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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • backfistbackfist Posts: 29
    How does $27,777 sound for a price for an automatic EX-L V6 coupe with navigation?
  • sshvhsshvh Posts: 13
    a sedan goes for $ 26K so extra $ 1.8K seems high though dealers have less supply of coupes.
  • backfistbackfist Posts: 29
    Very few V6 coupes left around here (Denver)
  • tell me what you guys think, i've been shopping around for two weeks and i think this is the best i can do....

    2009 Accord LX-P Sedan---Polished Grey....Out the Door Price: $21,100


    2009 Accord EX Sedan (4 cyl)...out the Door Price: $22,585

    good deal (leaning towards the LX-P, dont want to pay $1500ish for basically a sunroof and 13hp) or should i keep shopping????
  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    i think that is a good deal for LX-P! the LX price where i live goes for around 20,100 OTD. there is about an $800 difference between the two models.
  • johnj56johnj56 Posts: 46
    Just purchased the Accord EX V6 Mystic Green Metallic $23,500 Plus Tax/Tags/Title.
    Pleasant experience. Just browsing not ready yet. We wanted to look at The Altima, and the Mazda 6. We told The woman at Honda, She was fine with that. We test drove the LX P V-4, and the EX V-6. We were given prices on both with NO pressure. We did not counter offer. We already looked at the Mazda 6 and the fit and finish just did not seem A1 to us. We went to look at the Altima, we were told they no longer make them in V6, and there was less room (at least seemed to us) than the Accord.
    We went right back over to the honda and bought the V6. BTW they offered the LX V-6 @19,673 plus tax tags and title
  • gmcgrathgmcgrath Posts: 7
    I need a suggestion on buying a new car. I am caught between 2009 and 2010
    should I wait till 2010 comes in to the market. Or should I go with a 2009. Honda has a clearance program I don't know the discount from that. will 2010 models has the 1500 marketing incentive.
  • There is not much difference between the price of the 09 and 10 models. I bought the 2009 Accord LX-P for $20100 (TTT already included and didn't pay another dime!). My deal started with $2000 below the invoice price. I had to obtain my own financing (3.99%) for the deal I was getting. I also got free rust proof under-car pray, pinstripe and splash guards. Buy the silver or black one (if you're the type that likes a black car).
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    I am looking for the exact same car. What state are you in?

    I'm in Illinois and have a somewhat nearby dealer at $22,998 plus tax/tags for the 09 Accord EX V6 in mystic green or Polished metallic.

    Good deal anyone?
  • johnj56johnj56 Posts: 46
    I am in NY and the deal seems MUCH better than mine, no?
    Mine ended up being $1326 under edmunds listed invoice.
    You did $1828 under invoice, But maybe you dest fee was less NY is $710
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    The differences between the 2009 and 2010 sedans are minor.

    According to the latest Motor Trend magazine, the 2010 Accord sedan will feature rear A/C vents on all EX models, additional trunk lining on the EX (I guess they mean the lining on the bottom of the trunk lid that only the V6 models have as of now), a redesigned HVAC panel (I guess to reduce the number of buttons on the thing and make it more user-friendly), Bluetooth on EX-L models without NAV, minor updates to the interior trim on all models, and two new colors for the V6 sedan: Dark Cherry Pearl and Bali Blue Pearl.

    As for the $1500 marketing support, I seriously doubt that will be available on the 2010s right off the bat. There will probably be a surge in price right after they hit the lots (to gouge those that have to have the latest and greatest), but prices should drop back down to around invoice shortly thereafter and the marketing support should kick back in by the end of the year/early next year. That's just my guess, anyway.
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    I'm going to try and jump on the deal then. Destination is $710 (used to be $670 I think) here.

    Local dealer near me beat that $22,998 with $22,670 with $710 dest. Best dealer, bought 5 cars through them with no BS and definitely prefer going through 'em, so I'm very glad they beat it by that much.

    Your price was with the $1500 incentive right?
  • bud_foxx44bud_foxx44 Posts: 31
    Folks, 2009 EX-L 4cy Auto Sedan for 22,650 +TTL Good deal or not? Paramus Honda.
    Thanks in Advance for comments.
  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    Is the dealer holdback on the Accord pretty much the same on all Hondas or is it different depending on what type of Honda? What is the dealer holdback(% wise) on the Accord. Just curious.
  • Just purchased a 2009 Honda Accord LX-P Automatic (White) - $19,800 + TT&L ($21253 out-the-door).

    With the following:
    -Mud guards/splash guards
    -Tire wheel locks
    -Door edge guards
    -Trunk tray

    Hope this helps someone...
  • johnj56johnj56 Posts: 46
    ther is no "incentive" as in rebates. Ther is a $1500 marketing to dealer that the dealer passed onto me in form of lower price. I was told if the car I wanted was not on his lot the price would be higher since not all dealers are sharing that marketing money with buyer.
  • What was their reason for not getting you the car you want? Not sure what the $1500 has to do with color...
  • johnj56johnj56 Posts: 46
    They had the car I wanted on the lot and passed the full $1500 onto me. I was simply stating as I was told by my dealer. They said they can not gaurantee the same price they offered me if I wanted a car not already on their lot.
  • amithamith Posts: 5

    Just a got a quote from dealer for new Accord ( EXL-sedan 4 cyl) for 23,600 + TTL.

    Is this a good price?
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 62
    Should be $21600

    [EDIT]: Sorry for type, I meant it should be $22600.
  • 729buyer729buyer Posts: 1
    Just bought one for 22,275 + TTL - you can do better than 23,600.
  • ilovecarilovecar Posts: 5
    The deal you got was excellent. What state are you in? And if you do not mind, could you please share how you could get your own financing? Thanks a lot.
    I got an offer for a 2009 Accord LX for 19800 (our door price) in Atlanta. But the financing rate of 5.99% was too high. Did not take it.

    Thanks a lot!
  • amithamith Posts: 5
    The lowest I got for EX-L 4 cylinder Automatic trans. is 22600+TTL. I think 21600 quoted (roy2001) above is way low. The lowest pricing on for above spec is 23,300 + TTL.

    Can anyone confirm if they got a prcing of 21600+TTL for Accord EX-L 4Cylinder Auto?

  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    what? ex-l for 21,600 i dont think so. if anyone can get it for that price go ahead an buy maybe you can get close if it is manual but not auto. at least not yet. but yea it can be done for less than 23,600. 22600 is good . did you buy for that 21600. some dealers will give you that quote but then add a lot of dealers add ons which will jack up the price a lot. or just to get you in and then its the bait and switch. i got a lot of low quotes then i went into the dealership and they wanted at least 1500 more of add ons which do not cost them much no matter what they tell you.

    but yeah 21600 will not happen maybe. honda is selling more cars than toyota from what i hear and thats with out any rebates like toyota. remember the 1500 for honda are marketing support not rebate. although it seems like a lot of people use this forum this is a very small percentage of people thatactually buy cars so most are unaware of the marketing support and will probbaly be hppy buying a honda at invoice or a couple hundred dollars below. so if honda can sell more cars then toyota i dont think they will start selling ex-l at 21600. maybe you are thinking of just and ex not ex-l
  • amithamith Posts: 5
    Here's my total out of the door price (Midwest region)

    MSRP - $22600
    Processing Fee - $200
    Tax (7.45%) - $1698
    Total - $24,500

    Also is dealer processing fee of $200 usual?
  • mapman11mapman11 Posts: 4
    More power to you if you can hit $21,600 before TTL for EL-L I4 Auto. I got a ZAG pricing quote through USAA for $22,610, before add ons, TTL, and dealer doc fees.
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    That's what I meant, incentive in terms of marketing support/dealer cash.

    I can't recall the last time Honda offered an actual consumer rebate, usually their promos just constitute dealer cash + special APR/lease.
  • Do you guys think this is a good deal?

    Tomorrow is the last day of July and the dealer keeps telling me that he can't guarantee this price after tomorrow. But should I or can I wait until August? For I heard that the 2010 is coming out on Sep.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! :)
  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    lately most people have been just putting down the OTD which doesn't say much. everyone lives in a different areas therefore there are differences in tax and other fees. the doc fee in texas is only $50 in all the dealerships i have gone to and in other places it is $300 or more. so while it might seem that someone gets a deal for 300 less than someone else the prices end up almost the same when all the other fees come into play. the only people that pay less are probably then ones that get a good deal and then have like a 3% tax

    i wanted to wait for the 2010 but i needed the car last month so had to buy then. plus i had read that no major changes will be made. i have not heard of any exterior changes other than the addition of 2 more colors or so.
    when i was buying all the sales people told me that i should not wait because the marketing support or the interest rate might change. usually it will change but to the better but this time with honda that was not the thing. i had in mind to wait since there could be a better marketing support in july but decided not to wait. i am kind of happy i got it last month because i was still able to combine marketing support and the APR.
    if you wait for the 2010 they will most likely not give any marketing support and will be hard to get it even at invoice. if it was totally redisigned i would have waited for the 2010 but paying several thousand less is more worth it at least to me for a car this is basically the same.

    also no body ever puts what their interest rate was which is a major part of the total (financed) purchase price for a car. while shopping for an altima i have i was given the most amazing sell price and i knew it, so there was no point in waiting and went to the dealership. well while in financing they said that they could only get me a 9.0% which they were out of their mind. i eneded up buying the car for several hundred dollars more but with the other APR i got i saved even more. this sma ething happened last month with some of the honda dealerships.

    i think some people might get this amazing prices but then the dealer sticks it to them in financing. they make a lot of money from financing! most of all peopll that get those great prices dont say what their APR was. Remember dealerships are a business and if they cant get you one way they will try and get you another way.

    what did you guys with the best prices get you car financed for. then we can see if it was really an OVERALL amazing price
  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    i am not completely sure but the processing fees is probably the same as a doc fee. some people pay over $300 pr this.
    see i had requested some quotes last month in texas for the ex-l and my sell price was higher than yours but since TTL and other fees are the same we are still paying about the same and your sell price is lower. i think its a good price at least it would be for the houston area as you cannot get those great deals that some claim they got in houston.
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