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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kk26, I am also shopping for a new Accord here in Houston. I checked John Eagle Honda, and all I got was the run around. They had the "Eagle Advantage", which had some quality additions, but they were not competitive on price to the bottom line. I have also shopped Gillman Honda which claims to be the # 1 volume dealer in this region. They were very competitive, but not as good as Streater Smith Honda in Conroe. I contacted them and asked for the "Sam's Club" price, and immediately I got a quote for $200 below invoice with no required add-ons, such as $295 wheel locks, $500 potection pack (which I consider to be worthless), and other such nonsense. Goodson Honda advertises "No one beats a Goodson Deal", but that's all hype. Good Luck with your shopping! :)
  • $300 wheel locks??? the msrp on those is like $55 on the acura website!
  • Hi; I got a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L in Riverside for $460 below invoice $23,880 including destination charge. Edmunds invoice may not include destination charge.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,043
    Edmunds always shows invoice, destination and the total of the two for the true invoice.
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  • clodyclody Posts: 2
    So if I am reading this correctly, an appropriate price for a 2009 EX-L V6 with NAV might be: $27,866 (Edmonds Invoice) + $670 (destination) = $28,536. I would hope to actually pay around $400 dollars less, especially since it looks like the auto industry may be in trouble for some time to come. Does $28,136 sound like a fair price? Any advice? Should I go lower?
  • You need to get $500 below invoice to make it fair. I got my 2009 Accord EX-L for $460 below.

    MSRP: $26,925 including destination charge
    Invoice: $24,450 including destintation charge
    Bought for: $23,988 including destination charge

    Hope that helps and I'm in So. CA
  • clodyclody Posts: 2
    Yes, thanks. This does help me. If I can't get the price I think is fair for the Accord. I might look at the less expensive Hyundai Sonata.
  • kk26kk26 Posts: 8
    I'm supposed to go with my sister this weekend, to the one off of 290 n Jones. We just gonna walk in there and take a look and see what they got to offer. I'll keep you posted on what happens! I got an internet quote for the Accord 09' V6 EX sedan including destination 24,850.64.

    I think i can go lower though, maybe even starting off at 22,000....anyone think thats possible? Im trying to find out what some good interest rates are that people have paid...anyone?
  • Just purchased 2009 Accord EX-L V6 w/o Navi at Russell & Smith in Houston
    Alabaster Silver/Black leather interior
    Sale Price w/ destination = $26,177 + TTL
    7yr/120mi $0 deductable Honda Care = $1,287
    I did add the Pro pack(wheel locks, splash guards & trunk tray) $377 and decklid spoiler $462
    I financed 60 mos @ 3.9%. This dealer is very professional and easy to deal with!
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has gotten or beaten invoice prices on 09 accords. Most of the dealers around me are talking a good game that they are doing just fine. With the recent news about all car sales so horrible, I'm having a hard time believing that.

    Do you guys or gals think its worth waiting a bit to get or beat invoice?

    FYI: I'm in the N.VA. market.

  • I checked Edmund's and the figures you're quoting above are for the 4cyl version w/o NAV...
  • I'm also in the N. VA market and just bought my 2009 EX-L V6 w/NAV and didn't get invoice, slightly over, but way under MSRP of $31425 (and that's on a dealer demo vehicle), though I figure with the 3.9%/60 financing, still got an OK deal for an 09'
    model with all the options (dealer even left on the splash guards).
  • Seanp1,

    Thanks for your recent post on invoice pricing on your new purchase.
    I would appreciate a lead on the good dealers in the SoCal area you contacted and where you made the final deal. I am considering a purchase soon for the same
  • A "demo" may be a new car however it should sell for near or at a used car price.
  • I haven't completed the purchase yet, but I am getting quotes via email of $200 or $300 under invoice for a 09 Accord sedan LX. The best quote I got was for $19,900 plus Tags (~$200) + Tax (6%) in eastern PA. Edmonds invoice is $20,223 including destination fee. We'll see what happens when I head to the dealership to compete the deal.
  • Good Luck kk26...John Eagle Honda in Houston quotes an internet price, then when you get there, they have a bunch of very expensive dealer add ons, or at least that's what they wanted to do when I showed up. I dealt with Mariana there, and she was polite and informative, but would not budge on the price.
  • kk26kk26 Posts: 8
    thanks, any other dealerships you found to be better or comments about them?
  • I got $500 below invoice on 2009 Accord EX V6 in Western Ohio. Remember Honda has $500 market support now.
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    The market support is only for the 2008 Accords if you look carefully enough! ;)
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    Thanks for all the messages guys, but I ended up going with a different car. Couldn't get any dealers around me to make me a good enough offer. Anyway, thanks for the tips everyone and enjoy your car - whatever it is!
  • My bad. :blush: Seems I got a better deal than I thought. :)
  • "I got $500 below invoice on 2009 Accord EX V6 in Western Ohio."

    Whatever it is below invoice does not matter...what matters is the OTD price. A dealer can have a car for thousands below invoice however may have the higher OTD price. Purchasing a car based upon below invoice is comparable to purching a car based upon monthly payments.
    OTs is the way to go... we ALL pay an OTD price.
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    I don't agree with your "SAME" OTD statement. OTD contains TAX in which each of us pays a different % based on the state where we lived in. How can the OTD of one state, for eg Oregon with 0% tax be compared with Indiana with 7% tax be compared? Obviously the IN resident will have to pay a higher OTD due to the tax. Your logic is flawed :confuse: however, it might be better if poster provides a breakdown of his pricing and provide a total, but providing only the OTD wouldn't work in this multi-states forum
  • Recently i just bought the car from Power Honda Valencia 91355 on 11/23, here's the deal;
    09 Accord 4dr LX-P car price $21,999 OTD, Finance through AHFC 3.9% for 60 mnths, $0 down. The problem is the day after i bought the car, the finance guy called me. He told me that he wants to raised my APR to 4.9% because length of my credit. He wants me to come to the dealer to sign new contract, but i dont want that happen. So why the gave me 3.9% for the first place? i read my contract but it doesnt say anything about interest changing.
    How can they renegotiate a contract after the fact?
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    Did they make you sign any papers called the "spot delivery contract". If yes, look through the paper and try to see what it says. If not, call him up and reject him nicely that the contract is lawfully binding as agreed. If he's still being unreasonable, be prepared to tell him that you will be serving him with a lawyer's notice.
  • I was able to negotiate the car w/ splash guards for $24,888. Is that a good price? It seems really good based on Edmunds. Just wondering what other people in IL got recently.
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    can you give a full breakdown? doc fee? taxes? and etc. and I assume that it is for the I4 Accord auto/manual? and last but not least, as a warning, having bought my car from IL twice. Some IL dealers (like 80%) give their email quotes w/o Destination fee, just so that you know

  • Sorry... Yes, I4/Automatic

    $24,888 - Car
    $670 - Dest
    $2,057 - Tax
    $158 - Registration Fees
    $150 - Doc Fee

    Total car - $27,923
  • there's NO any "spot delivery contract". i know they just wanna get more money from me. thank you SZER.
    PS: Don't buy car from HONDA VALENCIA(91355)!! nightmare, bad service.
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    good price! considering that 3%of base msrp for holdback + floorplan is $853.65 and your price is $900 below invoice, which equals to $46.35 "loss" and even if you consider the $150 documentation fee, the dealer is "only" earning $103.65, which is a very reasonable price that they have given you. Dealers also need money to keep on running and the price is really GOOD ;) . When you buy it, be sure to give them a 5 star rating if there's no problem encountered. Good luck :shades:
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