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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ronf1ronf1 Posts: 3
    Opps. I have a correction, got the price wrong in my original post. I intended to say I bought my Accord Sedan EX-L w/auto trans today at Walnut Creek Honda (CA) for $23,398 + tax and lic
  • navbhanavbha Posts: 19
    I am from sacramento and have been working with few bay area dealers fro the past 2 weeks. Finally I was able to get them agree for $25200 with just for the are with no accessories.

    But one of the local dealers in sacramento offered the following package with $25K out of the door. Is it a good deal?

    Honda Accord 2009 EX-L Basque Red Pearl color with Electronic 5-Speed Automatic, 4 door Sedan
    with following accessories

    Wheel Locks for Alloy Wheels
    Rear Bumper Protector
    Splash Guard
    Trunk Tray
    Wood Steering Wheel Trim
    Non-Navigation Wood Steering Wheel Trim
    All Season Floor mats
  • inet123inet123 Posts: 11
    I am just about going to the dealers to find out in NJ for a 2009 - EX-L - V6 - No Navi.

    I'd appreciate if anyone can share the prices paid or the best quote around and which dealership.

    I am also considering EX-L-auto-i4 as well.

  • bmf795bmf795 Posts: 9
    DCH Kay Honda has given me the best price on an EX-L $21550 plus destination +++.
  • jayc5627jayc5627 Posts: 9
    hey inet123,
    i am in the process of purchasing the ex-l v6 ( navi ) if you want, maybe we can combine our purchase for better deal. feel free to email me thanks
  • ajg71283ajg71283 NY, NYPosts: 11
    I bought my 09 Accord EX-L with Navi 4 cyl from Planet Honda. Cost me 27,500 OTD.
  • jayc5627jayc5627 Posts: 9
    i got quoted 26000 with dest. so far
  • inet123inet123 Posts: 11
    $25,412.71 + Tax + Lic... but includes destination, is the quote I have for EX-L V6 - No Navi.

    I do not think it is the best quote.

    I am yet to get a quote on EX-L i4...
  • jayc5627jayc5627 Posts: 9
    kay honda quoted 25049 + tax+fee
  • chrisliuchrisliu Posts: 8
    If you decide to go Larry Hopkins in sunnyvale, we may team together to negotiate a better price. I also will take accord 2.9% APR finance.

    I think the OTD price will be around 22500~23000 for EX and ~24500 for EX-L. Is anyone interesting to join ?
  • navbhanavbha Posts: 19
    Are you sure that the EX-L with the following accessories will be 24,500? If so I will join you Chrislu

    Wheel Locks for Alloy Wheels
    Rear Bumper Protector
    Splash Guard
    Trunk Tray
    Wood Steering Wheel Trim
    Non-Navigation Wood Steering Wheel Trim
    All Season Floor mats
  • chrisliuchrisliu Posts: 8
    The quote I got 2 days ago from their fleet manager is around 24900 (OTD, WITHOUT accessories) based on fremont sale tax 8.75%. He hint me the price could be lower if I decide to buy the in-stock accord.

    If sale tax is 7.75%, you could get around 24700. By some negotiation, 24500 is a possible number for you for EX-L model.

    Manager's name is Thomas P.Ho. You can call him for more detail.
  • We have 7% tax here, so far I have got OTD quote $20,232.
  • I live in Alabama. My best quote on a new 2009 Accord sedan LX-P is $20,523.51 OTD. This breaks down to $19762.01 + $99.50 Doc + $16.50 Title with 3.25% tax.

    Has anyone in Alabama/Georgia/Tennessee received a lower OTD price for an LX-P?
  • Hi, is this OTD price? What's the name of the dealer and where it is? please kindly share the information, and we may buy together to get a cheaper price. Thanks,

    Please e-mail me to
  • Hello, sounds like you got a deal. Can you please share the dealer information with me? I am buying in 2 weeks. please send e-mail to

  • sound the price is low. Can you please share the dealer information with me? If you haven't bought the car, maybe we can buy together to break down the price more. please e-mail me to Thanks,
  • socal123socal123 Posts: 3
    Accord EX automatic sedan in Los Angeles

    I got a quote for a 2009 Accord EX, automatic sedan with no options for $20,588 not including TTL. I forwarded it to several other dealers and they can't touch it. Is this a good price?

  • navbhanavbha Posts: 19
    I bought a car with a local dealer at 25,100 with following accessories with a local sacramento dealer. If anyone intrested let me know I will send the dealer contnats

    All weather floor mats
    Bumper allique
    Wheel locks
    Wood trim
    Splash guard
    Trunk Tray
    Body side molding

    The dealer honered the deal and there were "no surprise". Thanks for your help thought.

  • ficofico Posts: 1
    I just saw a TV ad from a local dealership (Richfield Bloomington Honda - MN) selling new Accord LX's for $12,990. They showed the same ad about a month ago, so the promotion isn't new. I'm not in the market for a new car, but it is intriguing. There must be a catch of some kind--like one of those 'too good to be true' types. The price seems highly suspicious even for a Civic.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    Something along the lines of: "Customer cash = $6000"

    I'd bet...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • scabiosascabiosa Posts: 4
    I got a quote for a 2009 Accord LX, 4doors automatic sedan for $19,800.
    (All price included)
    Is this a good price?
  • I bought this car yesterday and paid $24,219 plus TTL
    MSRP: $29,375

    09 Accord EXL AT Sedan w/out Nav Silver / Black
    No protection package or other accessories

    In addition to the above price Doc fee was 55. All other was TTL (not included in the above).
  • inet123inet123 Posts: 11
    Which dealership if you don't mind me asking and if you can provide full breakup of the amounts. It is 4 cylinders, correct?
  • can you please share the dealer's information with me? please e-mail me at thanks,
  • inet123inet123 Posts: 11
    would you please let me know the dealer whom you bought it from? Thanks!
  • It was a V6 - cost for the V4 was about 2,000 less.
    I bought from Woodland Hills Honda, CA but only because they were close. If I had to do it over I could have gotten the same price and I think better service from Spreen Honda in CA
  • irie101irie101 Posts: 3
    I am also looking for an 09 Accord EXL 4 Cyl Auto to purchase by the end of the month in the Chicago area. I am interested in what dealer you ended up using and what was the breakdown costs. $23,910 OTD is better than what I have been offered.
  • lanclanc Posts: 10
    have been contacting all local dealers for a couple of weeks and no one touched it, although it was close. (about $300 -$400 apart) Finally I got a superb deal from another car. Pull the trigger. So if anyone can get a deal of $22470+TTL, it might be the true bottom.
    Benefited from this forum, thought it might be helpful to share my experience.
    Thanks and good luck.
  • I'd say that's not too bad really, considering we have 7.75% tax. I ended up getting my 2009 Accord EX 4-dr last Sunday...Rock Honda in Fontana just wanted $100 more than what I had offered Moss Bros in Moreno Valley which they had declined (after I went up halfway and they didn't come down at all). So I made the 30 minute drive there and kept my offer to finance part of it at 2.9%.

    So I got OTD $22,955 for 2009 Accord EX sedan, Taffetta White. Wanted splash guards but not on it when I got there...didn't feel like breaking the deal just for that and am getting them off of ebay anyways with a friend helping me install. Got floor mats and wheel locks thrown in...
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