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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    i think you got a good deal. read any terms for the free lifetime oil change because nothing is free. one of the dealerships in my area has a free lifetime warranty but when you read the terms you have to do ALL the maintenance that honda suggests for each visit otherwise it is no longer valid and you have to show proof.
  • Update:

    Got our 09 Accord LX-P today.

    OTD $20,600 (that's all we paid)
    NJ tax 7%
    No add ons.

    We paid cash, so the process was fast. They agreed on $20850 before we went, and I was able to cut another $250 in the dealership today. Could've waited for another week or so, but we were tired of shopping, and we thought the deal was good enough. It was a very pleasant experience actually.

    Thanks for all the help that I got here in this forum! :)
  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    Congrats! Did you ask them to go lower on the OTD price if you had financed?
  • I bought this car the other day in Pennsylvania. Wanted your opinion:

    29621 sale price
    100 doc fee

    deck lid spoiler
    body side molding

    out the door price: 32500

    Seems overpriced to me. No?
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    Is your sale price before or after the spoiler and molding was added. Edmunds TMV pegs the price to get at about $300 under invoice or $28,432 including destination but before taxes. Out the door won't mean much to people outside of PA since your local/state taxes are different than other parts of the country. Any other fees added besides taxes? Need more information to evaluate your deal properly.
  • Thanks!

    We asked, but they said it'd be the same price to be paid in whichever way that we please. We didn't tell them that we'd like to pay cash until the OTD price was decided.
  • That price isn't bad. I paid $20100 delivered! I also received free splash guards, one oil change, pinstripe (which I'm not using), and rust proof undercoating. Thanks to my saleman who worked for me and not the Honda Dealer lol! Now I owe him a bottle of Gran Manier.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,214
    At first didn't want it but so glad I went ahead and did it. Think about it a might change your mind with the right color stripe.

    The Sandman :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • well, went to the dealer today. he said he was going to honor his internet quote of $19400 + TTL BUT only give me $3000 for my $4500 clunker. talk about a sudden change in beginning of the month pricing.

    anyone know when the 2010 are due??
    also counting on the $2billion more being pumped into C4C

    imo, this price gets better at the end of the month, anyone else think so???
  • Bought a 2009 Basque Red EX-L on Friday. Paid $22,428 +TTL +165 doc fee at Terry Lee Honda in Avon. I requested quotes from all 5 Indianapolis area Honda dealers and received 4 quotes, all within $400-$500 of each other. The Terry Lee price was the best of the 4, and their Internet Dept. was great, even throwing in a set of splash guards when another dealership offered to match their price. The transaction was smooth and everyone there was very pleasant to work with.
  • Cash price (before TTL, and trade) - $24,795 - silver, black leather, nav. no extras -

    I got the cash for clunker deal, so dropped off $3500. OTD price including TTL and traded was $23,213.

    Lisle, IL Dealer

    Thoughts? Good deal?
  • hello,

    where do you live. that is a nice price you got!
  • I wanted to thank everybody on this forum as I couldn't have negotiated my deal without your information. Here is the deal I received on a 2009 Honda Accord 4cl EXL White/Ivory:

    MSRP: $27,115
    Cap Cost: 24830.42 (Includes $595 Dealer Fee, $595 Acquisition Fee)

    36 Month Lease, 15K Miles, $1042.36 due at signing, $375/Month including tax.

    I brought the report with me and they matched the great price quoted without hesitation. I purchased my car at Wesley Chapel Honda in Florida and overall it was a great experience.
  • Sister picked up a 2009 Alabaster Silver Metallic Accord LX, auto tranny at Criswell in Germantown MD. for $18,824 out the door (includes tax, tags.)

    Using the Edmunds quote from dealer (via email for me) was the best way to negotiate behind a computer vs going to several dealers or on the phone.

    Criswell Honda had MSRP $22,375, Internet price month end of $18,198 Plus tags/tax. This Accord Lx didn't have any appearance package (rims, wheel locks, pin striping, etc etc) that would have driven up the price. Just basic auto tranny, steel wheels.

    I was surprised by the price quote i received via email. Low/behold it was true. $18,198 + VA tax $546 + VA Tags $80. Out the door $18,824 price!!!!!! The place was crazy at 7pm w/ 4-5 other customers coming in 30min before closing trying to get a car.

    Criswell's price was so much lower compared to the other 4 honda dealers that gave quotes via edmunds free quote i went through.

    Too bad my sister didn't have a clunker to turn in for $4500!!! Best deals in the Northern VA / Metro area is Criswell Honda. I didn't buy in VA cause they couldn't come close at all to Criswell's price and that VA dealers charge $399 processing fee, while MD is only $99. Can't beat that.
  • $22400 looks to be pretty good. The best quote I got in the SF bay area was $22488.
  • ellen15ellen15 Posts: 1
    Great deal and Congratulations!

    Could you please share the name of the dealer and your salesman? My email address is I also lives in NJ and want to buy a Accord LX-P in August.

    Many thanks,
  • jc13jc13 Posts: 3
    Just picked up an Accord Coupe EX-L V6 6MT, from Bryan Honda in Fayetteville NC. I live in Raleigh, but couldn't find a V6 Coupe w/ 6MT locally.
    Not only did they have one, they treated me extreemly well, no games, etc. Used the internet sales route. Here was the deal;

    Sticker - $29,625 + $495 for "Glamour Shield" (I asked to ignore this and it was)

    Vehicle Price - $24,917
    TTL - $833.50
    Dealer fee -$399

    Out the door $26,150
  • hasanashasanas Posts: 19
    I also got splash guards, wheel locks, automatic starter, and all weather floor mats all thrown in for the price of $22400. Deals are out there.
  • jimin327jimin327 Posts: 17
    Where in NJ are you located? what dealership did you get this deal from? I am looking for an LX-P and i got it down to 20,899 before TTL. let me know ASAP.

    email me at thanks.
  • i got a quote from a dealer = $19489 + TTL


    if i wanted to trade in my clunker ($4500 eligible). the price goes up to $25750 + TTL - clunker price

    i have no problems with dealers making money, but come on!!! am i supposed to be happy pulling the trigger on that deal???
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,214
    You've gotta be kidding...right? Which stealership tried to pull that on you? Unbelievable!

    The Sandman :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • They probably meant $15750 which is $3739 less than original offer, without CFC
  • nope. thats what the guy offered! and he also made some reference to C4C being a pain to process and saying they will loose money on it. then he claimed that the incentives changed at start of the month (ends aug 9th i believe)

    i responded back that if it were not for C4C his stealership (i like that line sandman) would be a ghost town. then i told him that Honda sales were -17% YoY and that the civics outsold the accord last month...

    unreal what goes on out there :mad:
  • mwrlghtmwrlght Posts: 3
    Alright, my first figure of $26,100 was off by like $60. I cited it without looking to my contract. Here are my new numbers. I say new because I had to drive back down to the dealer in order to fill out the C.A.R.S. paperwork.

    The original cost for my Auto EX-L V6 w/o nav was $26500
    This includes Bluetooth, mud guards, wheel locks, trunk tray and that clear film that's supposed to protect the edges of ones doors. All of which were already dealer installed. These were all items that I was actually thinking about purchasing anyway so it worked out good for me.

    So here are my numbers.
    $26,500 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 Auto w/o nav
    $2,349.75 Tax :cry:
    $316 License fee :cry:
    $87 Registration
    $55 Document fee :mad:
    $8.75 California tire handling fee
    -$3,500 C.A.R.S. credit
    -$200 Scrap value for beat up '91 SUV

    $25,616.50 Out the door

    The sticker for my car was $29,625 + whatever the additional accessories came out to. I can't seem to locate the sheet with their cost.

    If I wanted a sedan, I have no doubt I could have arrived at a better price but I was hard set on a coupe. After speaking with one of the CarsDirect specialists, coupled with the results from my own research, I found that there were only thirteen Accord Coupes that matched my baseline search. Needless to say, I crawled down that very afternoon through an hour of traffic and drove home in my first new Honda.
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 62
    Thanks for detailed info. 26.5k OTD price would be unrealistic if you don't have CARS rebate.
  • Hi all here's my current quote for an honda ex-l.

    $23,377 accord ex-l w/o navigation
    $1,505 taxes
    $185 Registration and document fee
    Total OTD $25,067

    Think I can get a better deal?
  • cafe3cafe3 Posts: 1
    Forum has been helpful. Just to post my deal:

    Experience was easy once I was able to email and get quotes from dealer network in a 30 mi radius. (I used
    Took responses, used the experience of fellow forum members and followed up with email to beat lowest price. Follow up call to assure color was avail AND no miles on the car. (I was surprised that multiple dealers had color I wanted but 200-300 miles on the car. I didn't want a car that was test driven by somebody like my 17 yo son.
    Car and paperwork ready when arrived, took the car for a brief drive, then closed the deal. About 60 minutes tops.

    MSRP: $27,115
    Cost: $22,522 + 250 doc fee + 25 title/plates +tax.
    Overall very happy with the ease of deal. After complete, I asked salesperson what profit was made on the deal. He stated his boss was happy which makes me wonder if I could have pushed a little lower................ Anyway I didn't feel too bad leaving a little meat on the bones as I needed a car now and was able to get color combination I wanted.
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    Based on what others have been paying, including the last post, I'd say you should shoot for $22,500 + TTL. If you wait until the end of the month, you can probably get closer to $22k on that car.
  • player98player98 Posts: 54

    take a couple of things into acount. here in houston the doc fee is only $50 not $250. you cannot negotiate TTL so that is set. so carshopping09 while it is true that some people have lower OTD prices that is because their tax is different as you might know. so in a way you can say this person paid $22722 if you take out $50 from $250 to make it the same doc fee as in houston. i think you might be able to knock it down a bit but from experience i can tell you that houston dealers are the worst in giving out those amazing deals you see in this post and in others (at least this was the case back in june when i got mine).
    they might be willing to give you a similar price but i dont know if you know that most dealers except one or two in houston area have dealer options on their cars so they will either try to charge you the whole thing or charge you a "reduced" price for the options.
    i am not sure if you want a coupe or sedan. i think they will be more likely to lower the price more if it is a sedan more than a coupe.

    not sure why it is so hard in houston to get the best deals as we are a big city with lots of possible business. you might be able to get those other deals once the 2010 comes out but you might not get the color comb you might want if you are fine with color then i say wait.
    one advice of where not to buy. goodson stay the he** away from both of their locations. if you want i can give you more advice of who to buy from email me at if you want any more help form a local.
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