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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The loyalty program was only good if you had a newer car. I think 2000 or newer, so it did me no good.
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    I thought they were releasing new Accord next year November not this year, i dont think you can release a 2013 model even before 2012 calendar starts.
  • My mistake, I've seen some early pictures posted but release date of the new design should be end of 2012.
  • No. That's way too deep of a discount for OTD.
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    edited October 2011
    I just got call from Brockman @ David Mc David in Frisco, TX begging me to buy an Accord EX-L and he said he would sell it for 23k plus TTL with doc. fees of $190. I indicated that he would pad that price with accessories (protection pkg. = $1k) and he said he would waive it. My best offer with accessories and 100k extended power train warranty was 24.5k + from Hargis @Rusty Wallis. I bet this deal will not be there after Oct. 31st ....! McDavid does have the inventory and is largest dealership in Dallas area but little slippery also so confirm and re-confirm before deciding!

    Unfortunatley, we had already purchased 2012 Altima 2.5SL fully loaded for 23.5 plus TTL plus doc. fees of 149 and one can get Altima for 23k or better with 1500 rebates. In long term which is better, probaly Accord due to re-sale but reliabilty CR ranks it higher than Accord. Frankly you can NOT go wrong with Accord, Sonata, Altima, Camry, Legacy & Fusion!

    Happy Motoring!
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    edited October 2011
    Vereen, since you are from Dallas Metro area see my above post # 26441. McDavid in Frisco, TX will sell I4 Auto. EX-L for 23k plus TTL and that is darn good price! The EX is 2200 less!

    They can be tricky so please nail it down about the accessories included and hidden stuff! We got tired of 25k prices for EX-L so we got 2012 Altima 2.5SL with Bose sound for 23.5k.

    Good luck!
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    Thanks for looking out... i have booked tickets to go to Maryland, will be flying on saturday and coming back driving down.

    In the meanwhile I will contact McDavid Honda Frisco, its only a couple of miles from my place.
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    For 1000 miles plus drive I would get it here, its not like than you can save sales tax when you buy out of state. His doc. fees are okay @ 190 that is quite std. but like I said call Lou B. and make sure to cross t and dot i! 23k plus TTl was doable only on 2010s and I have been looking out for Accord since Summer 2010. Tickets if its S Airlines you can change but others you can list them on fire sale! Good luck fellow Texan and Go rangers!
  • anomanom Posts: 1
    Just got a SE for $21,500 OTD at Koons Honda in VA. The price may go lower. Drove about 200 miles to get there. Everything was completely smooth. They are also donate $100 to breast cancer research foundation for each car sold in this month.
  • Hi alookman, Thats a real deal you got from Frisco dealer. Did you get the 2011 EX-L for $23500 + TTL + $190 + free protection package ($1k value) + Extended 100k powertrain warranty? If yes, I am planning to get the same extracted from my local honda dealer in charlotte. Can you post the entire split up including invoice price as that might help me in my negotiations. Thanks for the effort.
  • Sorry for the typo. I meant 2012. I passed on the details to my local dealer in Charlotte and he asked me the complete break up so that he can work out something. One more question, Is it V6 or 2.4l mODEL?
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    I have found that the OTD prcing in Baltimore, MD would include the Texas TTL instead of the Maryland based Taxes.

    Again thanks for looking out... appreciate your opinions and willingness to share them.

    I will post my experience once i'm done.... looking at me... couple of others have also booked cars from the same dealer... unfortunately we are not able to go together to make the deal.
  • Hi Veeren, Can you post the cost split up of the 2012 Accord SE that you obtained from Anderson Honda including the manufacturer rebates that was applied. That would help me in my negotiations with Local Honda Dealers around Charlotte, nc. Thanks and appreciate in advance and all the best for your new car.
  • tex18tex18 Posts: 82
    @ alookman, So is that an EXL for $23,000 even? What about an EX?
  • got a basic Accord LX sedan with auto for 18,400 in MD through internet. tax 6%, tags and title 270, document fee 200 and freight 770 were extra. Good luck shoppers!
  • hondax4hondax4 Posts: 24
    I was thinking of getting a civic but pricing is still too hot given inventory. I received a quote from McDavid In Frisco Tx for 2012 Accord SE for 20,969. 500 Incentive to Dealer ends 10/31.
    I felt this was an excellent deal and the person in El Paso received a comparable quote and might reconsider making an offer. It's nice to see pricing has moderated somewhat
  • nsirnsir Posts: 2
    Hi anom, would you give the name and contact info for the person who gave you the deal? ( Also, is this automatic or manual
  • Hi hondax4, would you give the name and contact info for the person who gave you the deal @ McDavid in firsco tx ?
  • hondax4hondax4 Posts: 24
    Shouldn't disclose name but it's the Assistant Internet Director at McDavid Honda in Frisco Tx- I have also been in touch with an internet specialist-- Large Dealer

    I was also looking at EX as I buy and hold and wanted some adds. After looking at the SE I changed my mind. Can do w/o the Sunroof but really liked the look of Leather vs cloth.

    EX invoice is higher than SE by 400.... Your price maybe just due to local inventory-

    Either way if your pulling a trigger this weekend through 31st. I think you could expect 1200-1500 under invoice.
  • Thank you.
    Is the price 20,969 for the SE includes everything except sales tax ?

    What do you think the fair price for an SE ?
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    2011 are sold out!

    I was emailed the price of EXL for 24.4k for I4 4 dr automatic with 100k warranty but he indicated he was close to sold out on EXL.

    Another Frisco, Texas dealer David McDavid inquired if I would be interested in 23k. His boss the sales mgr. asked me ie he could convince me to buy there. He was very honest and up front. Their true cost is invoice less factory incentives less hold chg. backs makes their wholesale cost around 23.5k-24k+- so honestly 23k doesn't sound realistic. 24k maybe but 24.5 k is possible. The added protection package is retailed for 1000-1500 but their true cost is 350. I agreed with him that they should be able to make some money not sell at cost or loss.

    BTW I had already got disgusted with 25k-26k early on so I got the my second choice Altima 2.5SL fully loaded with killer Bose Sound Sys. and rear view camera . I had Sonata on top of my list but the Consumer Report ranks their reliability as average but outshines Accord and Altima from safety to value to performance. Most reliable car is Legacy and than Mazda 6 and never eve considered them. Look at M6 its best handling car and not every second garage!

    2013 Accord might be released in Summer 2012 like 2012 Civic was if they can get their production cycle up. It makes mores sense to release in Spring or Summer when sales are at peak! Intro models are risky business!
  • mjopprumjoppru Posts: 17
    Long Beach Honda gave me a quote of $21,458 on a 12 Accord SE sedan. quote.
  • I am trying to find a deal for two accords and am struggling getting any dealers in Ohio to get in the 23's for the ex-l and to get down to 21,000 on the SE.

    How do the incentives usually change in November and December? Are there usually better prices in these months? I have a few months of leeway since I am in a lease that does not expire until January..
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    I met the McDavid Honda frisco guys on Thursday night (10/27/2011) and they did not come near the quote you mentioned of 20,969.

    BTW... i came from Dallas to Baltimore for the car...
    Got it (Accord SE 2012, with no dealer adds) OTD for 21,158 which includes 6.25% TX taxes and some fees.
    Will be driving to Dallas tomorrow morning, got stuck in snow here in VA.
  • loret03loret03 Posts: 9
    edited October 2011
    I have a quote for 25,827 plus muds $152 and doc $156 and then just TTL. How does that sound? It's under invoice, so I was surprised to get it
  • nsirnsir Posts: 2
    Got an Accord 2012 SE automatic OTD for $21,500 from Joyce Koons Honda in Manassass, VA.
  • Hi Nsir, congrats on your purchase. Does the price include any after market add ons like protection package, wheel locks etc? or is it without any accessories.
  • Also NSIR, can you email me the total break up of the cost from Dealer to iyer.vikas at The dealers in Charlotte area are not willing to believe that some ppl are getting the Accord SE for $21500 and want to see in writing. I will really appreciate if you can forward me the email from dealer which explains in detail the break up of the cost and final price paid OTD. Thanks and appreciate your efforts.
  • yt576cyt576c Posts: 6
    What are the chances of increasing car price in November due to expiry of Honda incentives etc..? What about 0.9% APR? Any ideas? thanks
  • dcure3dcure3 Posts: 1
    where did you get that deal. I am looking for the same exact car and that sounds like a great price.
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