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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Your best bet is to sell your Sentra privately- so you can get more money and just focus on the price of the Accord coupe during your purchase.
  • fjownerfjowner Posts: 6
    I'd hold out a week or so until they come down another grand or two. Thats still too much. I'm guessing around $28500 or $29000 tops but i've just started looking at these prices myself.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    I would look at the prices people are paying for the exl v6 without nav and add in the cost differential which is 2k which means it should be around the high 25k to low 26k area.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    I'm not sure which dealer the other poster purchased theirs from but I had a great experience with Hennessy Honda in Woodstock. I have also had great experiences in the past with Gwinnett Place Honda in Duluth. I would stay away from Mall of Georgia and Honda Carland.

    I have bought 12 new Hondas over the last 10 years so I have a good amount of experience with all in the Atlanta market. The best two in my opinion are Hennessy and Gwinnett Place. I can give you contact information for both if you are interested.

    I bought my EX-L Nav - for approx $2000 under invoice.
  • igorkrigorkr Posts: 7
    Anyone has any info on May - June 09 incentives? Any marketing support available? Edmunds showing that there aren't any, I wonder if it's true... any help is appreciated.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    I just double checked and you're right, Edmunds isn't showing ANYTHING for Honda. No lease deals, low APR financing or Marketing Support, etc.

    The previous incentives just expired (I seem to remember an expiration date of 5/4/09 on some/all of them). I'm sure that Edmunds either hasn't received the information on the new incentives or hasn't gotten them posted. I can't imagine that Honda is doing so well that they don't have to offer some every other player in the game!
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  • amp55amp55 Posts: 1
    Honda finance shows the 2.9/3.9 extended until July. Not sure about lease deals.
  • igorkrigorkr Posts: 7
    Still not seeing anything out there... I doubt that they are doing so well that they won't be having any incentives in May 09. Is that possible?
  • golfdude1golfdude1 Posts: 12
    the MF went down. The dealership here in Houston said it went from .000250 down to .000207. Toyota dealership is stating the same. I think the car companies are still hurting and they will do what it takes to move the cars.

    Trying to get into an Accord now. LX
    MSRP $22,375
    CAP COST $20,178
    MF: .000207
    RES AT 57%
    only $500 out of pocket.
    T&TL already taken care of.

    What do you guys think? A good deal or not?
  • ram_mdxram_mdx Posts: 13

    Is there any news on May month incentives. I am looking to buy Accord V6 EXL w/o nav. What would be the best price I can pay for this vehicle including destination charges. I live Philly.

  • jlyndjlynd Posts: 4
    Sounds like a good price. What dealer did you use? I have a quote for closer to $25,500 OTD from Central Illinois. I will drive for $1500 !
  • mrfreebiemrfreebie Posts: 1
    looks like they raised the dealer cash to $1500 on accords (from $1000) until July 6 and continued the financing until July 6 also.
  • havlowhavlow Posts: 1
    I just purchased the exact same car in NC for 24000.00 OTD this afternoon. The salesman wanted 25700 and I showed him quotes around 24.2k and 24.1k and told him I would buy today at 24k exactly. It took 30 minutes but he finally agreed. I'm pretty sure you can come down considerably on that 25,500 there in Chicago.
  • ram_mdxram_mdx Posts: 13
    can you break down the price of the car, taxes ,etc..?
  • jimbo30jimbo30 Posts: 4
    A salesman just told me that the $1,500 incentive only applies to Accord EX 4-cyl and above, and that the $1,000 incentive still applies for the other models. Can anyone confirm this? Or is he just pulling my leg?

    BTW, I've hit a wall. It looks like I'm staring at $20,600 OTD for an LX. It's higher than other OTD prices that I've seen here, but the difference is that I live in CA, which means a 9.25% sales tax. Ouch.
  • gogosinggogosing Posts: 2
    One of dealers I contacted told me that there was $1000 hidden dealer cash other than $1000 last month, and he said it is gone now. Anyone heard about this?
    or is he just pulling my legs?

    Last month: $1000+$1000=$2000
    This month: $1000(LX-S) $1500(EX)

    those are all coupe.
  • jlyndjlynd Posts: 4
    Rechecked the offer and found destination was included. So the breakdown is:

    vehicle 22,564
    dest 670
    tax 1410
    doc fee 152
    filing fee 25
    24,821 + plates/title

    This is a first offer, so I should be able to get a bit more off.
  • sam011002sam011002 Posts: 8
    When I bought my EXL V6 the internet salesperson told me something about an additional $1000 that was offered on the basis of the number of Accords sold. He said they were assigned two goals, if they reached the first they received an extra $500 for each car they sold, if they reached the second, they received another $500 for a total of $1000 for each Accord they sold that month. He told me that they had received word from Honda that that incentive would not be continued in May.
  • a google search on hidden honda incentives confirm the info you got about the additional $1000 last month.
  • ecb2ecb2 Posts: 3
    I'm also about to purchase a new 2009 Honda accord EXL-V6 w/nav. In Chicagoland. The only option I know I want is the remote starter. What's the best OTD price people are paying?
  • Hi All,

    I want to buy Honda Accord LX-P 2009. Last month I was getting a quote of 330$ per month for next 5 years at 3.9% APR at an invoice of around 18000$ after 1500$ down payment including tags and taxes etc in Maryland. Now this deal is gone.Because there are no incentives from Honda for this month.

    I checked today and price has increased. Now I am getting 355$ per month with everything same as above. Is it a good deal?

    Anybody has an idea about the May incentives or new Honda incentives for next month?
    What about Honda's clearance sale?

    I am confused whether to wait or pay 355$ per month.

    Please advice
  • java5java5 Posts: 18
    This forum was very helpful for me to negotiate the price, and than you all and i thoght i will put down my experiences of buying new 2009 Accord EX-L 4cyl AT.
    Name- Honda cars of Katy.
    Location- Houston Texas
    MSRP -$29,550.00
    Paid $ 23,500.00
    Includes- Window tint-$295.00, Life time tire safe- $295.00, Protection package $895.00, Diamon Fusion- $200.00, Rear wing spoiler $791.00.
    Looking at all the additions it is like i paid $21,000(includes distination) plus TTL.
    Hope this helps.
    I think i got a hell of a deal. Thanks guys for all the imput
  • java5java5 Posts: 18
    This forum was very helpful for me to negotiate the price, and than you all and i thought i will put down my experiences of buying new 2009 Accord EX-L 4cyl AT.
    Name- Honda cars of Katy.
    Location- Houston Texas
    MSRP -$29,550.00
    Paid $ 23,500.00
    Includes- Window tint-$295.00, Life time tire safe- $295.00, Protection package $895.00, Diamon Fusion- $200.00, Rear wing spoiler $791.00.
    Looking at all the add ons it is like i paid $21,000(includes destination) plus TTL.
    Hope this helps
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    I am assuming that with that MSRP your car has navigation included?
  • tinypatchtinypatch Posts: 7
    Is it possible to get a better price on the 2009 Honda Accod 4 cyl EX-l than 23,500.00? I would like to get it for 22,000.00 including title and destination fee. Is this price possible? Is there anyone out there that has bought this car for less than 23,500.00?
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    Last month you could perhaps have gotten that deal. Prices are at least $500-$1000 more this month. Maybe Honda will have another Accord sale in June.
  • Can anyone recommend a good Honda dealeer in South Florida?
    I'd like to buy a new Accord EX-L V6 Automatic Sedan.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,181
    Bought my '06 there. Also try Pompano Honda and Holman Honda

    The Sandman :shades:

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  • sam011002sam011002 Posts: 8
    I believe you can still get a better price then $23,500. I would suggest sending out internet requests to about 10 dealers, and then work them against each other. I know the prices have gone up in May, but I purchased a EXL V6 for $23300 including destination in April. Good luck.
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