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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello Brian, Greetings!

    I am planning to buy a 2013 Accord LX CVT.

    Most of my friends say end of Dec '12 would be right time to buy and also I came across one of your posts that says Jan '13 would be the better time to get great deals. Could you please help me understand what time is better? ..ram
  • idealbrainidealbrain Posts: 10
    edited December 2012
    2013 Accord EXL (v4)
    Selling Price: $25,297
    CT Sales Tax (6.35%) $1609
    Doc prep fee $349
    Total $27,297

    ** registration fee not included

    Is this a good deal?
  • gee22gee22 Posts: 82
    This is how I can get you to $460 with the info you have provided.
    MSRP $31,490, Invoice $28,292
    Residual @ $19,058 equates to an MSRP with options of $32,859. I'll assume the invoice cost of the $1,369 of options is $1,100 so adjusted invoice is $29,392.
    Cap cost dealer is quoting you appears to be only the cost of the car. Since adj invoice is $29,392 and cap cost is $30,117, he is charging $724 over invoice. Add in the Honda bank fee of $595, Doc Fees of $300, and Title/Registration of $200. That brings you to an adj cap cost of $31,212. That results in a monthly payment of $421 before tax. If you live in NYC with a rate of 8.875%, that will bring the total to $460.
    To put things in perspective, my wife just leased an Volvo S60 with AWD and an MSRP of over $40K for 36 payments of $440 with nothing else out of pocket. She was able to apply a $1000 conquest rebate but I think we still left some money on the table.
  • gee22gee22 Posts: 82
    That's too good to be true. That's over $1000 under invoice.
    Are you trading in a car or getting financing at a very high rate? The dealer must be making his money somewhere.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,117
    Shoot for the last 2 days before the new year. Every month you wait going into 2013 dealers will have more inventory on there lots . That adds up to bigger Savings...... My suggestion... figure out your target price and try to buy at Dec end. The bigger dealerships have more cars on there lot and its easier to get your best deal when the dealer knows its on his lot.. Follow my above advice you'll do just fine ..... regards Brian

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,117
    Thats $1102.00 below dealers invoice. Granted Dealer took back $349 in Doc fee's .... puts sale of that Accord at $ 753 below invoice. It might be possible.. If poster forgot to put in dest/ charge in posted sale then that Accord was purchased at invoice price.. I have no doubt here in new york / New Jersey that 500 below dealers invoice price is do-able. The alarming thing to me is how high people are paying on doc fee's. Gotta negotiate them or have them removed..

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • gee22gee22 Posts: 82
    With the news last week that consumer confidence is way up and that Black Friday and Cyber Mondays sales were terrific, dealers may not be as negotiable as we would like. An unexpected rise in the unemployment rate and the US going over the "fiscal cliff" would result in better prices at month end.
  • If the price includes destination fee that is a good price and you are getting a great car with it.

    This price is about $300 cheaper than what I have seen recently.
    The dealer fee is a bit higher (349), usually they will charge 99-199.
    If this is the first or counter offer you got from the dealer you can go for another $200-250 discount, but if this is like a back and forth a while price, probably the dealer will not budge, and it is a good price no doubt.
  • gee22,

    I like your math but unless I really hunt around, I am not sure I can do much better than what I arrived at. Your wife's lease probably would be around $470/month since every $1000 down lowers the lease payment about $30/month.
    It is difficult to get dealers down at this time of the year. I am sure if I wanted to wait until March/April, I probably could get a much better deal.
    Thanks for your input gee22!!!
  • evped2evped2 Posts: 21
    Hi Brian,

    Weymouth Honda has quoted me the following for an EX Accord manual transmission:

    $22,946.07 Sale Price (including the $790 Destination Charge)
    +$239.00 Documentation

    So $23,185 without ttl and registration. This is about $400 below invoice. Should I wait till the end of the month or early next year?
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,117
    Start at Dec end. if your not happy with the price your getting wait til jan,2013

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • I purchased 2013 Accord LX from MD (registered in VA) for OTD price of $21000 with Honda Financing. Without financing OTD price was $21.5K so I took the financing and plan to pay it off in a month or two.
    What do you guys think? Was it a good deal or I should have waited. Thanks.
  • yangyxyangyx Posts: 20
    Which dealer did you purchase from? Does 21.5 OTD include tax?
  • Did you get the Manual or CVT Transmission? Also, what is the price before tax etc.? Thanks.
  • In June 2009, I bought a new 2009 Honda Accord Sdn 4-cyl EX-L Polished Metal in California with an OTD price of $25,000. I see that for the new 2013 Accords, the listed prices for the same setup (4-cyl sedan EX-L with either metal colors) are all listed for above $30,000 and that's not even including any taxes or fees like the $25,000 did. Is it still possible to get a new Accord with the same price I paid in 2009? How did the Accord become almost $10,000 more expensive? I see the horsepower actually went down from 190 to 185...
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    Please realize that the 2009 Accord is the second year in its generation. The 2013 Accord is in its first year. If you wait another year, you could probably get the same configuration for about $26,000.
  • Oh why is that? Do they price it lower after not reaching projected sales in the first year?
  • new2honda2013new2honda2013 Posts: 4
    edited December 2012
    Today I bought my Honda for 22,000 OTD. They are adding leather and I am getting 4 oil changes and 2 tire rotations, and lifetime warranty on the power train (for what its worth). Didn't do the Honda Financing!
  • Hi, which state are you in ? can you share the dealer information ?

  • Hey new2honda2013, Please share dealership location details.
  • Dealer is College Park Honda, MD. Price includes everything...taxes, other fees...Its the total price I paid to get the car out of the dealership.
  • rajofinrajofin Posts: 4
    edited December 2012
    Its automatic transmission. Sorry I should have posted that earlier. Sales tax was $623. Some more details as other poster asked:

    MSRP - 22480
    Any Dealer addons - Wheel locks, door guard
    Agreed price (including delivery) - OTD $21K with financing, 21.5 w/o financing
    Tax rate in your state - 3%
  • For those who have recently purchased a 2013 Honda, have any of you also received a ID for your car radio which Honda use to supply for previous years? If you end up changing the battery on the older Honda's, you usually needed the Radio ID code to reset the radio. Is it different for the new Hondas??
  • Where are you seeing over 30k for a 4-cyl. MSRP is $28,785. One month ago I paid $27,200 OTD for an EX-L CVT with truck liner, splash guards and wheel locks. (Honda of Columbia - South Carolina.)
  • Yes, our salesman gave us a little sticker with a code on it he called a radio code. He affixed it to the first page of the Service history book that came with the rest of the owner manual booklets. You need it to activate the sound system when the battery is replaced.

    Apparently this process is still in place. Kind of a PIA.
  • This was at Dick Brooks Honda in Greenville, SC!
  • What do you mean by "they are adding leather"? It's not an option on the LX.
  • Its not included in the standard, but I wanted leather in the car and they said that they can add it. (The rip out the material and put leather on seats and some areas of the door). It costs extra, but is included in the OTD price.
  • 2013 Accord LX CVT 21,850 OTD from Brown's Honda City in Glen Burnie MD. Price included 6% sales tax and all fees. Had to use their financing 3.99%. Beat all other local MD dealers by $1,000 on internet quote.
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