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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • richnatorrichnator Posts: 3
    That is a steal. I would get it for sure. I paid 24,100 OTD for my 4 cylinder ex-l with wheel locks, door edge guards, splash guards and pinstriping.
  • thekashthekash Posts: 3
    Hey i just picked up the 09 Accord coupe EX manual from landmark for 19,275+tax (MD 6%) +destination+appearance pkg+registration paperwork etc for 22480... I'm wondering if this was a fair deal? the price seemed great! but the total i'm a little off on... there was a 500-something appearance package that they wouldn't budge on! even after 3hrs of negotiating...

    Loving the car though! handles and feels great!

    pay too much though?
  • algrandalgrand Posts: 3
    An update on my deal. The dealer I was working with was holding out on me a little. To be honest I expected tax and tags to be additional but that "dealer fee" is a load a warm moose droppings. Here is the best deal I have been able to get so far on an 09 EX-L V6.

    24,654 Base
    670 Dealer Fee
    25,324 + 6% Tax and Florida Tags
    26,986.20 - OTD

  • richnatorrichnator Posts: 3
    That dealer is a load of crap. When did he tell you about this "dealership fee." I would just walk out on him for being so shady. I prefer stuff being upfront. Personally, I would try to get the price lowered since the price is about 27k and that is the avg for a v6 ex-l. Try to get the price lowered by about 500 dollars.
  • Isn't the "dealer fee" just another name for "destination charge" (the number is the same)? I agree that you should be able to find a dealer who will drop it, but I think almost all dealers do tack on a destination charge, so I'm not sure he is being all that shady just because he is calling it something else.

    $24654 is not a bad price at all for an EX-L V6. If he drops the destination / dealer fee, then I'd go for it. I did get an offer for a V6 for 23,900 (just as an FYI).
  • algrandalgrand Posts: 3
    Here's what I got down to before the dealer let me walk away.

    24,924 + 6% Tax and $200 New Tags = OTD = $27,250.

    I think I'm going to keep shopping around a little.

  • george168george168 Posts: 2
    Congratulations on me people. Just took delivery of my EXL V6 Coupe for $28,517 before TTL. Price includes so-called Pro-pack (mud-guard, wheel lock and cargo tray) and tint. Color is white.

    Dearlers are selling coupe like crazy. Coupes are gone even before they arrive at the dealer's yard.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    Dearlers are selling coupe like crazy. Coupes are gone even before they arrive at the dealer's yard.

    That's what they told you to make you feel good. I doubt they sell more coupe than the sedan. You probably have a hard time finding a coupe w/ your options but b/c coupe has a small market. They don't carry as many coupe as the sedan.
  • sporin71sporin71 Posts: 26
    Got a quote of $22,382 (all rebates and coupons included) + title & doc. fee. from a bigger dealer farther away, who knows how much those fees add up to (it's only $90 at my preferred dealership.

    That beats my preferred dealership by quite a bit, but I've still decided to ride it out a while longer.
  • The reason why coupes can be hard to find at some dealers is because Honda only builds 10-20% of its Accords as 2-door models - the rest are the mass market sedans.

    Is your coupe an EXL with navi ? or the regular EXL V6 ?

    I bought an 09 EXL-V6 with out nav for $ 26,000 at the end of april. Congrats to you though- you should be very happy with it.
  • george168george168 Posts: 2
    accordguy - It's with navigation. To order one without navigation I had to wait for 3 months. The sales person showed me the inventory list, and most of them are sedan. They got only 4 or 5 coupes and some of the coupes they got from other dealers. I went with the 2.9% 3-year deal and purchased a 7 years 75,000 mile warranty for something like $1,250. I know this might not be a good deal compared with some internet warranty offers I read.

    gooddeal2 - You're right. They didn't have the V6 coupe w/o navi, and the only V6 white coupe is the one I bought which comes with the navi. I placed the order two days before it arrived at the dealership. I drove away a new car with only 4 miles young.
  • 28ish with the nav doesn't seem bad... I also did the special honda financing for 60 months at 3.9%

    One dealership I spoke with told me dealers are allocated a certain number of coupes they can order in a given quarter/year - i assume based on the number of cars they typically sell / how big the dealership is...
  • rogoal16rogoal16 Posts: 2
    Bought a 4-Cylinder EX-L at Katy (Houston Area) Honda for $25,700 OTD. This also includes 3.9% financing. Has Tinted windows/Paint-Leather protector for 5yrs. Has trunk protector. Hate the buying experience that puts me into bad mood! I tried to be as nice as possible to get best price. I am okay with the OTD price. Could of lowered the price if I wanted to hassle with it.
  • I've always thought the OTD price is a bad way to compare. Given state taxes and fees, it's is always better to compare negotiated sales price.

    I've already shared my negotiated sales price for an 09 EXL 4cyl coupe (21900). After signing the "contract" for the manual at 21900, they couldn't find one in four states in the color scheme we wanted. So they got me an automatic and tried to add $800 to the deal. We started to walk away, and they accepted my $400 price tag of the automatic transmission. So, final negotiated price tag for the car was 22300.

    Out the door price: 23480.40
  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    could you guys please put whether your sell price is based on auto or manual. many people forget to do that and that is very important as msrp and invoice are different.
  • My 09 EX-L V6 coupe that I bought for $ 26,000 with out nav last month is an automatic
  • andrewxxandrewxx Posts: 1
    Oh my, I thought your quote of 21900 is for AT so I used it as my base price to negotiate. The price I got was 22300 for 2009 Honda Accord EXL sedan AT no nav.

    Price: 22300
    Processing fee: 385
    Govt fees: 90.50
    VA Taxes: 719.11

    OTD: 23494.61
    Date bought: May 28, 2009

    I think we're just lucky to meet a salesman who met his quota.
    And thank you for the price info!
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    Accord sales dropped in May to 22,597 from April's 29,212, a steep 23 percent drop.

    Meanwhile, Camry' sales went through the roof last month.

    Don't be surprised if they start discounting the Accord more heavily this month, or in July at the latest.
  • thambanthamban Posts: 1
    I bought a 2009 Accord EX-L Auto for $24900 OTD. Includes pin stripes, tinting, protection package. Also got 3.9% Honda financing.
    I think I got a good deal based on price data.
    What do you all think?
  • java5java5 Posts: 18
    Hi Rogoal,
    I also bought a red EX-L 4cyl with all that you said plus rear spoiler and i paid 23500 before taxes and yes they added 299 for life time oil changes so the actual price is 23800 before taxes. I know i or you cannot do anything now, just out of curiosity how much did you pay before taxes.
    I had a trader did you have a trade.
    Enjoy your car
  • 1stbmw1stbmw Posts: 8
    I'm planning to purchase an EX AT in the next few days and the best first quote that I have received is $21,203 which includes the destination fee of $670, dealer (stealer) fee of $599, Lemon Law and title fee of $21.

    I will be visiting the stealership on weekend and I think I will be able to negotiate a better deal. I have a trade in too but I will try to sell it myself since I know stearship will not pay good money on that.

    Just wondering: Deal or No Deal?
  • jwboothjwbooth Posts: 27
    Does anyone know when the 2010 Accords will be released, and what changes will be made?
    I've seen a lot of complaints on the forums about a brake issue with '08 and '09 Accords, and a lot of complaints about the seat being uncomfortable.

    Would appreciate feedback from owners of '09 Accords re: any complaints about brakes and/or the seat?
    Any other problems?
  • I just got an 09 Accord sedan V6 EX automatic OTD for an even $25,600. That was the price including the destination and handling, pro-package, window tinting, paint and fabric sealants, and TTL. It was initially at about $31,000 with all that included. I think I got a pretty good deal! I'm down in Texas btw, the tax was 6.5% and being it was my first car purchase, I got financing at 6.49%.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I thought the tax rate for vehicles in TX was 6.25%.
  • pembriarpembriar Posts: 4
    That's a great price, and you did very well with the financing too. Here in Austin, the common offering for an 09 EX-L Sedan (manual) was about $22,600 + TTL. I wonder what you would have gotten for an EX-L V6?
  • Is that w/ Leather? What dealer in Texas did you use? I live in Dallas.
  • squattysquatty Posts: 2

    Request internet quotes from Buerkle, Hopkins, Inver Grove, Bloomington Richfield, and Ken Vance in Eau Claire, WI. I was shopping last month and I got an initial internet quote from Buerkle for $23,200. I ended up getting it for $22,900 from another dealer after several days of negotiating. I let them know up front that I knew about the $1500 hidden factory-to-dealer incentive and expected to get every penny of it. I'm not sure that the same incentives last month are still available, does anyone else know? If, according to an earlier post, Accord sales were down in May versus April, there may be more hidden incentives coming out later.

    Don't be in a hurry. Several of the salespeople that I dealt with tried to use the "factory has stopped making and shipping 2009s, they have all of the 2009s that they are going to get". My comeback was "would you rather make a sale here and now or take a chance that this car will still be sitting here this time next month?" Don't be afraid to give them your number and tell them to talk to their sales manager and call you with their best price, then leave. I actually made the final deal on my car over the phone and I didn't have to play games with the sales manager.

    One other thing, check out, they sell discounted Honda accessories. Of the dealers that discount accessories, they had the best prices that I could find. If they try to tag you with dealer-installed options, use their prices to see how badly the dealer is trying to stick it to you. Splash guards are $68, all-season mats are $98, the trunk tray is $92, and painted body side moldings are $149.

    Again, don't be in a hurry and do your research. They won't mess you around if you know what you want and have other quotes in hand. Know what you are willing to spend and stick to it. They'll offer to "split the difference" to get you to come up a few hundred dollars, don't fall for it.

    Good luck on your adventure.
  • rogoal16rogoal16 Posts: 2
    Java 5,

    It was 24K even and 3.9%. I hate the hassle of buying car! I had no trade and I am cool with what I paid. Life too short to hassle with 10 dealers to drop price a couple of hundred bucks. Daughter loves her new ride! That is all that counts!
  • jwboothjwbooth Posts: 27
    Just quoted their list price as $29,125, and offered to me thru internet dep't at $25,215.
    This is supposed to be including tinting, mud guards, and something else I forgot - I think a plastic trunk protector floor mat - which they were adding on as an additional charge . I didn't want these so I was told the price for these was removed.
    The title fee is $28.25 and Doc Fee is $399.50, so the out the door price (NOT including sales tax of $1,985.12) - is $25,642.75

    Assuming I am approved for 2.9% Honda financing for 36 months, was told the bill would be $804/month for the 36 months.

    (I don't know if the sales tax is also included in the monthly payments - or do I have to pay that up front separately? For that matter, is the Title Fee and Doc Fee included in the monthly payments? - I'll check on all of these questions with them tomorrow).

    Would appreciate all feedback on the deal being offered.
  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    If you want to know what your monthly payment includes go to the payment calculator in edmunds. you punch in some numbers and you should get a number. this will calculate taxes for you just change your other fees because the ones it calculates are usually wrong. we dotn know what your tax is so nobody can tell you for sure. just put the numbers in the online calculator and it's easier
    Also doesnt out the door mean all charges including TTL and other fees.
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