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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,876
    It's a 2008 EXL navi manual. Had to special order it to get it. They made that impossible starting in 2010. Even Honda is slowly phasing out manuals....
  • whirligigwhirligig Posts: 1
    I feel pretty angry with Coggin Honda. I sent an internet quote via their website, and the salesman called me. I told him directly that I was ready to buy the 2012 Honda Accord and I am just looking for the best deal I can get right now. I know that the 2013 models are on the way and they are fully redesigned, and if the 2012 accord price is not that good, then I would like to wait. (I know many people are in the same situation as me). If their offer is good, I would go there immediately. So the salesman told me that he will send me the OTD price.

    Then this is what I got:
    OTD $ 24,972.75 for Honda Accord 2012 LX standard without any add-ons.

    Are you kidding me?! I was so straightforward with you and you give me this quote? He told me that they can’t give me the best offer on the phone or email because they worry that I will use their price to go to another dealer. But they are the one who kept asking me where I got my information, and what prices other dealers have offered me!

    This is what the internet salesman’s email said:
    My job is to make sure I find the right vehicle for you that fits your budget, and with our 110% Price Protection Guarantee we will make sure you get the best price.
    And OTD $ 24,972.75 is the best price for a 2012 Honda Accord LX on 6/30/2012!! Really!?!

    I don’t know if the problem is because I am an international student and my English is not that good or because I am a women that he treated me like I am an idiot, but anyway, I feel terrible and I want to share my terrible experience to all the people on this forum. Be careful of this Honda dealer even if their reviews seem good!

    These dealers say they will beat any price from another dealership, but they never quote a reasonable price themselves. They just don’t want to make any offer.

    Here is the detail of the quote:
    MSRP$ 23,110.00
    Their offer $ 20,886.61

    Genuine Honda Protection Package (Mud Guards, Wheel Locks, Trunk Tray) $ 799.00
    Tint (With Lifetime Guarantee) $ 299.00
    Pin Stripe $ 199.00
    Nitrogen Filled Tires w/ Lifetime Refill of Tires and 120 Days of Road Side Assistance $ 59.95

    DEALER FEE $ 599.00
    SALES TAX- STATE &COUNTY 7.5%: $ 1,713.19

    TOTAL PRICE $ 24,972.75
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,876
    Are you anywhere near Nashville? Crest Honda there is offering an Accord LX for c. 19k plus taxes and frees:
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    At that price you can get a top of the line EX model. As one says, a fool and his money are soon parted. I can get you an LX for under $20,000 out the door. Let me know and I'll help you out.
  • vistorvistor Posts: 3
    State: CT
    Model: 2012 Accord SE
    Ext Color: Silver
    Int Color: Black
    Sticker (including destination): $24,780

    Finance Rate: 0.9% over 60 months

    Price Paid: $19,391
    Doc Fee: $ 399
    Sales Tax: $ 1,161.42
    License/Title: $ 111
    OTD: $21,062.42
  • dg4dg4 Posts: 19
    What were add-ons? Were mats, wheel locks and trunk tray included in this price?
  • jimbo222jimbo222 Posts: 7
    I just picked up an SE with splash guards and nothing else for OTD price of 22218 in IL. That works out to 20500 + 161 doc + 1363 tax + 194 plates/reg. I was surprised to see that the only fluff fee was the 161 doc- which everyone charges as the state says that is the max that can be charged.
  • vistorvistor Posts: 3
    No add-ons. Just the stock SE. It did come with mats and wheel locks. The mats show on the sticker. I don't see the wheel locks on the sticker but they are on the car. No trunk tray.

    I did notice when I was looking at the sticker on my desk I misstated MSRP with destination as $24780 when it should be $24820. Not that anyone cares about the $40 MSRP difference. All my other numbers in the post were accurate.

    I think I did well although I wouldn't be surprised if people manage to do even better since it seems like Honda is being very aggressive pushing out the Accords. Although, the first couple dealerships I contacted didn't give me a price that reflected the incentives they are obviously getting. The third one came in with this price on an internet quote and I was happy with it. Went in and there were no surprises so walked out with the new car.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    edited July 2012
    " Who in their right mind wants to drive a Honda with an automatic""

    Only about 95 % of Accord buyers and hose are usually the people who just don't wat to pay more for the automatic.

    Sales contunue to decline every year. EXL's ceased production a couple of years ago.

    A lot of the smaller stores won't order any LX's with sticks because they are such poor sellers. As used cars they are even worse.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    edited July 2012
    It's a 2008 EXL navi manual. Had to special order it to get it. They made that impossible starting in 2010. Even Honda is slowly phasing out manuals....

    Man, you are lucky you were able to do that before Honda closed that loophole.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    " Who in their right mind wants to drive a Honda with an automatic"

    Only about 95 % of Accord buyers and hose are usually the people who just don't wat to pay more for the automatic.

    Sales contunue to decline every year. EXL's ceased production a couple of years ago.

    A lot of the smaller stores won't order any LX's with sticks because they are such poor sellers. As used cars they are even worse.

    I stand corrected, 95% of the people buying these cars are not in their right mind. They are just drones.

    Accord may not be a race car, but it is also no a Camry. It has a lively chassis, and sweet engine, and when equipped with a manual transmission is truly a pleasure to drive. Even the lowly LX, with lower horsepower, is a fun to drive sedan. The gears are buttery smooth, and clutch is feathery light.

    You just can't get the same driving dynamics from a car that has to "think" before it executes your command, i.e. up or down shift to get the needed power, and achieve momentary weight distribution desireable for the maneuver.

    It is pretty sad that with all these people on the road, only 3-5% are really drivers, the rest would have made better bus passengers, since they have the same level of involvment, or in many cases even less than someone sitting on the bus.
  • lindtlindt Posts: 2
    Hi Iris, I contacted Paul Miler and they don't have the vehichle that I wanted. I plan to ask them to get one for me but will they gurantee the price for not in stock cars? THx.
  • I would like to know where I can get a LX 4dr Automatic for under $20,000 out the door.
  • 51anchor51anchor Posts: 3
    What state are you?
  • irisg1irisg1 Posts: 17

    I'm sorry I didn't see your question sooner.

    When I purchased from Paul Miller, they didn't have the color I wanted either. They swapped with another dealer with no problem, at no cost to me. My only word of caution to use is just be aware that the vehicle will have some milleage on it, since they drive the vehicle in. Mine happened to have 150, because they had to get it from a dealership in Long Island. As long as you're ok with that, you should be fine. Some dealers will actually charge you to get the vehicle you want. I would insist they get the vehicle I want at no extra charge. After all, they know they are competing with other dealers, and they want your business. Good luck :)
  • lindtlindt Posts: 2

    Thanks so much for the reply. Before they swapping with other dealer, did they ask you to put down a deposit? How did the whole thing work? You negotiated a price, then ask them to get the car then just pick up the car? I kinda don't feel comfortable to put down a deposit but also feel kinda reasonable from dealer's point of view. Thanks!
  • Florida (Central)
  • I'm in North Jersey and I negotiated an OTD price of $19,650 for Honda Accord LX automatic. I'm trying to decide if I should wait two more months when the 2013 model comes out or I should just buy it for this price. Here is the breakdown: $17,838 Car price with destination + $1249 7% Taxes + Registration $299 + Documentation $249 + $7.50 NJ tire Tax + Online registration fee $7.70 (dont know what that means)

    what do you guys think. Oh and this has no additional accessories or add ons.
  • muzrinmuzrin Posts: 8
    Hi Hondadriver385, What dealership is this ?
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    I know I can definitely do it in Oklahoma City. But I really recommend the LX-P for about $1,000 more. You get a lot more features--power seat, security system, alloy wheels, etc. If you're willing to come over here, I'll be more than happy to help you out. I love shopping for cars, and I will definitely help you for free.
  • muzrinmuzrin Posts: 8
    Thank you Ziyulu for the offer. I am in North Jersey and hence was curious about Hondadriver. Thanks for the suggestion on LX-P , will check that.
  • 51anchor51anchor Posts: 3
    Hi dear,
    I'm sorry, I didn't read all email, I though you in CA
  • irisg1irisg1 Posts: 17
    More than likely any dealership you go to will ask for a deposit before they will locate a vehicle for you. In my case, I only put down $300., and only after they checked to make sure other dealerships had the vehicle I was looking for. Once they told me they would be able to locate one, I negotiated the final price, gave my deposit, and waited for them to call me when they made the swap. The whole process went smoothly. You can also have them put a note in the contract of sale, that your deal is for a specific car. That way you would get your deposit back, if by some chance they are unable to locate the vehicle of your choice.
  • omega15omega15 Posts: 1
    Bought at Northern Virginia dealer, OTD at 19700.
  • Thanks to all,
    Got my new 2012 Honda Accord SE for 21500 OTD in VA state with 0.9% for 60 months
  • I am looking to get the deal from hondadriver, hope he can post some info on it since I am hunting for a Honda accord 2012 lx myself. I am in NYC, must dealers do not want to go down under 18,500... I am shooting for something bellow 18k. Any recommendations. Thanks inn advance.
  • rich_krich_k Posts: 1
    Got my new 2012 Accord EX for $20645 + paperwork + WI tax from Schlossman's Honda City in Milwaukee WI...
  • davidc12davidc12 Posts: 3
    Paid $23,589.64 plus taxes/dealer fee/tag/title at Hennessey Honda of Woodstock, Ga
  • marie99marie99 Posts: 21
    You might want to check out websites and email Planet Honda - New Jersey and Hamilton Honda - New Jersey for prices. I know that New Yorkers do come down to NJ for better deals. You should be able to get below $18,000 for an LX. I don't know what the OTD price would be.
  • dpnjdpnj Posts: 1
    The Honda site mentions 0.9% APR for 36 months and 1.9% for 60. Did you have to specifically ask for the extended 60 month 0.9% term?

    Congrats on your new ride.
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