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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • smaniarsmaniar Posts: 2
    How good/bad of a price is 26,890 "out-the-door" ? I think this is based on a quote of 24,500, but the dealer hasn't faxed me the paperwork yet.
  • Thanks for your comment!

    Tax here in Houston is 6.25%. It is LX-P automatic, I forgot to mention.

    The drive out price is 20360 + TTL = 22000.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I wish I lived in SC. The tax in Tennessee is 7% state tax on a automobile and an add on local which usually runs no more than $100.
  • 4nucar4nucar Posts: 4
    20,600 before tax is too high. You should be able to get LX-P for 19,600.
    lxp only comes in automatic transmission, no manual available for LXP.
  • Can you tell me which dealer did you go? I am in Houston too. I want a LX-P with tinted windows, but the dealer wants to charge me $22000 drive out. LX-P is supposed to be $1000 more expensive than LX?
  • I live in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

    The wife and I had never driven a Honda Accord, but we have a friend who swears by them. We originally went to test drive some pre-owned 2007 Accords, but when they over-appraised my trade in (said they were paying top dollar because they need more pre-owned SUVs on the lot) we then looked at some of 2010s.

    In addition to the high appraisal offered, they went right to the invoice price of the car when we discussed numbers. I realize there is a $1,200 dealer incentive, but I wasn't going to quibble about that when he was already willing to buy my trade in for several thousand more than any other dealer (I already had some other quotes).

    While I liked both the 4 and 6 cylinder models, my wife had a preference for the V6, so I willingly obliged. I found both engines to be fun, and was very surprised by the pep found in the I4. I also found the handling of the cars to be very responsive.

    We added a Honda extended warranty (7 years, 100,000 miles) for $1,100. The whole process was very pleasant and the most stress we endured was from having to choose between the I4 and V6 models.
  • tfd123tfd123 Posts: 4
    I don't know, Howie. I just leased an LX (I know the LX-P MSRP is $1,000 higher) for $159/month, 36 months, 36,000 miles and wrote a check for $1,148 to the dealer, which included the first payment. Basically I paid a $595 bank fee, a $259 dealer doc fee, first payment of 168.94 (includes MA sales tax) and license/registration fee of $125.

    I think you might have been able to do better. The sale price on my car was $17,800. They really discounted it to get the deal done.
  • Can you please tell your Dealer name? I am also in NJ and have seen most of them offering LX for 18,300 plus destination, tax, tags
  • ambusherambusher Posts: 1
    I am planing on buying Honda Accord LX/EX, the best rate quote i have received so far is 19100 and 21800 respectively plus taxes, is this a good deal
  • Can you please share the Dealer name? I am also in NJ.
  • rkakarkaka Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    Accord LX 21000 outdoor price, in los angeles, Tax rate = 9.75%.
    1.9% APR for 60 month.
  • johnohjohnoh Posts: 8
    edited April 2010
    I was researching the 2010 Accord LX Auto, and compiled a list of pricing by zip code on zag (overstock cars, amex cars, usaa cars, etc.) Below is the pricing from the weekend, it may have changed, but might be a good starting spot for someone.

    I ended up getting a 2007 4Cyl EX-L w/ 9200 miles for $16.4k. The wife really wanted the leather seats, and I didn't want to go up to $22.5k for a 2010 version of EX-L.

    But here is the data:
    Zip / Price / Savings off MSRP
    30313 $18,751.00 $3,814.00
    28273 $18,902.00 $3,663.00
    94538 $18,752.00 $3,813.00
    43210 $19,452.00 $3,113.00
    32905 $18,552.00 $4,013.00
    40502 $19,002.00 $3,563.00
    40201 $19,152.00 $3,413.00
    46219 $19,047.00 $3,518.00
    45401 $19,552.00 $3,013.00
    91801 $18,552.00 $4,013.00
    44101 $19,352.00 $3,213.00
    43602 $19,452.00 $3,113.00
    43232 $18,751.00 $3,814.00
  • mmsimonmmsimon Posts: 1
    Paid 22,499 plus a doc fee of 298 for a total of 22,797. Priced out about 10 dealers in the New England area and Boch Honda was the best by at least 800-1000 dollars. Not to mention they delivered it to my town hall so we could register it and take it from there (1 hr 40 min away from dealer).

    Great experience for those others who are looking! :)
  • chimpi99chimpi99 Posts: 15

    Is this for a EX-L model? can you please confirm?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Wow, If this is for an EX-L, that is a great deal.
  • civic4me3civic4me3 Posts: 12
    I live in central NJ and am looking to purchase a 2010 Honda Accord EX-L V6 with the following options: side molding, auto start/alarm, wheel locks & wing lift. I'm looking for quotes and would appreciate anybody's feedback as to what they have recently paid (where/when) Open to suggestions as to where I should go.

    Color: not completely sure yet either: Black, Blue or maybe Alabaster Silver
  • hondaccord09hondaccord09 Posts: 14
    edited April 2010
    Could someone tell me where to pick up some chrome handles for the 2009 Honda Accord? Are they easy to replace? Please post the links to the websites. Thanks.
  • dzyr4ttdzyr4tt Posts: 21
    I am in Norther Jersey and looking for a EX-L V6 as well...

    I have 2007 SE 4 cyl that I am looking to trade in as well...

    Let me know if you get good quotes...
  • njnj1njnj1 Posts: 2
    2010 Honda Accord EX 4cle $20,000, good deal or not?

    Not include destination fee and TTL.OTD $22,900.

    Gonna buy tomorrow. any input?

  • joer2001joer2001 Posts: 32
    Seems awesome! Go for it,! Destination should be around 710.00, so if the tax and tags are $2,000. that's cool, where are you and name that dealer!
  • emengaemenga Posts: 18
    Gillman Honda. Let me know if you want to know the sale's person's name.
  • dzyr4ttdzyr4tt Posts: 21
    Initial Quote :$24,875.27 + Destination $710 for a total Price of $25,585.27

    Thats the first price I got from a dealer in Northern Jersey..

    Any comments?
  • civic4me3civic4me3 Posts: 12
    I got $24,593.00+destination/tax/fees including an aftermarket remote starter.
    On a Accord EXL V6 Sedan - quote good till 04/30/10.

    Body Side moulding is $282 including installation that can be added to the selling price of the vehicle.

    But I am still looking, I'd like to buy B4 the end of the month.
  • dzyr4ttdzyr4tt Posts: 21
    I am planning to get one by the end of the month as well...

    The last time I bought an Accord, I bought it , the last day of the month for a decent price..I am considering the same idea ..

    Email me @ If you are looking @ the same model as well..we can negotiate even more...
  • I bought Accord LX P on Saturday
    $18800: Price
    $399 Destination
    $710 Destination
    7% NJ Tax
    $7.50 Tire Tax
    Free Remote Starter

    I got quote from almost all the delaership of NJ. I have 15 quotes from entire NJ. Took the best one and negotiated the price.
  • brat7705brat7705 Posts: 8
    I am from PA, but got the black on black last Friday from a dealer in Virginia. Got the quote via internet on amex zag site. Sent my credit application online... and got the 1.9% approved within a week. Drove 270 miles and picked-up the car with temporary VA plates. Dealer will mail PA plates within 30 days.

    Here is the math:
    Invoice: $22,618 (From Zag)
    Tax (7%): $1583
    Plates & Reg (Edmunds) : $333
    My total : 24,534$
    Dealer OTD 24,770$ (Including PA plates to be sent via fedex)

    The best price I got in my area was 25,800 OTD. I love this car :)
  • meepermeeper Posts: 20
    Which dealer in VA....I live in VA and can't get a quote that low on an EX-L.
  • dzyr4ttdzyr4tt Posts: 21
    I have also gotten a low quote from dealer in VA ...

    Please specify if yours is a 4cyl or 6 cyl..( That would be a lot helpful )

    I got a quote for 2010 EX-L V6 for $24200 + DMV fee... this is the initial quote
  • spyciespycie Posts: 1
    This is exactly the deal I'm looking for and I'm in CA too. Can you give me the name of the dealership & salesman? Any comments welcome!
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