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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • $24,678 isn't bad for Sport CVT. I bought the same exact model for 24500 OTD and I live in Illinois (8.25% tax). My initial offer was 21539 + 790 dest. fee. After all the figures were on the table, I negotiated down to 24500.

    I even got an offer for 23500 OTD when I just started shopping around so you could go lower now that Honda is giving a better incentives and all.

    Plus, all those add-ons by probably don't "need" them. Dealers do that to raise the price but you probably know this by now.
  • cbany1cbany1 Posts: 2
    Hi Janreiv,
    Can you share the dealer info with $23500 OTD offer?

  • 532532 Posts: 6
    Got a quote for OTD EX CVT
    Sale Price - $23,299
    Trade value - 8,000

    8% sales tax - $1,223.92
    Document fee 75.00
    NYS tire tax 12.50
    NYS inspection 10.00

    Total = $16,620.42 + DMV (estimated less than $200)

    What do you guys think??
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    edited March 2013
    I think its a good starting point. You want to buy this vehicle on March 31.
    being you have a trade in i would hit at least 5 or more dealerships to see if you could get more on your trade in. Make your best deal last day of this month. the sale price of the Accord you should get lower on last day. take the lowest prices you seen in this forum and shoot for that price or lower..

    Do not buy before march 31. This is the first quarters end for all Car companies........ Dealers need and want those sales quotes and incentives from the Honda corp.

    I called alot of dealerships in new york. post what area your looking to buy i will help you........................ if needed


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  • 532532 Posts: 6
    Sure. Thank you Brian. I could use some help. I'm in Upstate NY. Binghamton area. This quote I got from Albany are. Local guys are .... and want almost a thousand more. I talked to 3 dealers so far and this was the lowest at this point.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    edited March 2013
    i'm not sure how far you want to drive to get trade in prices. your best bet is to target as many dealerships around your area. i live in NYC area so i did not go looking for pricing that far upstate. Try Friendly honda they are high volume and Yonkers Honda.. Call Internet sales mngr Rich he is real good over there.

    Here are some dealers by or outside Albany

    Lia honda

    best i could do for you......Good luck

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  • blk_acrd_sprtblk_acrd_sprt Posts: 6
    edited March 2013
    It's O'Hare Honda in Des Plaines. They were also offering 1.9% financing.
    But I gotta say this -- when I walked away from that price and decided to buy the car the next day they counter offered me for 24500 OTD.

    Are you in Chicagoland area?
  • tyc1tyc1 Posts: 3
    I got the following quote from a dealer in GA. Is it a good deal?

    Base Price (incl. destination) $19,770
    Title/License $ 42
    Documentation Fee $ 599 (usually $399~599 in GA)
    One time Ad Valorem Tax (6.5%) $ 1,350 (estimated;may vary)
    Total (drive-out price) $21,761
  • cbany1cbany1 Posts: 2
    Thanks blk_acrd_sprt.
    I am in Dallas Texas and I think the price is higher down here.
    Thinking about get the car in Chicago or Boston and have it ships to Dallas :)
  • Last month I was given a price on an EX-L of $26,500 at my local dealer. At the time I was looking to trade in my 2010 Accord EX-L which they originally were going to give me 16k for and later upped that to 17k. I ended up selling my 2010 myself and am now needing to work out a deal for the 2013. Is the 26,500 a reasonable price? This includes the destination fee. I would also have a $40 doc fee plus 6% KY taxes. I was really hoping to get a lower price and maybe some all season mats thrown in. Do you think that is pushing too far? I want to go in prepared this weekend!
  • ziggy25aziggy25a Posts: 24
    I don't think you are pushing too hard. In fact if you sign up at weymouth honda's website, you will see their internet pricing for the ex-l is 25,519 plus their doc fee of about 279, so you are about 800 over their price. Is 26,500 reasonable? Sure, it probably is better than the average deal, but you aren't pushing too hard.
  • Thanks for the advice!! I am really looking forward to getting my new car!
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    edited March 2013
    ref 28980
    Basically before TT&L (which is state specific), you are at 19770+599=20369 for the LX model. That is within $169 of the best deal i've seen posted on this site which was about 20.2k (search for post 28851 for details). Use your best judgment but it's a good deal this
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    ref 28982
    Have you tried the wyler dealerships in Florence or Frankfort? They are very competitive up here where i am in the Cincy area. use carwoo if it's available near you...this data from weymouth for comparison only:
    MSRP including destination $28,785.00
    Sale Price $25,527.71
    Residual $16,983.15 (59% of MSRP)
    Financing 0.00107 money factor
  • tyc1tyc1 Posts: 3
    Thank you for the comment. As soon as purchasing the car at the price (I want to make sure), I will add the dealership info in another post.
  • miked85miked85 Posts: 1
    Hey brian,

    I live in the NYC area as well and i'm also shopping for an EX CVT. I've just started contacting dealers through truecar and carwoo, but I would love to get some insight based on the research you've done already. Is there a dealership that you can recommend for me for a hassle free deal?

    I'm looking to buy by March 31st.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    edited March 2013
    Once you figured out your target buying price. Call as many dealerships on march 31 to see who will meet your price.
    DO NOT BUY VEHICLE BEFORE MARCH,31. You will get best price and deal from these dealers on that day. Unless a dealer meets your price on the 30th..

    1000 below invoice or lower is where your asking number should be. That you need to figure out.
    Contact all high volume dealerships on march 30 to see where the market is for your model. Call these dealerships first... Tell each dealership you will buy that moment if they meet your asking price.

    1-Weymouth , Herb Chambers, Bosch in M.A.. doc fee's 249 to 300
    2-Price honda ...D.E..............299
    3-Friendly.. N.Y..... DOC fee...75
    4- New Rochelle.....doc..........75
    5- Yonkers...........................75
    Adjust your sale price to compensate dealers doc fee's.

    New york price would be 1075 below invoice
    M.A.. would be ..1249 and 1300 hundred below dealers invoice.

    I would try calling these dealerships on march 31 for the sale
    Hamillton, Autosport, Paul Miller in N.J
    Paragon,Bay ridge,Hillside Honda in N.Y.

    If you want to do some good research to help your end of the month sale. I would suggest calling every dealership mentioned plus others and ask each dealership the name and number or email of each dealerships Internet sales manager so you could contact directly on last days / day of the month. this avoids wasted time on purchase day

    There are 2 poster who bought in N.Y that bought your model hopefully they will post dealership.

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  • ziggy25aziggy25a Posts: 24
    Brian, you keep posting "don't buy a car before March 31". Do you realize that is Easter Sunday and many if not most dealerships will be closed? Not to mention many people probably have family gatherings to attend and wouldn't be leaving the family Easter get together to go haggle at a dealership.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    You are correct. Dealerships last day of the quarter will be march 30. You could start your process on the thur, 28th or 29th buying... Sat the 30th.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • darbebodarbebo Posts: 14

    Was hoping you could give me some guidance and maybe talk some sense to me.

    I currently own a 2005 honda accord LX and i'm in the market for a new car. Honda's been fine but whenever i turn in a side street with 10-20 mph my tires start squeaking and on those loopy freeway on-ramps i feel if i go faster than 25 mph my car can flip.

    Getting close to 30 yrs old i thought to myself, why not get a bmw before settling down to an accrd again and enjoy the turning without fearing that i'll flip over 25 mph? And as for all bmw, they should be leased. So i thought to myself, if i lease for 2/3 years, i'll be back at March 2015 or 2016 and I'll have to "buy a car" again at that time....

    all this time while my wife's 2006 scion TC will be 10 yrs old and if i buy a new accord at that time, pay for it 60 months her TC will be 15-16 years before she can get a new car lol...

    So obviously the "logical and sane" choice would be to buy an accord now, get a 4 or 5 yr payment plan on it, then her scion would be roughly 11 yrs old and would be ok to get her a car at that time (instead of 16yrs old)

    But my concern is: "but i've never really driven a bmw before and like to reward myself and have the freakin wheels not squeel and have nice corner turning!"

    So i ask you, knowledgeable Edmunds members, what should i do? Should i get a EX-L v6 or something that will have the same driving experience as the bmw? or bmw too far above it?

    Note: No 2 door/coupe allowed, No accesories really needed (no nav/moonroof/weird crap)

    Because if getting a decked out honda will giving me the same driving exp as the bmw 328i base series, i might as well get the honda with lower price!

    I know the 328i is a 4 cylinder engine, and so does the LX accord / lower end EX, would honda's v4 = bmw's v4? am i dreaming again?

    Please help a fellow honda owner out!

    lastly, is 2013's accord worth getting (first model of new cycle) or should i let them work out kinks and get the 2014 since it's march already??

    Again, i sat the new honda last week and inside is nice! not knocking that, but want to know about the driving exp.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    Your air pressure is low or you have [non-permissible content removed] tires on your car. thats question 1.
    Everything else is how much you want to spend and preference. Bmw is a tighter ride, better handling and will bounce around alot in the 328. Your a young man you may like that kind of ride. 328 is small
    If your starting a family save your money buy the new accord. Otherwise step up to the 5 series bmw better all around.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • darbebodarbebo Posts: 14
    I thought "better handling" = no squealing or no "feels like tipping/flipper over"?

    But you're saying if i get better wheels i would have no squealing?

    What about the ability to handle going on those circular free way on-ramps faster than "big-rig speed"? without feeling tipped over? Is that a bmw advantage?

    can you comment on the 2013 vs 2014 choice? is there a need to avoid the first year of the model?

    can anyone also comment on the equivalent on engine from the 2.0-liter, inline 4-cylinder engine on the bmw?? the Honda v4? Honda v6?

  • mr_numbmr_numb Posts: 7
    edited March 2013
    The 6-speed gearbox is pretty great. Gates are clear and the throws are a good length. The stick itself is a little small, but I'm growing to like it quite a bit, actually.

    The gearbox also offers some resistance if you try to put it in 1st at speeds higher than 20 mph, which I used to do on approach to something like a stop sign (clutch down, of course). This is probably a safety feature/quirk, but interesting nevertheless.

    My previous MT car was a 5-speed VW Golf TDI which had "grabby" brakes and a gearbox with a very precise biting point. Fun to drive, though!

    The clutch on the 2013 Accord Sport felt a little ambiguous at first (hard to tell the exact biting point), but I'm getting used to it now: it has a more consistent feel throughout the travel of the pedal. This also makes it very forgiving and means you can get away with being quite sloppy with your changes if that's your thing. Hill start assist also helps prevent the car from stalling if you don't give it enough gas.

    I'm very happy with the manual transmission anyway!
  • huskerfan5huskerfan5 Posts: 165
    These cars are engineered and priced totally different to serve different markets. I can understand you soliciting opinions about the Accord vs other competing mid-size cars. We could add real value in helping you choose, but you are asking people whether they prefer apples or oranges. No doubt, there will be days I would like to zip around in a BMW and days where I would appreciate the utility of the Accord. Only you should decide what is best for you. There are people out there today trying to decide if they should go for the refinement of the Accord or the handling of the new Mazda6, or go for the cornering of a 328 or the stability of an Audi A4, but you are probably the only person deciding between and Accord and BMW today.
  • Hi folks, I am in the market for an EX-L V6 and wondered if anyone has gotten a good price from a good sales person in the Dallas area.

    From reading the postings on this forum, it seems that a good price right now for EX-L V6 (w/out nav) is in the range of $27,300 to $27,800 PLUS Tax, Title and License.

    Can anyone provide any specific examples of pricing in the Dallas area. Thanks very much!

    The Geezer
  • I don't think darbebo is the only person cross shopping the BMW 328i and the Honda Accord v6. I looked very seriously at the 328i (and the Mercedies C250) but in both cars I could not get past the lack of power (or the sound) from the 4 cylinder engine. I would like to wait for the new Hyundai Genesis, but really need a new car now.
  • What is a good price range for a 13 accord coupe ex with.cvt.trann in new england.area? out the.door price?
  • darbebodarbebo Posts: 14
    I wouldn't get the hyundai, but just very curious on the engine equiv for the 328i.

    Also, the fact that Honda does NOT do white exterior with black interior excep tthe sport trim, just makes me mad.

    Lastly, is having that "push start" button appear to you guys? because the sports trim does not have it honda...
  • Regarding the push start button - I am a big fan. I currently drive a 2007 Lexus with that feature - the main benefit is that you don't need to get your keys out of your pocket - you just walk up to your car, open the door, and hit the button.

    Every time I get into my wife's Sienna I find that, after I sit down, I have to fish around in my pocket for my keys. Awkward.

    Is it a must have feature, no. Is it nice to have, YES.
  • jahbone9jahbone9 Posts: 2
    I just cut a deal for an EX-L 4cyl CVT for $27,000 OTD. This number includes taxes (Maryland 6%) and also the throwaways.....wheel locks, splash guards, etc.

    I would think that $25,000 plus the VA 3% isn't out of the ballpark. However, I did try a dealer in Fairfax, VA and they wouldn't come lower than 28,343 6%MD included.
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