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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    If they really walked you over a lousy 200.00, it sounds like you found the bottom of the barrel.

    OTD offers are always tough since the dealer has no control over sales tax and license fees.

    Also, holding out for ONE color will always weaken your position. Red is one of the least popular colors and finding one in your area may be tough.

    It takes two minutes to pull a "locate" and I suspect they did that and couldn't find one availabel for trade.

    You will always get a better deal on an in stock unit that they can deliver that day.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,007
    The red is beautiful and the only real color. Everything else is a neutral. Even the blue looks black. I held out for one.
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  • jimmytulsajimmytulsa Posts: 48
    edited March 2013
    EX-L CVT no nav can absolutely be bought for a total of $25K or lower. Add TTL of your state to that price. And off you go.
  • jjvicks60jjvicks60 Posts: 3
    edited March 2013
    Many thanks for your posting in this forum. I did follow your advice on buying. i have been reading this forum for 2 months and finally after selling my Arcadia took the plunge. I called some of your recommended dealerships. Your numbers were dead on. i used those numbers to make a great deal with Madison honda in New Jersey last night. i pick up my Accord Tuesday.

    Happy Easter
  • cfreniacfrenia Posts: 2
    Happy Easter all - I have a 2011 CRV that I leased in December 2010, and currently have 9 payments left. I am looking to get in something a little more fuel efficient before the summer. I'm looking at the EX-L. My question is - if I go to the same dealership where I bought the CRV, how would an early trade in work? I only have about 20k miles on the CRV, so the KBB is roughly equal to or slightly higher than the payoff.

    Would I be forced to roll the remaining payments into the new lease or would this reduce my bargaining power on the accord? I'm looking to be around $28k OTD with the accord and keep the payments roughly around $300.

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,821
    edited March 2013
    If you read this post in time. College park needs the sales numbers today they close at 6pm. Speak with Edwin dealer is willing to sell below the 1000 mark. there doc fee's are 199. they will fax a buyers order and hold with a credit card deposit til you pick up car next week. i just spoke with him he called me..

    make a 1300 below invoice offer to buy

    jj prior post ...good job enjoy your Accord

    Happy Easter

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  • subbuvsubbuv Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    Thanks to all the advice and helpful suggestions on this forum I was able to close out on a 2013 Honda Accord ExL V6 with Navigation (Black on Black). Here is the beak down of the deal:

    $28494.00 Sale Price (including the $790 Destination Charge)
    + $325.00 Rear deck lid spoiler
    +$1801.19 At 6.25% MA Sales Tax
    +$352.75 Documentation Fee
    +$125.00 Registration Fee
    $31097.94 Total "Out-The-Door" Price

    The only annoyance being stuck in the dealership for 6 hours to go though the entire deal but I think I did alright overall (or did I!?) Hopefully this helps folks out their looking for a deal.

    Happy Easter!!
  • contract_buildcontract_build Posts: 26
    edited March 2013
    Having successfully used the information from these forums for two prior leases (the first some seven years ago), and looking again to negotiate another lease, I naturally looked here to see a sample of prices from which I would derive my next lease offer...

    On the one hand, I can confirm two specifics from my own experiences which have been echoed in reading posts from the last two months or so:

    (1) You may find that ONE dealer in a highly competitive region that offers a price that "no one else will touch" which DOES turn out to be true, and (2) in a less competitive region, there is practically no dealer deviation and - unless one wants to travel a ways (must weigh the time cost/benefit ratio) - you'll receive a decent deal but it won't break any Guinness records.

    On the other hand, I understand several posters who are in disbelief of some of the figures bandied about (causing a few to express angst and/or spend countless hours trying to chase down a few hundred never-to-materialize dollars in their resident region).

    While Edmunds itself does not provide a facility for direct upload, in this day and age of free image hosting - with sites like tinypic or imageshack - there is no excuse for posters failing to support their claims with a quickly cropped scan of their paperwork: MUCH more helpful than a simple sentence with claims of this or that price OTD... let's SEE these deals ;)

    An example is below:


    (since the full jpg cannot be properly sized through this forum, the direct link is here at

    Nonetheless, it's my feeling that no one who applies what they've learned in these many forums will receive a "bad" deal... the question is, "Can you be satisfied with a price that isn't a supposed record-breaker?"

    Good luck to all with your many efforts (and thanks in advance to those who post links to scans of their documentation!)
  • zigster38zigster38 Posts: 115
    A lot of the price discrepancy can be region-based. If you are in SoCal or NorCal, with a car culture and lots of dealerships, 1k under invoice can be beaten. Truecar and Weymouth as well can be beaten. If you are stuck out in Missouri with one dealership within 100 miles, you are going to pay more.

    Given that, the Accord is a very nice car and a great one to drive a really, really great deal on.
  • mike372mike372 Posts: 354
    edited March 2013
    Thanks, Brian. But most of these 1000 less than invoice deals are simply BS. I called the dealer, he said invoice was 21413, OK close enuf, really 21369. He said he would sell it for 20413, but would have to add 790 dest. What, the invoice of 21369 already includes dest. Then he said there was '995.00' in extras ( mud flaps, wheel locks, etc.) that he CLAIMED he was giving me free. SO he said 22000 OTD which included approx 1400 NJ tax and 211 reg fee. OK, then without those two items, about 20400 actual selling price for the car.
    Well, not too bad but believe me he was going to charge me for the 'extras' when I got down there, a signed buyer order or no signed buyer order. I went to two NJ dealers yesterday but probably need three pages to explain, but will try to be concise in my next post. Bottom line, you WILL be charged for extras
    (accessories) that are not in the internet email quote when you get to the dealer. And the 'accessories' wil be at unrealistic prices. Also, the internet prices are NON NEGOTIABLE, unless you can 'walk on water'. The dealers told me this the price, take it or leave it, we are not going to take off already installed accessories, etc. I am beginning to think its easier to walk?
  • Find another dealer with what you want. Don't pay doc. fees or for anything on the car you don't want. They have a right to make a profit but not screw you. I'd feel better going to a dealer that sold you what you wanted at a reasonable price.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,821
    Do you want me to help you buy this accord?????????????

    post me model, color, any options you want in this car and what price is aceptable to you. i will help you buy this car in your area.

    Do you have finance in place/ how is your credit
    you can not trade in a vehicle if i help you
    what is the nearest towns in N.J. your by
    are you willing to come to new york to buy

    leave me a email i will end your car buying misery

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  • Hi Brian,

    I have been going through all your posts about getting the best price for an Honda Accord EX and an EX L (4 cyl) and didnt quite understand when you put in the numbers 700 for hillside, 650 for yonkers etc.

    Can you please help me on what the best price would be to pay for both the Accord EX and EL-L. Much appreciated.

    Thanks a ton!

  • mike372mike372 Posts: 354
    No trade. I am paying cash. Cant stand car loans, keep my cars until they drop dead, in the case of the Civic it seems to have nine lives.
  • howard18howard18 Posts: 53
    Here is what I got:

    $25,293.40 including dest.

    Tax:1580.64 (6.25%)

    Doc Fee: $189

    Title, inspection and Misc: $187.96
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,007
    These numbers seem very suspicious for a vehicle that is selling extremely well nationwide. Mike, just do your best and don't worry about these people baiting you.
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  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,821
    edited April 2013
    The window of opportunity has bascially closed for nailing down the very best price for this month. That being said the prices I posted are how much each dealership was willing to sell me on Feb 28. Below the dealers invoice price on the last two days last day of Feb.

    What is the best price you ask? I dont know for your models. The way I find out what the market price is for my buying model is call as many dealerships on the last days of any month and try to make the best deal closest to my house. As you have been reading I play dirty just like these slime ball dealerships do. I pit one dealer against the next. I play there game. Maybe it's just me... Other than that, within no time you will have your answer if you email and call dealerships for pricing. The more dealerships you get involved in the better you will do. Read through prior post to get a idea on pricing.

    This is always a good starting point on pricing to buy any vehicle.
    you take:

    Vehicle invoice price plus dest /charge.
    Minus dealerhold-back.
    Minus rebates and any incentives. There are none right now.
    Minus dealerships doc fees. Especially the high ones.
    This is my starting offer price to buy by phone at that moment I'm calling.
    As you get deeper into the year most models are discounted more so your asking price would be lower.
    There are buyers taking the dealer hold back and going into the doc fees.

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  • steverajsteveraj Posts: 9
    edited April 2013
    Is 28,500 is the OTD price? please confirm
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    I didn't mean to imply that red is a "bad" color. Color is a subjective thing. What one person loves another person can't stand.

    Red may be beautiful in your opinion but in terms of "what sells" it is far down the list. Small stores may not even order any for that reason.

    I understand holding our for the color you want but I was only trying tto say that you might not get the best deal that way especially when the stores know you have your heels dug in.

    Also, if you are shopping between stores, if a store you have shopped happens to have a red one in stock, there is no way they will cut their own throad by letting another store have it.

    I can't tell you how many times we wrote DO NOT DEALER TRADE in the stockbook.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,821
    Call or visit most of those dealerships I posted with pricing..
    At WORST case you will get the same price numbers i posted for end of Feb.
    you are now into April and every month you will see pricing get better.

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  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,134
    edited April 2013
    Mike....AS isellhondas says, if you were walked over $200, you found the minimum the car would be sold stock units are easier to deal on than units a dealer must trade for. I happen to like red, but silver and black are the colors the dealers seem to order more of.'ve hit the nail on the head. As we've said, lots of fiction in the deals posted here.

    Anyway, take your time. Look around and don't be afraid to pull the trigger if you find what you and your girlfriend want.

    Good luck!
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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    Posts about other members, rather than prices paid, have been deleted...

    Stay on topic, please...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thanks for tidying things up, kyfdx... it was starting to look like the Wild West here with some posters thinking they were writing in their own blog.

    And thanks for the emphasis of "Stay(ing) on topic" as readers are not coming to this forum to read about how the Elantra drives... or Garmin GPS's... or what tires/wheels fit, et. al. There are other venues for that.

    Have a great morn' kyfdx!
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,134
    Sister has shifted her focus to an Infiniti G37x (which really is really heavily discounted right now).

    So, best of luck to you during your shopping.

    kyfdx....curious as to where your wife got her Infiniti?
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • What's the stockbook, or dealer trade mean ?
    I traded at the dealer for a car on the lot.I thought that was better than him getting me a car 100 miles away. ty
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Well, a dealer trade is a car that a store has to get from another store.

    A stock book is a listing of inventory on hand.

    Dealer trades are a pain. Things can and do happen. The store has to pay a driver to fetch the car. The car may have unwanted accessories already installed. Rock chips and broken windshields can occur in transit.

    In some miserable markets like So. Calif, stores refuse to trade with one another. They have to sell what they have in stock!
  • member15member15 Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    We bought a Hematite green 2013 Accord LX CVT in the Memphis metro for $20900 on Wednesday of last week. They waived the doc fee since I bought mud guards. I took advantage of the 1.9% financing for 60 months, but I probably could have a done a little better on that if I wanted to with a credit union.

    Filled up on Easter sunday and calculated almost 38 mpg, which is far beyond what I expected - especially for a new car. We are very pleased with the car, and hope to keep it around for at least 7 or 8 years.

    The Accord was the obvious choice after test driving an LX, an Altima SV, Camry SE, Malibu LT2, and Sonata SE. I didn't think I'd like the Malibu and Sonata as much as I did although the Malibu was too small for the price. The Camry and Altima were kind of dissapointing to us. Not sure what Nissan was thinking with that seat material.

    Overall, I think I got an okay deal on the Accord- we really wanted a back up camera. I probably could have gotten better if I played the game a little more. They overpaid for my trade so I thought I'd go for it.
  • mike372mike372 Posts: 354
    I thought I was taking my chances by not buying at the end of March. Why would the prices get better as we are entering better weather in the Northeast and there will be more people buying? I mean, the 2014 models are still months away.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    Right up there in your neighborhood..

    You want to take over my lease? ;)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • huskerfan5huskerfan5 Posts: 165
    Mike, so what you are saying is that March 31 is the best day to buy a car in the Northeast because prices should go up in April. Well, if that is the case, then everyone would buy their car on March 31 to avoid the April price increase and by now I think we would have read somewhere that Mar 31 is the day to buy a car. The fact is, one can only guess what pricing will be. Since the Accord was redesigned for 2013, prices were artificially high at introduction and it was expected they would come down over time so that is a plus in terms of potential lower pricing. However, there are lots of potential factors that will impact pricing. Stock market performance, trend in new unemployment claims, consumer confidence, disruptions in parts supplies, and especially Honda's response to new promotions from it's rivals. Yes, the weather too can impact pricing, but did you think what would happen if we had a rainy April? People would be less apt to go out and test drive a car and that would result in lower demand.
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