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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • No, that's not a good deal. I got a quote from Mckinney Salinas Honda in Gastonia, NC for $27800 OTD Sedan ex-L 4 cylinder
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Both cars are good, although I'd probably wait a year on the Accord since it's the first model year. You'll probably get better deals on the Optima right now since it's been out for a while.

    Kias have a 5-year warranty while Hondas have a 3-year warranty, just another thing to consider if you are concerned about that.
  • Is the a way to anchor the bottom of the cargo net with the tray installed?

    Just thought i would confirm before taking your lead on purchasing the supplies from Amazon.
  • Just wanted to share my experience if it helps future consumers. Purchased my Grey on Grey
    sedan on Saturday from Jason at Autowest Honda in Roseville,CA
    MSRP was 30,800(30,795?) and dealer had installed the spoiler (retail 795 or 895?) I offerred 28,200 which is what edmunds reported invoice price minus the spoiler. They took it! I did pay the 795 destination charge, and the rest of the fees which were the same as most or less. I financed through AHM for 2.49% for 54 months.
    The kicker was they purchsed my 2010 Tundra on trade-in. Carmax offerred 19,000. I paid 24K before tax and destination new in 2010 (great deals when the gas pedals were sticking) They gave me 22K and did not deduct anything for the four bald tires they inherited. Private party trade sale was 24,200.
    I know my father still thinks he could of done better, but trying to offload a 8 mpg tundra didn't sound like an easy task.

    Drove to work today for the first time and don't regret any of my decisions from the weekend.

    All across the board at Autowest was super easy and no game playing.

    Oh yeah, the dealer had installed the mud flaps, wheel locks, and trunk tray which also was included in my negotiated price.
  • Purchased a grey metallic 2013 Honda Accord Sport CVT for 22150 before all tax and fees, which is 2830 off MSRP, total OTD price was 24160 and we are located at Orange County.

    The dealer we purchased was from Rock Honda, their quote was the lowest we can get.
  • That's a pretty good price...congrats! How do you like the CVT transmission? I test drove the Sport CVT on Friday and I didn't care for the CVT transmission.
  • stdsstds Posts: 1

    Thanks a lot for your post. Inspired by your post, I contacted Brandy today. Even though I'm located in NJ, I'm thinking, it may be worth driving all the way. None of the dealers around me are coming close to that. Can I possibly have your name to refer to Brandy? I think, you really deserve this. Are there any other things to watch out for according to you? Thank you again.
  • jdp6jdp6 Posts: 8
    Thank you. You can tell her Josh P sent you.

    If you are going to make the trip, I would have her email you the quote. Print it out and bring it with you. I had no problems at all. Good luck.
  • I live in Charlottesville VA and am interested in a 2013 Honda Accord VA EX-L wNAV (white with beige interior). Our purchase will be a cash deal. I would like to know best OTD price recently paid for this vehicle and dealership purchased from. We are willing to travel 100 miles.

    Second question: Should we consider the Touring model for the extras?

    Thanks in advance!!
  • Yes, the hook to anchor it is slightly below the top edge of the tray, but it is no problem IMO. The cargo net is very difficult to install only because of the rivets (4) that need to be installed. I ended up going to a local Honda dealer (not where I bought it) and found a super kind mechanic who tracked down the right rivet gun to do it. This was after asking over ten in that shop for help with it. Without his help the install would have been a fail. If I had known how important the rivet gun tool is for the install I would not have attempted it. An install of this caliber is definitely not for the typical DIY dude.
  • you can do better right near you. read only 3 posts from past couple three weeks, use weymouth honda in bostonfor internet price. You can do it right on line. Ray Price honda right across border from you matched weymouth. and they are in east stroudsburg pa about 30 miles from nj border. feel free to ask me more about the buying experience. there are excellent deals to be had with effort. good luck stds
  • Thanks for the response. I appreciate it.
  • Hope this helps someone looking to buy a Honda in and around CT. This is how I paid $159 over invoice on a 2013 Honda Accord EX-L four door sedan four cylinder. On Saturday evening I contacted three dealers through TruCar, one through Costco Auto program, and three through their websites. The TruCar dealers were 55, 85 and 92 miles from my home and the Costco dealer was 25 miles away. Sunday I made a spreadsheet based on Edmund’s numbers. The spreadsheet gave me the invoice cost of the car, destination fee, and the per cent makeup from 1% to 7%. One TruCar dealer contacted me on Sunday and gave me a quote after I asked for it. Monday morning, five dealers contacted me and gave me quotes after I asked for them. The most aggressive quote came from a dealer, Executive Honda, Wallingford, CT, nine miles from my home. The quote was about $800 over invoice. That same afternoon I went to Executive and met the internet contact who then proceeded to flip me to a salesman. The salesman gave me the test drive and we then commenced the negotiations. Two hours later I left the dealership with these numbers: 2013 Honda EX-L four door 4 cylinder sedan $26,658.31 and a dealer conveyance fee of $399. The remainder of the costs were state sales tax and state documentation fees. The moral of the story in my opinion is that the internet quote can get you a good price but that old fashion negotiation and time will get you a better deal. Second moral use TMV and TruCar target price as a guide. Picked up the car today without a glitch except for the roaring Nor’easter outside.
  • r000r000 Posts: 53
    edited November 2012
    Has anyone purchased the 2013 Accord EX sedan CVT in the tri-state area? Any dealer or pricing information would be very helpful. Called a few dealers myself and most are at around 27000 OTD on the car.
  • hondafan31hondafan31 Posts: 14
    edited November 2012
    I live in Fredericksburg. Last weekend I purchased an Accord 2013 EX-L V6 no navi. Price paid was $27,794, plus $55 for wheel locks, $399 Processing fee plus VA sales tax and tags. Total out the door price was $29,101. There was no trade involved, just a new car purchase. Car dealership is in Stafford VA (Pohanka Honda). They treated me great. I followed the same process recently posted by carcam123. I researched the internet price on the Weymouth honda MA website and secured a firm quote for a car from the Weymouth dealership. Their quote to me addressed the paperwork process of assciated with an out of state purchase. As of last week the Weymouth Honda web site posted a price of $27,794 (includes Destination charge) plus a $239 processing fee for an Accord 2013 EX-L V6 no navi. I took a copy of the Weymouth e-mail quote to Pohanka Honda, told them I was ready to buy and told them the priced quoted to me from Weymouth Honda was price I was willing to pay. Pohanka agreed to the price contingent upon me paying Pohanka's $399 processing fee ($160 diference). I said yes and we quickly closed the deal. You can use the same process to purchase an Accord 2013 EX-L V6 w/nav. Based on another posting I secured approval for the 1.49% 60 month loan offered by PenFed (Pentagon Federal Credit Union) which the Honda dealership matched. This forum helped me significantly.
  • hondafan31hondafan31 Posts: 14
    edited November 2012
    Many thanks! I used the information from your posts to negotiate an excellent deal on a great car.
  • Hello Wet Willy,

    Can you confirm that the 22500 was OTD? including taxes tags and everything?

    Also do you mind giving me the breakdown?

    Thanks a lot!.
  • jdp6jdp6 Posts: 8
    2013 Accord LX from Brown's Honda in Maryland. The price plus freight was $20,804.83, plus $20.00 electronic transfer fee, plus $198.00 processing charge, plus 6% tax ($1,224.17), plus MD registration fee of $253.00, which equals out the door for $22,500.00. (car came with trunk mat, floor mats and pinstripe and splash-guards).

    I dealt with Brandy. You can tell her Josh P referred you.
  • sruddsrudd Posts: 1
    I am currently in the market for a EX-L 4 door as yours a CVT or V6 ? Also what was your out the door price...My fiance works for Honda and we are looking in the next month or so...but my fiance doesnt think we can get it much less than MSRP out the door(which is $28,875.00), but i beg to differ. Was the 26,658.31 out the door or before taxes and fees?
  • EX-L I4 four door sedan black on black for $26,658.31. Conveyance fee ($399), state taxes and state registration fees were added to the $26,658.31. Also, I forget to mention that they gave me two coupons for oil changes no strings attached. I would disagree with your finance that you can't get it for less than MSRP because all of the phone quotes (five) were less than MSRP.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If you are in the process of car shopping, using online forums and tools and plan to visit a dealer soon, a reporter would like to hear from you. Please email [email protected] by Tuesday, November 13, 2012 and provide a few lines about your experience so far.
  • Does anyone have experience with Honda and Black Friday? Do they typically offer any specials or is it depend on the specific dealership?
  • in ne pa getting a otd price of 29,350.00 includes pa 6% tax tags etc. does this look good?
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    raybus: What model are you looking at,and what dealer,I am outside of Philly
    and just started to look. Are you buying an exl with cvt,or exl v6.
    Old MIke
  • hi mike, 2013 accord sedan exl v6 no nav. burne honda, scranton, pa
  • tpbctpbc Posts: 13
    Can you advise how your 2013 Accord LX is performing? Is the CVT transmission smooth or is it noisy?
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    edited November 2012
    Thanks that is a very good price on a 2013,Burne Honda seems to have little to no inventory,looking for white one exl v6.
    What was the actual car price before TTL and process fee.Looks like around
    Did you get a internet quote or walk in.
    I can drive to scranton if I have to,if local dealers will not meet.
    Much better than driving to Baltimore.
    Thanks again.
    Old Mike
  • Just leased a 2013 accord ex-l.
    Got the sale price down to $26,000 which is $400 below invoice.
    Also managed to get first month lease payment paid by the dealer.
    $345/month for 36 months
    15K miles per year (paid extra to go from 12K to 15K)
    Total OTD price (including all taxes (7% nj sales tax) and fees)= $27516
    2 free oil-changes

    Don't pay over invoice for this car! It is very much possible to get any trim of 2013 accord at invoice or even below invoice!
  • pilmpilm Posts: 5
    Quote alvlee01: "Here's a hint to all of you trying to get a deal on the 2013' can't negotiate on this car...and feel lucky if they knock off a few hundred bucks. Honda dealerships don't need to discount this car to sell them...the Honda dealership by my house had 10 in the first week of it's release, and they are down to their last one after just one weekend and they've all sold for MSRP and they've also kicked out more people who were dumb enough to ask for more than $100 off"

    LOL, if that's the best you can do fine, but I and apparently several others here are doing much better than MSRP! Brian123 is absolutely correct, you may have to email/call 10 or 20 dealers, and probably 90% of them will not entertain anything near invoice, however a couple, after some back and forth, will, and those are the ones you want to deal with! Of course you are free to go along with the mindless masses and waste your hard earned money, but for those who can engage their minds there's no reason to donate a extra grand or two to some megadealer so they can build a new showroom with a nail salon and Starbucks...LOL!
  • gee22gee22 Posts: 82
    Congratulations. Should have had you pick one up for me :)
    Please share the dealer you used. Thanks
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