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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • minlabminlab Posts: 6
    09 Accord EX-L sedan 4 cyl , no navigation only $21,800 ??? :confuse:

    I was quoted the exactly same configuration was 16,210 OTD in NYC
  • I'm asking for the advice of you wise Accord experts about buying an '06 Accord EX. My co-worker's lease is ending in Feb. on the Honda EX and she has asked several of the folks in the office if we'd be interested in buying it before it gets turned in. It is an 06 EX, NAV, Auto, Grey, V6, leather, moonroof, with 14,500 miles. Payoff is $17052. She leased the car right before moving to within 4 miles of the office and found out that it's easier and cheaper to take public trans than to drive in gridlock and pay for parking. The car has never been in an accident.

    I've never owned a Honda before and have no knowledge of lease purchase deals, but the mileage is low, the car has a great reputation, and the dealer would probably sell it for more than her payoff, correct? I commute 60 miles a day and believe that this would be an excellent car for my drive, although if this falls through I plan on looking at the '09 Accord LX-P's.

    I plan on having it inspected by my mechanic if I decide to buy it. Is this a fair price for this car and what should I watch out for in a lease purchase?
    Thanks to all.
  • reechzreechz Posts: 50
    I'd like to know who quoted you in NYC $16210. I can't see the ex being that cheap (and with tax included).
  • memvmemv Posts: 2
    hi traindriver,i found2 in san antonio & contacted the dealerships. Now they all want to offer "invoice" price. However based on what i am reading on the posts and on the prices they can still lower it. Am i correct?
  • Thanks for the all the tips. I am ordering/buying a 2009 Accord V6 EX-L 6M w/Navi the week of 1/12.

    I say "order" because I want the Belize Blue with Black Interior - all the dealers are telling me they will have to request in their next allocation which happens the week of 1/12. Supposed to take 2-3 months to get it.

    My best price right now is $27.9k w/o destination charge or $800 under invoice. Going to try to wring out a few more dollars in the few days.

    Any suggestions on a good "below invoice" target?
  • nexofanexofa Posts: 31
    >>I was quoted the exactly same configuration was 16,210 OTD in NYC<<

    Did you mean to write $26,210 OTD? That would make more sense.

    I guess anything's possible, but based only on the reaction I got from the other dealers I talked to (including the one who called me today to see if I had actually gotten the $21.8k deal), I would say a 2009 Accord sedan EX-L 4 cyl for $16,200 OTD is a fantasy.
  • Yes, they may be able to lower it a little. Its impossible for me to say what the local market might be like. Remember though, it sounds like you are totally sold on that one color combo. If so, you have put yourself in a weak position as far as negotiating down to the absolute rock bottom price. Getting exactly what you want at invoice doesn't seem all that bad given your situation.

    It might help you a little bit if these 2 cars that you have found in SA are at different dealerships that are not within the same dealership group. At least then you can get a price from each and compare.
    See what each could be bought for in SA and compare this to your local dealers price. (if he is willing to search around for one like I mentioned in the earlier post) EP to SA is a LONG way away to go on a wild goose chase for a car, hoping the deal is legitimate, the seller is honest, and the car is still available.

    Another idea might be to request an internet quote from another dealer that is closer {someone you haven't contacted yet}, like Roswell or Odessa, specifying exactly what you want. They may be able to snag one for you for a good price. A dealer can "see" whats out there in your region better than you can by searching around on various dealer websites. A dealer may tell you that none are available when in actuality a few ARE out there....its just that the two dealers may not be on friendly terms as far as doing a dealer trade because of a previous bad experience, dealership policy, or some other baloney.
    Personally, I would have to hear it from several different dealers before I would finally accept that my favorite choice doesn't exist.

    If only 2 exist in a 500 mile radius, then be prepared to pay whatever they want. How far and to what extreme you want to go is totally up to you.

    just my 2 cents... again, good luck.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I've never been a fan of used Hondas or Toyotas as they don't deperciate that fast and to me the value isn't there. Do some research to see what they're going for, check Edmunds TMV as well as There should be plenty of comparable 06 Accords to compare with.
  • I work at a honda dealership and the residual value on the lease end car is good if you were planning on buying one used your looking at 5000.00 plus to buy the same car. The Lx-p doesnt have all the features on the vehicle as the other one but in a good price range email me if you have any questions.
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    Just did a 09 Accord LX base no frills for a friend/client of mine:

    MSRP with dest 22,365
    Invoice 20,223
    3% Holdback + $750 dealer cash

    SOLD 19,245
    8.5% Chicago Tax
    $65 title, $78 registration, $175 total docs
    Paid cash
  • I just completed the purchase of my 09 EX-L w/ Nav - I4 from Criswell Honda in Germantown MD.

    $24,100 purchase price
    $ 670 freight
    $ 100 dealer prep
    3% VA Tax

    Pretty fair if you ask me. Opinions?
  • sbddrjsbddrj Posts: 8
    I just purchased a Silver 2009 Honda Accord LX-P with automatic transmission from Precision Honda in Jasper, AL for $21,535.45 OTD. Not sure if this is a good price compared to the national average, but it was the best price I could get on the last selling day of 2008, or at least according to the dealer. They threw in front and rear mudguards no charge. It looks like I got it at $1,119.06 under invoice. Invoice that I see on the car is $21,262.01. The DOC fee was steep at $499, but the closest competitor price was $21,800 OTD. Dealer 2 claimed their deal was better because they included pinstripes and appearance protection package, but I figured I would save the $265. Like I said, I am not sure if I got a good deal, but has the sales price on this vehicle at $21,312, and no other dealer in a 100 mile radius of Huntsville, AL would match or beat this price, so I went for it. I will probably regret it in a couple of months if the economy does not get any better and more dealer to manufacturer cash comes out, but at least I can feel good for the night. I also got the 3.9% financing. If you are in the Birmingham or Hunstville area, or anywhere in between, give Precision Honda a try for a quote. They have always had the lowest price when I have purchased. I purchased a 2008 Honda Pilot last year, and I got the quote from Precision Honda a day late, and as I remember it, they had a price of about $300-400 lower than the price I bought at, so they are worth a try.

    I Paid:

    Price: $20,142.95
    Tax, Title, Tags, Doc & Prep Fee: $1392.50
    Total: $21,535.45 OTD
    APR: 3.9%
  • How would one go and buy a lease car for the residual value?

    Sorry for the noobie question.

  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    How would one go and buy a lease car for the residual value?

    I've never done that before, but I'd say just pick up the phone and call the leasing company. If your credit is good, they'd probably even finance you, should be an extremely easy transaction. You could also probably initiate things with an email sent from their website.
  • call honda at 800 517 9714 get the payoff of the lease vehicle. then you can go to your own bank or credit union and apply for that loan amount plus your state tax that you will have to pay at that time. and your financial institution will send the payoff check to honda for the lease. and the title honda will send to your bank.
  • Just got this car in time for Christmas from Hendrick Honda in South Charlotte. It is the second time we have purchased from them in a year and couldn't be happier with their professional service. They didn't have the color we wanted (Crystal Black Pearl) but they went out of their way to get it from an affilate without charging extra.

    2009 Accord-EXL I4 coupe, AT with mud guards and wheel locks:
    MSRP -$27,331

    OTD -$23757
    Doc Fee -$399
    NC Tax -$712
    Title & tag -$69
    Total -$24938

    We used the internet for quotes and most dealers were pretty close to this figure. I am disappointed that we couldn't work the doc fee down, but I couldn't find a dealer willing to cut the price (go figure).
  • Just bought 2009 Accord LX Auto here in central NC at $18900 plus tax(3%), doc fee, and tag. We also had a $400 dealer add-on accessory. OTD price is $20400. This forum has helped us a lot for getting our final number right!
  • e419e419 Posts: 8
    I'm getting quotes for the coupe EX, and was planning on negotiating a price via e-mail first before I go into the dealership to buy, but many of them are telling me to come in first and bring with me a print out of a lower quote. Is this standard? Or should I stay firm and say that I want to settle on a price first before I go in.
    Being a younger female, I don't want to be taken advantage of at the dealership, so want to have the price figured out beforehand.
  • jncarsjncars Posts: 13
    According to Edmunds a 2006 V6 EX with leather and navigation sold by a private party is about $17,500 in clean condition. So $17,052 is about an average price to pay in my opinion.
  • Thank you all for your input on the 2006 Accord. $17,052 is what payoff is and it looks like a fair price. The condition is immaculate and I will check it all over again on Monday. Location is in Arlington, Va. and Autotrader shows similar Accords in the area with miles in the mid-20's to 30's for $20-23k.

    I'm waiting to see if new Honda incentives increase after Jan. 5th. If better finance rates exist next week I may buy new instead of used. Used rates right now are not very attractive.

    Any issues that I should be aware of that V6 Accords are prone to?
  • Want to know what people are paying for a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L V6 w/ NAV.

  • We didn't have that problem. If you are just trying the local dealers, you might have better luck asking for internet quotes from dealers outside of your local area. We asked for quotes from just about every region in the state.
  • jwmsjwms Posts: 6
    Just passing along our pleasurable experience with Criswell Honda of MD.

    I e-mailed jhouchens who had noted his experience from above to see how his experience went at Criswell. After recieveing his feedback we then made the call to go over. We live in VA as well.

    We called before going over. Confirmed their quote and availability for what we were looking for.

    Picked up a 09 Accord EX L V6 sedan with wood trim, etc.. no navigation.

    Flat OTD total $25900 as quoted with no other charges.

    Looked like a good deal to us.

    Internet sales rep was very nice, strightforward and had us out the door within about 2 hours. That included test driving and waiting for finance to be approved through Honda. No attempts to sell us anything else.
  • JWMS,
    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    May you break down the price with your optional such as wood trim? I am interested in 09 Acord EXL V6 and I am living in MD.
    Sounds like you make a best deal.

  • I just received this email from one of the Honda dealers here in South Carolina:

    "Just Announced from American Honda Jan 2nd 2009.

    The Special subsidized 1.9% APR and the 3.9% APR will definitely end on January 5th 2009
    And will NOT be RENEWED"


    *Save up to
    an additional*



    2009 Honda Civic
    Jan 5th

    2009 Honda Accord
    Jan 5th

    2009 Honda CRV
    Jan 5th

    2009 Honda Element
    Jan 5th

    2009 Honda Odyssey
    Jan 5th

    Sorry, the formatting does not copy & paste correctly but I think you can figure it out....
  • Thanks for the information.

    Honda's December sales were down 35% in December.

    I bet much better discounts are ahead in Jan and Feb.

    I am buying a 2009 Accord Cpe V6 EX-L w/Navigation. Best price over the holidays was $27.9k or $700 under invoice. I have two dealers planning to requote when Honda's new specials come out 1/6.
  • gokahogokaho Posts: 3
    No trade in, and I plan to use Honda special financing

    Some Quotes (MSRP - $24,925) I have received via email.
    #1 - 21,100 (with a stock number)
    #2 - 21,650 with "life time transmission warranty"
    #3 - 22,000 with "life time car washes" and wheel lock lug nuts"

    #3 dealer admits that they can't compete with #1, but it is already selling at invoice with deal cash back incentive.

    I was hoping to get it for an absolute bottom price -$21,385
    (Invoice price; less $750 cash back to dealer and less 2% of MSRP for dealer hold back), #1 under cut that amount by another $400..
  • I am ordering a 2009 Accord Coupe V6 EX-L 6 Speed w/Navigation next week. I have to order to get the Belize Blue/Black on this car.

    Just asked the three dealers I am working with to update quotes with the new Honda Incentives.

    As of Jan 6, the Accord Dealer Cash Back is up to $1000 (from $750). First dealer is quoting invoice - $1000 or $27.1k (w/o destination).

    I think I can do a bit better since there is apparently a $2500 dealer holdback as well.

    Will post when I get next round of quotes.
  • I got an excellent deal at Coral Springs Auto Mall in Florida.

    Paid $18,603
    MSRP: $22,225

    currently ranked #1 on realcartips for 2009 honda accord

    One thing though, although the deal was very good, I was upset the finance manager tried to charge me $400 extra "by mistake". very fishy
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