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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • "As with everything else, car prices should reflect supply and demand."

    A dealer buys cars from the manufacturer at a set cost all year around, good times and bad. Take any other industry for example. You dont see Walmart paying less for a Wii from Nintendo for less just because supply (at present) out weighs demand. If anything, Walmart cuts the volume of purchases and thus incurs a higher wholesale cost.

    "But in this economy, anyone who ventures out to buy a car, he or she also incurs significant financial risks because unemployment is no longer a distant possibility."

    So I understand your theory correctly; you think, because of a higher risk of perceived job-loss, that Honda (or anyone whom you conduct business with, I presume), should in fact lower their prices to reduce your financial exposure in the unlikely event of job-loss? Thats how I understand your statement. :confuse:

    "That risks, I believe, must be compensated with lower prices to offset it or no one would be willing to take it."

    A business can not survive if they continue to pay more wholesale then what they sell for retail (without a government "bail out").

    "If one bought a house during the height of the market; he could either (1) demand a sale price comparable to what he paid for, or (2) take the loss and move on. The value of the house has not changed (his costs are still the same), yet the offers he has received were far less."

    I guess you never considered option (3) WAIT IT OUT. It's a simple concept really. If you bought a house in 2005 and put just 10% down, you are upside down in your house. Deal with it, I am. My house in 2005 was worth $350K on the open market, it's now worth just $286K. Thankfully, I used about $150K profit from my other house as a down payment. Thanks to the same over inflated real estate market, I doubled my investment. ;)

    My costs (in terms of my house, or the cars I sell) are the same, yet my offers for both are far less. As a result, I choose not to sell either one.
  • Not trying to be argumentative, but I will try to answer your questions...

    WM can afford to charge full price for the Wii because the demands are there. Give it a few more months, I suspect Wii prices will come down. Unless...umm, WM decides to "wait it out".

    When the demands are barely there, lowering prices maybe the only way to lure in the customers.

    A business will fail if it keeps selling at a loss. But should he fail, he'd take himself out of the supply/demand equation... lower supply would then bring higher price. Regrettably, but only strong ones would survive after this one.

    Some time this is not a viable option. Those who are selling their home now because they have no other choices. Consider yourself among the fortunates!

    This shall be it from me... this is a car forum after all, not microeconomics.
  • I am being quoted 60% on a 39 month EX 4A and 58% on a EX-L 4A but I thought the current residuals are supposed to be 61% and 59%. Anyone know what the program is? Am I thinking of the 36 month residuals?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Believe me, if times get bad enough and folks can't afford to buy, either the cars will sit longer on the lots or Honda will reduce production to meet current supply/demand needs. And people can just not buy...if you don't have the $...WAIT! Unfortunately, America is a country where folks demand instant gratification...waiting until one can afford to buy is an unkown concept for too many Americans. That instant gratification variable is part of the reason we're in this financial mess now.
    Honda has a certain value that they place on each and every one of their models and they will only sell for just so much under invoice.
    The prices for the Civic LX are lower than when I bought back in '06, but times were different back then. A newly designed 1st year model commanded a higher price than does the same model 3 years into it's production cycle. There are some screraming deals now over when I bought but again, they will only go so low on a '09 LX model no matter how bad the economy is or what the perceived value the customer has of the car...just that simple. I truly believe that within a year, we should be going back into a bullish market but make no mistake, it'll never be "business as usual" again in America!

    The Sandman :shades:
  • The 39 month/12000 mile per year residual you quoted at 60% and 58% are correct.

    You also also correct for the 36 months/12000 mile residuals.
  • Picked up my black 2009 accord v6 ex-L yesterday. They waxed it up nice (I've been dodging puddles). I put on the side molding- looks nice, I think. Out the door: $26,800. My state tax is 6%, so that cost me over $1500, side molding was $250 or so. I'm happy with the price and the look of the v6. My wife says it looks like a Lexus!
  • Jhinsc: You are correct about the up and down mode. I went to a Honda dealer yesterday to test drive, and believe it or not, a manager stated that the EX L Sdn V-6 W/Nav had the up, and down. After checking, he stated that he was wrong. I test drove an Accord EX V-6Sdn w/nav, and was somewhat disappointed. The rode noise that I heard was unacceptable. I don't know if was the tires on the car or bad insulation, but again, it was not good. Also, the inside workmanship just didn't seem like Accords of the past. When I left the dealership, and got in my TL to drive home, and it was like night and day compared to the Accord. I've been an Accord fan for many moons, and this is the first time that I felt disappointed. Maybe it's me. I own an 06 Accord EX V-6, and it's one heck of a car, both inside and out. Finally, the sales manager sound very interested in accepting the even up trade for the Accord I wanted, and my 08 TL. Maybe some on this site can pass on solid advice.
  • Does anyone know if Honda is going to extend the $1000 dealer cash incentive through March? I know the current expiration is March 2 and I just wanted to know if it would be extended.
  • I got offered an 09 Accord LX-P with deck lid spoiler for 21,500 OTD (includes all fees and taxes). This is in PA. Is this a good deal? I was hoping for around 20,500 but not sure if I can push it further.
  • "I test drove an Accord EX V-6Sdn w/nav, and was somewhat disappointed. The rode noise that I heard was unacceptable."

    The Accord is not designed to complete with the TL. The Accord has a sportier ride than the Camry due to its design.

    "Also, the inside workmanship just didn't seem like Accords of the past."

    In what ways? The 08-09 are a generation different that the previous years so apples to apples cant be compared.

    "When I left the dealership, and got in my TL to drive home, and it was like night and day compared to the Accord."

    There again you are not comparing apples to apples.
  • Looks like the MSRP and invoice on the 09 Accord (I'm looking specifically at the LX-P, but should be all of them) fell just in this past week. MSRP was as high as 23,375, but now only 21,905.

    Can anyone else confirm? What is happening?
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    Jax, the difference you're seeing is between an LX-P manual transmission w/o destination ($21,905) and one with auto, incl. destination ($23,375). Look at the bottom line number.
  • I got a deal for $21,500 OTD back in January. It was the best deal I could get in my area. I was trying for $21,000 OTD myself, but was impossible for me at the time. I did receive a call yesterday from a dealership I was talking with saying they could now do my $21,000 OTD becasue of NEW dealer cash incentives, so something changed this week in dealer incentives. If you see the dealership in a below post, he advertises they are selling the LX-P for $19,372.91 plus tax, title and documentation. I paid $20,142 plus TTL&D to bring my purchase to $21,500. So, I think $20,700 OTD might be doable. It depends on whether the dealership below is adding in destination to the price they are advertising. It looks like the dealer incentive has been upped from $750 to $1500 to me, as the price below is roughly $750 below what I got on my deal. We will need confirmation from one of the deaerships who post here for confirmation. Like I said, one of the dealerships I was talking to back in January is now begging me to purchase for $21,000 OTD, when it was not possible then, and the sales person quoted me it was due to more dealer incentives just being announced by Honda on the Accord. It looks like I should have waited myself. I am sure there will be more dealer incentives to come if they play this out like last year. February and March were the months to buy a Honda last year, with the biggest dealer incentives.
  • Thanks for the info. I'd appreciate your opinion (and anyone else's) about this. I have been talking with two dealers in my area and the deal they are offering is, I think, very good. One has the car in stock but they are about an hour away. The second is much closer and they say they'll beat the best deal I can find. But, they don't have the car in stock. No problem, they say....put down a deposit and they'll get the car. Is it normal to pay a deposit in this situation? I'd insist on refundability in writing in case I don't want it for some reason (can't stand rattles and squeaks!)
  • "I test drove an Accord EX V-6Sdn w/nav, and was somewhat disappointed. The rode noise that I heard was unacceptable."

    "The Accord is not designed to complete with the TL. The Accord has a sportier ride than the Camry due to its design."

    Your above response is a negative, for I wasn't comparing the rode noise of Accord to TL. The TL has the sportier ride, not the Accord. For me, Honda's that I purchase in the past never had the rode noise like it has with the 08-09 Accord. For the amount of time Honda had in making the car, the rode noise that's heard is unacceptable.

    "Also, the inside workmanship just didn't seem like Accords of the past."

    "In what ways? The 08-09 are a generation different that the previous years so apples to apples cant be compared."

    Purchase new Accord in year's 1994, 1999, 2004, and 2006, all "generation" different from previous years. And, the inside workmanship in ALL those Accords were top shelf unlike the 08-09 Accord. There I go again, apples to apples. (One can sure by a lot of apples for $31,000+)
  • Rickwjenn, you're right, it does not come with Navi.
    The latest offer I got from the dealer is $25,900, which ends up to $27,750 OTD.
    (taxes might be lower b/c it's in Texas)

    It's 09, V6 coupe with EX-L trim, no Nav.

    I might pull the trigger soon...
    Nice pic btw!
  • At this point, it is the EX 4 Auto for $21624 incl. delivery and dealer fee. MSRP is $25075 I believe. Local dealer claims he'll beat it.
  • lmartilmarti Posts: 16
    I'm helping a friend purchase a car and she's pretty much sold on the Accord Coupe. She's received a great price on the car thanks to help from a family friend in the business. The question now is whether or not to go through Honda for financing. I've searched the boards and am not seeing any financing incentives. Does anyone know what financing, if any, Honda is offering?

    I recommended that she at least pull her credit report and if good go to one credit union/bank to try to get financed in case Honda doesn't have anything good. She's young (24), doesn't have much credit (although what she has is good) and is worried about too many dings on her credit report. However, her parents are suggesting that she NOT go elsewhere and only work with the dealership b/c they are the only ones that can offer a good deal due to her lack of credit history.

    Now she's torn - listen to friend vs parents.
    What are your thoughts/recommendations?
  • I don't see the risk / harm in her at least going to a credit union and getting a no strings pre-approval? She wouldn't have to use it if the dealership offered something better, and she would be prepared in case they don't.

    What price / trim is she getting on the Accord OTD, and what city?
  • cbascbas Posts: 4
    Hi guys. I picked up my 2009 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe w/o navi or prezi yesterday after a couple days of dealers bickering for the business.

    I purchased it for $23,600, with taxes, destination and titles fees, etc. for $25,165.82 OTD. The dealers acted like I was ripping them off! I'm not sure if I did ok, or not.

    What do you think? I also traded in my 2000 Toyota Solara w/58,000 miles for $4200. I think I should have gotten more for that, but I couldn't find a private buyer.
  • Wanted to see what you guys think of the two prices I have so far on an 09 Accord EX-L Sedan 4 cyl automatic, no nav. I am in OH, 6.75 tax.

    1. 23,469.91 sales price, 25,346.50 OTD
    2. 23,455.46 sales price, 25,321.08 OTD

    I have not countered yet, this was both dealers' first offer. How much better can I do?

  • I'm outside philly, getting accord coupe i4 exl, quoted otd 25219 (which is about 23790 before 6% tax but including fees) so you guys are in the ballpark

    cbas - how far are you from dayton? someone quoted me from dayton - 24131 OTD. email me for details.
  • Last week I purchased a new 2009 Honda Accord Ex from Piazza Honda of Philadelphia. A friend turned me onto the Internet department there she had purchased two cars from a woman(no names) and spoke very highly of her. I figured I would give it a shot and see what kind of deal I could get. I shopped 2 other dealers in PA and one in NJ before contacting Piazza honda. My experiences at the other dealers were very decieving. 2 of the 3 dealers promised me a price, but when I arrived their vehicles had additional fees and equipment that I did not want and there was no negotiation available to remove the options off of their cars. The 3rd dealer was okay everything went well until getting ready to sign my paperwork and I realized that they were selling me a stick shift instead of the automatic that they showed me and gave me pricing for. I demanded my deposit backed and walked out. When I contacted the Internet Department at Piazza I had almost given up hope, but she assured me that she would take care of everything for me and for me not to worry. What a GREAT experience!! It was the best car purchase I ever experienced. Everyone was friendly and very different from the other dealer I had visited. Once I got to the dealership there was nothing unexpected. They honored their original quote and didn't try to charge extra for destination. They also gave me some free stuff with my purchase, like free state inspections and oil changes. She also expalined to me that since they are located in the automall right next door to the PHL Airport they offer free airport parking to all customers who buy a car from them. which is a big plus for me since I travel quite a bit because of my job. I am going to save hundreds over the next year alone. I have already recommended the internet department and the dealership to many of my friends. If you are looking for an honest deal with no hidden charges give them a shot. HIGHLY recommended. :shades:
  • Bought it in Maryland 3 weeks ago. In my buying experience here in Maryland/VA, serveral dealers were willing to offer me as low as $20300 to as high as $20800. Bought mine for 20500 OTD since this car comes with nitrogen tires, mud guard, door guard and fender trim. I could have bought it for $20300, but I like these options.

    All dealers played their games with me and confused me with their prices, options and other fees. I did a lot of homework before making my decison to go with the price. My advice is that you need to know the invoice price, check this website and see how other people did it and then give a lower (much lower) to many dealers. Talk to as many dealerships in your areas/states as possible, so you will get a good sense of how much the price in your areas. Then email them and spend some time talking to them but give them a flat number and try not negotiate options, fee and other stuff with them since dealers will pull out their papers to show you that they are losing $$$, that just a lie. Keep talking to them and pressure them about good prices you got from other dealerships (make up some fake but reasonable and believable number to make them think and compete). Believe me they will compete but your figures have to be believable. They might not do it at first but try to email them once a while (most of the time, they will email you in every 2 or 3 days). It's better for them to email you first since this tells you they are worried if you have bought the car. No salesperson want to lose any deals, especially in this bad economy. Keep in contact with them till the end of the month and that's when the salespeople and dealerships need to report and meet their sales number. This is the best time to cut a deal with them and they are much more willing to accept the cut since they are under pressure. Know your local market and wait till the end of the month, you have the best chance of getting the best deal in your hometown. Good luck and thank you for everyone that post their information that have helped make my descision.
  • Hi,
    Just bought one from dealer in MD, $27600 Out the door and I am VA resident.

    But they don't have special financing for Accord, and want to charge me 5.34% for 36 months, i have a very good credit history, is it the rate supposed to be ? They said they will give me few days to go to bank to see if I can get a better rate.
  • cbascbas Posts: 4
    I haven't looked into the 2009 Accord Sedan, so I really don't know the price of those. Sorry.
  • cbascbas Posts: 4
    Two dealerships quoted me 4.9% financing after I wasn't going to buy the car because the interest rate was too high. I have an excellent credit rating, too, so you should ask about that. Good luck.
  • cbascbas Posts: 4
    I was offered the $23,600 price even without my trade-in by 2 different dealers. One was Jay Honda in Bedford, and the other was Honda of Mentor. I forgot to add that I purchased through Honda of Mentor and they gave me the free oil changes and a $50 gas card.

    Bedford offered a slightly better deal with a $200 gas card. They have much more aggressive sales people. I didn't care for that. So I purchased from Mentor.

    Good luck
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Beware of $200 gas cards and such. There is no reason you shouldn't get the car for $200 less or $1000 or whatever. Many of these gas card deals have people saving receipts, mailing them in, rejections for inappropriate documentation, possible unreasonable time limits etc (just like rebate stuff in stores)

    So, get as much off the car as possible and can the gas cards.

    Good luck
  • nexofanexofa Posts: 31
    soroka24 - Check out the details of the deal I got a few weeks ago (post #22565 or Jan 2), and I went into additional detail in subsequent posts (search on my name to find them). I got the car you're after (EX-L sedan, auto, 4cyl., no nav) for about $23,900 OTD, but my sales tax in VA is half what yours is. The base price was $21,800, plus freight, taxes, tags, and side moulding. And 1.9% for 36 months.

    I got the same exact deal as another guy on this board, from the same dealer (Hendrick Honda, Woodbridge, VA), and I haven't seen another even come close (not that I'm following too closely anymore). My suggestion is to call and ask for the Internet sales person, tell them the exact numbers from my deal and cross your fingers. I'm told that Internet Sales staff get paid a flat fee per car they sell rather than a commission based on the price they negotiate (like showroom sales people), so they have an incentive to give you a good number.

    Regarding financing: While I was test-driving cars, a Toyota sales guy told me that Honda and Toyota seem to alternate with lease/financing deals, so when I was looking in late December, Honda had the great PAR on the Accord and Toyota had the killer lease of the Camry. Then they switched - Toyota has the great APR and Honda has the lease deals. So if you're interested in buying, my guess is that Honda will go back to good APR after 3/2, when the current lease deals expire.

    Good luck!
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