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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vbugvbug Posts: 4
    Thanks ncruzer. This is great and I will negotiate with the dealer.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    Is that the only dealer within 25 miles? I think not.

    Do your homework and shop other dealers. There's lots of helpful information in this forum.
  • japsjaps Posts: 29
    I spoke with 2 honda gm's on wed. They both said DONT expect any finance specials anytime soon
  • You have your opinion and I have mine...TOY is now offering incentives on most of it's product line, excluding "bread and butter" Camry...HMC as well. While I don't doubt what local GM's told you, corporate HMC is not likely to "leak" plan to GM's prior to any official announcement...kind of like insider trading.
    Present credit/sub-prime situation is having much greater impact, world wide, than anyone ever dreamed, auto sales will erode further without incentives to keep the manufacturing at cost effective volume levels IMHO
  • I just bough this for 19,500 +tax+license fee on black friday at Palo Alto honda dealer. Don't know that it is a good deal? The dealer gave
    only 4 hour for super sale from 8 to 12 morning only after thanksgiving day.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,913
    These constant incentives are just hurting the market.

    On again off again finance rates that shoppers come to demand.
  • japsjaps Posts: 29
    your argument might hold water if we weren't talking about a new model. I'm going to purchase a 08 Coupe. When I told the GM (a friend by the way) that I would wait for back end incentives, the reply was "wont happen on that car anytime soon". When I pressed the issue, he said that it wouldn't happen till the novelty wears off. Probably summer time or so. These guys know whats happening...just like VW GM's know that 4.9 will be on till Jan, and Nissan GM's know that 2.9 is on indefinetly.

    His lot is loaded with Sedans, very few coupes. Sadly, not the LX-S that I want.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It is nothing unusual that there are few coupes on the lots.
    I'm sure the dealership would love to tell you that there aren't many coupes because there is such an incredible demand. However, there are few coupes because Honda makes few and they make few because the demand is much less than sedans.
    If they made a 50/50 mix of coupes and sedans, the lots would start to fill with coupes because they wouldn't be able to sell enough coupes to clear them out and it would be hard to get the sedan because the coupes would be wasting space they could use for more sedans.
  • Got a quote today for a 08 Coupe LX-S 5 speed for $20950 plus $499 doc fee. Nothing else besides the tax to pay.

    Good deal or bad deal? Will have to order the car if I really want it.
  • I was just quoted, as a best price scenario: $27,850 (that includes, destination, fees, wheel locks, and tax (NJ 7%). That makes the base price of the car approximately $25,013. Invoice on this model is $25,415ish. I think this was a pretty solid deal.
  • japsjaps Posts: 29
    well...I was quoted 21895 for the auto lx-s version. Sounds right, but I dont believe its that great a deal for mine or yours. Thats why I might wait till spring for more favorable pricing.

    Im in NY..where are you?
  • That price was quoted in Pensacola, Florida.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Floridian "senoooors" probably prefer bigger, roomier CADILLAC to cruise 5MPH along the coast lines to show off their prosperity. That may be the reason why Accord's price is softer a little bit.
  • Hey all
    I'm considering my first Honda..I'm stuck between a Civic and Accord coupe... I was quoted a $20,000 price plus tax, tags for an 07 Accord Ex auto coupe..Sticker is $24195..Just wanted to get some opinions on whether I should take advantage of this or go with an 08 Civic Ex auto coupe for about $18,700 plus tax, tags..I could go either way..Any thoughts would be helpful..
  • "Present credit/sub-prime situation is having much greater impact, world wide, than anyone ever dreamed, auto sales will erode further without incentives to keep the manufacturing at cost effective volume levels IMHO"

    Your statement, whether intended or unintended, is actually an understatement. The impact is huge, especially in the banking industry. One bank, which will go unnamed, but one of the top 6 banks in the USA, just eliminated over 4,000 positions system wide due to the credit/sub-prime situation. Most of those positions eliminated, paradoxically, were not in the mortgage lending area. Plus, the USD is in BIG trouble on the international markets, and becoming less valuable with each passing day. It portends higher prices for some foreign manufacturers.
  • trs900trs900 Posts: 19
    No trade-cash deal... car had dealer installed wheel locks-mud flaps-stripes-infamous paint sealant Buyers order figures car = $25,651.67 + tax $1603 + $100 title and tag fee+$599 dealer fee + $46.50 misc fees.. Here in 33414 Florida.
    I have been looking for awhile Pearl White pretty rare - hard to find.. looks sharp with beige leather interior.. Could have bought a gray with black leather in Fort Pierce, Fl for $27,801 OTD as above without the dealer adds-locks etc.. but they only had 1 and wife didn't like the black leather and after seeing the pearl white there was no turning back.. also Sherwood was at $27,800 otd no white pearl in stock.. I did have to negotiate for this price---Ed Morse
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    The Accord '08 V6 EX-L sedan has everything including mudd guard. I have not checked to see if it has the wheel locks in place. But this car is 99.99% ready for buyers to pay and drive off, no additional accessories are needed unless you want the back-up camera,etc. The workmanship and details of this model are AWESOME. Buyers just pay and drive off. No additional options are needed. It is a perfect piece of fine art and also a highly sophisticated piece of engineering.
  • "Got a quote today for a 08 Coupe LX-S 5 speed for $20950 plus $499 doc fee. Nothing else besides the tax to pay."

    It is an OK price..Hold out for 20,500 plus tax
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    hondacoupe and trs900,

    What are these dealers giving you for their outrageous $499 and $599 doc fees? Sounds like nothing less than the old thumb on the butcher's scale routine.
  • Invoice: $25415.97
    MSRP: $27425.00
    Your Price: $25815.97

    Freight: $635.00

    Processing Fee: $399.00

    VA Tax (3.17%): $851.14
    Tag and Title Fee: $75.50

    OTD : $27776.61

    (Includes mud guards, wheel locks, door edge guards, fender well trim and pin stripe)

    Is this is a good deal ?? How much can I squeeze it further..??
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