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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • carconsumer55carconsumer55 Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    Went out last weekend to buy my 6th Honda, 3rd Accord. As you can tell, I'm a fan of the value Honda offers. Anyhow, I used two primary sources to prepare me for the purchase - Consumer Reports' Car Buying Service and this forum.

    If you have never used CR's service, you should definitely do so for new cars. I've used them for the past 3 new car purchases and it has gotten better over the years. The report, which only costs $14 per car provides all the details, options and financials to help you in identifying the best starting point for the negotiations, in addition to their ratings/review. The report also provides statistics as to how much people are paying for the car so you can see where you might fall on the curve based on what you might negotiate.

    In addition, they have a new service that links you to up 3 local dealers that offer you a no haggle price. In my case, the no haggle price was quite low on their charts and when compared to feedback in this forum, I felt I was getting a good deal.

    So, after a couple of days w/getting a few email quotes and some light negotiating, I got a couple of competitive offers from two local dealers that CR linked me to.

    I then went to a closer, 3rd Honda dealer and gave them the best written offer I had and told them if they would match it and include a splash guard set, I would buy. I gave them 30 minutes to give their answer. In the end they agreed within the 30 mins I gave them.

    Dealer was Leith Honda in Wake Forest, NC - Sales Rep was Wally.
    I was a bit leery given some of the negative reviews I read about Leith but since they are located less than 10 miles from my house and I've always gotten good treatment on the service side, I figured it was worth a try.

    The experience was very positive, no games and the entire transaction completed in 2 hours. Wally was also very good - he listened, respected what I wanted and in the end got me the car for the price I was willing to purchase it for all in a targeted 2 hour time frame.

    In the end, this is what I paid:

    2013, Honda Accord EX-L Sedan (no navigation)
    -Factory Options: None
    -Dealer Options: Wheel Locks, Body Side Molding, Rear Wing Spoiler, all season mats, splash guard set
    -Dealer city/state: Wake Forest, NC
    -Down payment: paid cash in full
    -Trade allowance: none

    Auto: $25,777 (inc destination)
    Accessories: $1,102
    Tax: $806
    Doc fee: $398
    registration: $74
    Total out the door price = $28,157

    While the price of the car is not the lowest you will find in this forum, it is definitely on the very low side due to CR's service and this forum's help.

    So, thanks to all of you for the help.
    Hope my details can help the next guy in line.
  • kcaj32kcaj32 Posts: 5
    Hi cob2,
    I live in Rancho Cordova and it seems you are local here too. I'm planning on purchasing an EX and I got a quote of 23K (incl dest charge) + TTL from Elk Grove Honda. I'm sure I can have them lower it further if I tell them we're buying 2 cars. Let me know if you are interested in getting a further discount for multi-car purchase.
  • venkatpvenkatp Posts: 10
    After almost 2 weeks of hard work i got my vehicle today.

    Total OTD == 26555/-

    2013, Honda Accord EX-L CVT ( no navigation ) White Exterior / Ivory Interior.

    -Factory Options ( None )
    -Dealer Options (Pin Stripe, Nitrogen Tires, Wheel Locks, Trunk Tray, Splash Guards) - $495
    -Dealer city/state ( bethesda/MD)
    -MSRP (incl destination) ( -----)
    -Invoice (incl destination) ( 24899 )
    -Purchase Price ( $25394)
    -Downpayment ( 0)
    -Trade allowance (year, make model, mileage, options, condition of the trade) ( None )
    -Tax - 813 ( va ) tags - 145
    -Dealer fees ($200)
    -Doc fees (none)
  • ladhnurladhnur Posts: 20
    edited April 2013
    Hello All,
    I am in the market for a new 2013 Honda Accord EX Sedan CVT Automatic. Here is the price I am being offered. Is this a good price? Please let me know

    $22,609 not including TTL.
    The documentation fee will be $164.30
    Sales tax $1,595.88
    License title fee will be $196.
    This includes all the Tax title and fees.

    Should I go for this deal?
    Thanks so much.
  • soupy95soupy95 Posts: 10

    You did not mention if this was manual or automatic transmission. You need to provide the full details of the car you are considering for anybody to be able to offer you an opinion.
  • ladhnurladhnur Posts: 20
    Just edited my post. :)
  • isantemisantem Posts: 7
    I think is a fair are below invoice. You can maybe try something like, "I come buy it today, if you include a remote start ($400)".
  • 74357435 Posts: 39
    please state the MSRP, sticker price, vs your dealer offer of 22609 + 164.63 which i assume iis the total cost for the car. taxes title etc are not important. then we can see if you are getting a good reduction like 4,000 off
  • nonoahnonoah Posts: 2
    make sure the price include dest. charge and some time (many times) there is forced dealer package added on, and of course watch out for the etch scam, if none of this is a issue, then it is good deal, i got mine for about $400 more.
  • ladhnurladhnur Posts: 20
    Sorry I didn't mention .... it was an automatic transmission I4 with 227 miles on it
  • ladhnurladhnur Posts: 20
    The price included all the fees and only extra was TTL which is according to the location of my residence.
  • ladhnurladhnur Posts: 20
    Sorry I didnt know the MSRP or the sticker price
  • Look like you got a better deal that I did.

    I am in MA. After go through all the post here, I learned a lot. So I want to post my price here to benefit others.

    Price: 24902.59
    Sale Tax(6.25%): 1544.74
    Doc : 339
    Total Sale Price: 26786.33

    New Car registration: 152

    OTD: 26938.33
  • man1234man1234 Posts: 4

    I have a quote of $22,218.15 for a new 2013 Accord LX sedan with manual transmission. This is an out-the-door price including all taxes and fees. Is this a good quote? Thanks,
  • isantemisantem Posts: 7
    In some state you pay $600 tax and in others $2000 so and OTD price is not worth anything. What is the sale price with destination and without TTL, doc fee, registration etc.?
  • rocklirockli Posts: 11
    Hi Ladhnur, did you buy the car? If so, could you please share the final price. I was offered a manual EX with $22,308.00 and a manual LX with $19,640.00. Both are before TTL.
  • ladhnurladhnur Posts: 20
    I am going in today and will let you know how it goes
    But I am being discoureged by other dealers who keep on insisting that "the dealership quoting this price (on an email) have added incentives which would not be applicable to me so my real price will be different"
    Lets see what happens today :)
  • man1234man1234 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply. Why is OTD price not worth anything? Isn't that the final price that I'll be paying? My sales tax is 7.75%. The sale price with destination is $20,339. This does not include tax, documentation, title. Thanks,
  • soupy95soupy95 Posts: 10

    If you would like somebody to help to determine if an offer is a good deal or not, it helps if you make it easy. Since Sales tax and reg and license fees differ so much state to state it is impossible for somebody to give you an opinion on whether an OTD price is good.

    Here is a great example from a previous poster who detailed all of the information needed to get an opinion on whether a deal was fair or not:

    2013, Honda Accord EX-L CVT ( no navigation ) White Exterior / Ivory Interior.

    -Factory Options ( None )
    -Dealer Options (Pin Stripe, Nitrogen Tires, Wheel Locks, Trunk Tray, Splash Guards) - $495
    -Dealer city/state ( bethesda/MD)
    -MSRP (incl destination) ( -----)
    -Invoice (incl destination) ( 24899 )
    -Purchase Price ( $25394)
    -Downpayment ( 0)
    -Trade allowance (year, make model, mileage, options, condition of the trade) ( None )
    -Tax - 813 ( va ) tags - 145
    -Dealer fees ($200)
    -Doc fees (none)
  • soupy95soupy95 Posts: 10

    COngratulation on your new car. And a big thank you for posting the details. The information you posted is exactly the kind of thing this forum needs in order to be useful to other readers. Great Job!
  • soupy95soupy95 Posts: 10

    Good luck in negotiation. I think the price quote you have is a pretty good one, so it will be interesting to see if the dealership honors it.

    Please post full details, as other posters have done about all costs if you do make a deal. That helps future buyers.

  • What do you guys think. Did I get a good deal or was there money still on the table. I know the $80 doc fee could most likely have been taken off but after 4 hours my dad didn't want to go any further since he wasn't about to not get the car for $80 (It got a little heated over the $80 since the salesman told me that the 22950 price was OTD before TTL and I questioned whether Doc Fees were considered TTL. Before that we had to have them take off $199 for a BS theft recovery option)

    2013, Honda Accord Sport 2.4L I-4 cyl
    -Factory Options ( Paddle shifters - not sure if this is standard or not but I like it a lot )
    -Dealer Options (None that I didn't think came standard to sport )
    -Dealer city/state ( Modesto, CA)
    -MSRP (incl destination) ( $24980 )
    -Invoice (incl destination) ( $unknown )
    -Purchase Price ( $22950)
    -Downpayment ( $0 with 0.9% financing)
    -Trade allowance ( None )
    -TTL ($2134)
    -Tax ($1756)
    -EVR ($29)
    -VLF ($149)
    -Reg Fee ($112)
    -Tire ($8.75)
    -Dealer fees ($0)
    -Doc fees ($80)
    -Final OTD price ($25084)
  • Thank's for your post! It's nice and concise and really makes it easy to understand. Important that you posted your state and tax rate.

    Since your in MA, comparisons to Weymouth are inevitable and relative to them you did many hundreds better so congrats.

    Disagree with you that the other poster really got a "better" deal. Dealer got them with that inflated 495 for the appearance package and after that is subtracted and the purchase price added to the doc/dealer fee you were only at about $140 more. So i guess they got a better deal but it wasn't a BETTER deal ;-)

    VA has less than half the tax rate of MA so their "OTD" even with the appearance group was less (agreeing with other posters....... exactly why posting OTD's and is not helpful without a LOT of other details)

    Again, thanks for your post.
  • venkatpvenkatp Posts: 10
    Want to include some more inputs..

    1. I have been to many places and didn't find any car without dealer installed options. And the standard prices for those options ranging from $395 - $995

    2. At One dealer , when I though i had the deal, he said Paint Protection + Interior Protection Package is $400 which cannot be removed from the pricing. That made me to leave the place without any further negotiations.

    3. Finally i went through the options listed on multiple cars and made a quick cost of the options.

    -> Trunk Tray - 140$
    -> Splash Guards - 104$
    -> Door Edge Guards - 95$
    -> Wheel Locks - 55$
    Total = $394

    If you add all weather floor mats = $394 + $141 = $535.

    These are the prices if you buy these items in Honda Parts department. You need some effort to install splash guards, wheel locks & door edge guards by your self.

    Good luck to everybody.
  • man1234man1234 Posts: 4

    Here's the quote. Thanks,

    2013 Honda Accord LX manual transmission
    no options
    no trade-in
    no financing
    price including destination $20,339
    documentation fees $250
    tax (OH) $1,595.65
    title $33.50
    OTD $22,218.15
  • soupy95soupy95 Posts: 10
    According to Edmunds, invoice including dest is 22,929 so your price is right at invoice. Doc fee is relatively small so not a big deal there. Some folks have been able to get below invoice pricing on some models and in some areas but that is a function of the markets in those areas.

    Overall I think you got a decent deal, especially if you are happy with the car. And 0.9% financing is a great kicker.
  • soupy95soupy95 Posts: 10
    According to Edmunds invoice price including destination charges is 20639. Your price of 20589 (price plus doc fees) is slightly under invoice. Some folks have been getting deeper discounts to invoice price, so you may have room to negotiate price a little lower.
  • oojasoojas Posts: 6
    Hey i am calling in the dealerships and asking for some numbers, almost every dealership is getting really annoyed when i asked them for the money factor on this vehicle. Am i doing something wrong? i am looking for a 36 month 12k mile lease on Honda Accord Sport in Brooklyn, and it feels like every dealer wants me to come in and discuss everything in person as oppose to giving me numbers over the phone

    what should i do?
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 645
    Money factor is just a way to state apr for a lease - it will vary depending on what your credit score is - that's probably why they want you to come in - to take a credit app - normally 710 or above gets you Honda's best rate. It is one of the key factors needed to compute your monthly lease payment so they have no right not to disclose it.

    Good luck,

    Bill G
    2016 ES350 Lux/Atomic Silver
    2017 Accord Sport CVT Mod Steel Metallic
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,705
    Work on getting your lowest price for the vehicle 1ST. Then after finding best price work your lease numbers onto that price..

    Start Last 2 days of this month.................. Call or visit as many dealerships and work your best deal.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

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