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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just received an offer from a dealer to purchase an '09 Accord LX MSRP $22,225 for $19,000 with a trade allowance of $11,500 for my '06 Accord LX that has 46,500 miles. I plan to finance over 5 years at 3.9% through Honda credit. Tiele and Doc fees of $247--no additional fees. OTD $19,247-$11,500. They balked at it at first but in this economy and at the end of the year they came around after a couple of weeks. What do you think of the deal?
  • bkk1bkk1 Posts: 1
    Hi All,
    I am looking for 2009 accord LX-S Auto trans. and got a quote 20906$ plus TTL.
    Is this a good price or anybody got better than this please respond. thanks
    I am in south florida area by the way..if it makes any difference. thanks everybody in advance.
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    Sales Tax is based on the state where the car will be registered so you would not save any tax $$ by purchasing in DE.
  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    For the purchase of a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L 4-cylinder automatic sedan (silver with gray leather), how good is the (factory) optional wood trim for both steering wheel and other locations in the car?

    What is another option on getting wood trim in the car and how much would it cost?

    More important that it look decent even if it costs a bit more......

    Bud H
  • reechzreechz Posts: 50
    Got a quote of $20,000 flat for a 2009 Honda Accord LX-P sedan 2009 automatic tarns.
    Financing thru Honda leasing is 3.9% after my down payment.

    I am inclined to think (after shopping my business around) that I am doing pretty well with this offer.

    Invoice w/ destination charges is $21,126 according to the Edmunds site.

    Can anyone confirm?

  • ggsanggsan Posts: 10
    $20320 is the OTD?
  • ggsanggsan Posts: 10
    Hi, Guys,

    Just want to see if anyone has an idea about the price for 2009 Accord LX (Sedan) in Socal? Is $20975 OTD a good price?

    Thanks a lot,
  • I'm also interested in leasing. Your lease deal sounds really good. I know it's $0 down, but what are the total up front costs including all fees and such?
  • Does anyone know of a Honda dealer who has online no haggle pricing? Fitzgerald Auto has a site that does that for many makes but they don't sell Honda's. It is very useful to use as a baseline for your own negoiations.

    I find it interesting that they are now selling Camry's for $2000 under invoice on some trim levels. It seems to me that Accord and Camry are usually very similar in pricing so I wonder if $2K under invoice is now possible on Accords as well.

    Anyone know of website that offers no haggle pricing for Honda.
  • There are dealerships that have no haggle pricing however from what I've read Honda Motors does not allow dealerships to price vehicles below a certain price like Fitzmall and others do, if they do they face heavy penalties.
  • Bought a brand new Polished Metal Metallic Coupe w/ ivory interior w/ mudflaps, cargo net, and other "dealer installed" fluff. MSRP was $27,720

    Purchase Price: $23,500
    Dealer/Doc Fee: $349
    5% MS Tax= $1175
    OTD= $25,024

    I also got approved for the 3.9% 60 Month financing.

    Pretty stoked! Another dealer within driving distance could of beat that by $40 bucks OTD but I really wanted that color. With Doc fees, I seemed to have paid $40+ over invoice minus the $750 .

    Totally Satisfied! Incentives+Special Financing= AWESOME HONDA!
  • I made my first month's payment; after that and the document fees, I paid $698 I think, give or take a dollar or two. After I paid that and signed papers, I walked out the door with the keys.
  • NEW to this site.

    What is the best OTD price anyone has seen?
  • Toyoman - My wife drives our 08 EXL w/ Nav and she has told me that it does that also. We have an auto starter (non-honda dealer add on) that was added on after i got our car. My wife said it happens about once every few weeks. she thinks it happens when she uses the fob for the remote starter for locking the car and then uses the car key lock for unlocking or some combination of the 2 devices.
    Does your lights flicker for about 30 sec and then go on to normal?
  • Took an offer for 2009 Accord EX-L for $23,750 at Capitol Honda in SJ, CA.
    TTL extra.

    Getting down to 23,750 from 24,500 was not hard - but I am sure if i had the patience could have brought the price down even further.

    Grey on Grey.

    Good luck shopping!

    This forum was great help!
  • What do you guys think about waiting until January or even February to purchase a 2009 Accord? I just feel like sales are gonna keep going down, making dealers even more desperate.

    Also, does anyone know of a dealership in California with a good selection of 2008 inventory?
  • e419e419 Posts: 8
    the online quote I got for coupe EX was for $20,990 but had "destination and handling fee" of $670 - I wonder if that's the same as the dealer/doc fee. I also have a registration fee of $263. First time buying a car so want to make sure all these fees are legit.
  • e419e419 Posts: 8
    is this for coupe or sedan?
  • fhughfhugh Posts: 8
    This board was helpful for car buying. Here is my contributes:

    2008 New Accord EXL V6 Coupe, $23469 OTD.

    MSRP: $28,550 + $670 destination
    Sale Price: $21,988, destination included.
    MA Tax: $1099
    Title: $84
    Doc: $ 300 ? :confuse:
    OTD: $23469

    I bought it a Boch Honda, Norwood MA. The car was on their weekend Ad. I did not think it will be there, either a bait or taken by some one. But it was there. I thought it was a used one. But it has only 30 miles on it. Brand new. :shades:

    The sales man was Walter Thomas. A decent man. No pressure, helping me find what I wanted. The Ad price was 21988. I said I will take it if destination was included. He took it off without a word. I felt there was more room to go but i did not want to nickel and dime him to death.

    I tested LXP, EX I4, and EX V6. The I4 was OK. The problem is after driving the V6, there is no going back. the color is not my top choise but for $7K off the list, I will take it. I was told that was the last 2008 model.

    This is my best car buying experience. Wally is the kind guy I would deal with. I would recommend you do the same if you are around this area. Happy car shopping.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    See the post just above this one, it's legit.
  • Here's an interesting article that came out in the NY times last month. They talk about imports piling up at the port. Nobody wants them.

    I think sales are gonna plummet even worse with the economy getting worse and more unemployment. I think I'm gonna wait to buy my Accord until Feb or March when dealers are even more desperate to sell.
  • I went to local dealer last week and they offered me 26,210 for Accord 09 EX-L w/o Nav, it was ODT price. I am in NYC.

    The guy was trying to push me to buy the car in 5 mintues :) , keep saying if I gave you a price, did you buy the car today.... if not, why should I give you the price. he was rudely saying something like that. I said...well, you have to give me the price , otherwise, how could you sell your products to your customer......

    I think this is close the edmunds price right here 6&y=15

    Does anybody would like to give me some comments on this? i appreciate any inputs.

    Merry Christmas
  • this is a good idea, but you better to get the price by the end of year. so you are able to compare them in Feb or March.
  • "2008 New Accord EXL V6 Coupe, $23469 OTD"

    As long as no trade was involved, car was not a demo and less than 20 miles on odo you did well.
  • tingotingo Posts: 1
    $25,225 + TTL (Dec 23/2008) White Diamond Pearl
    + Mudguard, Trunk cover, wheel loks...
  • fhughfhugh Posts: 8
    I suppose that is a I4 not V6 ?

    I was offered 09 EXL V6 w/o Nav for $24500 MSRP, I did not take since I was going for an 08 Model. I felt that there was room to go for that price also if I persuit it. So your offer is not so good. That was in MA.

    Also don't deal with any guy who is rude. Get another sale person, if not better get another dealership. Our pride worth something also. :mad:
  • fhughfhugh Posts: 8
    no trade, 30 miles on ODO, not a demo.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    I was offered 09 EXL V6 w/o Nav for $24500 MSRP, I did not take since I was going for an 08 Model. I felt that there was room to go for that price also if I persuit it. So your offer is not so good. That was in MA.

    An 09 EXL V6 w/o Nav for $24,500 is not a good price? Don't kid yourself - this is a great price and anyone who goes out trying to get a better deal most likely will be sadly mistaken. Even if there is dealer cash on the 09's, this is far below invoice. I'm with isell on this topic - people who think they'll get a unrealistic price will not be successful. Why would a dealer sell a car at a huge loss? Not saying it can't be done, but 99% of dealers won't even talk to you at this price. NOW, an EXL 4 cyl can be had at this price, possibly slightly less. Are sure it wasn't a 4 cyl vs V6?

    Another point on rude salesman - I agree, don't deal with them. But first, don't be a rude buyer. I'm in sales too and when a buyer prospect starts being rude at any point during the process, I don't take them seriously. I quietly apologize and state that it's unfortunate that not everyone can afford our product and happily refer them to a competitor who will have something in their price range.
  • I'm starting to see a lot of car salesmen on these boards who seem to be get very testy over consumers trying to get their best possible price. Often that price is far under invoice, leaving the dealer with little if any profit. The tone of the salesman is that the consumers are being greedy and are taking advantage of the dealers in their time of need.

    These are the same salesmen who would think nothing of charging sticker price should a 75 year old widow walk into the showroom. Suddenly the shoe is on the other foot and we as the consumers are supposed to eat a few hundred dollars to help out the struggling auto industry. Sorry but after years of trying to squeeze every penny out of us, the shoe is finally on the other foot.

    Sorry for the rant but I had to get that off my chest.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    I should clarify - I dont' sell cars or anything auto related. I don't buy the notion that because in good times, sellers were able to make a profit, sometimes a huge profit, and now that times are tough, they should sell at a loss. Sometimes occassionally selling at a small loss may be the only thing to do to keep up cashflow, but doing it consistently or taking a huge loss on several sales is tantamount to closing your doors and not selling at all. Dealers sell cars to make a profit - period. Think of it this way: Except for gov't and non-profits, anyone employed or self-employed sells or produces a product or service for someone else to buy. If the product or service can't bring in enough revenue to pay you, the overhead, and put a little profit into the owner's pocket, how long do you think that will continue? And if that's not important to you, don't go crying when you get your layoff notice or you have to shut down your business because you went broke doing it.
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