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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • It was in the subject 4 cyl.
  • Hi,

    I am looking at a nice 2008 accord lx-p at 17K (OTD) vs new LX-P ~ 22K (OTD).
    While the diff is only 5K, I am looking at selling it 2-3 yrs down the line to see which
    would be better value for money?

    Appreciate all advice and if the prices are reasonable/high?
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    Criswell Honda, German Town MD near DC area has it for 18,690 plus TTL lowest price in US.

    Old car prices are historically high and new are quite low due to soft economy. Resale on 2008 vs. 2011 will be 2 k even if mileages were the same.

    New gets you warranty and .9% financing and new car smell!

    Good luck!
  • I bought my brand new 2011 accord EXL sedan for $22594.00 on new year eve in NJ.
  • Accord SE Sedan $20718 base, $21715 OTD including TTL. Bob Howard OKC
  • 2011 Accord SE Sedan $18400 OTD including TTL on Dec 31.
  • Anyone think this SE $18400 OTD in US is possible? I saw you asked other people in MD, he got an Ex-L for about $24500, how did you negotiate a price far below his?
  • tbb9tbb9 Posts: 3
    Wow, that's a awesome price! What was your base price before TTL? Where are you located?
  • MD, cash offer. The dealer need two more car to get the number, and this is the last one.
  • kikikikikiki Posts: 1
    I'm looking at possibly purchasing a New 2010 Accord EX-L, and suggestions on prices?
  • disturbedonedisturbedone Posts: 7
    edited January 2011
    2011 Accord EX-L V6 loaded with Navigation package - 27,600 + 399 Doc Fee + Taxes Black on Black
  • V6 or not V6 this is important - make sure you know the difference when test driving cars.
  • V6 or 4 cylinder?? They come in both
  • Can anyone please tell what is good price for 2011 Accord LX-P? I am in Dallas, TX area, and I got a quote of around 20 K before TTL from a local dealer.

  • Hi guys,

    I just entered to get a quote for the Accord Coupe LX-S for the dealerships near Los Angeles. I got a quote from Norm Reeves West Covina. Is the price of $21,033 for the 2011 Accord Coupe LX-S a good deal?
  • I would try to get them down a little further. I bought my 11 lx-p last week for 18799 from Gunn in San Antonio. I don't know what pricing is like this month, but sedan sales are slow across the board.
  • Thanks! I'll try to get them lower.
  • truelies1truelies1 Posts: 34
    edited January 2011
    Congs,I think you got a lowest price in US for an Accord. Normally Honda's cash price is same with apr.
  • truelies1truelies1 Posts: 34
    edited January 2011
    great price. I offered $20k drive out for a honda lx-p and got refused by dealer at the end of last year.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,169
    edited January 2011
    You "got refused"?

    Not surprised that store wasn't willing to lose several thousand dollars!
  • daddyyankeedaddyyankee Posts: 10
    edited January 2011
    Bought this car on 1/7 for $23,390 w/ free splash guards and wheel locks. Finance guy tried to sneak in an $800 alarm system. Luckily I caught it before I signed and made him reprint the contract. BTW, I'm in the Los Angeles area.
  • But you can see a dealer in San Antonio was willing to lost thousand dollars by sold it as $20300 drive out.
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    You can get a Honda for much less than what isells let's their cars go for. I think he is up in Washington state somewhere. For some unknown reason(s) it seems that they can get more for them up there.
  • usa90usa90 Posts: 2
    Lease for $230.00 per month 36 months 12k per year (including tax etc) paid only 1st payment.. from Oursman MD
  • Hi, could you send me the information about the dealer? I am going to buy a base accord, what is your suggestion to cut the price? thanks
    my email is:
  • zllttzlltt Posts: 2
    You are in Purdue,right?
    I got an OTD offer $20,100(including everything and 9.25%tax) for 2011 accord sdn LX from a dealer in chicago.

    Anyone has any comments about this?
  • yes, I think the price is pretty good. The best offer I can get is OTD $20,000(but my tax is 7%, about $450 less than yours). could you send me the information about the dealer. thanks.
  • eb444eb444 Posts: 2
    Could you share the name of the dealer for your offer. Thanks
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    Is Accord LX with auto or manual transmission? What was your selling price, document fees and the title and license fees? Seems like a very good deal. The best national deal is offered by a Hona dealer in Germantown, MD (close to DC) and use AMEX/ZAG service to get their quote. Look up the Germantown zip code!
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