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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sales initially quoted a 2011 Accord LX-P (MSRP$ 23,730) at OTD$21,484.82 and said to have the car ready for our meeting. However, when we ran the 0.9% 36-month financing with him, we found the total adding up to a much higher number. Then sales rep said it was a mistake and he was thinking about an LX when he made the quote since my initial inquiry in the chain email was referring to an LX. I then changed to inquire about LX-P in the middle of the chain email but his mind kept stuck in the LX while responding.

    He didn't honor it and used inappropriate language "'s in plain English.." to make us feel like we don't read English well. However, I argued that my question was very clear in the email "Do we have a deal for a 2011 LX-Premium (MSRP $23,730) with (.. desired colors..) at OTD $21,484.82" and he said yes and repeated the price and same descriptions of the car ready when we meet.

    Anyway, we drove out of the parking spot preparing to leave. Another rep came out to ask what happened. We said we had problem with the first rep's use of language. The second rep wanted to work on it. We kept staying in our car instead of going into his office. Finally, he was only willing to come down to an LX (MSRP $22,730) at OTD $21,211.50 (tax@9.75%). Since we were able to use the Honda financing waiver of $500 for the first month, if we want to get out of the loan in a week, our total cash price will be $20,720 and we earn points on our $5,000 down payment using our credit card.
  • btpd327btpd327 Posts: 9
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    Can someone tell me if this is a good deal on a Brand New 2011 Honda Accord 4doors V6 with Navigation in White Diamond Pearl.

    MSRP including ($750) Destination fee $32,380
    Best Price I rec'd from a local South Jersey Dealership is $27,800 including destination fee. Is that a good price ??? Thanks in advance

    I would get the 1.9% finance for 60 months.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,176
    After the lying & inappropriate language used, why on earth would you even consider buying from that dealership? I'd be on the net letting others know what schmucks these folks are...something like Kudzu...word of mouth is a very powerful tool. Hopefully you'll find the car y'all want at an acceptable price from a reputable dealer. They abused you once already, please don't let them do it again. Just seeing it parked at your house every day will be a constant reminder of what they put you through.

    Good luck with your purchase!! :)

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • I just want to clarify that my price of $18500 did not include $750 for freight. Therefore, your deal was in fact a good one as well since yours included other extras and mine didn't. I was assisting someone in the forum in purchasing an SE and came across the difference in price. I hope this clarifies for the misunderstanding.
  • Thanks Sandman for your message! My relative's car was totaled and her rental car was due on Feb 9. We were kind of in need for a car before Feb 9 and it came his quote! We met in the Superbowl Sunday morning to buy this car. We wouldn't want to make a purchase after his lying if time wasn't pressing.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    My intention is not to make you feel bad. First, I can't believe the dealer did you that way and was rude, to beat. I would have walked away from him and never looked back, but that is my personality. I hope you enjoy your car.
  • 1sebringnow1sebringnow FLPosts: 125
    Thanks SammyK2. THe best part is that we both did thousands better than those folks who bought in CT. Based upon my buying experience in Maryland, I would buy down there in a heartbeat and drive the car back to to Ct again. It was simply a far better experience than I ever had and the OURSIMAN dealership in MD and the internet sales manager made it that way.

    Everyone that I dealt with was professional, and best of all there was no fibbing or tricks... But, I did agree to everything before I got there. And everything I agree to came true. Enjoy your SE! I am enjoying mine very much.
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    edited February 2011
    I would suggest using Amex or Zag to get pricing from a car dealership in Germantown, MD, using their zip 20874. If it's too far for you than use their quote to get a local price match. I am tempted to come down from Texas and buy a car from them. They had 2010 EX V6 w/Nav for 25,382 in late January 2010. The dealership rhymes with the word "well". Nothing but rave reviews of their dealing with customers! Good luck!
  • Hello all. I had twelve fantastic years with my first Accord, but I've spent the last six in the wilderness with a Passat that's been one problem after another. I hate having to buy a car, but I'm at the end of my rope, and at least this time I'll be smart and get another Accord.

    So, I'm in Cincinnati, and I'm wondering if anyone within, say, a 100-mile radius has purchased a 2011 Accord EX-L v6. If so, were you satisfied with experience? What kind of price did you get?
  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with our situation!

    I haven't tried her new Accord yet. But I'm considering sending a complaint to the General Manager of the dealer who sent me a follow-up email about our purchase.

    The price of this 2011 Accord LX (MSRP $22,730) was $18,959.81 before tax and about $400 fees and it was the lowest quote we got before we saw the bad quote from this dealer (in Los Angeles). Not sure if there are better deals out there that we might have missed due to our rush to get a new car for the replacement.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,176
    Y'all are better people than I am I guess...I just refuse to ever deal with folks that lie, cheat or are rude to me...ain't gonna happen! I understand there was a timing issue here but to reward them for unacceptable behavior...don't get it.
    But it's a done deal so time to move on & enjoy the drive. Good luck to all of y'all.

    The Sandman :confuse: :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • KettyKetty Posts: 14
    I am still undecided what model I want. I currently have 2002 Accord but thought I might try the CIVIC with NAV but my daughter says I would be unhappy with Civic after having the Accord. Received a quote today for Accord EX - $20,,955 in MA ....this is the first time I received a quote after a test drive. Is it the best I can do? Has anyone purchased it worth the extra money? The 2011 CIVIC is smaller than the Accord but it doesn't seem that much smaller than my 2002 Accord
  • KettyKetty Posts: 14
    I understand Honda is offering .9% for 36 mos and 1.9% for 60 mos for certain credit checks. Has anyone qualified or is this a way for dealerships to make money by saying you don't qualify and insist on a higher rate? I have had 2 loans with Honda Finance and paid both off at least a year early. Can everyone who is financing share their thoughts with me about who qualifies and the criteria?
  • It's a real thing offered by Honda, not the dealers. My relative just did one loan approved for a loan amount of $16,211.50, 0.9% 24 months. Monthly payment is $682 and total financing charge is only $158. If you decide to get out of the loan, say next week, you don't have any pre-payment penalty. Since you have an Accord in the same house, you may be qualified for the first month payment waiver up to $500. This waiver comes from Honda and you can ask your dealer about it. It becomes cheaper using financing vs cash if you can max out the $500 monthly pmt.
    We didn't use the online pre-approval from Honda but no harm for you to be pre-qualified by Honda first:
    You can use the pre-approval with any Honda dealers with better prices.
    Good luck!
  • minghiminghi Posts: 24
    I found excellent pricing at the germantown, md Pohanka dealer. How much doc fee did they charge if you don't mind? thank you.
  • Rare bird, but don't let the salespeople tell you that. I am seeking a similar vehicle sans navi. When I heard that what I wanted was hard to come by I decided to drive up to two days from my home and that opened up a whole new world of dealers with the car. Best way I have found to locate vehicles is to use The ones listed for $32,480 and "Not Priced" are going to be the navi versions. There look to be 5-10 on the site currently, not sure if they are ivory interior though.

    Next place to look is to start emailing individual dealerships. I just made a quick email stating what I wanted and plastered them with it in the states around my home. Turns out that dealers do not always have models on their website and does not know about everything in existence.

    After doing all of the above I came up with many, many dealerships who had the car I wanted and could begin bargaining. If they think that you believe they have the upper hand they will take your money. Be willing to drive and that price comes right down!
  • is giving inaccurate data on its recent sales data bar graph about prices paid. Check it out for yourself.

    Choose a 2011 Honda Accord Coupe in any style. Now click recent sales and then click national. Now highlight the first five bars on the left side and note the number of purchases and the price range of those purchases.

    Now change the style from say 4 cylinder to V6 and click recent sales and then click national again. Now highlight the first five bars on the left side again and note the number of purchases and the price range.

    The number of purchases STAYS THE SAME, but the price changes depending on the style of vehicle you choose! This website is totally useless to determine historical price. Someone ought to sue the snot out of them for this scam!!!

    I checked it for Mercedes C Class and Nissan 370 Z. Same results. Spread the word. Truecar is useless!


  • Just purchased from RT 23 Honda in NJ a 2011 EX-L v6 nav for 26200.
  • minghiminghi Posts: 24
    edited February 2011
    A special thanks to 'psycult' post no: 25898 at the top of this page. Your post gave me the last push towards the accord (I was confused whether to get an accord or the new jetta)

    So, I drove to Pohanka, VA today and got an lx 5spd for $309/mo + $1500 down payment for 5yrs. I was too excited to hear an additional $500 incentive they were offering once I got there.

    $17,424 (truecar 20874)
    - $500 (credit for current honda owners from honda financial)
    - $500 (not exactly clear why but i was too happy to hear, so i didn't ask)
    + $399 (doc fee)
    + $300 (tags/registration)
    + $199 (Don't ask me why; I was a bit tired/hungry & stupid to fall for this)
    + $599 (Honda financial's GAP insurance)
    + $1210 (NJ state taxes)
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - ---------------------
    -$1500 (down payment)
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - ---------------------
    $17,631 @ 1.9% apr for 5 years = $309/month

    Overall process was very smooth and painless, just make sure you do your homework (calculate the numbers) before you go there. an app on your android/iphone will help (i downloaded one today as i always get uncomfortable when dealing with a finance manager lol - I was able to punch in the numbers and check right there).

    Drove back this evening (3 hrs) and am feeling fine. I heard a lot about the bad seats giving a backache. I kinda feel the seats are hard like a solid bench with some cushion but I'll surely get used to it as my previous car was no better. If you are used to economy cars, you will be fine. Its hard to tell this during the test drive though. Also, there was lot of road noise on those cement roads; on regular tar roads, it was smooth as butter. Wind noise was minimal too. nothing to distract you. the base engine is powerful enough for regular purposes. highway cruising is what it does best. I put exactly 300 miles on it today and the gas needle is still above the center.

    And please remember not to fall for the window etching fee like me. The GAP insurance is upto you (your credit union might be cheaper but they may not refund the unused prorated value if you decide to cancel it, say a year later). Do some research before you go.
    How did I do? (minus the GAP/window etch fee)
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 247
    For anyone buying in Virginia who lives in another state. Dealers in Maryland only attempt to charge $99 for the documentation fee. Virginia dealers, expecially those near Maryland, know this. My experience is those Virginia dealers will quickly reduce the documentation fee they attempt to charge to $199.

    Of course a savy buyer will simply state the price they will pay for the vehicle is $XXXXX and clearly state that price includes any documentation fee (which is nothing but clear profit to the dealer). Hard for me to believe anyone would actually pay a dealer $399 for nothing.

    Also, anyone looking for a Honda vehicle in the DC area should definitely give Criswell, Sport and Pohanka Honda a chance. I have found those three to offer the best and most stessless purchase experience.
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    The best deals that I have seen are from a dealers in MD and most have gotten great prices from a dealer in German Town, MD. They can always get your a vehicle you want by swapping it with another dealer or preferencing it on their next allocation. Try using Amex/Zag with VA or MD zip codes to get great prices.
  • r_pr_p Posts: 3
    Dealer told me that the up-to $500 credit on first payment is a Honda owner loyalty program and is only available if I have the coupon

    Any idea on where to get that coupon? I did purchase a new honda 2 years ago (but did not finance it)
  • I don't think you need any coupon (or if it exists). My relative just bought a Honda Accord on Superbowl Sunday. I was there with her. What she had with her was just the purchase agreement of the older Honda that has the same address. The finance guy was looking at the loyalty requirements on his paper and he said that was enough. Paper was signed with the $500 waived.

    Email other dealers about this program and bring the answer back to the dealer you want to buy your car from.
  • minghiminghi Posts: 24
    I second that no coupon is needed. just tell them if they read the instructions for the program, all it asks for is a copy of your current registration. Also i believe the car has to have current registration in your name or anyone with the same address
  • geocgeoc Posts: 15
    I4, A/T in the metro NY area, also considering the Altima which seems to be discounted more than the Accord.
  • 1sebringnow1sebringnow FLPosts: 125
    Your preference is what should matter regarding how the car drives and what your are comfortable with. The Nissan has pro's just like the Honda's. Loyal Honda folks will say are you nuts for thinking about the Nissan and you'll hear the vise-versa comments.

    To me, I am the best bang for the dollar type. My suggestion if you are this type than you'll know Honda's have better resale and reliability issues overall. Honda's also tend to be better rated than Nissan's in consumer reports - particularly the Accord.

    If you go to AMEX ZAG. com, pop in ZIPCODE 20874 and choose the ACCORD, you'll see a nice starting point for an ACCORD - and I know you can do better than that. Good luck with your car search -.

    BTW, I did sort of the same thing - looked at the altima - I bought an SE Accord and am very pleased thus far with the car.
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    Consumer Report's mid size car suggestion is Altima, but I am in agreement with you that Accord has the best resale value and very solid reliability. I am still considering Sonata due to its outstanding warranty but its an introductory model and I had problems with my intro 2003 Accord EX V6 transmission and it had to be replaced at 70k!
  • 1sebringnow1sebringnow FLPosts: 125
    Sonata is a very nice looking car - I was going to buy one, but my mechanic talked me out of it. One other point, the 2011 Honda's are in their third year and again, its the reliability thing that drove me that way. I took a Camry for a drive, and it was nice. You might want to rent a Sonata for a day or two or Altima from a Car rental company, just to see what they are like for an entire day.

    I took a Honda Accord LX out and found the seats to be too loose for me. Felt like my but was going to go through the floor. Then I took out a Camry, then went back to a Honda SE and EXL. Wound up buying the SE. I will say that if the Toyota dealer wanted to deal a bit harder, I would have considered it. The Nissan is a 150 K mile car, but I wanted something I knew would get 200K miles on it all day long.

    Have fun with the search! I bought my car from OURISMAN Honda in Bethesday, MD. I live in CT and had no issues with them buying down there. I was close to buying at Criswell in MD, but OURSIMAN beat them by a few hundred bucks. It was one of the best experiences I ever had. Saved a good 1,500 bucks of what you could buy in CT and $800 in Mass.
  • geocgeoc Posts: 15

    Did you handle this by phone, email or ?
    I have driven an Accord sedan and a Camry, not the Altima, yet. OTOH, this is for an 18yo son going to college.
    Want something safe, solid and reliable but, not flashy. Decent with gas and insurance.
  • 1sebringnow1sebringnow FLPosts: 125
    I handled it by email, then phone, and finally I showed up signed some paper work (took about 40 minutes, and then drove the car home.) I used as a starting point. I had three dealers on the phone with me in a few minutes after I sent the email out. I used 20874 as the ZIP Code - you'll find that the AMEX website will tell you that is the best dealer price in the nation. CRISWELL in MD went at Pohenka in VA pretty hard. But I called a few other Honda Dealers in Maryland and OURISMAN beat Criswell by a few hundred dollars. In between the emails and phone calls, most if not all of it was done by not showing up. I had already done a few test drives and knew what i wanted to buy.

    I am sure CRISWELL would have been great to buy from, but OURISMAN was equally as great if not better. I bought an SE, not quite an EXL, but I really didn't want a sun roof. For an 18 year old, safe, nice car that is pretty decent on gas.

    I bought mine for $19,658 before taxes and title. The seats are leather and it really is quite a nice ride for a non EX Honda Accord. The car rides great, ALSO if you are a honda owner, you can get up to $500 more off. Another blogger said Shockley in MD also beat Criswell, so you have some options if you want to go with a Honda. As for insurance, this car is cheaper to insure than the 2006 Accord EX that I replaced by a few hundred dollars a year. Might suggest giving AMICA insurance a call there. Best wishes to you on whatever path you choose. btw, This car will be my sons car when he goes to college......
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