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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vistorvistor Posts: 3

    Might want to check the Schaeller (New Britain, CT) website and send for an ePrice if you haven't already contacted them. Just find what you want in their inventory on their website and hit the ePrice button and plug in your e-mail.

    My wife and I both got cars from them in the past two years. In both instances, we shopped two or three dealers before contacting them and their price was the best by a considerable amount. In both cases, I expected games when we got there but it was completely no hassle. They made no attempt to inflate the price I had been given with fees or add-ons minus the doc fee which is in the small print at the bottom of the quote so we knew about it a head of time.

    Like any dealership I don't trust them for a minute and I'm sure experiences with them vary but I found their internet price legit and very aggressive.

    Good luck with your car shopping!
  • cali15cali15 Posts: 4
    Good day~~

    I'm plan to buy White 2012 Honda accord LX or SE and wanna get good deal information..
    I have been monitoring this site ^^*

    Anybody recommend Good dealer nearby cerritos in Cali?

    BTW..what is the difference btwn LX & SE?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,023
    While you're waiting for responses, you might check out dealership reviews in your area:


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  • jimbo222jimbo222 Posts: 7
    LX has wheel covers and fabric seats, many exterior colors to choose from. SE has only a few exterior colors, mag wheels and leather seats. SE has been purchased on this site for 22k and under. LX for 1k less.
  • tmzn32tmzn32 Posts: 6
    Was it manual or auto? How much was your trade worth?
  • tmzn32tmzn32 Posts: 6
    $21,424 OTD price for an accord EX Manual. No trade.
  • kewhcskewhcs Posts: 4
    Does this total cost include taxes, title, and doc fees?

    I ask because I'm in the process of trying to get a clear picture, i.e. total out the door price, to be able to make an informed decision. Needless to say, they're not too forthcoming with this information. Sure, they'll give you a low ball figure for the car but then neglect to tell you that it doesn't included destination, the pro pack, tint, etc.

    Last question, was there a selection of cars to choose from? The last time I visited this dealership (after-hours), there weren't too many Accords on the lot.
  • jimbo222jimbo222 Posts: 7
    I think that Honda makes the dealers list their current stock on their websites. A way to make more $ is to include some dealer installed options. If you don't want the tint or pin-stripes, have them locate an un-modified car from another dealer.
  • ocbuyer1ocbuyer1 Posts: 12
    edited July 2012
    I'm in market to buy one and I'd like to get some feedback from the members that have bought one recently. Should I wait until 2013 is out or my choices dwindle. Thanks for your feedback
  • jimbo222jimbo222 Posts: 7
    If gas prices stay high, nobody will want the V6. However if gas prices drop to under $3, I think the V6 will be in short supply. Honda is discounting the 12 models to make room for the 13s. Total re-design in 13 and nobody knows how well the public will like them. Also, right now the re-designed 12 camry is selling better than the accord.
  • I got my new EX-L last week, they gave me a price 23037 which is 5400 below msrp. They had to get the color I liked from another dealer but gave me the same price, but had 110 miles on it cause it was driven in, price is great cause of the redesign. I think the new 2013 front end will be the same as the current accord crosstour, they never change a whole lot
  • lyongulyongu Posts: 4
    Is it OTD price? Thanks.
  • no, was the price of the car alone and included destination, had to pay nj sales tax, 129 doc fee, 154.50 to transfer my regisration and plates. I did not get any add ons. I found that the best price on the car is when they discount it by around 19%. 19% of 28445 msrp is 5404, so 28445 - 5404 = 23041, just about what I paid. Hope I helped
  • Where id you get the 23041 proce? Was this from a dealer in NJ - best we have found so far is 24K incl destination but we probably need to start lower with the dealer.

  • I checked the internet prices at 12 dealerships around here and the best price was at piazza honda in philadelphia, btw the price for a ex-l 4 door with the v6 is 25163, mine is a 4 cyl.
  • samsapde1977samsapde1977 Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    Got offered $19570 OTD for 2012 Accord LX auto in Dallas,TX. Also being offered 0.9 APR financing if I qualify. Dealer not ready to take off any of the add-ons like tint,stripe etc.
  • falmouthfalmouth Posts: 30
    Similar prices were available in DC area over Memday weekend. It seems prices have gone up so this is a great price for now. What state are you in ?
  • kewhcskewhcs Posts: 4
    I've about given up hope on the west side of D/FW. Where in Dallas are you finding this deal? And just to clarify, your quote is inclusive of the price, destination, dealer adds, taxes, title and doc fees?
  • fmllcfmllc Posts: 2
    Just picked up my 2012 SE 12k 35mo (first month picked up by Honda)...$0.00 paid out the door for $205.60/month tax included. They even threw in 3 years of oil changes, roadside and towing (and whatever else).  Don't have exact figures with me but...about...  Msrp 24+change Sale price 19+change Residual 56% Don't remember the mf but I qualified for their top tier rate...
  • Just bought the Accord SE for 20k on road. I guess this is a great price. I have been a lurker here for quite sometime & thanks all for giving an idea on what the pricing would be. Don't like the accord's design that much :) & they din't have the color I wanted (mettalic gray), but still very happy on the purchase :D
  • cali15cali15 Posts: 4
    edited August 2012
    Wow...$20K is final price??

    I'm shopping for SE 2012.. the price is great deal...
    Did U buy in california??? I'm living Cali and if you bought in here., I wanna get info..

    BTW, how much will I pay more for sun loof?
  • Yes final price OTD including taxes, tags, etc. No this was in MD. Also it does not come with thw sun roof & I did not get it. Just stock.
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    we got 2012 accord exl v4 (tint,door edge,security,cargo tray,mud guard)for 24000 plus ttl without any trade az

  • mantestmantest Posts: 1
    Please specify which dealership where u got EX-L for 24000.
    Is anybody aware of any dealership in Washington-Seattle area or Oregon-Portland area which can offer this price
  • What I did in my area was to go oline and get a list of the honda dealers within driving distance, go to thier new inventory online and pick the ex-l you like, I hit about 12 different dealerships. Do not use you actual name and for phone number use 1234567890 so they won't be calling you all hours of the day and different name so they won't find you on facebook. Qoutes done by email are a binding commitment on price by them. when you get to the top 3 make sure you get online a price for doc fees [99 is about the best] tax and tags and addons, you allready know your sales tax rate. now your ready to go to the dealership. BTW avoid buying extended warrantys now cause when you get close to the end of your 3 yr, 36000 warranty the price on the extended warranty gets much cheaper. I got m y EX-L last week, Awesome!
  • cheepmomcheepmom Posts: 3
    edited August 2012
    Similar deal in Alexandria VA...$19,345 OTD for 2012 Accord LX was offered at 3 day sale at local Honda dealer. Dealer also did not want to take off add-ons...which is another $599. Plus, 0.9% APR for financing. Still a pretty good price, I think.

    Sales ends on Sunday (8/5/12). Other models are also on sale, e.g. EX-L for $22,190+destination+TTL+docs fees+$599 add-on package.
  • Hi there...
    If you dont mind, can you please tell me which dealer this was at? I am also in the DC area and looking to get an Accord Couple EL-L (V-6)...

    Also... Can someone please guide me as to what I should expect to pay and how to go about bargaining with these dealers? I am new to this whole game and this will be my first new car...

    Thanks alot...
  • Landmark Honda in Alexandria, VA.
  • bill377bill377 Posts: 7

    Which dealer in MD?
    20K OTD for SE model is really a good deal :surprise: . How many times you had to visit them to get to this price? I belong to PA, though on borders of PA and MD. Will there be any compromise for buying it from MD dealer than buying from local dealer in PA?
    Did you pay them cash or financed?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Forgot to mention that EX-L Coupe (V6) is listed as $25,071 as dealer price without destination fee. So you have to add destination ($780)+doc fees ($385)+TTL+appearance package (floormats, splash guards, etc. $599) to get OTD price. This is call their Red Carpet sale and actually ends today at close of business (8/6/12).

    Landmark Honda in Alexandria emailed me a flyer with all the Honda Red Carpet prices that expire EOB 8/6/12. We did not have to haggle to get OTD price on our LX-P at $20,700 (flyer price was $18,286 without destination).
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