (VA=3%) = 674
    Tags = 75
    T/T OTD = 23,220

    Include: floor mats, mud guards, pin stripes, door edge guards.

    Thank you.
  • csr67csr67 Posts: 58
    I agree on the VCM issue being way overblown. I'm now at 4k miles on my 2008 v6 EXL sedan, and it's been flawless. If it weren't for the "ECO" light, I'd never know when the VCM has activated. Try the car for yourself and see. Those with VCM issues complain a lot louder than the thousands of us with no issues.

    I'm an engineer with lots of automotive experience, if there was a VCM issue, I'd have noticed it.
  • max63max63 Posts: 73
    Leased V6 EXL with nav in late Ocotober.

    761 Total Drive-off
    $439 including tax
    36 months.
    15k per year.

    I was just catching up on some posts and noticed someone was talking about a jerkiness in the car. It's funny because I was wondering while I was going down the freeway there was some very minor jerkiness in the engine. This does not bother me much, because it is slight, however you do notice it. It never seems to come up in stop and go traffic. I thought it was happening because the car is new, but apparently other people have this issue. Other than this, the car has been great and love all the features.
  • Does the Accord EX-L have a 'trip computer' that calculates MPG and/or miles until empty? Thanks.
  • I've done the email blitz on dealerships around the area (eastern PA), and the initial quotes I received range from $20,000 to about $20,700 including destination (plus tags at $200 to $300 and 6% sales tax). Invoice is 20,223, including destination.

    My question for you experienced ones out there (since I haven't bought a car in 13 years) - how low should I offer back? Is your experience that the internet offers are their best price? Or that is just a starting point? I'd like to come up with an offer that is a good deal for me but not so crazy that it gets laughed out the door. Thanks in advance!
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    Does the Accord EX-L have a 'trip computer' that calculates MPG and/or miles until empty? Thanks.

  • I am in the Boston area. What do you guys think of these prices?

    1) 2008 Accord Coupe EX-L, auto, 4 cyl, a demo though with 3,200 miles driven mostly by the sales manager:
    $22,800 (destination fee included)
    + $409 doc fees (inspection sticker, title, registration, plates)
    + 5% tax
    = $24,349 OTD

    2) 2009 Accord Coupe EX-L, auto, 4 cyl, new but needs to be swapped with another dealer
    $23,540 (destination fee included)
    + $284 doc fees (inspection sticker, title, registration, plates)
    + 5% tax
    = $25,000 OTD

    I proposed to the sales manager a $25k OTD price and it has not been "reviewed" by the sales director. So assuming it goes through, is it a good deal or should I hold out for a few months longer and wait for dealers to be more desperate?
  • So you offered "proposed" a price and you may back out? hmmm
  • I found this forum very helpful with purchasing my new car - thanks. I got a silver 2009 Accord EX-L with black, leather interior, automatic, 4 cyl., no navi.

    Below is the breakdown of what I paid:
    Base price: $23,925
    Added wheel locks: $24,036
    5% MA Sales Tax: $1201.20
    Title Preparation: $5.00
    Documentary Preparation: $244.00
    License Plate Transfer: $75
    TOTAL PRICE: $25,549

    In addition to this, Silko Honda in Raynham, MA offers a lifetime warranty - an extension of the 5 year/ 60k mile powertrain warranty. The lifetime warranty is non-transferable and is accepted at any dealership in the continental US. Maintenance records must be kept and done according to the time table given in the owner's manual. However, I can perform my own oil changes and have the other work done at a licensed mechanic - not necessarily Honda.

    I received better quotes from two other dealerships, but went to Silko because of the warranty offered.
    I received a quote from Herb Chambers Honda of Boston of $23,545 (incl. destination) and a price of $23,100 from Boch Honda in Norwood (not sure if this included destination, but a manager called who was "willing to be a bit more aggressive on the price"). Any quotes I received were all done by email. In 2001, I got all of my price quotes via email for my '01 Civic and found this to be the best method for pricing.

    If there is any info. I'm missing or I can answer any questions about this transaction, please let me know.
  • The $700 difference for a 2009 is certainly worth it. I just posted my deal on the Accord sedan. Before you sign, be sure to price shop through Boch in Norwood and Herb Chambers in Boston. I found them very nice to deal with. Keep in mind that Silko in Raynham offers the lifetime warranty I discussed earlier (if you're the type of car owner who keeps all records and is rather meticulous). These are just my opinions, of course. Good luck.
  • I have noticed numerous local dealerships has this lifetime warranty also. Curious about what it does not cover.
  • In Austin TX. I just purchased a 2009 LX sedan for 20500 + TTL.

    The sticker was 23,855.00 which included what they consider a dealer option package worth 846.00. Unless a dealer is willing to show me the financing papers for the car from the manufacturer, the "invoice price" is irrelevant.
  • This link should provide the info. on the lifetime warranty:

    Please let me know if you have additional questions. I'll post some additional info. shortly.
  • OK Thanks,... good info so it is limited powertrain only.
  • This is through this, specific dealer. It's essentially an extension of the 5 year warranty, except I believe it covers a bit more. I know other Honda dealers are offering lifetime warranties too, but they may not necessarily be the same. Another area dealer offered a lifetime warranty that wasn't the same, required all work be completed at the dealership, including oil changes and come to find out, the dealership was just sold! I'm not sure if the link said it or I mentioned it, but this warranty is good at any dealership across the US. I think the hang up is needing all of your receipts and getting work completed on time. I look at it as though I paid an extra $1k for the warranty (since I had a price below 1k offered at another dealership). On the other hand, I've owned 2 Honda Civics with no major problems what-so-ever, so maybe I'm just a worry-wort.
  • pj_1pj_1 Posts: 2
    When will Honda introduce Cash Back / Rebates to consumers? December??

  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    Hi gang,

    I just got an email for a 'special' from a dealer i've been talking too.

    What do you think of this 'Good for this month only' deal:

    2009 EXL w/ NAVI for 26287$ + taxes and tags.

    They tell me thats 400$ under invoice.

    Is that a good deal for the car? They were all talk about never having to goto invoice because they are still strong. I still keep thinking the longer i hold off, the better a deal i'll keep getting.

    Thanks all!
  • Thanks very much for the information. I emailed Silko and they responded right away for clarification but I haven't heard from them since. The extended warranty would've been nice though. It seems like it would cost ~$1,700 elsewhere.

    Herb Chambers gave me a quote of $24,560 for the Coupe and $24,470 for the Sedan (2009, automatic, 4 cyl, EX-L). It's interesting how the price that gave you is $1k lower than what I got. Then again, the demo car that I mentioned in the first post is from Herb Chambers so perhaps they were still trying to push that car to me.

    I did email several other places and the one worth mentioning is Honda Village, $23,460 for the sedan and $23,660 for the coupe. I ended up going with Boch Honda, after having worked out the price on the phone with a sales manager, and because of the color selection.

    Below is the breakdown of what I paid for a 2009 Accord Coupe EX-L, automatic:
    Base price: $23,400
    Added wheel locks: $91
    5% MA Sales Tax: $1174.55
    Title Preparation w/ registration: $86.00
    Documentary Preparation: $298.00
    TOTAL PRICE: $25,049.55

    It seems like the best way to go is to negotiate with a sales manager. In my case, the prices that they give over the phone/email, are the lowest that they're willing to go so my advice is to email as many sales managers as you can in your area and don't waste your time by going to a dealership thinking you can negotiate much lower in person.

    Oh, and in response to jb_turner about backing out on the proposed price: in order to move forward and actually propose the price, I needed to put down a deposit and it would be for a car that they needed to swap with another dealer. So there was the risk of the car being damaged upon transportation (someone driving it and not being delivered on a flatbed truck), and that's assuming that the car can even be swapped. And if it can't, my deposit would be locked down for an indefinite amount of time.

    Thanks again to everyone and happy shopping!
  • The invoice for a 2009 Accord EXL w/ Navi, automatic, is $25,788 (destination included) according to edmunds pricing. I think it's reliable b/c a lot of the dealerships that I've visited have shown me the same invoice price sheets as what I found.

    Some dealers have also given me invoices that are higher than what I found, but just tell them that your research tells you otherwise. And don't forget that the invoice is not their actual cost for the car. There is also the dealer holdback and floorplan interest, so their actual cost for a car is hundreds below invoice. Of course, the dealers also need to make some money so I wouldn't argue to buy the car at the actual cost. I think $400 below the edmunds invoice would be pretty good. Good luck!
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    initialj - thanks for the reply. Since he quoted almost 1000 over edmunds invoice, even with their 'special' they are still 600 over true invoice ;). I've since sent him an email to ask about why his invoice price is so high. My guess is he is just plain lying ;).

    I think i'm gonna sit tight for a bit, im in no rush, and the way the car industry is going i think someone will offer me invoice sooner or later! I'm also looking into the sonata which is significantly cheaper anyway. If i can't get invoice on the accord i'm not sure its worth the 4 or 5 grand more. Anyway thanks for the data. I dont know how people bought cars without the power of the internet! ;)
  • kk26kk26 Posts: 8
    Hello Everyone,

    So I am looking at buying the 09' Accord EX V6 Sedan and i'm located in houston. I'm looking for some assistance; has anyone recently purchased an accord from houston and willing to share info on:
    what the out the door or drive out price paid was
    what interest rate they got
    any dealers they recommend in houston
    OR what about anyone who has received good deals at John Eagle Honda on Jones Rd?
  • kk26kk26 Posts: 8
    Where did you buy your 09 EX-L? I am in the market for an 08 EX-L and the best offer I got so far is only $500 below what you paid. The Honda dealers are pretty firm in Houston. Maybe I should go for an 09 EX-L.

    Did you ever end up purchasing your Accord or find out any good deals in Houston? What dealerships were you looking at?

    Thanks in advamce
  • abcnjabcnj Posts: 5
    Prices I've gotten this week for '09's:
    Accord sedan EX-L I4 auto $24,270
    Accord sedan EX-L I4 auto w/nav $26,349

    Last month I got a price of $25,000 for an '08 w/nav (from a different dealer that had the best price a year ago for a Ridgeline). They still have about 8 of these, I need to check back to see if it dropped.]

    I think they can all do better.

    btw, I'm in NJ.
  • MSRP: $30755 + Dest
    w/ dealer installed splash guards

    negotiated price: $28300

    What do any of you think of this deal?
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