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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • renizreniz Posts: 1

    I live in Dallas, TX. I got a OTD quote of for Accord 09 Sedan LX (with 2.9% Honda financing) for $22,500. The price includes 'Pro-pack' & window tint. Previously many have advised in this forum to wait till August for the release of Accord 2010. If I decide to wait till the end of August, how much will the price come down? Please advise. Even an educated guess is helpful.

  • mwrlghtmwrlght Posts: 3
    Called a few more dealers today, ended up driving away in an EX-L V6 coupe w/o nav. for $26,150 out the door. I used my clunkers $3,500 to take care of the taxes and other miscellaneous fees.
  • twing54twing54 Posts: 4
    Hey denglu: Try going to the honda website for details. :shades:
  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    The clash for clunkers is for cars with 18MPG or less right? Mine came in at 19 MPG, so can i still get something for it?
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    The short answer is no, you will only get the normal trade-in value.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Without any options the offer LX-P 4 drs should be 19,347 for Accord of MSRP 23,515

    You decide if it is fair price of listed stuffs re the difference 613 (19,960 - 19,347)
  • Well I picked up the 2009 Honda Accord LX-P with 10 miles on it this week. I paid exactly $20100 after tax, destination charge and processing fee. Additionally, I received free rush proof undercoating, pinstripe, and mud guards. So did I get a good deal? I can refer you to the salesperson that got me the deal.
  • I was thinking of asking for a free trunk tray as part of my overall deal. How much does it cost to buy from Honda?
  • Where in Texas did you get this deal? A relative of mine told me he bought a 2009 Honda Accord LX with a driveout price of $20,050 in Houston . This is LX auto without the 'P', so very base model LX.
  • The price might not come down as much due to demand. It could be different in Dallas though. I know in Houston, the cars have been selling like hotcakes. I do think you can get a better deal for that though. You should be able to get $20,500 OTD for that.
  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    What OTD price did you get on your Accord coupe LX AT? Also, did you finance? If so, what APR? It is very hard to really get the great deals in Houston like so many other forum posters have been getting in other parts of the country. I think the demand here is also great. I noticed on the weekend that there were so many people out shopping for Hondas everywhere. I went to like 4 dealerships all day Saturday and it was packed.
  • can you let us know which dealer and the name of salesperson?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Just as a reminder, we don't permit names of individual salespeople to be posted here - the dealership is fine.


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  • mapman11mapman11 Posts: 4
    ">2009 Honda Accord EX-L 4 - (Black on Tan) Set up the deal on Sat 7/25 in Charlotte, NC. Car Price $22,761 with mud guards and wheel locks. Then add on SC Sales Tax of $300, Tag & Title $40, Doc Fee $399. Out the door Price $23,500. Then they took off $3,500 for my cash for clunker 1997 Chev Blazer for a cash price of $20,000 after trade in. Will pick up the car this week after finalizing cash for clunker paperwork, and after they bring it in from another dealership. Visited 4 dealerships that did not have the black on tan EX-L, so felt ok about them getting one from somewhere else. This forum has been very helpfull to me, hope this info helps someone out there.
  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    I agree here in houston, texas it is very difficult to get the amazing deals others have got in other areas. Plus almost every dealer here has added extras that raise the price. when i got mine none of them where willing to give me the extras for free except for one but unfortunately they did not have the color combination (exterior interior)so to me it wasn't worth having a color i didn't want just for the extras. i did finally find one with no add ons except for the environmental interior/exterior protection thing which i did not pay for.
    but yes overall it will be very difficult in houston to get the great deals others have got. plus even here it has only been a couple of people that have got those deals not everyone here.
    you should have no problem getting the $1500 marketing support. there is only one dealer i would not recommend they have to honda dealerships in houston so just be careful with them i would personally never buy from them.
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    If you can't get a good deal in Houston, why don't you drive to some other city? It is hard to believe that Houston is any different from any other big city.

    I took all of five seconds and went to and saved $4000 off the MSRP. What exactly are you looking for?

    2009 Honda Accord 2.4 EX-L 4dr Sedan AT

    MSRP Price:
    CarsDirect Price: $23,090
  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    I don't think Hondaccord09 got his car from Houston though,so probably a moot point.
  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    I think it might be worth it to drive out of Houston to Dallas or some other Texas town if you can save around $300-400 bucks. However, i don't think you are going to get that much of a discount from what you can get in Houston for a base model Accord LX. I think the margins for the base model are very low already, thus harder to get the huge discounts vs. something like an EX model. I know someone who got an sedan Accord LX AT model yesterday for $20,100 OTD in Houston. He paid cash with no trade in. He said not any other dealer was going to go down to $19,800 OTD for cash when he initially negotiated. Who knows though, maybe the dealerships will go below $20,000 OTD if you finance with them. Just a thought.
  • jlew219jlew219 Posts: 1
    I haven't seen any prices paid for an 09 Accord EX., 4cyl, Red Basque Pearl with Ivory Interior, cloth is what I'm looking at. I've been given and internet quote of 0$21,298 based on an MSRP of $25,075. Wondering what others have paid and if that is good? Let me know...much thanks in advance!
  • mcy1mcy1 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone-

    I am thinking about either LX-P or EX-L here in New York. My questions are:

    1) Would I be able to get the price (with current incentives) of LX-P (Sedan, Auto) to $18000 with MSRP of about $23000?
    2) Which one do you think the sales person would give you more "room" for decreasing the price? LX-P or EX-L? The dealership I went seemed to have a lot of EX and EX-L's but not too many LX-Ps. Do LX-P's sell a lot more than EX-Ls?

    thank you!
  • rhett78rhett78 Posts: 22
    The downside to the current scenario with Honda is that if the dealer accepts the marketing support, the consumer may not get the preferred interested rates when financing with Honda Credit. It's an either/or situation, wheveas under the previous program you could get both. I shoulda pulled the trigger on the new 09 Accord Coupe before the situation changed....I really do have 20/20 hindsight.

    Who knows what other incentive money is available to the dealers if they sell X amount of cars in the specified time period.
  • rhett78rhett78 Posts: 22
    I got a really super price from Gillman Honda Southwest in Houston. They sold the car before I committed to purchase, but the price was right...$23,998 for a new 09 Accord Coupe V6 EX-L w/o nav, and no BS add ons.
  • You are correct. I'm not from Texas.
  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    I'm not in NY, but i would think the higher end ones(EX) have more room to negotiate since their margins are higher and thus they can go down more. I think the LX doesn't have that much room to go down vs. EX. I believe the LX sells more than EX, but it really depends on the region or area you're from. From what i saw at my local dealership, many buyers were getting the EX. They wanted the options, bells and whistles, etc.
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    What dealership in Charlotte did you purchase from? I live in Charlotte, and so far, I haven't had much luck finding a good price on the same car (EX-L I4 automatic). Hendrick quoted me almost $24k before taxes and fees a week ago which left me somewhat discouraged, especially after seeing others in this forum getting the same car for over a grand less (some as low as $22.5k).

    What's worse is that other dealers won't even reply to my quote requests. In this economy, you'd think that dealers would be jumping all over anyone who expresses interest in buying a car. Not in this area, and especially not Hendrick Honda. They're just as arrogant as ever.

    Anyway, thanks for the info. I was going to go in person and counter Hendrick's offer with $22,500, but I was afraid that I'd be laughed out of the dealership. At least now I know a realistic price that I can shoot for without feeling foolish.
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    If they have the car in stock, and if you come in on the 30th or 31st, I am pretty sure they would accept $22500 +++ tax , license , and fees.

    There is a Honda dealer in Fredricksburg Virginia who will probably go below that. Give them a call or email their Internet Dept.
  • mapman11mapman11 Posts: 4
    I did get the EX-L I4 automatic, and I purchased from Hendrick on South Blvd. Started at offering $22,500 total car price before cash for clunkers trade of $3,500.
    I went in with the price from the USAA car buying service of $22,610 that was good at the Easly, SC Hendricks dealership. The USAA price was before TTT and dealer add ons, and dealer fees. If you get a chance, I would recommend visiting Easly. I think I could have slighly imporoved my deal there, but there was some confusion over mud flaps and wheel locks that I could not get resolved. I went in Hendricks Charlotte and showed them the USAA price and said that I wanted to improve on that. I know what you mean about the arrogant part, I did get some of that. They are very skilled sales people. I do feel that I probably left $250 to $500 on the table, but at the end of the day I was ok with the deal.
    About the internet quotes, I did get responces from 4 of the 5 places I e-mailed. For some I got e-mail addresses from websites and for others I went through the Honda site. Ironically Hendricks Charlotte was the only place that did not respond to my e-mail request for a quote.
  • jswiftyjswifty Posts: 19
    Your quoted price is good, but you can do better in some parts of the country. I bought an EX in a different color in June for a base price of $20,500. The internet quotes I initially received from several dealers were in the range of $21,161 to $21,298. I emailed the dealers asking for counteroffers until arriving at the purchase price. I am in PA.
  • mapman11mapman11 Posts: 4
    I like that idea of e-mailing dealers back for counter offers. Great suggestion, I'll keep that in mind next time around.
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 62
    Can you tell the net price before tax/fees?

    >gasmizr (Jul 24, 2009 11:28 am)

    >Called a few more dealers today, ended up driving away in an EX-L V6 coupe w/o nav. for $26,150 out the door.
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