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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • html5html5 Posts: 2
    NJ -I paid 28600.00 for Odyssey EX, which Includes Destination+wheel locks, splash guards, trunk tray, body side moldings+free oil changes car washes for life. Hope it helps others guys.
  • vba123vba123 Posts: 30
    Hi. Did you get offered EX CVT also? Do you also have EX Cvt price from Anderson?
  • vba123vba123 Posts: 30
    Shop around thru online within 200 miles. You should be able to knock off atleast $800.00. Looks like Doc fees are high in your area. Then you should get the car for $20200-20400.
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    edited March 2013
    is the truecar site wrong about doc fees? - lership-what-is-the-doc-fee/#comment-53152

    Acc. to the site, the maximum doc fee in Washington state is $150. Perhaps the statute has changed? Time for an update...
  • $22,695 for ex CVT accord at the Bethesda dealership. Not sure about Anderson Honda.
    Not sure if it is a good price on the ex. Hope it helps.
  • Also $24, 995 for exl all prices plus destination. In stock vehicles. Check their inventory.

    I had asked Anderson about the sport but I don't think they had the color. The salesman forgot to get back to me and I never followed up w that. I believe their inventory is low right now.
  • Is that $24,995 for EX-L plus pay $790 destination plus pay TTL? Am I reading that correctly? Thx.
  • Yes plus destination $790 just in stock cars until Monday at Bethesda Honda MD
  • tony58tony58 Posts: 7
    Best quote as of this morning:
    Location: missouri
    Honda coupe ex-l v6
    msrp 31,140
    quote: 28,187
    doc fee: 199
  • vba123vba123 Posts: 30
    Does $22695 includes Destination?
    It is excellent price. Weymouth Honda was over $23K for EX
    Anyways The car is for my brother and I am doing purchasing for him. I like Sport but Replacement on 18 inch is expensive and more frequent.

    Have not picked up LX yet therefore debating between LX and EX.

    Also wanted to Thank You for helping me. I hope you did better than you posted before. Good Luck with your upcoming process.
  • vba123vba123 Posts: 30
    edited March 2013
    Is it Ourisman Honda In MD? I googled and there is no Bethesda Honda in MD.
  • Yes is plus Destination. I ended up w the same deal posted before, but still good overall. Dealers in my area where about $800 more. One dealer that was also far (though not as far) was $500 or so more.

    I will post the details, but, i have the buyers order and waiting... I hope is ready by Tuesday so i don't have to go through the "storm" they are

    Anyway, my pleasure, any that i can do, let me know.

    What i have seen w higher end models is that though in short supply in some dealerships, they are heavily discounted at the end (more than a base model). So either waiting another month or so, or just reaching out to the right dealerships at the end of the month is KEY.

    Also, though it is true that the LX model can be purchased for abour $800-1K below invoice, is a hassel and may not be as easy as many may think.
  • Yes, it is. the price on the LX is close $500 less than i got. Now, if you add the doc fee, then is Close to $300 less (as i am not sure whether u can bargain that part at that dealeship given the price), mine was waived.

    In my case i did want the red or black (That dealership doesn't have the color in stock). I opted for red as family wanted that color. And though i liked red too, not a big fan of those seats (i will put seat covers for sure because of that).
  • I will also suggest anyone looking to buy, to sign up for all those dealers' email list, so u get them when they have those sales. Because sometimes u will get better deals that way than when u actually show up/email them to negotiate w them.
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    edited March 2013
    I thought the red only came with the very light ivory interior. I love the red but the interior is too light for me. The Sport model in red comes with ONLY a black interior. Decisions, decisions

    what price did you end up getting your LX for?

    "I got special e-mail from Bethesda Honda MD. Accord LX CVT for $18,995 plus destination $790 plus doc fee of $200. For in stock vehicles only unit 3/4.."

    if true, that's the lowest i've seen - 20.0k with doc fee!
  • I meant exterior colors. The red w beige interior.

    Price $19, 480 + $790 destination. No doc fee.
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    ok, so 20.3k with doc fee, that's a great price.

    Price is now 20.8k; I did what you said and signed up with them:
    "Thank you very much for giving Ourisman Honda of Bethesda the opportunity to earn your business. Please find the price quote for the vehicle that you are interested in below. This offer is good for two days, so please let me know when we can meet to discuss your upcoming purchase and go for a test drive.

    VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: 2013 Honda Accord LX 4dr.
    PRICE QUOTE: $19,795.00
    Please add the following to the price quote above:
    * $200 Processing Fee (Virginia Dealers charge $389 or more)
    * Destination Charge: $790 For Cars and $830 For Trucks
    * Sales Tax: Based on total Sale Price
    Maryland 6%
    Virginia 3% (Virginia Dealers charge 3.2% if you are a Virginia resident)
    DC 6% or 7%
    * Tags, Title and Registration (price determined by registration State and whether or not you are transferring tags and/or obtaining designer tags).
    * Dealer installed options if applicable."

    you beat that deal by $500..........
  • Try calling them directly. Ask for the internet manager and mention the e-mail that is valid until monday. Tell them u r willing to drive and put a deposit. Have them emailing u or faxing the buyers order before u go.
  • The e-mail states $18,995 + $790 dest for the LX Accord.
  • I believe that most of you that still looking can do better than me now. As time goes by, if you are willing to wait, perhaps drive a bit...and don't mind color. .. u can get a good, good deal in a car that even in the base model offers so much.

    I will post all the details of my experience once in my driveway. I prefer not to sale "smoke". As I have to drive it off the lot to count it as a good deal. :)
  • vba123vba123 Posts: 30
    edited March 2013
    Congrats. Excellent Deal you are getting. I think this is really best at this moment. I don't trust those one of kind ads for $18995 and where they have one in stock. Sometimes they just want you to come into dealership. I prefer to pay little bit extra for straight forward deal.
    Anderson quoted me $20419 plus doc fee but included pro pack - wheel locks, door guards, mud guards. I was willing to drive this weekend but chose to close the deal locally without pro pack for same price. My brother had other commitment he preferred to stay local.

    I went with Hematite with Black Interior. I am also planing to add Weather Tech Custom Fit Front and Rear Mats for $269.00.

    Tough to maintain Beige Interior. I recommend to get some custom fit seat cover thru online.
  • Great deal. Anyway, I wanted black in black, but wife and kids won this time...
    I will put the covers because the look on the beige seats in lx and somewhat on the ex are cheap looking. .. that's the only thing I hate.
  • I just wanted to thank everyone who post on this forum. I have read each day for two months, and it really helped me formulate my target price. I know can confirm Brians point that buying on last day of the month does indeed play a role my sales person told me it helped in my case. Here are the details.

    Msrp $30,860
    Sale price $27,490
    Accessories $ 0 (trunk tray,splash guards and wheel locks)
    Plus ttl Louisiana 8.75%

    About $800 under invoice With free accessories

    I had three dealers within $200 dollars of each other and went with the middle offer just because I like the way they treated me from the start. Did not enter dealership until the last day to sign papers and pick up the car. Internet and phone only.

    Hope this helps someone
  • Pretty good deal there. Congratulations! The next time I will save for 6cyl. This proves that it is possible to get a decent deal for the car u want. ..
  • MSRP: 30,860
    Sale price: 27,566
    Doc fee: 120
    PA Taxes, tags registration: 1750
    OTD ~ 29,450

    Got an internet quote from the website (they had the color in stock) which was about 28,900, made a counteroffer at 27,500 and said I was ready to buy. Got an email reply with the price above (this was on the 26th of Feb). Pulled the trigger and drove home last day of the month. The V6 is a pleasure to drive, all that power yet so smooth and quiet inside.
  • Oh, and I cannot thank everyone here enough. I have been following these forums for a while, and the wealth of information and wisdom is amazing!
  • I folks, just finished my deal on a black 2013 Accord Sport CVT w/o any options on it. After some semi-tense negotiating, (the price they quoted me online was $22.600, which was the lowest offer I got and then when we got there they said if we didn't have a trade in (we're paying cash) they'd have to increase the price by $300. We prepared to leave, a little annoyed by this turn of events, and they asked what price would cause us to buy the car today. Ultimately we decided on $22,271, which at least by TrueCar standards, seems to be a good price for this model. Out the door including taxes, tags, blah blah was $24,300. Hopefully it lasts us at least 10 years!
  • hoinoyhoinoy Posts: 10
    I also wanted to thank everyone with their postings. It made the purchasing process very comfortable by giving me a sense of confidence when I step into a dealership.

    Anyway, I test drove V6-Coupe w/Nav, V6 sedan, and Sport CVT. Feels that the BEST VALUE is definitely the Sport and it will not be a "second-guessing" purchase due to it's built-in price and what it comes with, 18" wheels, fog lights, etc.

    No haggle purchase price at $22,785 w/wheel locks (which I won't use). Probably could have argued for a few hundred more in discount, but overall, I felt really comfortable with the salesman and made the purchase.

    I didn't have to sit with the "sales department" to sit through all the BS about "paint protection", "extended warranty", etc, because my salesman knows I won't fall for that BS and that itself is worth ~$200.

    Now, I am off to check out the upcoming Miata for my summer commuter car!

    thanks all!
  • dobrydobry Posts: 7
    I got my 2013 Honda Accord 4dr MANUAL :) $21875+doc+tax.
  • That's a great price you got it for. I remember ur response to my first post a while back but I was offered 30,796 OTD for exl i4 with navi.. But in the end of negotiations I brought it down to

    Price: $27,649.00
    Tax: $1935.43 nj taxes
    Dmv: $301.00
    Doc: $299.00
    Total: $30,184

    All in all I feel like it was a great deal and I'm enjoying the new car
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