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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • suhdosuhdo Posts: 4
    :) Hi fellow blogers!
    I live in Portland, Oregon and got a quotation for 24745$ (MSRP was $27155).
    Is this a good deal?? I saw some people get near $22.5K - $23K range.
    If you bought your EXL lately please share your purchased price (before tax and doc fee) with me. Thanks!! ;)
  • Bought - and drove :) away with one this weekend for $27,400. OTD price

    Great car, NAV system with the XM = alot of buttons to figure out.
  • malleshmallesh Posts: 1

    I am looking for 2009 Honda Accord EX AT Sedan. What is the maximum i can pay before taxes? I got quotes around 21K before taxes, title fees. Is this a good price?
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 62
    I had a 22.7k quote for EX-L i4, that was before C4C though.
  • mookie14mookie14 Posts: 252
    Guys i probably will try to get a 09 accord exl V6 with navi this weekend i called honda and they said it is possible to trade out lease.but i will have to pay wear & tear which will not be alot compared if i go to the end of my lease sept 010 which i will be on the hook for $3400.Cmpared to now like .015 X 43 miles = $6.45 so i got to in the north what should be the price i should not go over on the ex-l thanks.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    I'm not sure what Honda told you, but when you trade out of your current lease, your car's trade value will be based on the car's current trade-in value the dealer will give you. Subtract your lease payoff balance from the trade-in value and that will be your difference. It appears you're prepared to be "upside-down" on the value, but hopefully not as much as your lease-end charges in Sept10. It's not as simple as "paying for wear and tear". Even though it has nothing to do with the trade-in value, you do realize you are more than 43 miles over your limit? You may only be only 43 miles over the total mileage limit of your lease, but being a year away from lease termination you are way above the expected miles you would have had you stayed within the mileage limits. Take the total miles allowed on your lease, divide by the # of months of the lease, then muliply by the months you've had the car, and the result will be the mileage Honda anticipates you will have on the car now. You'll find that number lower than your actual miles. Sorry if this is a bit elementary. I'm not trying to dampen your enthusiam to trade out, but hope you are being realistic about your current car's value.

    I was successful in trading my 06 Accord for an 08 with less than 6 months left on the lease. I ended up ahead by a couple hundred $ doing so and saved myself from having to buy new tires with only a few months to go. Sometimes it does make sense to trade early.
  • Hello. I live in TX and just purchased an Accord EX-L I4 on tonight for $24,500 OTD. It took over 4 hrs to finalize the deal and required patience! I was tired of them going back and forth and told them to call me when they could reach my price. I wanted $24,000 OTD but we settled on $24,500. My quote was $22,900 plus TTL. I'm very happy and will pick it up on tomorrow. It was late when we finalized the deal and they are going to clean it up and have it ready for me. I wish you the best.
  • Thank you for sharing the price with me!!
    Some reason the quoted price in Portland, Oregon area is much higher, 24.5K$ range... :mad: :cry:
  • I dont know why prices are not going down. Here in the houston area after several quotes and talking to the dealers over the phone to make them compete you could get that kind of pricing since this past may (at least if you knew how to negotiate).
    you still did much better than other houston people who only look at edmunds TMV and not at this forum.
    Also did your purchase price include any dealer add ons or did it not have any. I ask because most houston dealers are not will to include them without charge.
    what dealer did you buy from. did you finance through them
  • You can now see the 2010 accord at hondas main web page. i did a side by side comparison of the 2010 and 2009 accord and nothing really changed. there was like one 2 differences but not in any way major like some other people had suggested before. i did the comparison from hondas main page so it should be the most accurate one out there.
    if you plan to keep you car for a long time an 09 would do and could save you some money. also some people want to wait more and although there is only a few color combinations (exterior/interior) it will be more difficult to get the one you want the longer you wait. i got my coupe in june and there was only one in my area that had the color combination i wanted . finding color combination or exact color would be more difficult in coupes as there are less when compared to sedans.
  • Actually, you can do a real comparison. The 2010s have arrived at the dealers.
  • After lot of research, mainly on this forum and some other forums I bought 2009 Honda Accord LX-P for $19658 OTD incl edge guards, wheel locks and splash guards from jim coleman Honda in Clarksville, MD after my second trip to them in 3 days, 50 miles each way. On first trip they would not go down anything below $20,800 OTD on friday and then on Monday morning called me gave me an offer of $19658 OTD.

    Thanks to this forum for all the help.
  • According to dealers in my area - Denver, CO - they haven't been given any 2010s and won't for another month or so.
  • May I contact you offline to get contact information for the salesperson you dealt with? I live about the same distance from Jim Coleman Honda and that price would make it worth the trip.
  • i spoke to the dealer... they are saying they sold the car for 19658 + TTL.
  • i spoke to the dealer... they are saying they sold the car for 19658 + TTL.
  • Thanks for your response. This information is very helpful.
  • As usual they are lying. I have the invoice with me. I got it for $19,658 OTD TTL included. It was last day of the month.

  • Hi Sgandla, would you pls tell how much you saved (compared with msrp)? thanks!
  • Have a Volvo that has lease ending this December.

    I am hoping to pick up a 2009 Accord

    Went to local dealer ( armed heavily with Edmunds Data)

    2009 Accord EX-L V-6 w Auto Transmission - Black - Tan

    26,500 +TTL

    or 2009 Accord EX V6 w/ Auto Transmission - Black Tan

    Except leather added aftermarket but they left out XM/Separate Climate Control and Heated Seats. - 23,919 + TTL

    They also say you choose $1500 in dealer cash or take the Honda Financing

  • I dont know what is the MSRP. I always looked for OTD price.
  • I just purchased a Honda Accord EX-L in Fremont (AutoWest). It was a very fast negotiation since I did the ground-work. I was quite happy dealing with their internet dept.


    2009 Honda Accord - EX-L Silver Exterior/Black Interior
    $23000 + TTL +$50 document fee.
    * I did not require financing. :)

    After a great deal of research, I presented my offer to another Bay area earlier in the day. I arrived with my check book and a low offer and detailed information on the value of my trade. I explained that I wanted to pay $23000 + Tax, Title and License w/o any hidden charges. I explained that I knew this price was possible based on research in this forum. They said this was a great price and explained of how low it was compared to msrp and list. I countered by talking of inventories, recent sales prices, 2010 models available, and the $1500 cash from Honda. This price was indeed possible..

    The real problem was trying to get my old Civic traded in as part of deal. Of course they started with ridiculously low trade-in offer. We got very close but would not go for my final offer even when I told them I was going to bring the offer to another dealer...they said that I could call them back if anything changed and that they had my phone number...I then gave them one last chance - I told them that I intended on buying the car today and was going directly to another dealer to seal the deal. No dice.

    Then, I went to AutoWest and we were able to come to an agreement very quickly - I presented a low price and was ready to sign a check (I don't want to waste anyones time - nor do I want to spend my time at dealerships). They accepted the offer. A short while later, I drove home in my new EX-L :). They were able to wash the car while I was doing paper-work.

  • I am looking to buy today or tommorrow. Did you get the v-6 for this price or the I-4?
  • Picked up a 2009 Honda Accord EX V-6 That the dealer added aftermarket leather to and then the customer backed out

    It was missing- power adjustment on passenger side - xm - home link a slightly less powerful stereo system - also single climate control ( is that really a big deal in a Honda?)

    Black with Ivory interior

    24,408 - Out the Door TTL Excluded - this includes 489 doc fee

    Did a 36 month lease - 1999.00 cap reduction

    Payment $320 ( no tax)

    54% residual

    .01171 money factor

    Hope that helps

    PS - This is in Atlanta Area - Hennesy Honda - Woodstock GA
  • This was for the EX-L i4. I think an excellent price for the v6 (no-nav) would be around $24,400.00. + TTL

    Good luck.
  • I am looking at a 2009 accord EX-L V6 and noticed that the VIN # was a little odd.
    The vin # starts with 5KBCP. All other accords I have seen begin with 1HGCP.

    Can anybody decode the first few caharacters of this Vin # for me 5KB?
  • .01171 Money Factor???

    That is roughly a 28% interest rate. Are you sure about that?
  • FYI, on Edmund's site, they didn't include the dest charge on invoice initially, you have to click on the next page to get the invoice plus destination to get the total invoice.
  • cszulc

    my error - money factor was .000171
  • rlblake1, don't worry about choosing between the 1500 factory cash or honda financing at 5.9%.

    You can bypass that, I just got 6% honda financing and 1500 dealer cash on a 72 month note. I intend to pay like a 60 month note, but I got an extra tenth of a percent and the dealer cash!
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