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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was offered a final deal on a 2011 Accord SE from the great Phila area:

    18,806 - includes dest
    1,128 - 6% state sales tax
    204 -DMV/doc/fees, etc.
    $20,138 Total OTD

    This is the best deal I could find from a regional dealer. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
  • lucas28lucas28 Posts: 3
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    I don't know whether it is appropriate to post this here:
    I bought an Accord last week, and did financing there with the dealer. We signed a spot delivery document, and I am quite concerned about this - the potential yo-yo scam.
    However, I received an email from the dealer today saying that I will receive a survey call from Honda. I wonder whether this suggests that my financing loan has been approved, because they should have already sent my information to Honda. Anyone has any idea about this?
    By the way, our down-payment is $10,000. Thanks for any help.
  • this is a great great price!!!
  • I did not have any trade in and the car is V4 not V6. They still have cars for sale. I received the call from the sales person today and they are still honoring the price (Gillman Honda).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,023
    First.... spot delivery isn't really a scam.. A spot delivery is any delivery made before final finance approval from the lender..

    So... if you want to buy a car, and drive it off the lot the same day, it is necessarily a "spot delivery".

    I suppose there are dealers that cater to the credit challenged that might use this as a ruse to get more money... but, it seems that would be a losing proposition in the long run, as you are likely to get back slightly used new cars, more often than you can squeeze blood out of a turnip..

    If you have good credit and a $10K down payment, I wouldn't worry about it.. As far as the survey? Either decline to participate or put them off until later, after you are sure of your satisfaction.. It's not really relevant to the spot delivery, though..



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  • Thanks, I have decent credit score ~720 (would be better if I have a credit history longer than 3 years).
    I shall postpone my survey until I am sure about my financing loan, thanks for this advice.
    Thanks again.
  • car_shopper5car_shopper5 Posts: 4
    edited December 2010
    I purchased a 2011 EX-L sedan, 4 cyl (auto trans) in Baltimore, MD for:

    750 destination fee
    98 proc fee
    + tax, tags/title

    This price was about 1300 lower than any other price. I recommend the dealer if you are in the area.
  • Hi, would you please give me the dealer info? Thanks! My email:
  • please let me know the dealer information for this. thanks
  • Stevens Creek Honda at San Jose, California offers Honda Accord LX-P 2011. The Price for this car is $19,888 at 0.9% loan for 36 months. Please let me know whether it is a good deal in this area On seeing messages here I think this price is excess at this time. Please reply what is good deal price in this area for this car. Thanks in advance.
  • Thanks for your info. Would you please give me the OTD price? Thanks again.
  • Thanks. One more question, would you please give us the name of Sales Associate?
  • Hello,

    Last time I was in the market was 4 years ago, my brother wants an Accord V6 EXL with Nav.

    He is being offered one for $30,000 drive out in Texas (has the "Pro" Package (splashguards, trunk tray, and wheel locks). All the other dealers in the area (major metro) are telling him 31k drive out. He has test driven the vehicle in question, and it exists.

    Doing the math, allowing for 6.25% sales tax, and $250 for title and dealer documentation fees, that puts him at around $28,000 for the vehicle. or around $1400 less than the "invoice" price (without the extra $300 for the "pro" package). I don't have the breakdown of actual prices.

    It appears that V6 EXL +Nav are rare birds, and thus, the discounts being offered are not as generous.

    Considering that no one else wants to sell for less than $31k drive out, I am thinking that this is a good deal, not great, but good.


  • Denise McDonald. Please tell her you were referred by Dave R.
  • chickenlionchickenlion Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    If you do not mind sharing the dealer information. I would appreciate it.

  • Listen your OTD prices mean nothing unless you specify V6 or 4 Cylinder

    Also you need to specify with Navigation package on V6

    Otherwise IMHO your prices are meaningless
  • Thanks a lot! Happy new year!
  • I am in S NJ and would appreciate if you could let me know the dealer. I have to buy car by the end of tomorrow. Also you deal includes floor mats, wheel locks and trunk bucket or not? 0.9% finance or not?

    Thank you very much for your help.
  • Couple of questions:

    (1) Would the fact that today is end of year be likely to make dealers anxious to close today (I guess it may depend on whether they have some number to reach)? I see that the incentive program ($500 back to dealer) lasts until Tuesday January 4.

    (2) On I see 2011 Coupe EX-L (I4 - Auto - No Nav) priced at $21,888. It says that the price does not include tax, title, license, doc fees and "dealer added accessories" and other government fees. Does anyone have experience with the zag program? I plan to tak it in to my local dealer and see if he will match it. I assume that the $750 transportation is not included, but there is no indication one way or the other.

  • Got a LX-P from Gunn Honda in San Antonio TX for 18799+ttl@1.9% for 60 mo. I live in Austin, and local dealers couldn't come close. I had a great experience and would recommend them to anyone looking. :)
  • cntenncntenn Posts: 7
    Yes, I used the amexnetwork program a few weeks ago on an Accord V6 EXL Coupe. The quote I received was really good and the dealer honored the price no problem. I had to pay the usual, TTL and doc fees. They did have options on the car but offered to take them off if we didn't want them. Overall it was a quick and easy experience.
  • jjjzzzjjjzzz Posts: 13
    Can you let me know where you got $21,888? I tried zip codes in Southern California and Texas, all gave me $23,317. Thanks.
  • jjjzzzjjjzzz Posts: 13
    Anyone bought LX-P recently in Southern CA? Could you be kind enough to share the price? Thanks in advance.
  • tcarstartcarstar Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    We just paid $26,990 (before TTL) for a 2011 V6 EX-L Coupe, loaded with everything except navigation. We are very happy (and even surprised) with that price, which is $900 below invoice. Plus we received 1.9% financing, which is worth another $2,000 in savings. We are very happy with that price. In fact, it prompted us to snap up that deal on short notice. If it was anytime other than between Christmas and New Years, I think we would pay more. Hondas often sell at a premium due to demand, so anything below invoice is good.

    Some of the others price numbers mentioned in this thread by other people sound ridiculous and are hard to believe. If you actually got that price, then great for you. Anyway, we are happy with $26,990 for the V6 Coupe EX-L. True Car said that the average price paid on this car was $28,371 and that a "great" price would be $27,763.
  • Other end of the county - 20874 (Maryland).
  • I appreciate the other users who recommended (american express). I used zag to get prices locally and in DC. I saved $2,300 by travelling 400 miles to buy from Phil at Criswell Honda, versus locally. The dealership stood by the zag quote with no gimmicks or add ons like "dealer options" at the last minute. It was the easiest experience ever. I spent an entire day traveling, but to save $2,300 with no hastles was worth it.
  • tbb9tbb9 Posts: 3
    edited January 2011
    An excellent price for the 2011 Accord 4Dr EX-L V6 is $23,982 + TTL and doc fee. MSRP including destination charge is $30,180 on the car window. That's what I got it for, $3,700 under invoice. If you're in the midwest I can hook you up.
  • Thanks Clevelandred. Yes, search zip 20874 and you'll get Criswell Honda in Germantown, MD and others. I actually don't think there are any Honda dealers remaining in DC because of taxes there.
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